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About BRUNT Workwear

Are your work clothes properly supporting you in all your activities? If you are not getting comfortable with your work clothes, then BRUNT Workwear review has workwear recommendations that will give you a lot of benefits.

BRUNT Workwear Review: About BRUNT Workwear

Meet BRUNT Workwear! This is a new company in the apparel and fashion industry. However, in less than two years, BRUNT has raised over 28 Million dollars and is growing rapidly. The brand produces high-quality and comfortable boots and workwear at an affordable price.

With excellent product quality, some have been featured in major media publications such as Forbes, GearJunkie, and Men’s Health. They are also active on social media to share the latest updates with their followers, which amounts to 57.9k on Facebook and 100k on Instagram.

Ready to get your workwear on with the best support? We’ll cover the best-selling products, feedback, offers, and more. But first, let’s start with the company profile.

Overview of BRUNT Workwear

BRUNT Workwear was born with a simple idea from a man passionate about redefining the workwear category in his business. So in October 2020, Eric Girouard, the founder and CEO of BRUNT Workwear started building a company that makes high-quality and comfortable work boots and apparel.

He spends a lot of time working side-by-side with his friends in the trade, who are obsessed with developing products and solutions that make the lives of real workers easier.

BRUNT created the workwear category from the ground up with boots and workwear of the highest quality and kept the price low so that you could save more of your hard-earned money. Thus, the brand hopes that workers can focus their time and energy on the things that matter at work and ignore those that don’t.

Well, are you ready to start the product review? But before we dig deep into the quality of each product, let’s take a look at the BRUNT Workwear pros and cons below:

BRUNT Workwear Pros

  • High-quality work boots, apparel, and accessories
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Designed by workers to build high-performance workwear
  • Affordable prices
  • Free standard shipping
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Free returns
  • Full refund within 30 days

BRUNT Workwear Cons

  • International shipping is unavailable

BRUNT Workwear Review

The brand understands that workers can’t do their jobs properly without the right tools. Therefore, producing boots, apparel, and accessories with superior features and functionality is necessary to conquer your tasks.

BRUNT Workwear Reviews: BRUNT Workwear Review

Its products that are created for workers by workers will undoubtedly produce more optimal results with the experience gained from its workers.

As we promised earlier, in this BRUNT Workwear review, we will share details about some of the best-selling products to help you know more about the quality of the products. So, without further ado, let’s break down the three best-selling workwear!

BRUNT Workwear The Ryng (Comp Toe) Reviews

Does your job require you to do heavy outdoor activities? Or do you often spend time doing activities in fairly steep terrain? To support your comfort in activities, you certainly need strong shoes that support your movements.

BRUNT Workwear Review: BRUNT Workwear The Ryng (Comp Toe) Reviews

We recommend The Ryng (Comp Toe), designed specifically for movement, so you can enjoy all-day comfort and protection in any environment without feeling overwhelmed. In addition, this Ryng Boot can take on heavy-duty treads for unrivaled traction.

If you often find yourself itching to take off your shoes at the end of a 12-hour shift, you’ll never feel that way again, thanks to its versatile ultra-lightweight design. The boot also features a lightweight and protective composite nano toe. The sole is made of quality rubber with a heavy-duty traction tread that provides oil and slips resistance.

This boot comes with three waterproof layers that will protect your feet well. However, there is no need to worry about your feet sweating and overheating because it features breathable textiles and high abrasion. It is also a Toe cap and extra durable heel protector.


  • 6″
  • Safety Finger
  • Waterproof
  • Skid + Oil Resistant
  • Electrical Hazard Rating
  • Meets ASTM F2413-18 standard

In addition to its excellent performance, is this boot comfortable when used? This boot is well-designed with a premium sole featuring a nonstick top layer, a memory foam middle layer, and a bottom layer that will provide maximum comfort. The width is also customizable.

The padded collar with additional padding around the ankle will comfort your legs. This durable boot is priced at $139, which is well worth its excellent performance.

BRUNT Workwear The Torra Pant Reviews

It started with Tony Torra, a US Army Veteran who served as a combat engineer. He did a lot of work in construction, hauling, and heavy equipment operators. He was part of the creation of Torra Pant, which was inspired by his strenuous activities and needed a comfortable and stylish product. 

BRUNT Workwear Review: BRUNT Workwear The Torra Pant Reviews

The Torra Pant is the ultimate daily work pant built from the foundation of a standard work pant. However, the brand added thoughtful features and functional details to give it an edge over other standard work pants.

It comes with a 5-pocket design, calf buttons for easier fastening, belt loops, and reinforced tool clip patches giving it a touch of durability and maximizing its performance.

These pants are made from a blend of high-quality materials, including 64% Cotton, 34% polyester, and 2% Spandex, to optimize comfort, durability, and flexibility. In addition, its lightweight material blend (350 GSM) and articulated knees allow ease of movement in carrying out daily activities.


  • Five-pocket design
  • Reinforced tool clip patches and Belt loops
  • Designed with flexible 2-way stretch material
  • Articulated knee for ease of movement

Designed with comfort in mind, and a focus on durability, Torra is a familiar and easy-to-wear work pant that you can rely on, day in and day out, no matter the job. Consisting of 5 color options, including brown, tan, black, charcoal, and khaki, you can freely pair it with your clothes or outfit. 

You can look more stylish at an affordable $59 with great comfort!

BRUNT Workwear The Shevlin Reviews

Living in a country with cold weather requires you to wear clothes that can keep your body warm. Especially if you have outdoor work, you need a thick jacket to keep you warm. But wearing a thick coat will be difficult for outdoor work.

BRUNT Workwear Review: BRUNT Workwear The Shevlin Reviews

Thankfully BRUNT Workwear presents a classic workwear hoodie that will keep you warm while allowing you to move. The Shevlin is a hoodie made with a soft and warm fleece knit. The material is a high-quality blend of 60% cotton, and 40% polyester 360gsm Brushed Fleece Knit.

This hoodie features large pockets that keep your gear close and well protected. There is also a hidden cell phone pocket that will keep your technology protected. You can also wear its hood that is compatible with hard hats to protect you well from the cold weather.


  • 10 oz
  • Oversized stomach pocket
  • Hidden tech pocket
  • Hard hat-compatible hood

Thanks to its soft fleece knit, you’ll find comfort even if you wear it all day. The rib knit sleeves and hem cuffs also provide a comfortable fit and keep the hoodie in place. 

For $59, you can get this cozy hoodie you’ll reach for every day, no matter where you work or what you do.

BRUNT Workwear Size Chart

Each product has a size description and chart to help you find the right size. Because in the previous section, we discussed boots, pants, and hoodie products, so in the following, we will explain how to measure them.

BRUNT Workwear Review: BRUNT Workwear Size Chart


  • Boots fit most feet.
  • If you can’t find your size, go up a size. 
  • The brand suggests buying a size up and adjusting the boot’s width using the included suggestion chart if you want a more relaxed fit or have wider feet.
  • It’s best to buy half the next size for extra wide feet.


  • Measure both parts, including the waist and hip.
  • Pant offers a regular fit. All units are in inches.
  • Waist: Using a measuring tape, measure the smallest part of your waist. Not too snug, not too loose.
  • Hip: Measure around the fullest part of your hips. Make sure to keep the tape measure as horizontal as you can. 


  • Hoodie has a size that fits the size in general.
  • All sizes refer to body measurements in inches, not product specifications.
  • Measure around your chest 1″ below your underarm. Keep the measuring tape firm against your chest and level with the ground.

Who Is BRUNT Workwear For?

When it comes to the superior features available in all of its products, whether it’s the boots, work pants, hoodie, or various other accessories, BRUNT Workwear is aimed at workers who do work with heavy equipment.

BRUNT Workwear Review: Who Is BRUNT Workwear For?

However, that doesn’t mean workers who do easy work can’t wear it. Its stylish design will give you a cool look while you work in front of your computer.

In addition, looking at the designs and sizes available, the collection of boots, apparel, and accessories seems more suited for male workers. So, if you are a male worker who wants to get comfortable while doing your work, this brand is the right choice.

BRUNT Workwear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The thing that makes workwear worthwhile is functionality and comfort. But, even though brands put a low price on their products, can they bring maximum usability? To prove whether the features work, we have prepared some reviews from customers who have tried their products.

BRUNT Workwear Review: BRUNT Workwear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We took the reviews of the three products that we covered in the previous section. So, let’s start with the review of the first product. The Ryng (Comp Toe) received a fairly high rating with 4.46/5 out of 2497 reviews. One reviewer left a comment:

I’m a lineman, so seeing them being drafted with that in mind intrigued me. So far I’m impressed. They grip well in slippery conditions and are comfortable after a long day. I cannot wait to see that how they hold up over time.

Looking into the comments, the reviewer was impressed with the performance of the boots that were able to grip well in slippery conditions. The product is also comfortable to use all day.
Furthermore, the second product, The Torra Pant, received a high rating of 4.65/5 from 171 reviewers. Here’s what one reviewer had to say:
I was surprised how lightweight these pants are. I enjoyed the comfort these pants provided throughout the workday
The review describes the customer’s satisfaction with the pants he ordered. The very light pants are comfortable for working all day.
The third review came from The Shevlin hoodie product, which received a 4.71/5 rating from 49 reviews. One reviewer said:
I like the material. It’s warm and comfortable yet still durable. One thing I’d change is to add a high stripe. The sleeves are a little short for me but no problem. I’m 6’2″ 200lbs and the big height is awesome.
The reviewer was happy with the hoodie’s material, which gives long-lasting warmth and comfort. Although the sleeves were short, he was still satisfied with the hoodie.
So, the conclusion of the three reviews is that this product can provide outstanding performance. In addition, even the three reviews said the products offer excellent comfort when worn.

Is BRUNT Workwear Worth It?

What makes this brand stand out from the others? First, the brand understands that any workwear will prove its performance quality when worn to work. That’s why they offer a 30-day risk-free trial. Even if you don’t get the comfort you want, you can return the product, and the brand will give you a full refund.

BRUNT Workwear Review: Is BRUNT Workwear Worth It?

Also, the affordable price, free shipping, and returns certainly attract you. However, despite its affordable price, you don’t have to doubt its quality as the brand finds the best materials and technology to make its workwear.

BRUNT Workwear Shipping Policy

BRUNT Workwear is ready to ship your order across the continental US with free standard shipping except in Alaska and Hawaii. The brand makes the packing and shipping process as fast and safe as possible. The estimated delivery date and time will be displayed during the checkout process.

Once your item is shipped, the brand will send you an email or SMS with a tracking number. Check here to track your order (Make sure your order number and email are available).

BRUNT Workwear Return Policy

Some problems that usually occur when buying clothes or shoes online are the wrong size, materials that are not as expected, colors that do not match, or other reasons. There is no need to worry about this because the brand offers a 30-day risk-free trial. If it turns out that the product you are using is not up to the job, then you get a free return.

You have 30 days from the delivery date to return an eligible item for full price. Brand processes a refund to your credit card or the original payment immediately. Check this page to make a return.

How to Contact BRUNT Workwear

If you ask, How do I contact Brunt workwear? So, please email BRUNT Workwear customer service at [email protected] for more information and inquiries about this brand. Is there a phone number to call? Sadly the brand doesn’t include a number that can be contacted.

Follow some of its social media to know more about the brand:

Customer service is available Monday through Sunday, 09:00-17:00 (ET). We also recommend you check the Frequently Asked Questions on the website to find a lot of necessary information.

Where to buy BRUNT Workwear?

BRUNT Workwear offers several purchasing options for the convenience of its customers. You can buy its products online through its official website or international retailers, including Amazon and eBay.

But, some customers want to buy their products offline for the right size. So, if you are asking, where can I get BRUNT boots near me? You can get their boots, apparel, or other accessories offline at BRUNT Workwear – The Garage located at 92 Concord St, North Reading, MA 01864.

BRUNT Workwear Coupon Codes & Promos

Even though BRUNT sells its products at low prices, you won’t pass them up if they offer discounts and promos, right? Hence, we have prepared any brand discounts and promotions:

  1. Enjoy free shipping with no minimum purchase
  2. Save up to 25% off for orders of 5 units or more
  3. Refer a friend program: give friends $10 and get free boots
  4. Join their mailing list to take $5 off your first order of $100+ and be the first to hear about new products, special offers such as military discounts, and more.

Also, get discount codes you can apply at the checkout by clicking the button below!

Reveal all coupons
BRUNT Workwear

BRUNT Workwear Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for BRUNT Workwear reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Brunt Workwear manufactured?

If you think that Brunt Workwear is made in USA, then you are wrong. This brand manufactures its products in China.

Who owns Brunt Workwear?

Eric Girouard is the founder and CEO of BRUNT Workwear.

Where is Brunt Workwear headquarters located?

Its location is at 92 Concord St, North Reading, Massachusetts 01864, US

Ask a question?

Conclusion of BRUNT Workwear Reviews & Ratings

What you wear will determine your comfort when working. After reading this BRUNT Workwear review, you will understand why this brand is worth choosing. BRUNT Workwear is a solution for every worker who needs comfort when completing their job, whatever it is!

With comfortable, durable, affordable, and risk-free products, you will surely choose this brand as your must-have equipment for work.


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