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About Buck Naked Soap Company Inc

Spending big buck on skincare, but you struggling with irritation? Indeed, expensive skincare is effective. But it can be a double-edged sword for some people with sensitive skin. Well, the answer is to go back to nature with Buck Naked Soap Company Inc.

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Review: About Buck Naked Soap Company Inc
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This brand is one of the leading soap bar companies based in Canada. It presents various handcrafted products using organic ingredients. So, every ingredient is clean with all the goodness of nature.

Its organic product quickly grabs many people looking for safer and cleaner alternatives. This leads to enormous numbers of buckers in CA and the US. Besides, this brand has 19.5K followers on Instagram and 2.9K on Facebook.

Even some prestigious magazines such as The Social, Stylight, Canadian Living, W Magazin, and others support the brand by featuring its products. They state that Buck Naked Soap Company products are the best choice for natural beauty.

Wait! What’s more than being natural about this brand? Our Buck Naked Soap Company Inc review will gladly help if you want to know more. Thus, let’s explore more for testimonials, customer service, and deals!

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc

Like its name, Buck Naked Soap Company Inc is a Canadian soap brand based in Guelph, Ontario. It was founded by Rina Clarke in 2013 from her baby’s personal skin problem.

At first, Rina just wants to find an alternative for Baby Elias, her son, with his husband John. As a baby, Elias struggled with skin irritation from traditional baby products. She invented chamomile and Calendula soap to soothe her baby’s skin irritation.

Then, she found her passion for formulating natural skin care products using the purest materials. Not long after, she established this brand to share her handcrafted natural vegan skin care products with all.

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Review

If you commit to using natural products for healthy skin, this brand is the right place. This brand focuses on offering body care made of the purest ingredients.

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Reviews: Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Review

It formulated vegan and cruelty-free skincare using botanicals and essentials to target multiple benefits. Furthermore, each product comes with natural scents, whether floral, fresh, spice, sweet, or natural.

Buck Naked Soap Co. Product Collections

Accessories Artisan Soap Baby Care Bath Bombs
Bath Melts Bubble Bath Face Care Hair Care
Lip Care Sugar Scrubs Shower Steamers Lotion & Butters
Loose Leaf Tea Coconut Wax Candles Bark Naked Collection Salts Soaks + Coconut Milk Bath

Shockingly, it has a wide range of product collections with all-natural ingredients. The brand even covers from hair care to lip care. But does its natural product guarantee quality? We’ll find out at the Buck Naked Soap Company Inc review below!

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Lemon + Lavender Soap Reviews

Is it your first time trying this brand? Then, it’s better to start with its best-selling Buck Naked Soap Company Lemon + Lavender Soap. This best-selling soap will never fail to be on your favorite list.

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Review: Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Lemon + Lavender Soap Reviews

This product was born from spring’s nature, lemon, and lavender combination. The perfect duo will provide you with pleasant scents and enormous benefits. Not to mention, the skin-loving cold process oils boost the skin’s benefits.

In addition, the essentials and rich oils supply fatty acids and vitamins for daily skin food. Even better, it uses Alkanet Root and Annatto Seed as natural tints. These botanicals and other essential minerals also doubled their function to soothe irritated skin.

It’s the perfect natural formulation that is gentle on the skin, making it perfect for all skin types. Thus, enjoy this soap’s relaxing and fresh scent with rich skin nourishment for only $10.75!

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Himalayan Salt Soap Reviews

It’s no secret that Himalayan salt carries beauty benefits. The Buck Naked Soap Company Himalayan Salt Soap is here to help you harness its benefit to your daily showering.

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Review: Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Himalayan Salt Soap Reviews

Using Himalayan salt as the main ingredient offers super benefits for softening, invigorating, and purifying. Furthermore, it can preserve the skin’s natural oil balance and deep cleanse it to remove impurities.

Aside from that, the elements can improve skin elasticity, softness, and moisture. Even better, it can reduce the appearance of cellulite and fine lines. It’s a super ingredient to get healthy and beautiful skin.

We also love its creamy and soft feel with a fresh and clean scent. FYI, you can use warm water to let it open the pores and enhance the absorption. Hence, add this natural Himalayan salt soap benefit to your daily routine at $10.75!

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Lavender + Rosemary Lotion Bar Reviews

Now, we’ll stop reviewing its natural soap bar collection. This brand indeed has a wide range of collections, from hair to face care. So, we’ll review the Buck Naked Soap Company All-Natural Lotion Bar: Lavender + Rosemary.

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Review: Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Lavender + Rosemary Lotion Bar Reviews

This lotion bar comes with lavender and rosemary essential oils to add a relaxing scent. Once you apply it to the skin, your sense of smell will be spoiled with a soft and pleasant fragrance.

In addition, this bar also contains shea butter for deep moisturizing. The cocoa butter is also included to soothe and nourish the skin. These two combinations will instantly hydrate your skin.

Shockingly, the texture is light, soft, and easy to absorb without greasy. Further, this cream can be applied to any part of the face and body that needs extra TLC. So, bead off your dry skin with this natural lotion bar at $11.40!

Who Is Buck Naked Soap Company Inc For?

Clearly, the brand suits those looking for natural bath and body products. All products are handcrafted using natural ingredients that are much safer and skin-friendly. So it’ll be great for those conscious buyers.

Also, the organic formula makes it great for all skin types, covering the most sensitive ones. The wide range of products also covers adult and baby collections. Overall, it’s the best place to find handcrafted, vegan, natural body care.

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Are you tired of reading our opinion? Then, it’s time to consider what the buyers said. When checking out the customer testimonials section, we see many customer reviews. It includes the site and other review platforms.

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Review: Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As displayed in its Facebook account, it has a 4.3/5 rating from 84 reviewers. Furthermore, Google Reviews collected 32 reviews with a 4.1/5 average rating. In addition, here’s the site’s reviews and rating data:

The ratings above clearly reflect how much the buyer’s satisfaction is. This achievement is pretty outstanding since almost all give perfect ratings. Here’s one of Buck Naked Soap Company Inc reviews to know buyers’ opinions:

This is my new favorite go-to shower, buddy! I love vegan and cruelty skincare. It also has a fresh scent…Further, I adore that it is lightly scented and ideal for everyday use. It’s moisturized and has the right amount of gentle exfoliation to cleanse and renew skin.

We shouldn’t leave out the negative reviews since it’ll determine the product quality. So, one complaint reported:

I tested the lavender mosaic soap not long ago. I think the scent was too overpowering… So I don’t recommend soaps from this brand if you’re sensitive to smell like me.

The reviews and ratings above show how they love the product quality, including the performance scent. One of the main reasons is due to the clean and safe formula. In contrast, the complaints are only about minor issues like the fragrance preference.

Is Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Worth It?

Simply said, Buck Naked Soap Company Inc is worth it. Its products are safe alternatives that are less harmful to your skin. Moreover, it helps us to get healthier skin with a gentle yet highly beneficial formula.

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Review: Is Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Worth It?

The multiple kinds of natural body care can perform nicely with good texture and scent. Plus, the brand only uses quality and premium materials from the earth. That’s why it’s vegan and skin-friendly with Leaping Bunny Certified and CertClean Certified.

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Pros And Cons

Have you already forgotten all the good and bad points of the brand? No worry. We’ve highlighted the brand pros and cons to help you determine. Here’s the list:


  • Made of the purest botanicals and essentials
  • Safe and skin-friendly formulation
  • Vegan and natural
  • Good texture to the skin
  • Nice variation of pleasant fragrance
  • Wide selections of skincare and body care
  • Free shipping
  • 7 days return policy
  • Positive buyer feedback


  • The natural formula makes it prone to hot temperatures

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Shipping Policy

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc ships within Canada and the United States. The orders will be delivered via Ground/Surface shipping unless otherwise requested. Further, it has free shipping for retail orders over $55.

For Canada shipping, it takes around 3 working days within Ontario. Shipping can also take up to 7 days for other Canadian locations. Meanwhile, the USA orders’ ETA is about 6 to 10 days, depending on your location.

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Return Policy

This store is highly confident with the quality of its products. So Buck Naked Soap Company Inc proudly offers a 7-day return policy to get a refund. This return policy applies to original merchandise that is unopened and unused.

You also need to provide the sales receipt to claim the returns. Moreover, the shipping and handling fees are nonrefundable. Hence, you can notify its support team via email to initiate the return.

How To Contact Buck Naked Soap Company Inc

The Buck Naked Soap Company Inc customer service will be ready to help you in your shopping journey. So, wisely use the contact details below to reach their team!

Headquarters Address

42 Arrow Rd. Unit 2
Guelph, Ontario

Where to buy Buck Naked Soap Company Inc?

Now, it’s time to grab the right natural products for your natural beauty. Hence, get its wide selection of products from the site at bucknakedsoapcompany.com and some online retailers. Moreover, its product is also displayed in several store locations in the US and CA.

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Coupon Codes & Promos

We can’t deny that we often make impulsive purchases due to the sale. Thus, we gather all these good perks to make your smart purchase more satisfying!

  • Free shipping on orders over $55
  • Get lower prices on selected items in the Holiday Collection
  • Join the newsletter for a 10% discount code on your next purchase

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Buck Naked Soap Company Inc

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Buck Naked Soap Company Inc reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Buck Naked Soap Company Inc?

This handmade soap brand is owned by Rina Clarke.

Does Buck Naked Soap Company Inc ship internationally?

It only ships its body and skin products within the United States and Canada.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Reviews & Ratings

Our skin is the largest organ in our body that becomes the first barrier against harmful bacteria and contaminants. Yet, not all skin is immune to any contaminants. Some struggle with irritation. That’s where our review is the answer.

This handmade natural soap and body care brand is the best in class, with a long list of quality products. All products are vegan and organic and certified for quality and safety. Therefore, let nature bring back your healthy skin and body with Buck Naked Soap Company Inc!


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