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Bochart Review 2024 → Premium Oak Barrel for Finest Spirits

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About Bochart

Are you struggling to find a brand that provides high-quality oak barrels? Well, you can take a sigh of relief as Bochart is now on your side. 

Bochart Review: About Bochart

You might not be too familiar with the name. Yet, Bochart is a brand that can fulfill your needs regarding high-quality handmade oak barrels to create various spirits with the finest distinctive flavors.

This brand can also be considered a new brand, as we can’t find any of their social media accounts. But no need to worry. This Bochart review is here to help you gain a better understanding of this barrel supplier brand.

Below, we will reveal various valuable information about the brand, ranging from the brand’s history, barrels selection, customer reviews, and much more. So stay tuned!

Overview of Bochart

Other than social media, we also couldn’t find any information about the founder of the brand. One thing is confirmed, Bochart is a brand that provides premium oak barrels within the United States and Canada.

Every oak barrel sold in the brand’s catalog is handmade by expert artisans using the best oak barrel-making techniques. With this, you can bet that you will always get the highest quality and most exceptional handmade oak barrels.

On top of that, the brand also does not use substances such as wax, paint, or glue in making its oak barrels. With that in mind, each oak barrel from Bochart can produce the finest wines with wonderful and distinctly oak flavors and aromas.

Not only wine, but you can also use oak barrels from this brand to age beer, tequila, whiskey, brandy, scotch, bourbon, rum, cognac, and other spirits.

Bochart Review

At Bochart, you will only find one type of barrel type material, which is oak barrels. However, you have two sizes of oak barrels to choose from: small and big barrels. Which one is better depends on your needs.

For the small oak barrels category, the barrels range in size from 0.35 gallons to 2.6 gallons. This small barrel size is suitable to age a small quantity of homebrew beer.

As for the big oak barrels category, the size range of the barrels is 3.9 gallons to 26.4 gallons. These are the barrel sizes suitable for industrial use as they are large enough to hold up to 300 liters of spirits.

In this review, we take a look at three of the brand’s best-selling oak barrels.

Bochart Review: 3 Best-Selling Oak Barrels

  • Oak Barrel 1.3 Gallons
  • Oak Barrel 7.9 Gallons
  • Vinegar Barrel 3.9 Gallons

Curious about the three oak barrels above? Then let’s take a look at them in the next section. Let’s go!

Bochart Oak Barrel 1.3 Gallons Reviews

Whoever wants to bring a glass of spirits to the table for every family dinner, this Bochart Oak Barrel 1.3 Gallons could be the ideal choice. In case your home is the center of your friends’ hangout, you might like this small oak barrel to serve your friends a glass of high-quality spirits.

Bochart Review: Bochart Oak Barrel 1.3 Gallons Reviews

Coming in at 1.3 gallons, this oak barrel can hold up to 5 liters of your aged spirits. It may seem small, but this single barrel is more than enough to meet the alcoholic needs of a family.

Besides, this small oak barrel also comes with stainless hoops that are designed to prevent evaporation. With this, the authenticity and uniqueness of the flavor and aroma of the spirits produced from this oak barrel can be guaranteed.

So, are you interested in getting this Oak Barrel 1.3 Gallons? If so, then prepare a budget of around $128.

Bochart Oak Barrel 7.9 Gallons Reviews

Are you planning to create spirits that taste like no other and store them for years to bring out their distinctive flavors? If so, then bring home this Bochart Oak Barrel 7.9 Gallons.

Bochart Review: Bochart Oak Barrel 7.9 Gallons Reviews

Coming in at 7.9 gallons, this oak barrel is enough to store up to 30 liters of your spirits. With a large size such as that, this barrel is perfect for commercial and home use where you want to store wine, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages in large quantities.

Moreover, this brand designed this big oak barrel with a procedure where the oak barrel is charred to bring out the strong flavor and aroma. Through this procedure, this oak barrel can create an alcoholic beverage with the fragrant aroma of wood coupled with the scent of vanilla and the crust of baked bread.

If you are interested in this Oak Barrel 7.9 Gallons, you can take it home for around $243.

Bochart Vinegar Barrel 3.9 Gallons Reviews

Have you ever planned to become a winemaker? Are you looking for the ideal barrel for your business plan? If so, this Bochart Vinegar Barrel 3.9 Gallons is a great choice for you. Besides, this oak barrel is also suitable for making spirits at home to welcome your guests.

Bochart Review: Bochart Vinegar Barrel 3.9 Gallons Reviews

It comes with a size of 3.9 gallons with a volume that can hold up to 15 liters, suitable for producing and aging various alcoholic beverages. Whether you want to produce wine, beer, cognac, brandy, rum, whiskey, and more.

This vinegar oak barrel is made exclusively from clean and high-quality materials to ensure it always comes with the highest quality. There are also porous materials that can help the fermentation process of alcoholic beverages in this oak barrel.

To get this Vinegar Barrel of 3.9 Gallons, you may need to spend a budget of $238.

Bochart Pros and Cons

The above is an overview of the brand. To give you more insight into this oak barrel supplier, we have compiled Bochart’s pros and cons. Check them out with the bullet points below!


  • Offers handmade oak barrels with the finest quality
  • Each oak barrel is handmade by expert artisans
  • Uses high-standard barrel-making techniques in manufacturing its oak barrels
  • All the handmade oak barrels are ideal for aging wine, beer, whiskey, and other spirits
  • Fast shipping
  • 14 days return policy


  • Only offer to ship within the United States and Canada

Who is Bochart For?

As a brand that provides oak barrels, it is definitely Bochart for anyone who wants to create spirits with different flavors and delectable aromas. Whether you want to make it for home use or you want to become an alcoholic beverage maker, then this brand is truly for you.

Here, you can find various types of handmade oak barrels ranging in size from small to large. Which one suits you best? It all depends on your needs.

Bochart Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Surely a review won’t be complete without a customer review. Not to worry. This Bochart review has summarized some genuine testimonials that we found on Trustpilot.

Bochart Review: Bochart Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Curious? Well, let’s start with a testimonial from a customer who expressed his satisfaction with the brand.

Received my barrels in a timely fashion. Well packed and, upon visual inspection. It is of superb quality, and highly happy with the workmanship.

In his testimonial, this customer shared that the oak barrels he received came in a stunning style. He also expressed how he liked the amazing quality with great design. This customer is truly satisfied with the workmanship provided by this brand.

On the other hand, there was also a customer who gave almost the same review.

Purchased a 15L barrel for my husband as a gift for his birthday! I love the high quality of the product and timely shipping.

Based on his review, this happy customer revealed that he liked the quality of the oak barrel provided by this brand. He also explained that the brand provided fast shipping for him.

Overall from this section. We concluded that the brand has managed to satisfy many customers with its handmade oak barrel products, which come with high quality. In addition, some customers also expressed their satisfaction with the fast shipping service offered by the brand.

Is Bochart Worth It?

Despite being a new brand, we still agree to say that Bochart is worth it. Its newness in the oak barrel-making industry is not a drawback, as the brand manages to create high-quality handmade oak barrels.

Bochart Review: Is Bochart Worth It?

On top of that, all oak barrels sold by this brand are handmade by expert artisans using barrel-making techniques, ensuring you always get the best quality oak barrel. For that reason, we agree to state that this brand is worth your consideration.

Bochart Shipping Policy

Unfortunately, the brand does not accept international shipping. They only accept shipping within the US and Canada. Even so, the brand offers fast shipping facilities that allow you to receive your oak barrel order in a short period of time.

What about the shipping time and shipping fee? Well, it all depends on the address you put on the checkout page. You can fill in your personal information and shipping address first to find out.

Once you’ve done that, you can find out how much the shipping fee you’ll have to pay and how long it will take for your order to arrive at your address.

Bochart Return Policy

Based on Bochart’s return policy. The brand offers 14 days for you to make a return in case you are not satisfied with the oak barrel quality you received. To be eligible for the return process, you should ensure that the product you are returning comes in an unused and undamaged condition.

If you have met the above requirements, you can start submitting your return by emailing [email protected] or calling 647-996-5344. If your return request is accepted, you will be guided to the next process.

How To Contact Bochart

The brand is always happy to hear any questions, feedback, and suggestions you have. For that, you can get in touch with the brand’s customer service contact at some of the following contacts.

Alternatively, you can also approach their customer service team via the chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

Where to buy Bochart?

The only ideal place you can go to buy handmade oak barrels from this brand is through its official website. There, you can browse through the oak barrel catalog sold by Bochart.

Alternatively, you can get the brand’s oak barrel through well-known retail stores, such as Amazon and eBay. What are you waiting for? Head over to the official website and put an oak barrel in your cart!

Bochart Coupon Codes & Promos

You’ve arrived at the section you’ve been waiting for. In this section, we will reveal some Bochart discounts and promos that you can use to save on your purchases.

  • Enjoy fast shipping for every purchase you make on the official website.
  • Get 14 days return policy

Not exactly what you’re looking for? No need to worry. We have also prepared Bochart coupon codes that you can grab by clicking the button below. All in all, happy oak barrel shopping!

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Bochart Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Bochart reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What are the types of Bochart barrels?

At Bochart, you only have one type of barrel, which is oak barrels. However, there are two sizes of oak barrels that you can choose from, small or big.

How long does Bochart barrel last?

Since this brand uses high-quality material using great barrel-making techniques, each barrel can withstand up to six years.

Does Bochart offer international shipping?

Unfortunately, this brand only offers to ship within the United States and Canada.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Bochart Reviews & Ratings

In a world filled with wondrous flavors, distinctive aromas, and the mysteries of aging beautifully. Spending some of your time enjoying spirits of the finest quality is one way to appreciate life. To make it easy, you also need high-quality oak barrels.

If you are on a quest for high-quality oak barrels, then Bochart could be a good option for you to choose. Here, you can find a wide range of premium handmade oak barrels ranging from small to large. If so, head on over to the official website and put the preferred oak barrel in your shopping cart.


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