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Buddha Stones Review 2024 → Get the Buddha Blessings from Dharma Items!

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About Buddha Stones Shop

The year of the rabbit is coming, which is known as the year of hope. So have you prepared the rabbit jewelry? The rabbit jewelry will bring protection against bad luck and evil eye while giving good luck in the new year.

Buddha Stones Review: About Buddha Stones Shop
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Buddha Stones shop is a brand that offers high-quality, handmade Dharma items that bring value and blessing to the wearer. This brand provides a wide selection of products, from jewelry to home decor, with beautiful symbolism.

Indeed, some other uncountable jewelers offer beautiful jewelry as well, but it’s very limited when it comes to Dharma jewelry. With its wide selection of Dharma items, this brand has gradually built its fame with 19.1k¬†Facebook followers and 59.2k¬†Instagram followers.

But can you trust this brand for your spirituality? Thus, in this Buddha Stones review, we’ll break down this brand, including its company profile, product review, testimonials, customer service, and current offers. So, keep on reading!

Overview of Buddha Stones Shop

Pema founded Buddha Stones while he was in Tibet and yearned for the pure and spiritual power of the plateau. Starting from there, this brand was established to offer authentic, high-quality Dharma products made from natural materials and encourages spiritual practice.

This company strives to preserve significant, meaningful items that can promote joy, harmony, and present moments of mindfulness. All products are carefully chosen that handmade for worldwide customers who want to preserve traditional crafts.

It collaborates with traditional craft locations such as Tibet, China, Nepal, Thailand, and other parts of the world that can become its source of many creations. This company also gives the best value for money in every product you’ll purchase with a deal that’s better than elsewhere.

Now you already know what this brand is. Below are some of Buddha Stones’ pros and cons that help get a glance at this brand’s goods and flaws.

Buddha Stones Pros

  • Every product brings the value of Dharma and blessings
  • Made of natural material
  • Handmade to get excellent details
  • Wide selection of products from Buddha Stones jewelry to decoration
  • Most of the products on sale
  • Fast and free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Many positive reviews from the customers

Buddha Stones Cons

  • The shipping is not available for the Philippines, Indonesia, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, and Syria

Buddha Stones Review

Buddha Stones offer Dharma items that are authentic and high quality to bring Buddhist value. Every product is handmade with meaning in every design and material.

Buddha Stones Reviews: Buddha Stones Review

You can find many kinds of dharma items on its website, from jewelry to home decor and key chains. Here are several classifications they offer:

  • Meditation
  • Jewelry
  • Mala beads
  • Wellness
  • Home Decor

There you can find products made from various martial such as copper, white jade, bodhi seeds, wood, gems stone, and many more. In addition, this brand also offers a Gift Set which is a bundle of jewelry curated with specific meaning.

In the following section, we’ll focus on reviewing some of its best-selling products so you can see this brand’s quality. So let’s dive right in!

Buddha Stones White Jade Bodhi Lotus Mala Harmony Necklace Bracelet Reviews

Buddha Stones White Jade Bodhi Lotus Mala Harmony Necklace Bracelet is a handmade spiritual bracelet from natural materials. It combines white jade, lotus, mala beads, and Bodhi seed.

Buddha Stones Review: Buddha Stones White Jade Bodhi Lotus Mala Harmony Necklace Bracelet Reviews

The white jade represents a stone of protection that also comes in a lotus design and brings security, rebirth, purity, peace of mind, and strength to get through the hardness. At the same time, the Bodhi seed is known as an enlightened seed that can give an ultimate reach of enlightenment during meditation practices.

With all the materials and design, this Buddha Stones bracelet is suitable for those looking for protection, enlightenment, harmony, a barrier from evil, wake-up, and wisdom.


  • Beads size: 8*10mm, 8*8mm, 7*9mm, and 6*8mm
  • Beads number: 108 beads
  • Sex: Unisex
  • material: Bodhi seed and white jade

If you’re interested in this white jade lotus bracelet that can give protection and enlightenment, you can grab it from $33.59 to $38.59, depending on the bead size you choose.

Buddha Stones Natural White Jade Koi Lucky Necklace Reviews

If you’re looking for luck and protection, this Buddha Stones Natural White Jade Koi Lucky Necklace is our recommendation. It’s attractively designed to give a sense of security and attract positivity, generate business success, unlock your chakras, and draws genuine attachment in marriage.

Buddha Stones Review: Buddha Stones Natural White Jade Koi Lucky Necklace Reviews

This Buddha Stones necklace also has a unique measure of Feng Shui that ensure you are always on the right path to get the good things in life. It combines the white jade, copper, and koi symbols.

The white jade gives protection, happiness, calm, blessing, luck, and harmony. At the same time, the copper material represents balance, healing, wealth, fortune, and self-care. In addition, the koi symbol in the pendant is mostly people known to draw good luck and co-related with wealth and abundance in the Feng Shui world.


  • Length: 40cm
  • Size of pendant: 22*22mm
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Material: White Jade and Copper

This White jade Koi Lucky Necklace is beautifully designed, giving an elegant look with great details in the koi symbol. About the price, you can get this luck necklace for around $36, which is currently on sale so you can purchase it for only $27!

Buddha Stones Lotus Bergamot Healing Incense Burner Reviews

As a Buddhist, some of you may like to burn incense since it’s an action to honor the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. As a plus point, the scent also gives a pleasant smell that makes your home more fragrant and helps you relax.

Buddha Stones Review: Buddha Stones Lotus Bergamot Healing Incense Burner Reviews

The Buddha Stones Lotus Bergamot Healing Incense Burner is an incense burner waterfall with a lotus symbol that gives the clear-headed before meditation begins and enlightens deeper when combined with incense.

The Buddha Stones incense burner has an attractive design with hand and lotus that can make a waterfall incense burner, where the smoke will flow down to the lotus flower. Its beautiful design can be the best option as a decoration that spices up your interior looks.


  • Size: 15cm*17.5cm
  • Material: Yixing clay
  • Lotus color: White and colorful

In this package, you can also purchase the 50 cones per pack made of wood and pollen with 10 minutes of burning times. It only costs $20.59 with various scents, including Sandalwood, Carnation, Lily, Osmanthus, Lavender, Mint, Cape Jasmine, Ocean, Rose, and Wormwood.

This lotus incense burner comes in two options, white lotus and colorful lotus, which will cost $62.59 (Normal price of $88.15).

Who Is Buddha Stones For?

Buddha Stones Shop is abroad that offers Dharma items that make it suitable for Buddhists. This brand has a wide selection of product that has a beautiful design. Indeed basically, it makes the Buddhists the target customer. However, this brand can be for everyone, mainly those looking for authentic Buddhist items.

Buddha Stones Review: Who Is Buddha Stones For?

Not only that, this brand has a wide selection of symbolism, including the Chinese zodiac, dragon, Ganesh, zen, and Ying and Yang, which make it suitable for those who preserve the culture of Asia and religion.

This brand is also suitable if you’re looking for a product that gives more enlightenment on spiritual meditation, such as Tibetan tingsha bells, incense, prayer altar items, and many more.

Buddha Stones Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In this section, we’ll focus on giving you the Buddha Stones shop reviews from the customer to see their experience and opinion after purchasing products from this brand. On the Buddha Stones Trustpilot, this brand successfully gains 4/5 ratings from 305 customers.

Buddha Stones Review: Buddha Stones Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The average rating is quite impressive since most of the customer gift 5-star ratings portraying the satisfaction level of the customers. Below is one of the customer’s opinions:

I am in love with White Jade Bodhi Lotus Mala Harmony Necklace Bracelet! The quality is outstanding and already makes me feel clear and lightweight. It arrived at the most perfect time in my life, especially the day before a doctor’s visit when my anxiety was elevated. Thank you so much! I look forward to caring for and loving this for a very long time.

Another customer also said:

It came in faster than expected, close to half a month. The product is very well made, the Stone especially. The metal fishes thought I thought could be better, but for the price and artwork. It was definitely worth it.

We also specifically chose a negative review to see if there are any flaws in this brand. Here is the testimonial:

The items are beautiful. Just whenever the box is delivered, and it is slightly dirty. Like there are black stains on some of them.

From all the reviews above, the customers are most satisfied with the product quality. Not only designed beautifully and made from high-quality material, it can also give you a better spirituality. It also has fast shipping and an excellent price point for its artwork.

The only flaw that we found is the customer stated that the box is slightly dirty. Despite it, the customer still gives a 4/5 stars rating since the product is of good quality. So the main problem may be placed in the shipping process.

Is Buddha Stones Legit?

Before you decide to invest your money in something, as an intelligent buyer, you may wonder, “Is Buddha Stones legit?” so we have inspected its website and brand, and we can say that this brand is legit.

From what we found, this brand has a valid HTTPS connection and SSL certificate and is not detected on any blocklist engine. Not only that, this brand has genuine customer reviews that show this brand is credible and legit.

Is Buddha Stones Worth It?

To define the worthiness of a brand, there are serval things you need to consider, from product quality, customer service, and price points. While we are writing this Buddha Stones review, we can see that this brand’s quality, customer service, and affordable make it worth checking out.

Buddha Stones Review: Is Buddha Stones Worth It?

The Buddha Stones jewelry only uses natural and handmade materials to ensure a detailed design and crafting. As a result, it has a beautiful design and a beautiful symbolism of dharma and traditional cultures. Regarding customer service, it offers free shipping, a responsive customer service team, and a return policy.

The Buddha Stones reviews from the customers are also primarily positive and satisfied with the product’s high quality. Indeed, there are some flaws but mainly about the shipping process.

Buddha Stones Shipping Policy

Good news for you, because on orders over $69.99, you’ll be eligible for buddha stones free shipping! In addition, this brand offers ships to most countries worldwide, excluding Indonesia, the Philippines, Cuba, Iran, Syria, and Sudan.

In addition, if your order is below $69.99, the shipping cost will be estimated at the checkout, depending on the shipping location. This brand processing time is quite long, takes 2-5 days, and will take 10-20 business days to arrive using standard shipping.

However, in South America and the Russian Federation, it may take longer than a month days because of transport and customer issues. Once your order is dispatched, you’ll be notified of the tracking number in 1-2 business days.

Buddha Stones Return Policy

Buddha Stones Shop offers 30 days return policy which means all orders will be eligible for the return/exchange for a full refund within the period with proof of purchase. To qualify for the return, the product must be in the same condition as it arrives, in original condition, and unused.

Thus, if you change your mind or receive defective products or incorrect items, you can reach customer service at [email protected] to start the return. Once the product arrives, it will be inspected, and you’ll be notified whether it is approved or declined.

If your refund is approved, it will be automatically refunded to your original payment within a week, minus the shipping cost. Keep in mind that the return is not applicable for sales items, and gift cards and exchanges are only available for defective items.

How To Contact Buddha Stones

We’re well aware that this Buddha Stones review couldn’t cover all of your curiosity about this brand, so if you need to get in touch with their customer service, you can contact them via:

  • Facebook: @Buddha Stones
  • Instagram: @Buddha_stones
  • Email: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp: +852-62314712

Once you contact them, their customer service will respond back to you within 24 hours.

Where to buy Buddha Stones?

Couldn’t wait to get your amethyst protection? To officially purchase the Buddha Stones collection, you can visit its official store. There you can find a wide selection of jewelry and home decor with the blessing of Buddha.

Aside from that, by purchasing in its official store, you’ll be guaranteed authentic products and 30 days return policy!

Buddha Stones Coupon Codes & Promos

Hunting for a Buddha Stones coupon code? Fortunately, we have found several money-saving ways that you can harness in your first purchase.

  • Sign up for its newsletter to get 15% off on your first purchase
  • Free shipping on orders over $69.99
  • Get 40% off on a gift set collection
  • Check the banner to get an exclusive discount code
  • Visit the Sale page to find the weekly flash deals
  • Click the link below to uncover Buddha Stone’s free shipping code and discount code

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Buddha Stones

Buddha Stones Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Buddha Stones reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Buddha Stones?

This company is owned by Pema as the owner and founder.

Does Buddha Stones ship internationally?

This company offers shipping internationally to most countries around the globe except the Philippines, Indonesia, Iran, Cuba, Syria, and Sudan.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Buddha Stones Reviews & Ratings

Buddha Stones is not only about business. It can offer jewelry and decoration with Buddhist values in it. Not only that, this brand can provide an affordable price with extreme details in the products that make them look beautiful.

Every product is made of natural material and changes into spiritual jewelry that empowers your life. This brand makes it easy for you to have Dharma items to support spiritual practice.

So in this Buddha Stones review, we’ve covered information about this brand, and we hope it can help you to make an informed decision. Thus, you can visit its official website to get Dharma jewelry and decoration!


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