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About Boisson Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Drinking wine after long working hours will give relaxation. But, what if the wine is not available in your home? No worries. This article will discuss about Boisson. A new brand that offers high-quality beers, wine, and drinks that are pretty accessible for anyone who lives in the US! Review: About Boisson Non-Alcoholic Drinks

People, mostly drinkers, seem to love this liquor business brand because it provides the best and most original items in town.

It is proven that even though Boison is considered a new brand, they’ve already earned almost $12M in annual sales revenue. They’re becoming fastly popular due to the ten stores across New York City, Los Angeles, and the newest one in San Fransisco.

Currently, the brand is now growing step by step, and they boast more than 12.3K followers on Instagram. The brand even features Kin Euphorics, a beverage brand founded by Jen Batchelor and Bella Hadid. Oh, have we mentioned its publication on BuzzFeed and The New York Times? That’s right, the brand is tremendous in becoming more popular gradually.

So, to provide thorough information, I’ll tell you everything about the Boisson review, from its brand history, mission, best-selling, customer feedback, and so forth. Without waiting any longer, let’s jump into the next section!

Overview of Boisson Co

Boisson is located in New York, United States. Nick Bodkins and Barrie Arnoldmet had a challenge in drinking after work due to the COVID-19 outbreak. So, they started to create Boisson to give easiness in getting non-alcoholic drinks and dealcoholized wine in February 2021.

They decide to open retail locations to give access to the drinkers. The store is heard by anyone and has expanded across New York City. They’re slowly gaining popularity in its town, and up until now, they serve in ten branches across New York, Los Angeles, and San Fransisco.

Across the year, Boisson’s mission is to provide #sophisticatedsips for anyone who searches for alternatives to alcoholic drinks. With this in mind, they feature many famous brands, such as Lyre’s, Giesen, and so much more. Plus, they ship in protective packaging so that the quality is well-reserved.

As of now, this brand only focuses on domestic shipments, but they are generous in providing free ground shipping and returns for any orders with specific requirements. Below, I’ll go over the pros and cons of this magnificent brand before I jump into this Boisson review.

Boisson Pros

  • Offers non-alcoholic drinks and dealcoholizes wine
  • Suitable for any drinkers from light to heavy
  • Provides detailed information on most of the products
  • In-stores are located in New York, Los Angeles, and San Fransisco
  • Offers local delivery and store pickup
  • Ship domestically with free ground shipping
  • Accepts returns within 30-days
  • Has a lot of positive customer reviews

Boisson Cons

  • Doesn’t ship internationally

Boisson Review

After reading the brand’s history, you must be curious about what products the brand has to offer. Therefore, I’ll provide a clear review of the best-sellers item. Reviews: Boisson Review

Yet it’s impossible to discuss all of the products since the brand offers many items, including non-alcoholic drinks, pre-mixed cocktails, mixers, bitters, home bar supplies, glassware, etc. So, I’ll only choose three things to discuss.

If you’re interested in the brand, stay tuned with me to get more information about this Boisson review. Hence prepare your drink, and let’s dig deeper!

Boisson Thomson & Scott - Noughty Reviews

First, I’ll review the best-selling product. Boisson offers Thomson & Scott – Noughty that features a spirit of transparency and playfulness. Review: Boisson Thomson & Scott - Noughty Reviews

This product is organic, has a sustainable source, and is free from unnecessary filters. That’s why this wine is considered the most elegant white wine available.

The fact that it is formulated with organic grapes from Southern Spain, a fermented drink before dealcoholized, and has a rich aroma that maintains classic Chardonnay, I think we shouldn’t doubt the taste.

What I like is that the product is lightly carbonated and placed in a beautiful bottle. No wonder why this wine has become a favorite among households and is perfect for serving with hors d’oeuvres or mild and buttery dishes.

Of course, despite being a delicious drink you’ll enjoy, you don’t have to worry about health since it only has 14 calories. Pretty safe to consume, isn’t it? Even better, it’s also fat-free and has 0.1 grams of protein, 80mg of sodium, 2.9 grams of carbs, and 4.3 grams of sugar.

The pale yellow color has an apple aroma that is slightly sweet and ripe fruit palate. This product merely contains 0.5% of alcohol in its 750 ml size with a chalky-finish medium dry.


  • Alcohol-free with delicious low-sugar organic
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Slightly sweet, yet it has no added sugar
  • Has profit with purpose

Price wise, you can drink this wine with many purchase options you can choose:

One-time Purchase

  • 1-bottled: $22
  • 6-pack: $132. But it has a 5% discount which results in $125.40
  • 12-pack: $264. It also has a 10% discount for this package which you can purchase only for $237.60

Subscribe and get 10% off

  • 1-bottled: $19.80
  • 6-pack: $118.80
  • 12-pack: $237.60

Boisson Giesen - Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc Reviews

Let’s move to a gorgeous white bottle of wine from New Zealand. Boisson offers Giesen – Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc with original Giesen. Review: Boisson Giesen - Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc Reviews

It is a product that the three Giesen brothers ran. They commit to sustainability, discovery, and time spent amongst beloved people. It has a light-bodied texture and gentle dealcoholized due to a spinning cone technology.

It comes from the Marlborough region, where dry vineyards and a temperate climate produce refreshing acid and fruity sauvignon blanc optimally. Furthermore, it features citrus and fruit flavors compatible with light meals and warm weather.

You’ll love it since it is a perfect drink with only 0.5 percentage of alcohol, also 16 calories per 125 ml, 9 grams of carbs, and 6 grams of sugar.

Offered with free of fat, sodium, and protein, you can taste the expressive aromas and flavors of citrus, cut herbs, blackcurrant leaf, and tropical fruit. I can say that this drink is an excellent acidic bite to cleanse your palate.


  • Made by the original winery in New Zealand
  • Light-bodied and dealcoholized gently
  • It has a refreshing aroma and tastes of citrus and fruits

Coming with different prices and choice options, you can purchase this drink in the following ways:

One Time Purchase

  • 1-bottled: $16.
  • 6-pack: $91.20. Fortunately, you can get a 5% off on this pack, which results in a price of $86.40.
  • 12-pack: $192. Luckily, it offers 10% off, which reduces the price to $172.80.

Subscribe and get 10% off

  • 1-bottled: $14.40
  • 6-pack: $118.80
  • 12-pack: $172.80

Boisson Leitz - Eins Zwei Zero Blanc de Blancs Reviews

This product is the last one in this Boisson review. This brand has Leitz – Eins Zwei Zero Blanc de Blancs, famous for being the most delicate wine producer in the country. Review: Boisson Leitz - Eins Zwei Zero Blanc de Blancs Reviews

Weingut Eins Leitz is considerate of bringing the magical German vineyard to the earth. This white wine is an alcoholic blend from Rudesheim. It features gentler acid that is delicate.

The wine is clean with fresh flavors. It is suitable for mild golden hours and chilly weather. You can even pair it with any cuisine. To make it simple, prepare roast chicken and vegetables beside this wine.

It only features 0.5% alcohol in its 750 ml, and this pale yellow-green bottle will result in aromatic herbs, honey, and gooseberry. They all present a palate of citrus, lime, carambola, and slightly dry gooseberry with a lingering finish.


  • Made from the finest winery in the country
  • It contains gentle acid with clean, fresh flavors
  • Match any food pairings
  • Suitable for summer or autumn

Try this Leitz – Eins Zwei Zero Blanc de Blancs with the following purchase choice options below:

One Time Purchase

  • 1-bottled: $18
  • 6-pack: $108. Yet, you can get a 5% discount from the brand, which reduces its price to $102.60.
  • 12-pack: $216. Fortunately, it offers 10% off on the loyal customer so that you can have it only for  $194.40

Subscribe and get 10% off

  • 1-bottled: $16.20
  • 6-pack: $97.20
  • 12-pack: $194.40

Who is Boisson For?

The two founders created this brand to ease everyone who has a drinking habit. Generally, COVID-19 makes it challenging to get the drink they like. Review: Who is Boisson For?

The brand is perfect for those who are light or heavy drinkers. They can go to the nearest store available and purchase wine they adore.

Or, you may even choose online shopping, so you don’t need to walk to the store. Simply by ordering from the official website, you can then wait at your house and prepare food that may match the taste of the wine. Pretty accessible.

Boisson Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Alright, now you must be curious about how customers think about Boisson. No need to worry because I’ll provide the ratings of this brand. You can check it thoroughly in this Boisson review section. Review: Boisson Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

But let’s start with discussing the ratings from the three best-sellers above. Here are the classifications:

  • Boisson Thomson & Scott – Noughty gets 4.5/5 ratings based on 44 reviews
  • Boisson Giesen – Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc has 4/5 ratings based on 91 testimonials
  • Boisson Leitz – Eins Zwei Zero Blanc de Blancs obtains 3.9/5 ratings from 22 reviews

Those ratings are high enough for a brand that comes in several years. Moreover, Boisson receives 4/5 ratings from all of the reviews, totaling 1382 product reviews. On the other side, the site gets 4.5/5 ratings based on 157 reviews. Well, isn’t the number impressive? This Boisson review guesses so.

To provide you with testimonials, here is one customer said:

I finally got to enjoy this sparkling Chardonnay over my birthday weekend. It was delicious and I am also taking this to a baby shower for myself and the mom. I definitely will order this again. So far you have not let me down with my many purchases! Definitely recommended this company to my friends!

By reading the sentences, you may conclude how happy the customer is. It showed the delicious taste that Boisson has to offer. Moreover, the buyer wanted to recommend the brand to any friends.

However, you may also find so-so testimonials. Another buyer stated:

Compared to traditional Sauvignon Blanc (with alcohol) it seems to be Lacking in body. Taste is flat. It is still enjoyable when served very cold in my opinion but I found it almost needs to be near frozen. We still have more to enjoy but these are my first opinions.

From the statement above, you may see how the customer doesn’t really satisfied with the taste. Well, it’s expected because everyone has different preferences for beverages that they taste. Therefore, the ratings are original from the buyer who tasted all the non-alcoholic drinks that Boisson served.

Is Boisson Legit?

Well, purchasing beer online may be dangerous. So, Boisson provides every detail of information that customers need on the official website. Review: Is Boisson Legit?

Although it doesn’t mention the owner, the team got you covered with policies and products. In addition, you can see the guidelines on payment, shipping, return, refund, and so on.

Customers can even see the reviews and ratings on each product. Even better, the team also attaches contact information so that you can contact them whenever you face a problem. Therefore, this Boisson review can conclude that this brand is legit.

Is Boisson Worth It?

The brand appears in society with the idealism of bringing wine with ease. It has many collections from famous wineries all around the world. Moreover, the brand has developed a lot to build more stores across the US. Review: Is Boisson Worth It?

Boisson is a reputable brand, indeed. So yes, that’s true. I can safely say that this brand is worth checking out. It intends to help drinkers purchase drinks as close as the brand can.

Furthermore, they have beautiful stores with racks of bottles. Thus, you may let your eyes crawl on every bottle of wine, beer, and everything Boisson has to get the most delicious and satisfying drink ever.

Boisson Shipping Policy

Before discussing the shipping policy in this Boisson review, it’s worth mentioning that this brand offers online and live shopping. However, Boisson doesn’t offer international shipping. So, this is only for societies across the US.

Packaging Process Information

  • It ships from Monday to Friday from the local warehouse, which takes up to 3 days.
  • For 2nd Day Air and Next Day orders will be shipped within 24 hours
  • The package will be shipped via ground with a $2 charge, and NA products will require an extra $0.80 for UPS insurance to reduce damage due to the freezing temperature

Boisson also offers three shipping and delivery options to give ease the process. Check the explanations below to get the best flash shipment.

  • In-store and curbside pickup is suitable for live shopping. You can only pick up the items during business hours
  • Boisson offers free ground shipping for UPS on orders over $125 across the US (excluding Hawaii and Alaska unless there is a promotion for that region)
  • Expedited shipping fee is available in four categories. Merely visit this page for further information

Once your order ships, you’ll receive an email confirmation, including a tracking number.

Boisson Return Policy

Speaking of which, you might experience mind-changing while ordering a product. Customers can exchange the product within 30 days. Just bring the unopened product with its original packaging to the store. After that, the team will change it with your original order.

To start with, you can return your order by following the steps below:

  • Contact Boisson by email at [email protected] or call the team at 929-337-7007
  • Wait for confirmation from the customer service team
  • The team will send you a return label via email
  • Prepare the package, stick the return label on its box, and then drop it on UPS
  • After the team receives the item, you’ll receive the email refund information

Since Boisson doesn’t accept refunds on all products, you can notify them if there is any damage in transit or breakage in the package. But it only applies to defective, damaged, or if you get the wrong item.

Kindly send the team the condition with a photo to prove the truth within seven days. Boisson will do its best to make it right for you.

The brand will investigate the returned item within business days. Once the refund is approved, they’ll inform you and send your money back through your original payment method.

How to Contact Boisson

Fortunately, the brand is easy to contact. This Boisson review provides every contact information so that you can choose among these four methods:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (877) 655-9177
  • Filling out a contact form on its official website
  • Live chat (at the bottom right of its official website)

On weekdays, Boisson’s customer care team will respond to you from 8 AM – 4 PM.

Where to buy

You can purchase products from Boisson via two methods. Below I classify the places to buy:

  • Online shopping through the brand’s official website
  • You can go live shopping in ten locations across New York City, Los Angeles, and San Fransisco. If you’re interested in buying beer or wine in Boisson’s stores, check the locations at this link.

The in-store is beneficial for every buyer to check the products and get them as immediately as possible. Also, please ensure you come during open hours to visit the store on time. Coupon Codes & Promos

This Boisson review is happy to report that the brand provides huge promotions and deals for its loyal buyers. Here are the things to save some money:

  • Subscribe to the official website and receives 10% off on your first order
  • You can save 15% off on spirits, ready-to-drink, and functional sips by applying code OCT15 at checkout
  • Join the membership to get the advantageous benefit
  • Refer a friend to give a $20 discount on his first order with a minimum spend of $75

Please check the official website for further information regarding the promotions and discounts.

Reveal all coupons Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is Boisson NYC?

This brand is an alcohol-specialty shop first founded in New York City. Currently, it has grown significantly and has many branches across the US. 

Who owns Boisson?

Nick Bodkins and Barrie Arnold are the founders of Boisson. They created this brand due to their drinking habit during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Where is Boisson located?

Boisson owns ten in-store locations in total. Six areas are in New York City, three others are in Los Angeles, and the newest store is in San Fransisco.

Does Boisson ship internationally?

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t offer international shipping. But they provide the best offer for US customers, including free shipping with a minimum quantity.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Reviews & Ratings

Wine, beer, and drinks are favorites on all occasions. You can get relax by drinking these beverages. But, it’s better to drink non-alcohol and dealcoholized products to keep your body healthy and avoid hangovers. This is where Boisson comes in. They create the best wine retailer across the US that’s not only to make you enjoy drinking but also to stay healthy.

What’s more, they provide huge promotions and deals for their loyal members. Hence, are you ready to get the most sophisticated sips ever? Then, let’s now visit the Boisson store and purchase the drink that taste you best!

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