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Brainiac Foods Review 2024 → Nutritious, Tasteful Kids' Applesauce

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About Brainiac Foods

Have you ever wondered whether you feed your kid’s brain well? It is understandable since usual food typically contains nutrition that helps to enhance a kid’s body. However, you can always try Brainiac Foods if it’s your concern.

Brainiac Foods Review: About Brainiac Foods

Brainiac Foods is a prominent US brand that sells food primarily for enhancing the brain’s overall health. The product varies from applesauce, gummies, butter, and so on.

Their products are developed by experts, which are pediatricians, neurologists, and nutritionists. Thus, good ingredients such as Omega-3, Choline, Protein, etc., aren’t just entirely there but are formulated well.

Additionally, all of the product is made from clean ingredients. They don’t contain gluten, dairy, and soy. What is more extraordinary is that their product is GMO-free. Thus, it doesn’t have any genetically modified ingredients.

However, besides all of their great ingredients, they taste great. The brand understands that kids are primarily picky eaters. Therefore, the flavor is curated to what kids like the most.

Further, they mostly come conveniently so that kids can grab and go for snacks quickly. But don’t worry about the packaging. Even though they are convenient, they are mostly recyclable. Say no to waste!

This brand is also featured in several media. It is Good Housekeeping, Food Network, Real Simple, Motherly, and Fast Company. They have 2.9K followers on Facebook and 7.5K followers on Instagram.

If you find this getting interesting, hold yourself. It is because the next section will be getting more interesting. Don’t go anywhere and keep scrolling this Brainiac Foods review.

Overview of Brainiac

It all started with Jonathan and Park, a father to their particular children. Both of them have the same concern about feeding their child’s nutrition.

At first, Jonathan and his wife realized that they just focused on the growth of their kids’ bodies. They forget about feeding the most crucial part that significantly impacts their kids’ future.

It is providing their kids’ brains with the nutrition they deserve. Thus, this brand was born with the help of pediatricians, neurologists, and nutritionists. They aim to help every child with a bright future. 

After long dedication, many customers can sense that the food works well. They help many kids stay focused, active, and energetic and learn well.

Based on ZoomInfo, the revenue is more than $5 Million now. Both founders also love to share their journey with the brand on LinkedIn. It is to help reach more audiences and to help more kids’ futures.

Brainiac Reviews

As it states in the brand’s name, this brand only has food in its collection. However, what makes them different is that their food collection has one goal, and it shows. It is for supporting brain health.

Brainiac Foods Reviews: Brainiac Reviews

Brainiac Food Products

To know what this brand has in its collection, you can check each of them below!

Applesauce Apple, Cinnamon, Strawberry, Variety Pack
Fruit & Veggie Squeezies Organic Apple Spinach Pear, Organic Apple Carrot Banana, Organic Apple Pumpkin Cinnamon, Organic Brain Squeezes Variety
Nut Butters Chocolate Almond Butter Spread, Honey Almond Butter Spread
Vitamins Brainpack Daily Adult, Brainpack Daily Kids

However, they also have a brain bars collection. Unfortunately, it is currently unavailable to shop since several flavor is discontinued and the rest is sold out. You can check periodically on their website for collection updates.

Alright, after knowing their product collection, we will give you a review of their 3 best-sellers product. If you are curious about the product, scroll to the next section!

Brainiac Foods Brain Squeezers Reviews

It is tiring to see that your kids love munchies in between their activities with snacks, desserts, fast food, and other unhealthy food, right? However, it is understandable for kids to act that way cause they need to consume more for their growth. Thus, all that you need is Brain Squeezers!

Brainiac Foods Review: Brainiac Foods Brain Squeezers Reviews

Brain Squeezers is a kind of applesauce. It is an easy-to-go snack that is good for kids. The goodness comes from their complete nutrition, essential to enhance overall health. On top of that, this kind of snack is also a healthier way for kids to snack rather than to eat junk food.

This applesauce contains 3 primary nutrients. It includes Omega-3, Choline, and Vit C. You don’t have to put this in the refrigerator. Thus, it is an effortless snack for kids to eat in lunches or between activities.


  • Flavor: Apple, Cinnamon, Strawberry
  • Size: 20 and 40
  • Allergens: Contains Omega-3 from fatty fish and Tilapia
  • Usage: Choking hazard. It means always supervising children under 3. Refrigerate after opening.

If you think your kid will like this, you are probably right. Therefore, purchase the product and give it to your loved one. You can buy the product with these classifications:

  • One-time purchase: $16.99 (20), $39.99 (40)
  • Subscribe and save 10%: $15.29 (20), $35.99 (40)

Brainiac Foods Gummies Reviews

Have you ever been in a situation where you panic cause your kids are addicted to eating gummies? It is because gummies typically contain only high sugar levels that harm the body. Say no more cause Brainiac Foods Gummies exist!

Brainiac Foods Review: Brainiac Foods Gummies Reviews

This is a cutting-edge technology in foods. Gummies from this brand are full of nutrition rather than sugar. They contain 6 main ingredients. It is Omega-3, Choline, Lutein, Vit C, Vit B6, and Vit B12. Well, with all of their great ingredients, is it taste good? Yes, it is!

Don’t ever worry about the taste quality. What is better is that these gummy vitamins are gluten, dairy, peanut, and soy-free! Thus, you don’t have to worry that your kids may experience digestion problems. Moreover, it is excellent to help support your brain and eye health.


  • Size: 90 gummies
  • Version: Kids and adult
  • Allergens: Contains Omega 3 from fatty fish and Tilapia

Moreover, they also have an adult version. It is perfect to use as a vitamin couple with your kids. To get this gummies, you can purchase based on your preference. See below for the price classification.

  • One-time purchase: $25.00 (kids), $35.00 (adult)
  • Subscribe and save 10%: $22.50 (kids), $31.50 (adult)

Brainiac Foods Brain Butter Reviews

Butter is essential when your kids want to eat a sandwich. Unfortunately, butter has many fats, and eating them daily is unhealthy. When you face this kind of situation, don’t panic! Substitute your usual butter with Brain Butter from Brainiac Foods. Your kids will love this more!

Brainiac Foods Review: Brainiac Foods Brain Butter Reviews

Brain Butter is an upgraded version of the usual butter. It has nutrition that is good for boosting your kid’s brain. Every spread contains 3 primary nutrients. It includes Omega-3, Choline, and Protein. Perfect for optimizing brain health!

Moreover, the butter is also gluten, dairy, and soy-free! Plus, it is non-GMO! It means there is no preservatives and chemical in the ingredients. The packaging is also convenient. It enables squeezing and spreading easily and quickly. You can ask your kids to do it themselves.


  • Flavor: Almond Cho0colate and Almond Honey
  • Size: 10-count and 20-count
  • Allergen: Contains tree nuts from almonds

Making a healthy sandwich for your kids now is no longer difficult. With Brain Butter, you don’t have to worry anymore. To get them, you can check the price below and choose what you like the most.

  • 10-count: $24.99
  • 20-count: $39.99

Brainiac Foods Pros and Cons

Still unsure about this brand? We prepare the pros and cons to help you better understand whether or not the brand is for you. We hope this can help to throw off your doubt about this brand.


  • Packed with nutrients that are essential for brain health
  • Made with real, whole ingredients
  • Gluten, dairy, peanut and soy-free
  • It has a great taste
  • Huge options of flavor
  • Kid’s friendly
  • Convenient and easy to eat
  • Non-GMO
  • Affordable price
  • Free shipping on orders above $35


  • Ship to the US only
  • Some of the flavors have already sold out
  • Return unavailable except for damaged

Who is Brainiac Foods For?

This brand’s product is mainly for kids. It is because they all contain Omega-3, which is excellent for helping kids’ brains to improve. The packaging is also convenient and designed for kids to grab and eat between activities.

Additionally, all the products have great ingredients for enhancing the brain’s health. Thus, it is suitable for everyone in the family craving healthier snacks. They also have adult versions of specific items. Hence, Brainiac Foods isn’t limited to kids only.

Brainiac Foods Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Before you shop their collection, we already summarized many testimonials on their website for each product we reviewed. Before reading the review about what customers think about Brainiac Foods products, let’s see each of the ratings of the products first.

Brainiac Foods Review: Brainiac Foods Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

aforementioned, we can see that the products got above average ratings from huge customers. Thus, to determine why they got such ratings, let’s start with the first testimonials.

I love the pouches! It is so convenient. But, on top of that, what makes me so happy is that the applesauce contains brain-boosting benefits for my kids. I am frustrated by the fish oil supplements that have a horrible taste… I recommend it!

This customer said that she is happy to meet this brand. It is because she is already looking for an omega-3. She used to look for fish oil supplements, but they all tasted terrible. After discovering this brand, she can finally feed her kids with omega-3 but in a tastier product.

Another testimonial about the gummies said:

My grandson used to be very picky regarding supplements and foods. But, I noticed that Brainiac gummies meet his taste preference. He always asks for one every morning. He said that he likes it because it isn’t very soft, but it’s chewy… It helps him learn well.

After reading the above review, this customer buys the gummies for her grandson because he is very picky to eat. She is thrilled that her grandson likes the taste and always wants to crave it once a day. Finally, she also mentions that the gummies help the grandson learn.

Then, let’s see what this customer said about the Brain Butter.

It is delicious. I was pleased by how excellent the taste was. I eat directly from the pouch or on my oatmeal every morning.

This customer said that she was satisfied with the taste of the butter. Thus, she eats it daily, whether straight on the pouch or on top of her oatmeal. It is how big her addiction is to the taste of this Brain Butter.

From the overall review, the customers feel satisfied with the taste. Also, they all are happy with the results of the nutrition that is contained in the food. We can see that the ingredients work well to improve the overall brain health.

Is Brainiac Foods Worth It?

This brand offers food with complete nutrition that enhances the brain’s health. It comes in a convenient style so every kid can access their product quickly. Not only the ingredients, this brand also maintains it tastes good, and kids will love it. Thus, Brainiac Foods is worth purchasing.

Brainiac Foods Review: Is Brainiac Foods Worth It?

Moreover, they also come in many options to choose from. Thus, kids won’t easily get bored. What is best is that the price is also affordable, considering their excellent quality and taste. Hence, trusting this brand for kids is a perfect move!

Brainiac Foods Shipping Policy

This brand currently ships its product to the US only. To enjoy their free shipping offers, ensure your order is over $30 on retail and subscription orders. However, if your order is under $30, you will be subject to flat rate shipping of $3.99.

They are available to send your package on working days only. It is from Monday to Friday. They also offer expedited shipping if you need to get your package inrush. The rates will calculated based on weight.

Brainiac Foods Return Policy

Unfortunately, this brand doesn’t offer returns for food products. However, if you receive a damaged product or are not perfectly satisfied, take a picture of it and return it to them for further investigation.

After inspection, they will issue a credit for you. To start, email them at [email protected] and provide them with mandatory requirements.

How To Contact Brainiac Foods

If you have any questions regarding your shopping experiences with this brand, you can always reach their customer service through the following ways.

Where to buy Brainiac Foods?

You can purchase by heading over to their official website. Otherwise, if you don’t have to spend on shipping, this brand is also accessible to shop through retail stores.

If you are wondering where the store is near your location, you can check them through their Store Locator. They can also shop through Walmart, Publix, Meijer, Amazon, and Thrive.

Brainiac Foods Coupon Codes & Promos

To help you save more money, we already scrolled their website and found all of their current deals. Thus, make sure you check each of the deals carefully. See them closer below.

  • Unlock 20% OFF your first order by joining their newsletter
  • Get free shipping if your order value is over $35
  • Save 10% when you order their product with a subscription method

Reveal all coupons
Brainiac Foods

Brainiac Foods Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Brainiac Foods reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Brainiac Foods?

The owners of Brainiac Foods are Jonathan Wolfson and Mark Brooks.

Does Brainiac Foods ship internationally?

No. This brand only ships its products to the US.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Brainiac Foods Reviews & Ratings

Brainiac Foods managed to balance health-conscious and enjoyable tastes in their snack. Their product contains Omega-3, which is excellent for enhancing brain health. Besides, the brand maintains its products gluten, dairy, and soy-free. Say no to digestion issues!

Moreover, their price is affordable, along with the accessibility that customers get since their products can be shopped through various choices. Thus, don’t hesitate to buy their product to secure your family’s brain health. Try and see the results!


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