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About ByteByteGo

Whether you are a newbie who wants to learn about the system design interview or an expert who wants to brush up on your knowledge, you may consider ByteByteGo. Yup, some of you may not know what it is and only know the books they have.

ByteByteGo Review: About ByteByteGo

But it will be more comprehensive than the book you can purchase from amazon. This website allows developers to learn more about system design interviews through text-based courses.

It is also active on Youtube with 294k subscribers and on Twitter with 17.6K followers to share learning content of system design. The main book it sells has more than 2.2K selling on Amazon with highly positive feedback from the reader.

However, you may be wondering, “is ByteByteGo worth it?” or “should you purchase the book from Amazon?” Thus, in this ByteByteGo review, we’ll dive deeper into this design system course and see its worthiness by uncovering the course reviews, customer testimonials, and other details.

Overview Of ByteByteGo

Just founded in early 2022, ByteByteGo or Byte Byte Go, whatever you call it, is established by the best-selling book author and software engineer Alex Xu. Along with his expert team Sahn Lam, Elvis Ren, and Hua Li, they develop a website and service to provide folks with a place to learn system design deeper.

The website is dedicated to providing the text-based System Design course more accessible. In addition, it has a popular weekly newsletter that covers topics and trends in large-scale system design exclusively from the best-selling System Series Interview Author.

This brand aims to provide developers and folks with information and text-based sessions to level up their system design skills. It gives an easy-to-access system, comprehensive lessons, and affordable pricing that you can do in a very flexible time.

Below is the compilation of ByteByteGo pros and cons that help you to have a bigger picture of this course:

ByteByteGo Pros

  • Diagram system design that makes it easier to understand
  • Case study form that makes it more engaging
  • Provide not easy to find resources for big scalable system design
  • Free preview sections
  • An exclusive community to learn more
  • Regular updates about new concepts or lessons
  • More affordable than purchasing the book
  • Highly positive review of the book

ByteByteGo Cons

  • No refund
  • Has no course review section, only for the book

ByteByteGo Review

As you noticed from the section above, is ByteByteGo is a website offering a text-based system design interview course. To simplify it, you’ll get the online version of the System Design book from the subscription.

ByteByteGo Reviews: ByteByteGo Review

Wait, why don’t we purchase the book? Chill folks. Some of you may already know the book in this service since The System Design Interview book is the best-selling one on amazon, which makes it familiar to most developers.

However, as we said, it’s a text-based course, so the book you’ll get from the subscription will be more complex than the physical books. Below are what makes it different than purchasing the book.

What you’ll get:

  • weekly or monthly materials content releases
  • Keep updating or adding new stuff on this website and newsletter
  • You’ll get everything in the book
  • Exclusive discord community to learn about system design
  • and enjoy the mock interview buddies you’ll get in the community

Currently, it has two course offers System Design Interview by Alex Xu and Machine Learning System Design Interview by Ali Aminian. To help you better understand both courses, we’ll break down both courses in the following section.

ByteByteGo System Design Interview Reviews

If you’re new to this field and want to lead deeper about how system design is constructed, the ByteByteGo System Design Interview by Alex Xu is an ideal option. In this course, you can learn 30 lessons that can help you develop skills and understanding.

ByteByteGo Review: ByteByteGo System Design Interview Reviews

It has a 4-step framework to solve any system design interview question, giving you a bigger picture to understand the fundamentals of system design. In this annual pass, you can also get the insiders to take on what the interviewers search for and the reason behind it.

This book also features 26 real-system interview questions and detailed solutions that are easy to understand. More importantly, it contains more than 500 diagrams to visually explain how different systems work so you can see and quickly point out the difference.

This book is an Amazon bestseller that has been translated into six languages and has become very remarkable among people in the field. To access the text and the yearly and monthly materials, you can pay $59.99 annually!

ByteByteGo Machine Learning System Design Interview Reviews

As we’ve mentioned, the website currently only offers two kinds of books. The second one is the ByteByte Machine Learning System Design Interview written by Ali Aminian, a staff machine learning engineer at Adobe and ex-Google.

ByteByteGo Review: ByteByteGo Machine Learning System Design Interview Reviews

He has expertise in machine learning as well as large-scale distributed systems. The PDF book will contain 11 lessons that you can enjoy for only $34.99 per year. In addition, it features the 7-step framework to solve any ML system design interview question.

Here you can learn insider information about what the interviewers search for and the reason behind it. In addition, the 10 real ML system design questions also come with detailed solutions to help you have more profound information.

In the PDF book, you’ll discover 211 diagrams explaining how multiple systems work in the form of images that make it much easier to understand. So, you can check the link below to get a sneak peek of the book!

How Does ByteByteGo Works?

Do you still wonder how this subscription works? It is a text-based learning course where you can learn about system design interviews. First, to try this service, you must choose the course you want, whether Alex Xu’s or Ali Aminian’s book.

Then you need to create an account and complete the payments. Then, if everything is set, you can access the online version of those books and get exclusive access from the membership, such as the content releases, discord learning community, and mock system design interview buddies.

Who Is ByteByteGo For?

Basically, ByteByteGo offers a text-based course on system design interviews, so it will be ideal for programmers, software engineers, and developers who want to become better developers. Everyone in the field is suitable to take this course, whether you’re preparing for a system design interview or not.

ByteByteGo Review: Who Is ByteByteGo For?

In addition, ByteByteGo books and service has easy-to-understand and comprehensive information, including crucial computer science concepts. So it will be best for beginners and experienced developers who want to brush up on system design concepts before the interview.

ByteByteGo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

When we talk about both books that they offer, at no doubt that there is a tremendously positive review across the media, but on its website, they don’t have a review section. Still, we found it has a significant number on social media where users share their experiences.

ByteByteGo Review: ByteByteGo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here is one of the reviews from the user:

I want to thank Alex Xu, firstly, two days ago got this book, read the first chapter, and was lucky enough to be in the system design interview. It really helped me a lot

Another user also said about the System Design Interview – An insider‘s guide:

I just obtained a copy of @alexxubyte and @sahnlam’s book, and after scanning a bit, it looks excellent, not only to prepare for interviews but to comprehend some new patterns! I am also thinking of doing a giveaway! Details on that soon.

Below is one of the reviews on amazon from the Machine Learning System Design Interview book:

This book seriously runs into great depth and diagrams how to employ software engineering in today’s world. Moreover, it’s very easy to read and understand!

So from the testimonials above, we noticed that most of the customers were satisfied with the book, which helped them to gain new knowledge and prepare for the system design interview. As far as we know, there are no negative reviews about its subscription since it is very insightful, and you get updates on the new lessons.

Is ByteByteGo Worth It?

In our honest opinion, after gathering all information for this ByteByteGo review, it is really worth it for everyone who wants to learn machine learning and system design. Furthermore, online access to the book allows you to access the easy-to-understand diagram with depth knowledge.

ByteByteGo Review: Is ByteByteGo Worth It?

Moreover, they use a language that makes the technical concept much easier to understand. Its subscription is also the most comprehensive, updated, and engaging in any form, like the case studies that make learning much fun.

One noteworthy thing is how it can provide resources that can’t be found easily, like knowledge on how big scalable working in Amazon, Spotify, Google, and others. So this is the best investment for developers to learn the system design concepts vital for designing a scalable system that can withstand the production time test.

Lastly, considering the diagrams, explanation, content quality, value, and price makes it the best money to spend on learning system design.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, ByteByteGo offers no refunds, and all purchases are final. However, you can enjoy the free content or preview to help you decide before purchasing the course.

How To Contact ByteByteGo

We are well aware that our review couldn’t cover all your curiosity, or even you gain another question after reading it. So if you demand more information regarding the course or others, you can reach ByteByteGo customer service via email at [email protected].

In addition, you can also find them on Youtube and Twitter @ByteByteGo.

Where to buy ByteByteGo?

So are you ready to join the course to bring your system design skill to the next level? If so, it’s time for you to visit to enjoy the comprehensive book and learn something new every day!

ByteByteGo Coupon Codes & Promos

Want to get the best deals on your first try? To get the latest offer and coupon codes, subscribe to the ByteByteGo newsletter to join over 244K subscribers and enjoy special discounts on special days like Black Friday.

Lastly, You can also click the link below to get an exclusive discount code!

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ByteByteGo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for ByteByteGo reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is Byte Byte Go?

It is a website where you can get text-based courses on the digital version of System Design Interview and others.

Who is the owner of ByteByteGo?

The website is owned and founded by Alex Xu.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of ByteByteGo Reviews & Ratings

Our verdict of this ByteByteGo review is we highly recommend this text-based online courses that offer the best value and price for system design interview prep. It is the best resource you can get online for in-depth insight into system design.

We recommend this for all programmers, whether for beginners who want to learn new concepts or experienced programmers who want to touch up their knowledge and obtain new perspectives on how a large and scalable system works.

This subscription also provides a comprehensive resource that lets you get new updates on lessons and concepts in the ever-changing programming world. Aside from that, you can get the community to learn more with people with the same interest.

So you can visit ByteByteGo and get the course you need to level up your system design skill!


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