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Blair's Belts Review 2024 → Luxurious Crocodile Belts For High Fashion!

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About Blair's Belts Alligator Accessories

You might be familiar with the texture of crocodile leather accessories. That’s right, all pieces of the crocodile can be turned into fashion items. And it’s all about high fashion taste.

Blair's Belts Review: About Blair's Belts Alligator Accessories

At Blair’s Belts, you can find some of these looks in the most luxurious way. Blair’s Belts is a fashion brand that offers handmade alligator and crocodile leather as its iconic products. 

The brand has been featured in popular magazines like Vogue, Atlanta, Garden & Gun, and Digest Magazine. Making it the best recommendation for experiencing the finest style. 

What’s else? With almost 10k+ followers on Instagram, the brand looks active in updating exciting posts. The hashtag #blairbelts is also being used for more than 1k+ posts on Instagram. 

How about the quality? Let’s talk about it in the next section of our Blair’s Belts Reviews. Make sure you don’t skip every single part, okay?

Overview of Blair's Belts

Founded by Blair Beskin, with a background in Fashion Merchandise and Business at the University of Alabama. She also worked at Rebecca Taylor in New York City and Rebecca Boutique in Atlanta. 

Everything she learned to achieve the dream of a high fashion business—Blair’s Belts. The brand was inspired by the classic 1920s tase of style, how a timeless classic design turned into high fashion pieces for both women and men.

Blair puts all her experience and knowledge in the world of the fashion industry into making something more fashionable, from classic to modern style. 

Blair's Belts Review

The brand provides a wide assortment of crocodile, alligator, and stretch bracelets & belts. It can be your favourite since you can customise the colour to suit your taste. 

Blair's Belts Reviews: Blair's Belts Review

Not only that, but the brand also offers some fashionable collections, including:

  • Belts: The filbelt, the candler, buckles
  • Accessories: Apple watch band, apple airtag covers, bracelets, wristlets, bags, wallets, card cases, coasters, etc
  • Clothing: Jackets, polos, tees, vests, shoes, tops, pullovers, etc.

It would be impossible to cover all the products on one single page. Instead, we picked only the best-selling products to explore in depth-review. 

Blair’s Belts Best Selling Products 

  • Blair’s Belts Apple Watch Band 
  • Blair’s Belts Belt 
  • Blair’s Belts Wristlet 

Blair’s Belts Highlights

  • 60 days Return 
  • Worldwide Shipping 

Blair's Belts Apple Watch Band Reviews

Are you a fan of Apple products? Good. We’ll begin with the first product of Blair’s Belts Apple Watch Band. It comes with a white bone matte alligator that will give an elegant and luxurious impression. 

Blair's Belts Review: Blair's Belts Apple Watch Band Reviews

The band is made of premium alligator leather that has passed the manufacturing check and trials for the finest quality. For sure, as seen from how neat the stitching and edges are. Almost none of them have defects.

In terms of price, it might be too pricy at around $325. But you have nothing to worry about its quality. We think it can be your best investment in today’s fashion. 

You can choose your favorite colors here if you wish to buy other variants. 


  • Watch size: 38 mm – 41 mm and 42 mm – 45 mm.
  • Watch length: S/M
  • Color: White bone 

Blair's Belts Belt Reviews

Alright, let’s continue the signature of this brand—Blair’s Belts Belt. As it’s made from premium materials, they don’t do bulk production. That means you have to pre-order it within a specified time. 

Blair's Belts Review: Blair's Belts Belt Reviews

This woven belt is made in Georgia from the finest skins. It comes with 5-hole tabs that are convenient for adjustment to your fit. This belt would be perfect for special occasions like business meetings, golf courses, or romantic date nights. 

Grab fast now for $200/pcs and look differently on your big day!


  • Size: 28-42
  • Colors: British tan glazed, British tan matte, dark brown glazed, honey glazed, navy matte, sienna glazed, etc. 

Blair's Belts Wristlet Reviews

Another best-selling item from Blair’s Belts is the fabulous wristlet. If you’re a wristband junkie, you should definitely give this one a try. 

Blair's Belts Review: Blair's Belts Wristlet Reviews

By using the best quality leather, makes this wristlet a great alternative for those who don’t want to use flashy gold jewelry. You can also mix it with other jewelry on your wrist. 

Available in a wide option of colors that you can mix and match nicely according to your style. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase now for $60 on the website. 


  • Size: One size fits all
  • Colors: red, pink, white, green, phyton, yellow, orange, purple, grey, black, brown, blue, and many more. 

Blair's Belts Pros & Cons

Take a closer look at Blair’s Belts Pros & Cons below. We’ve made a comparison list to simplify classifying both sides of the brand. 


  • It is specially designed with handmade alligator and crocodile
  • It offers a wide range of colour options 
  • Looks more classic style yet luxurious at the same time
  • It has a great texture of stretch 
  • Fast response and friendly customer service 


  • Too expensive for some people 
  • We couldn’t find many customer reviews

Who Is Blair's Belts For?

Blair’s Belts bring luxury items for women’s and men’s fashion. Additionally, the brand provides fashion items like belts, bracelets, and wallets in more than 22 great colours to look fantastic with any outfit. 

Blair's Belts Review: Who Is Blair's Belts For?

Yup, fashion is important for everyone. No matter how simple it is, it will help you to make a good first impression of another person. You can mix and match your style with Blair’s Belts and be ready to be the centre of attention. 

Is Blair's Belts Legit?

After thoroughly examining the products’ quality and scrolling through the website, we think Blair’s Belts is definitely a legit brand

All handmade products are originally made with selective materials to guarantee quality for all customers. You can visit both online and offline stores to check all the collections. 

Is Blair's Belts Worth It?

The other question you might ask: Is Blair’s Belts worth buying? As a brand fashion, Blair has the signature product made of alligator and crocodile skin. The quality is great and feels so expensive for everyone who wears it. 

Blair's Belts Review: Is Blair's Belts Worth It?

In terms of price, it might be too pricey, but you won’t regret the quality offers. The genuine leathers are imported from across the world, ensuring every product is well-made. So there’s no doubt to say that the brand is worth buying

Blair's Belts Shipping Policy

Fortunately, all of you can take a chance to try Blair’s Belts products no matter where you are staying. Yup, the brand offers worldwide shipping with no minimum orders. 

The team needs to process your package before sending it to the courier. Of course, the delivery time might be different. It depends on your location and the delivery courier you choose. 

You can use UPS Ground which takes 2 business days to ship right in front of your door. Or if you need it as soon as possible, UPS Next Day Air Saver is a good option with only 1 business day to deliver to your locations. 

Blair's Belts Return Policy

Blair’s Belts will do everything to meet the satisfaction of customers. They guarantee all the manufacturing products with no defects or any damages. But, sometimes, everything goes not as expected. 

If you have a problem with the product you received, you can request a return for items purchased within 60 days. Make sure the product is still in the original package. 

In another case, if the product arrives broken or defective, let the team know within two weeks from the time you receive the package. 

All the returns must be sent to the following address:

Blair Beskin
2741 Atwood Road
Atlanta, GA 30305

How To Contact Blair's Belts

Stay in touch with Blair’s Belts to answer all your questions about the brand or products available. To get started, find the “Contact Us” button at the bottom right of the website. Enter your name there as well as your inquiries. 

Another option, you can contact customer service through the following:

Blair’s Belts Store
269 N Hull St STE 400
Athens, GA 30601

Where to buy Blair's Belts?

From woven belts to apple watch bands, you can purchase the original product directly through the Official Website. You can browse all the products available on the site with ease. 

Even better, you can claim the return policy and wish to exchange or get a full refund if you are unsatisfied or the product comes in defective condition. 

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Blair's Belts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Blair's Belts reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Does Blair's Belts ship Internationally?

Currently, the brand is trying to expand its products around the world. So, you can purchase anytime and anywhere you live. 

Where is the Blair Belt manufactured?

The belts and bracelets are made by the belt maker in the USA. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Blair's Belts Reviews & Ratings

Today’s fashion is impressive. And Blair’s Belts comes with the finest handmade alligator and crocodile accessories for both men’s and women’s fashion. The brand gives us many options to upgrade our look to be more highly fashionable every moment.

Whether you prefer a casual, formal, chic, or even bohemian look, you can mix and match the items with your style. Oh! For some limited items, you need to request a pre-order. Be patient, dear! Enjoy your shopping.


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