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About Blockchain Council

When we look at the job market trend, jobs in blockchain technology have become one that stands out the most. As a result, the competition to find the best course becomes more stressful. However, don’t worry because Blockchain Council can help you with that.

Blockchain Council Review: About Blockchain Council

Blockchain Council is a private de-facto organization of experts and enthusiasts dedicated to advancing the research, development, and practical applications of Blockchain, AI, and Web3 technologies. 

What makes them high demand comes from their successful track record. This online course already helps numerous students get jobs in big companies like Microsoft, IBM, KPMG, etc. It’s all thanks to the expert tutor they have.

Moreover, they also have the most budget-friendly prices. Unlike similar online courses, they are relatively lower in cost. That is why they are perfect for those with a minimum budget and trying to find cheaper options.

Thanks to their dedication, this online course can gain 16K followers on Facebook and 3.7K followers on Instagram. We believe you are eager to know how this online course can benefit you more. Thus, scroll through this Blockchain Council review to find the answer.

Overview of Blockchain Council

This online course was founded in 2017. They are the sub-organization of Tosh Innovations company. As far as we can find, the founder name of Blockchain Council is Toshendra Sharma. So, what makes Toshendra build this online course?

The demand. Exactly! As we all know, blockchain technology become increasingly growing. Thus, the job is known to be in need for years to come. Many people strive to find the best course to upgrade their skills and fit the job role.

Fortunately, this online course understands the assignment. They fill the market need by offering a course and certification programs. Thus, it can become a win-win solution for all.

To realize the idea, this online course tries to find experts in the blockchain and tech-related industries. They want to support a mutually beneficial environment where the expert can share their knowledge, and the students get the skills they want.

Blockchain Council Certification Review

Unlike other online courses, Blockchain Council has many programs for all knowledge levels. Thus, whether you are a beginner or already an expert but need more understanding, there will always be a place for you.

Blockchain Council Reviews: Blockchain Council Certification Review

However, we think it is the right time to explore their program list. To make the exploration experience easy, we have already listed them in several categories. Check it out!

Blockchain Council Programs

Moreover, since this online course has numerous programs, deciding which program you want to enroll in must be challenging. However, don’t worry! We will help you by thoroughly reviewing their 3 best-selling programs. Let’s get started!

Blockchain Council Certified Blockchain Expert Reviews

Let’s meet the first best-seller program, Certified Blockchain Expert. This program is perfect for you who want to have a career as a business development or engineer at a tech company.

Blockchain Council Review: Blockchain Council Certified Blockchain Expert Reviews

This Certified Blockchain Expert program is designed to help you understand everything about blockchain technology and the industry involved. You will learn the material from the basic concepts. Plus, you will also experience how they applied to the real business world.

However, this certification program is in high demand. It’s all because the blockchain industry offers many career opportunities. Thus, this certification must be for you if you are looking for a better job or better compensation.

What you’ll get:

  • 8-hours course duration
  • Complete understanding of blockchain technology
  • Certified Blockchain Expert certification with lifetime validity
  • Full module and exam

Are you ready to catch all the opportunities the blockchain technology offers? If you nod, you must purchase this certification program and complete the course. It costs only $229. Grab it fast now!

Blockchain Council Certified Cryptocurrency Expert (CCE) Reviews

Who’s dreamed of becoming an investment consultant or research analyst in cryptocurrency? If this question sounds like you, you must enroll in the Certified Cryptocurrency Expert (CCE) now!

Blockchain Council Review: Blockchain Council Certified Cryptocurrency Expert (CCE) Reviews

Through this certification program, you can understand cryptocurrency trading from scratch. The ‘scratch’ here refers to this program being beginner-friendly. This course will focus more on delivering the concept of cryptocurrency to everyone who doesn’t know about Blockchain technology.

Moreover, the material of this program is created by experts. After years of experience and research, they turn all the complicated into easy-to-digest material for all educational levels. At this rate, the title of cryptocurrency expert is available for everyone who has the urge to learn.

What you’ll get:

  • 11-hours course duration
  • Comprehensive understanding of Cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrency Expert certification with lifetime validity
  • Full module and exam

Further, this certified program is worth the cost, considering the material and understanding you will get after completing all the courses and exams. For only $229, you can be a cryptocurrency expert and ready to get more income in the leading industry.

Blockchain Council Certified Cryptocurrency Trader (CCT) Reviews

We all know that being a crypto trader become one job that is increasingly growing nowadays. Thus, if you want to become one, there’s no better place to get the knowledge than through a Certified Cryptocurrency Trader (CCT).

Blockchain Council Review: Blockchain Council Certified Cryptocurrency Trader (CCT) Reviews

In this program, you will learn in-depth practical and material crypto knowledge. Since cryptocurrency is more risky than the usual financial instruments, you must understand how the market performs to make better investing and trading decisions.

That is why this certification program exists. After you complete this program, you will gain the knowledge and skills. Plus, the validation of expertise. The certification from this program is eligible to prove your skills because it is credible and recognized by many employers.

What you’ll get:

  • 15-hours course duration
  • Extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency trading
  • Cryptocurrency Trader certification with lifetime validity
  • Full module and exam

How much does money we need to become a professional cryptocurrency trader? Don’t be shocked. This certification program only costs $249. It’s worth every money and time you spend!

Blockchain Council Pricing

Aside from having a price for a single program, the Blockchain Council also has a membership price list. When you join the membership, you can get several benefits based on the type of membership account you purchase. See the table below for details.

PRO (Individual membership) BUSINESS (Corporate membership)
  • Unlock 30% OFF on all self-paced training
  • Get 50% OFF on all Instructor-Led training
  • All blockchain training courses worth $399
  • Access all webinars and workshops for free
  • Featured on the member network
  • Obtain member certificate
  • Published your writings
  • Free access to premium content
  • Individual membership benefits
  • Company logo featured on Blockchain Council website
  • Free 15 certification training for employees
  • Chance to be keynote, speaker, or panelist in meetup events
  • Employees featured on the member network
  • Chance to add more employees for only $199/person
$299/year $2499/year

However, don’t worry! They also have a free version. You can create a free account and enjoy several benefits, such as joining the community, getting updates about blockchain news, and tracking your certification program status.

Blockchain Council Benefits

It doesn’t feel right if we go without mentioning this online course‘s benefits. Below, we already list all of them.

From this section, we hope you understand why they must be at the top of your list when looking for blockchain technology courses and certification programs.

  • Inclusive knowledge: You will get the knowledge based on the course/certification you enrolled in. This knowledge can bring you to open up a new skill.
  • Validation of expertise: After completing the exam, you can obtain the certification that validates your expertise. This can be valid proof of your skill and knowledge to compete in the job market.
  • Career opportunity enhancement: New skills will always open a door to new opportunities. Since blockchain technology is a high-demand industry, you will easily get a chance to get better opportunities with your knowledge and skills from the program.
  • Industry recognition: Don’t worry because the certificate from the Blockchain Council is widely recognizable within the blockchain and other related industries.
  • Stay up-to-date: When you join this online course, you will get the latest information about regulatory changes, trends, and anything in the blockchain and related industries.

How Does Blockchain Council Work?

After you know the details of some best-selling programs, it’s time for you to understand how to enroll. We have already listed the steps below. Read and follow the list carefully!

  • First, go to Blockchain Council‘s official website
  • Choose the program you want to enroll in by clicking the ‘Certifications,’ ‘Live Trainings,’ or ‘Other Certifications’ tabs
  • After you click on your preferred program, the screen will change to the details of the program
  • Read all the information thoroughly
  • Next, if you think you are ready to enroll in the course/certifications, click the ‘Buy Now’ button
  • Then, fill in the order checkout form
  • After completing the form, click the ‘Place Order’ button
  • Now, you are enrolled in the program. Enjoy your learning!

Moreover, you can access your purchased program wherever and whenever. Simply go to their website and click ‘login’ in the upper screen.

Blockchain Council Pros and Cons

We can’t deny that every online course has its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, we prepare the Blockchain Council’s pros and cons so that you can learn this online course from different points of view. Check it out!


  • Various blockchain and technology-related courses and certification
  • Expert tutors
  • Self-paced access mode
  • Hassle-free online exam
  • Lifetime certification validity
  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Beginner-friendly materials
  • Has a strong network of experts and enthusiasts
  • Numerous membership benefits
  • Responsive customer service


  • Limited membership plan choices
  • Some customer reviews say the refund policies are too strict

Who Is Blockchain Council For?

Blockchain Council is dedicated to those who seek blockchain and AI technology courses in a budget-friendly option. Whether you want to deepen your knowledge or are a newcomer in the blockchain industry, this online service is perfect for you.

Moreover, this online service is also perfect for you who need a career adjustment. It’s all because they have a certification program, and that certificate is recognized globally. Plus, the certification will genuinely increase your value as you upgrade your knowledge.

Is Blockchain Council Legit?

Blockchain Council is a legitimate online education service. It proves that they got 4.5/5 ratings and countless positive feedback on TrustPilot. We can also access the names of those who completed the program and were accepted into well-known companies through the website.

On top of that, this online course has responsive customers. Thus, if you have issues or problems during enrollment, you can always contact their customer service for help. They will carefully help you to solve your problems.

Blockchain Council Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

To know whether specific courses are good is pretty simple. It is by reading their customer review who has already taken and experienced the course. You can find it through several platforms like Reddit, TrustPilot, or directly on the website if available.

Blockchain Council Review: Blockchain Council Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Fortunately, we found that there are a lot of reviews regarding this online course in TrustPilot. Generally speaking, their overall rating is considered good, which is 4.5/5. Thus, are you ready to find out what their customer said about the program?

Let’s start the course review with this customer’s statement. She said:

Blockchain Council is genuinely helpful. It helps me to learn everything without stress. The instructor makes the technological language as easy as possible so those who don’t have an IT background can also follow.

This customer implies that she is satisfied with the course she is taking. She also said that since she doesn’t have an IT background, the instructors make the material easy for her. It proves that his online course truly cares for its students. They make the material easy to understand, even for beginners.

Next, let’s see the review from a customer who shares her experience with the pricing.

This company has a great service. Their price is also competitive. I have been enroll the course for a while and have never been disappointed. Their communication skills are also top-notch. Highly recommend it to everyone looking.

This customer has already been a member of the Blockchain Council for a long time. She mentions that the price of this online course is competitive. It means that the cost of this online course is worth comparing to other courses out there.

Last, let’s see this customer review:

I had a great experience because I think all the information provided in the learning module was essential and able to level up my career. All the content was explained easily. Plus, they have an affordable price for all income levels.

After reading the review above, we see that this customer is delighted with the course he takes. He said that the material is excellent enough to enhance his career. Like the customer review before, he also mentions that the price is affordable.

Furthermore, after learning from the customer review, we can see that all customers are happy with the certification and course program they take from Blockchain Council. One that satisfies them the most is that besides having a great material, they have an affordable price for all economic levels.

Is Blockchain Council Worth It?

Yes, Blockchain Council is worth it. The worthiness comes from their dedication to the blockchain industry. It is by offering various blockchain and other related technology courses at a cost-effective price. Also, their high-quality material is created by experts from years of research and experience.

Blockchain Council Review: Is Blockchain Council Worth It?

What’s more, this online course also offers a self-paced access mode. It means you can learn it carefully based on your time. Moreover, you will get lifetime access to the course you already purchased. Thus, do you agree that this online course is worth your money?

How To Contact Blockchain Council

Need some guidance from the expert? Blockchain Council has responsive customer service ready to help with your problem. To contact them, see the ways below.

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +1-(323) 984-8594
  • Live chat: Message icon below on the website

Where to buy Blockchain Council?

Their official website is the only place to enroll in their certification and course program. You can easily adjust what topic you want to learn. Additionally, you can enjoy several promo codes and discounts by registering directly on the website.

Blockchain Council Coupon Codes & Promos

Before we wrap up the review, it is the chance for you to get an excellent final price. Special for this section, we put our heart into searching all their available deals. Check them closer below!

  • Save 40% OFF when you enroll on Web3, Metaverse, NFT, and Blockchain for Business Certification with the code WISDOM
  • Purchase 2 certification programs and obtain 30% OFF using the code COUNCIL30
  • Activate 20% OFF on Crypto and Blockchain Certifications. Coupon code: NOV20
  • Unlock 10% OFF for Individual Membership and Unlimited Learning Subscription. Use discount code: MEMBER
  • Enroll today in any popular certification program and get 20% OFF if you submit code: SAVE20 (limited time offer)
  • Subscribe to their newsletter and enjoy exclusive deals, coupon codes, and more

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Blockchain Council

Blockchain Council Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Blockchain Council reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is Blockchain Council?

Blockchain Council is an online educational service providing online certification and courses specifically in Blockchain, AI, and Web3.

What does Blockchain Council do?

Blockchain Council helps students gain skills in the area they are interested in. This online course carefully created the module by combining deep research and the experience of experts in various industries.

Who is the CEO of Blockchain Council?

The CEO of Blockchain Council is Toshendra Sharma.

Is Blockchain Council recognized?

Yes. All Blockchain Council’s certificate is widely recognized in the blockchain and other related industry.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Blockchain Council Reviews & Ratings

Providing educational solutions, Blockchain Council is genuinely worth every money and time you spend. This online educational service offers numerous courses and certification programs from blockchain, NFT, AI technology, and more, with material created by experts in reverse industries.

Moreover, this service is the definition of accessible. They have cost-effective prices and an easy-to-access material. This is why they become a top-of-mind in blockchain technology courses. Then, are you ready to get the knowledge and become an expert? Go to their website and start to enroll in the program!


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