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About Binoid CBD

Are you looking for a one-stop online store for hemp-derived products? If so, this Binoid CBD indeed became the first option. This brand is the perfect option if you want every type of hemp-derived product that offers various benefits and ways to consume it.

Binoid CBD Review: About Binoid CBD

Binoid CBD is a well-known brand that offers premium and potent products, from gummies to tinctures, vapes, and many more. You can also find whether it is CBD, Delta 8, or even vegan CBD gummies.

They’ve gained so much popularity with more than thousands of positive reviews that may increase your curiosity to check out this brand. In social media, they boast more than 1k¬†followers on Instagram and 13.1k followers on Facebook.

But is this brand live up to its popularity? This Binoid CBD review will break down this company profile, top product reviews, customer services, discount codes, etc. So stay tuned to learn better about this brand!

Overview Of Binoid CBD

Binoid CBD is a brand that provides premium and effective hemp-derived CBD and Delta 8 THC products launched in 2018.

This brand was founded by Elan Lipin, based in Los Angeles, California, for you to enjoy and trust CBD and Delta 8 products.

This brand’s priority is to create unique, fun, and effective hemp-derived products that are vital to living a healthy lifestyle.

This brand works with local hemp farmers in Evergreen, Oregon, to ensure get the best plant genetics, beneficial terpenes, and high cannabinoid concentration.

All their products are Kosher Food Grade Quality Certified by Oregon DOA and other qualifications. The product also has been tested five times and has been third-party tested.

Additionally, every product is made in ISO 9001:2015 Certified and cGMP Certified CBD facilities in the US.

Binoid CBD Review

To help you get a better picture of this brand’s product quality, we’ll give you the product review and its offer.

Binoid CBD Reviews: Binoid CBD Review

Binoid CBD Products

Besides, this brand has carefully formulated broad-spectrum hemp extract within pure major and minor cannabinoids such as CBD, CBD, CBN, and CBC, which contain no THC.

Not only that, but they also sell hemp-derived products from other trusted brands, CBD FX, Shroomz, Tre House, and many more.

However, since too many products are on the list, this Binoid CBD review will spotlight the top three picks here. Without further ado, let’s jump to the next section!

Binoid CBD Delta 8 THC Gummies Reviews

CBD gummies have been insanely popular since they offer not only the benefit of CBD but also provide delicious flavor and convenient consumption like no other.

Binoid CBD Review: Binoid CBD Delta 8 THC Gummies Reviews

The CBD Delta 8 THC Gummies are one of the best Binoid CBD THC gummies that offer a wide selection of flavors and the goods of Delta 8 THC.

This vegan and gluten-free gummy can deliver a potent dose of 25mg Delta 8 THC per gummy. Each bottle will contain 20 gummies with 500mg Delta 8 THC total. Instead of low-end Delta 8 THC gummies that are unhealthy and sprayed, it uses premium ingredients for better benefits.

With this CBD Delta 8 THC Gummies, you can consume it conveniently and get the full benefit of Delta 8 THC, such as feeling relaxed, happy, motivated, focused stress reliever, and many more.

These Binoid CBD gummies come in various tempting flavors, including Peach, Green Apple, Strawberry, and Mixed flavors. These THC gummies are on sale for only $34.99, and you can also save more by subscribing to grab them for only $28.69!

Binoid CBD THC-O Vape Cartridge Reviews

The following product that we’ll review is this Binoid CBD THC-O Vape Cartridge Review. This THC-O vape cartridge is an innovative vape baked with premium 92% THC-O distillate. It’s combined with 8% terpene strains that give a robust and potent mental and physical buzz.

Binoid CBD Review: Binoid CBD THC-O Vape Cartridge Reviews

This Binoid CBD vape using THC O is a new Hemp-derived cannabinoid that is suitable for you who want a more substantial effect than the regular THC. With outstanding terpene flavors, these THC-O vape cartridges have become increasingly popular.

If you want to consume this THC vape, you may pleasantly feel the heavy buzz, relaxation, intense experience, and mental and physical experience. It is available in various flavors, such as Blue Zkittlez, Do Si Dos, Maui Wowie, White Runtz, Sky Walker Og, and Super Harlequin.

So prepare $31.99 to feel the premium taste of THC-O vape, or you can purchase it for only $26.23 by subscribing!

Binoid CBD THC-P Tincture 1000mg Reviews

The last product that is featured in this Binoid CBD review is THC-P Tincture 1000mg, which uses 100% natural and hemp-derived ingredients. This THC-P Tincture contains 1000mg premium delta 8 and THC-P distillate.

Binoid CBD Review: Binoid CBD THC-P Tincture 1000mg Reviews

It also has additional MCT oil to provide an easy and enjoyable mind and body experience. These products are very potent and baked to be consumed with tongue dosing.

It is worth noting that THC-P is immensely powerful and stronger than regular THC. Same as the previous products, this also has the same basic benefits.


  • Heavy and heady buzz
  • Intense experience
  • Relaxation
  • Physical and mental experience
  • Intense euphoria and happiness

Since it is quite strong, if you consume it 1/4 to 1/2 drop at a time, you will experience the effect within an hour. It comes with natural flavor, you can also find other natural flavor tinctures such as THC-H and THC-O.

This Binoid Binoid THC-p tincture is potent and suitable for you who don’t like any artificial flavor for only $35.99, and you can purchase it for only $29.51 by subscribing!

Binoid CBD Pros and Cons

As of now, they continue to strive for the better by providing consistent, exceptional products with outstanding customer service to ensure customer satisfaction. So, let’s see some of the pros and cons of this brand that can give you a picture of this brand!


  • Offers premium and effective hemp-derived Ingredients
  • Wide selection of product types
  • Certified products and facilities to ensure the quality of the products
  • Outstanding customers services
  • Fast shipping
  • 30-day return and warranty
  • Almost perfect ratings from the customers


  • Not ship internationally

Who Is Binoid CBD For?

Basically, hemp-derived products from Binoid CBD aren’t intended for everyone. First of all, you need to be above the age of 18 and in legalized states to consume the products legally. Moreover, there are certain conditions that you need to understand specifically before consuming the products.

Binoid CBD Review: Who Is Binoid CBD For?

Before consuming the product, you need to consult with the doctor if you have certain conditions to ensure that it will be safe for you to consume. If you want to consume the product, you shouldn’t drive or operate any machine.

Binoid CBD Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Some of you may still question this brand’s quality, so here we’ll give you Binoid CBD reviews from customers to see this brand’s quality. On TrustPilot, this brand obtains a 4.9/5 star rating, which is almost perfect. Mostly, 90% of the customers gave 5 stars, and¬† 7% gave 4 stars.

Binoid CBD Review: Binoid CBD Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now let’s see some of the ratings of the products that we have reviewed above:

  • Delta 8 THC Gummies 4.9/5 rating with 1163 reviews
  • THC-O Vape Cartridge 4.8/5 rating with 1007 reviews
  • THC-P Tincture – 1000mg 4.8/5 star with 278 reviews

Here is what the customer says to give you profound feedback, the customer stated:

I really enjoyed this item it’s great for relaxing after a tiring day’s work or if you have trouble sleeping it absolutely can help.

The review above states that the products work great and have a good effect on relaxing and better sleeping after a hard day. It means that the products work as they are claimed. Next, we have dug deeper to see what their complaint is:

I liked the tincture better than the gummies. Fewer calories, LOL.

Unsurprisingly, the customer states that she prefers Tincture since the gummies have a lot of calories. We also found a flavor-related complaint, but it isn’t really a deal breaker since it’s only a matter of preference.

Overall, the reviews prove that the brand can live up to its claims and verify its quality. Most reviews are also positive, and the ratings are almost perfect, proving customer satisfaction.

Is Binoid CBD Legit?

CBD Binoids have been in the hemp industry for years and have gained popularity among customers that exceed the benchmark.

Overall, this brand receives a good reputation with countless positive reviews from customers. All of these are enough to prove that Binoid CBD is legit.

Is Binoid CBD Worth It?

After we have reviewed this far, we can conclude that the brand is worth it. This brand offers exceptional products that come with premium ingredients and various types that can make it a one-stop online store of derived-hemp products.

Binoid CBD Review: Is Binoid CBD Worth It?

This brand also has great customer reviews that are almost perfect and claim the products work perfectly like what it claims.

Moreover, their products are made in the certified manufacturing facilities of cGMP Certified and ISO 9001:2015 Certified. The products also are Kosher Food Grade Quality Certified by Oregon DOA and third lab tested. So overall, we can clearly see how worth this brand is.

Binoid CBD Shipping Policy

According to the Binoid CBD shipping policy, this brand offers fast, free, and discreet shipping for US states that legally allow the products via UPS and USPS. Once you place the order and confirm the transaction, it takes 24 hours for them to process and sanitize the package.

Your order will be processed on business days except for Sundays and national holidays. The time of arrival may be varied depending on the location and condition. For East Cost, shipping usually takes approximately 3-7 days to arrive. However, it may take longer due to Covid-19.

Binoid CBD Return Policy

Binoid CBD prioritizes customer satisfaction to ensure your purchase will be risk-free by providing returns, refunds, and warranty. To be eligible for the return and warranty, you should file for it within 30 days for unused and unopened products.

To start your return, you can email them at [email protected] to manage the problems, whether it’s for exchange or refund. Once the returned product has arrived, the product will be inspected, and when it passes refund, it will be automatically credited to your original payment.

How To Contact Binoid CBD

Indeed these Binoid CBD reviews can’t cover all of your curiosity about this brand. So if you need further questions or need assistance in your purchasing journey, you can contact Binoid CBD customer service via:

You can contact customer service, ready to respond to your inquiry from Mon to Fri at 9:00 AM-5:00 PM PST.

Where to buy Binoid CBD?

Do you want to check their wide selection of products? You can visit Binoid CBD’s official website to ensure that you can purchase products that are original and backed with a warranty. You can also find other CBD-derived products from other reliable brands that are on sale. So check on them!

Binoid CBD Coupon Codes & Promos

Wait, it’s a must to read this section! This Binoid CBD review gladly reports that this brand offers various offers you can leverage to make a good deal that you can find below:

  • Visiting the SALE page to know what the current offers
  • Subscribe to get 20% OFF, and have the opportunity to receive the latest news on discounts, sales, coupon code, and promo code
  • 10% OFF for sign up
  • Joining Binoid CBD wholesale to leverage the partnership benefits

The brand not only provides fresh products and quick shipping but is also how generous in giving its customers good deals. Last, click the button below to get an exclusive Binoid CBD promo code!

Reveal all coupons
Binoid CBD

Binoid CBD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Binoid CBD reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Binoid CBD?

Binoid CBD is owned by Elan Lipin.

Does Binoid CBD ship internationally?

This brand only ship to US states that legalize hemp-derived products.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Binoid CBD Reviews & Ratings

We can’t avoid a stressful mind since we have to live through busy days that exhaust the body and mind. Binoid CBD offers safe products that you can legally consume in certain states to bring peace to mind and a relaxed body.

This brand offers a wide selection of products that provide various ways to consume hemp-derived products, whether gummies, tinctures, or even vapes. Not only that, this brand offers various deals, affordable prices, and outstanding customer service.

On the website, you can find products suitable for your likes and give you the goods of CBD. So what are you waiting for? Grab it to harness the goods of hemp!


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