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Buddyrider Review 2024 → The Coziest Dog Bicycle Seat

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About Buddyrider

Pet parents sometimes want to bring their furry friends for cycling. However, how can we carry them safely? Introducing BuddyRider, the ultimate pet sidekick for all pet owners!

Buddyrider Review: About Buddyrider
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Buddyrider is a brand that provides cycling equipment for pets. They offer an innovative, safe, and comfortable solution for people who want to take their pets biking.

Many people appreciate their creative products. With over 8.7k+ followers on Facebook and 5.5k+ followers on Instagram, you can see the enthusiasm in their comments.

So, are you ready to take your small furry buddy for an adventure together? Read further in this Buddyrider Review! We will reveal what this label offers for your beloved pet. Let’s make a start on the company’s profile!

Overview of Buddyrider

Colin Catton believes bicycle seats should be safe and comfortable for all pets. Stemming from dissatisfaction with his dog‘s bicycle seat, Colin founded Buddyrider in 2009.

As an animal lover, he knew what kind of seat he should make. Thus, the pets experience safe and fun cycling. As a result, he made high-quality bicycle pet seats that were supported by qualified safety.

It doesn’t take long to see people enthusiastic about the bicycle seat. The brand even founded the Buddyrider community and often holds gatherings for all pet lovers.

Buddyrider Highlights

  • Comfortable bicycle seat
  • Safe and high-quality materials
  • Easy cleaning
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 60-day return
  • 2-year warranty¬†

Buddyrider Review

Imagine your little friend wagging his tail as you take him for a bike ride. You don’t have to cycle alone anymore cause you can bring your pet along with Buddyrider.

Buddyrider Reviews: Buddyrider Review

The brand offers several products to support cycling with your pet. You will find bicycle pet seats, cushion inserts, replacement collars, and other safety devices.

In addition, the company designs its products with easy installation. It effortlessly attaches to a standard bicycle. As a result, you don’t need advanced tools to assemble it.

Futher, we support your adorable pet’s adventure by showing 3 essential products from this company. Let’s take a look at each product well!

Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat Reviews

The company proudly presents Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat! No more leaving your little friend at home because now he can hop onto your bicycle as well!

Buddyrider Review: Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat Reviews

This dog carrier has a comfortable and robust design. It is equipped with a front handle and a reliable safety strap. Thus, you can stay calm if your pet moves actively on the bike. Moreover, the material is very safe and free of toxic materials, so it is safe for animal skin.

Furthermore, the seat can hold up to 25 lbs or 11.34 kg. The dimension itself is 12″ x 6.5″ x 9.5″. Also, the installation is effortless, even without special tools. In minutes you can immediately take your pet cycling around the park.

So, let your little friend enjoy cycling with Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat. Gift this product to your pet by paying $189.95.

Buddyrider Buddybooster Cushion Insert Reviews

For those of you who are masters of small adorable pets, you can use the Buddybooster Cushion Insert. This alternative cozy plush will make your tiny friend wag his tail happily.

Buddyrider Review: Buddyrider Buddybooster Cushion Insert Reviews

This product is an additional accessory that you can install on the Buddyrider bicycle seat. The cushion is soft and comfortable for pets up to 13 lbs or 6 kg. Don’t be surprised if your cat doesn’t want to get off because it’s too comfortable.

Furthermore, this plush is easy to install and remove on bicycles and car seats. It also makes it easy to clean. Besides, the red color and lovely checkered pattern will make your pet look cool on the road.

In short, this cushion is the perfect place for your small pet that ensures their safety. You can have one by purchasing it for $32.00.

Buddyrider Replacement Collar for Buddyrider Reviews

The brand also sells spare parts if the hardware is lost or damaged. One of them is Replacement Collar for Buddyrider.

Buddyrider Review: Buddyrider Replacement Collar for Buddyrider Reviews

As we know, the collar is important to hold the pet securely during riding. Thus, this company provides replacement collars for pet owners in need. It is solid to deal with the active behavior of pets.

Additionally, it has adjustable straps for all sizes and shapes of pets. Therefore, you can tighten or loosen it easily. Besides, the material is very animal-friendly. It is soft and padded to prevent chafing and irritation.

Therefore, keep on adventuring with your cute creature. No need to worry about damage because the company has prepared a replacement. You can buy this replacement collar at an affordable price of $8.00.

Buddyrider Pros & Cons

Now we’ll swap our flashlight for a spotlight. Because on this section, we’ll highlight Buddyrider’s pros and cons. Look at this table!


  • A top priority for pet safety
  • Comfort and secure materials
  • Able to cope with active animal movements
  • Small pet-friendly
  • Portable and easy installation
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Versatile for various types of bicycle


  • Size limitation
  • Not suitable in rain

Who Is Buddyrider For?

All items in Buddyrider are made for carrying cats or dogs for cycling. Thus, the brand will make pet owners happy, especially those who love cycling. They can do that hobby with their favorite pet.

Buddyrider Review: Who Is Buddyrider For?

Besides, those who have small pets can rely on this tool too. It is best suited for small pets. Thus, your friend won’t fall. Now you can see their smiles and tails wagging cutely when you invite them to ride a bike.

Buddyrider Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Companies can make as many claims as they want. However, everything depends on the customers’ feedback. Therefore, we invite you to peek at their reviews for Buddyrider.

Buddyrider Review: Buddyrider Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mostly the product received good ratings with an average of 4.7/5 stars. We also found many positive comments from the buyers. Curious? Let’s break them down!

One customer mentions:

… She is comfy, secure, and ready to ride. I value the versatility of being able to take the Buddy Rider off when not in use and also the ease of switching to another bike!

As the comments state, the pet owner saw that his dog enjoyed his new sitting. The dog feels comfortable and safe to ride.

The next happy customer mentions:

My dog and I love the Buddy Rider! I’ve owned the Rider and cushion for a couple of years and they’ve all held up well.

This buyer is satisfied with the cushion he bought from this brand. It remains durable and strong after years of use.

Last we found a customer’s comment on Reddit mentions:

… It still looks new. I occasionally put the pillow in the washing machine. This pillow is very durable and does not affect its quality. The muddy footprints are gone.

That customer talks about how easy this product is to clean. It doesn’t need special treatment to clean muddy paw prints.

We would point out that Buddyrider has tons of positive testimonials from both customers and happy pets. Most of all, praise its comfortable, robust, and easy-to-clean products.

Is Buddyrider Worth It?

The company offers innovative bike seats, so your favorite pet can ride with you. Therefore, Buddyrider is worth buying. It is an ideal bicycle seat to share the love between owner and pet. Your furry pal will be pleased since it provides high safety and comfort.

Buddyrider Review: Is Buddyrider Worth It?

Moreover, you don’t need to limit your cat or dog’s active movements because this strong product can handle everything. This durable seat can accompany your pet many years later.

Buddyrider Shipping Policy

Good news for all pets on earth because Buddyrider ships worldwide! Don’t worry about the cost because the brand uses standard shipping.

All shipping will be handled by UPS. You can follow up on your order by checking the company’s email. You will find the tracking link in it.

Buddyrider Warranty Polcy

The team always ensures all products are in the best condition. However, if you notice damage due to manufacturing errors, Buddyrider provides a 2-year warranty.

To claim the warranty, customers must send the order number, a description of the problem, along with proof of pictures to [email protected].

Buddyrider Return Policy

You may find that it doesn’t fit the size of your bike or dog. To overcome this, Buddyrider prepares a 60-day return policy. What a relief.

However, ensure your item is still undamaged and in a new condition. Before sending a return, you must contact customer service first. Send the order number and reason for return to [email protected].

Then, pack your item carefully and make sure it is safe. Send your package to:

US customers

Buddy Ventures International Ltd.
C/O Scott Daughtry
11301 Bastogne Loop
Austin, Texas, USA, 78739

International customers

Buddy Ventures International Ltd
C/O Evolution Fulfillment
Delta, BC, Canada
V4G 0A2

How To Contact Buddyrider

You may have any questions after reading this review. So, to answer your curiosity, please contact customer service via:

In addition, you can visit Buddyrider headquarters directly at:

Buddy Ventures International Ltd.
221-99 Chapel Street
Nanaimo, BC, Canada
V9R 5H3

Where to buy Buddyrider?

Can’t wait to take your favorite pet cycling? Then, you must quickly buy the product on Buddyrider’s official website. Find all of your cat and dog’s cycling kit for sale.

Furthermore, you can also find the products by visiting market place such as Amazon, eBay, and Gumtree.

Buddyrider Coupon Codes & Promos

Dearest pet owners, you can still save money when buying Buddyrider products. Save $54 by purchasing used bicycle pet seats. It provides a cheaper cost than the regular one.

Besides, you can subscribe to their mailing list to get the latest promotions, discount codes, and promo codes.

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Buddyrider Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Buddyrider reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Will the Buddyrider fit my bike?

This bicycle seat is suitable for almost all bicycle models. You can read the instructions provided on the official website.

What weight is the Buddyrider?

The bicycle seat is lightweight, so you can easily carry it around.

What are the dimensions of the Buddyrider?

The size of the bicycle pet seat is 12″ x 6.5″ x 9.5″.

How do you fit a Buddyrider?

Lift the front platform and tighten the center support arm. Then, attach the collar to the 4 straps. Now, your seat is ready.

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Conclusion of Buddyrider Reviews & Ratings

By now, you can no longer leave your furry buddy alone at home. Buddyrider provides a superb solution by providing a bicycle pet seat. With its focus on safety, comfort, and happiness, this pet carrier gives new exciting adventures for you and your pet.

We don’t hesitate to recommend you join the Buddyrider community. Share your open road with your beloved pet by visiting their official website. Buy now and let the adventures begin!


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