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Billing Better Review 2024 → Pay Your Household Bill With Stress Free!

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About Billing Better

Managing household expenses has never been easier. It might be challenging to manage your finances, especially if you move into a new home. Or it could be your busy life getting overwhelmed with household bills or an emergency fund.

Billing Better Review: About Billing Better

Take it easy! We have something great solution for you. Billing Better is an online bill service that helps you manage your money in a better way. With quick progress to all quires, its easy to get the most out of it. 

As seen in social media, this platform has 2.1k+ followers on Instagram and almost 1k+ followers on Facebook and Twitter. So it has been known to many of you since its release six years ago. 

How exactly does this service work? We’ve explained everything in Billing Better Review. If you’re curious to explore more in-depth, stay with us!

Overview Of Billing Better

Why are you in such a hurry? Explore further the company’s history before jumping into the next section. 

Founded in 2016 by Jack Ray, Billing Better is the idea of Jack’s bad experience of struggling and being incapable of managing utilities in shared housing. 

In the following year, Jack already had a team to work with to develop this service to get better engagement from customers. And eventually, they got their first lettings partners in 2018.

The business expanded over the years, reaching up to 1,000 customers in 2019 and 300 letting agent partners in 2020. Even better, Billing Better has managed to help 10,000 home movers set up their bills at the beginning of 2021. 

Billing Better Reviews

Billing Better provides online bill services to your household payment, including renewable gas & electricity, water bill, internet speeds, council tax, TV licenses, and TV packages. 

Everything about your company’s house payment will be handled well into one simple monthly payment. By using this service, you will find all the conveniences in just one place. 

How to get started? Take a closer look at today’s review’s highlight and jump into the next section for the details. 

Billing Better Highlights

  • Billing Better for Students
  • Billing Better for Property Professionals
    • Letting Agent Platform
    • Bills Included
    • Bills to Rent

How Does Billing Better Works?

Here, we’ll break down in more detail the works of Billing Better to help manage your bills. 

Billing Better Review: How Does Billing Better Works?
  • Gas & Electricity

You have the option of whether your home will be powered by electricity or both electricity and gas. And you need to pay for what you use only with a flat monthly payment. 

  • Unlimited Broadband

Billing Better has partnered with the best broadband providers offering speeds ranging from 18MBPS to 500MBPS. Those are Plusnet, Sky, and Virgin Media. What’s interesting is that you’ll get unlimited usage without any usage caps. 

All plans come with 24/7 customer service and WiFi. They ensure that your internet won’t be lagging even when accessed all day. 

  • TV Licence

You can get a Sky TV contract with a rental period for TV licenses. However, if you want to enjoy live TV streaming, you’ll need a legal TV license that you can set up in your billing package. 

  • Water & Council Tax

Billing Better will manage all your monthly water supply needs. They’ll ensure to get better rates for this service in the UK. The council tax is excluded for students. 

If you completely understand all the services, you can start to log in and begin your contract.

Below are the steps:

  • Build your quote: Select the services you want using the market-leading quote generator.
  • Invite your housemates: It will help if you live with a roommate or family. 
  • Create your accounts: After you’ve done with those two steps, create an account to monitor your bills’ progress. 
  • Sit back & relax: Congrats! Enjoy the services and be smart budgeting. 

Billing Better For Students Reviews

As stated on the website, Billing Better is trusted by more than 1000 of students across the country. It includes students from over 90 universities within the United Kingdom: University of Bristol, University of Leeds, University of Kents, Cardiff University, University of Exeter, etc. 

Billing Better Review: Billing Better For Students Reviews

So, are you really excited to begin your payment experiment? 

Through the partnership with Student Beans, you can earn up to £100 discount for 2 months on the total fees based on £8.50 per tenant and 8 tenant property. 

Your bills include electricity, water, internet, TV license & packages. You can also take advantage of this service to split equally between housemates in one monthly payment easily. Thus, you no longer need to stress about managing your money while you’re at college. 

Billing Better For Property Professionals Reviews

Boost your business with Billing Better and get real solutions. This service is available in three options that you can choose as you need and want.

Billing Better Review: Billing Better For Property Professionals Reviews

The three services are as follows:

Starting with the Letting Agent Platform. This service helps you to save 85 minutes per tenancy, enhance your tenant’s moving experience, and fully control your bill management. You can book a 3-month free trial without a card required. 

You’ll create your property more inviting to prospective tenants by having your property offered with bills included. It provides the best energy suppliers, the fastest broadband, and 24/7 support.

Elevate resident experience and minimize administrative tasks in your business. This service helps you to improve your internal process and provide residents with a more satisfactory moving experience. It works with some of the leading UK BTR Operators: Way of Life, King’s Cross, and Ten Degrees Croydon. 

Select your service and make it better with Billing Better!

Billing Better Cancellation

What happens if you suddenly cancel the agreement? Billing Better offers cancellation no more than 30 days after you make the payment.

If you terminate the service after 14 days, you need to pay the cancellation fee of up £10.00 + VAT per month. It would be best to understand all other terms before deciding to terminate the service. 

Contact customer service to start your cancellation or ask for help. For further information, you can visit the Term of Service Page in clausal no.6 about “Termination”.

Billing Better Pros & Cons

Below are the Billing Better pros & cons to make it easier for comparisons between all the aspects:


  • Easily split your payments equally with your housemates
  • Free access to the market leading utilities software
  • Cooperate with the banking system to enhance the level of security
  • No more bill anxiety
  • No waiting in lines and fast service
  • All the team are passionate people
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Offers a discount for more savings 


  • Most people experienced problems with usage or misunderstandings about the policies. 

Who Is Billing Better For?

Generally, Billing Better can be used for everyone who wants to become stress-free in managing their household bills. This service allows individuals, companies house, landlords, students, and housemates to pay the bills without hassles. 

Billing Better Review: Who Is Billing Better For?

Additionally, this service is excellent in helping renters and letting agents manage utility bills and set up all the payments in a better way. So, we think this service is a good solution for you. 

Billing Better Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Checking reviews became an important part of building trust in a brand. With that in mind, we’ve gotten some reviews from TrustPilot to figure out what customers said about the service at Billing Better. 

It began with the first customer, who was highly satisfied with the service given. As she said below:

Great service! I had a great call with Rosie kirk today, she understood of all my questions and gave me with all my provider information. I would highly recommend looking into billing better if you are confused with your utilities as well

Again, the excellent service makes customers more comfortable using the facility. Everything is explained clearly to avoid any confusion. It goes something like this:

Very friendly and helpful. Very understanding when I had a problem. Anne was sympathetic and willing to help me because we’re struggling this month.

Another positive feedback from one of the customers who has been using the Better Billing service for one year. She leaves the comment:

I’ve been with Billing Better for a year now, my contract has just ended with them but when I move into my new flat I will use them again, they always keep me updated and let’s me know what’s happening with the energy prices

Although we found some underrated reviews, many of them also left positive feedback on the service provided. If you’d like to try it, there’s nothing to worry about.

Is Billing Better Worth It?

Everything is clear, and Billing Better is worth the investment. This service offers plenty of benefits to help you organize your payment in a simple way.

Billing Better Review: Is Billing Better Worth It?

The other reason, the service gives you 24/7 support with customer care to consult anything about the bills. You can also check out the comparison table in each service section, which states that Billing Better has more advantages than others. 

How To Contact Billing Better

Is there anything else you want to ask that you can’t find in this review? Get your answer on the FAQ page or reach out to customer service between Monday and Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM.

You can contact the team in the following ways:

  • Email: Click here and find “Contact us via email.”
  • Call: 0208 106 1894, or 

Get in touch through social media account:

  • Facebook: @BillingBetterLtd
  • Instagram: @billingbetter
  • Twitter : @billing_better

Billing Better
152-160 Kemp House
City Road, London

Where to buy Billing Better?

Ready to get the best solution for managing bills? Go to the Billing Better official website and start to create your new account. Read all the terms and conditions before you select the services. 

Billing Better Coupon Codes & Promos

Here you’ll find some great savings and exclusive discounts at Billing Better. Click here to get a free quote and pay the bill with a difference. 

Need more? Redeem the code FREE_2MONTH or simply tap the button below and reveal the other promo codes. The code is valid only for one purchase, so you can’t combine it with other vouchers. 

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Billing Better Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Billing Better reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Billing Better Unlimited?

Yes! At Billing Better, you can access all services unlimited. Pretty excited, right?

Is Billing Better service for students or professional renters?

Of course, both of students and professional renters can use this service happily. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Billing Better Reviews & Ratings

Now you can have a good rest without worrying about your household expenses every month. Even if you’ve just moved into a new house, feel at ease about it.

Starting from electricity, water, and internet bills, you can use Billing Better to take care of all that. All services can be accessed easily with just one website with the best service. 

Alright, let’s free yourself from bills and anxiety, everyone!


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