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About Bilibili Comics Manga Reader

Comics have many good sources to bring fun during busy days. Bilibili Comics is the perfect place to go whenever you need a runaway.

Bilibili Comics Review: About Bilibili Comics Manga Reader

The brand has many famous works you can read—for example, the best-selling Chinese version of Heaven Official’s Blessing: Tian Guan Ci Fu, Baili Jin Among Mortals, Xian Chan Nu, etc.

In addition, it is available on PC and application to allow you to read whenever and wherever. This place also has more than 4.5K followers on Facebook, 8.6K on Instagram, and 14.7K on Twitter.

So, keep reading to learn better about this comic-reading service in our Bilibili Comics review. Without further ado, let’s move to an overview of the brand!  

Overview of Bilibili Comics

This online reading place comes from Bilibili Comics Pte. Ltd. It was launched in April 2021 and now has more than 15 million active users monthly.

Sadly, I can’t find the information regarding the founder or owner of this company. However, it is active in business and updates every manga regularly.

You can visit the website or download the app for free on Google Play Store and App Store. Afterward, sign up for an exclusive update regarding your preferred comics.

It provides legal works from manga, manhwa, and manhua. You can also read the comic in three different languages: English, Mandarin, Indonesian, Spanish, and French.

Due to the genres, some works may be unsuitable for young readers. Therefore, the company limits readers to youngsters below 13 years old. 

Below are the pros and cons of this online service.

Bilibili Comics Pros

  • Provides manga, manhwa, and manhua
  • It has many famous works
  • Suitable for readers above 13 years old
  • Available freely on PC and application
  • Available in English, Mandarin, and Indonesian
  • Easy to use and has a precise drawing
  • Prioritizes the reader by giving an avatar and page customizations

Bilibili Comics Cons

  • Readers must unlock unreleased episodes by purchasing a coin equal to $1

Bilibili Comics Review

I see that you’re curious about this online reading service. However, you must know what features the brand offers you as readers.

Bilibili Comics Reviews: Bilibili Comics Review

I’ll write thoroughly regarding the applications, genres, and schedule for uploading the episodes.

Without further ado, let’s begin with Bilibili Comics application review! 

Bilibili Comics Application Reviews

The brand has a functional free application you can download from iOS or Android. In addition, it is a legal service allowing you to read your preferred titles.

Bilibili Comics Review: Bilibili Comics Application Reviews

So, let’s take a look at the highlights from this application for free read:

  • Before you start the reading, the app begins with a straightforward tutorial to use the app.
  • It promotes a simple design that every reader can utilize effectively.
  • It is restricted to readers under 13 years old.
  • Every reader can make an avatar on the app by customizing a look to give a gorgeous appearance.
  • The brand will upload episodes weekly, and the following chapters are limited due to the scheduled date.
  • You can unlock the limited episodes by purchasing coins. Commonly, one chapter requires 100 coins which equals $1.
  • Every reader can customize the page by changing the reading format by flipping or scrolling.
  • Readers can ask for a notification if there is an update from the title you’re reading.

As a result, the app is worth downloading for every manga lover who wants to read for free whenever and wherever you are.  

Bilibili Comics Genres Reviews

As discussed, this free-read online service has eighteen different genres. Below I’ll provide more profound research regarding the genres in Bilibili Comics.

Bilibili Comics Review: Bilibili Comics Genres Reviews

First, the brand has eighteen genres to read. Here they are:

LGBTQ+ Romance Teen
Urban BL GL
Fantasy Mystery Harem
Comedy  Suspense Historical
Eastern Action Adventure
Slice of Life Horror Sci-Fi

Below I’ll explain the four genres you can learn from the applications.


The mystery is thrilling, but many readers love this genre. So, the brand offers you many literatures works you can read. For example, Intoxicated with 8.3/10 rating, and Don’t Say You Love Me with 8.7/10 rating. 


Who doesn’t love romance? You always do! Readers will get a butterfly on their stomachs by reading heart-pounding stories. So let’s read This Contract Romance Must Not Turn Real! with an 8.1/10 rating or go on with an 8.0/10 rate of My Pet Wife


Another romantic and lovey-dovey genre is what you’re looking for. The BL, or boy’s love, is available on this application. You will stick to the best-seller Heaven Official’s Blessing with an 8.8/10 rating or keep reading on the 8.7/10 rating from the Global Examination.  


The last genre will bring you on an adventurous journey. World of fantasy is an excellent option for comics. You can read The Demonic Contract with an 8.2/10 rating or hold on to the mighty prince Dragon Prince Yuan with an 8.1/10 rating. 

Ultimately, no matter your preferred genre, you can always read great work from this application! 

Bilibili Comics Schedule Reviews

Waiting for your preferred title must be suffocating. Whereas, reading is not satisfying if you haven’t reached the end of the story.

Bilibili Comics Review: Bilibili Comics Schedule Reviews

Plus, purchasing coins will need a significant amount of money. However, Bilibili Comics got your back covered! It has a scheduled vote that lets you choose which work should be uploaded first.

The process starts with voting on a title on this page. Note that one reader can only choose once per day. The more you vote, the faster you can read the comic! So, ensure you choose your preferred author and title to get into the following chapter ASAP! 

How Does Bilibili Comics Work?

Read along to learn how this company offers a free app for reading comics. But slow down because I’ll explain it thoroughly. 

Bilibili Comics Review: How Does Bilibili Comics Work?

Take a look at the steps below:

  • Download the application freely on Apple Store or Google Play Store. If you prefer to read it online, open this link for website reading
  • Sign up or log in to your account 
  • Choose your selected comic to read
  • Start reading!

Note that this company appreciates every author. As a result, it will limit premium episodes because the schedule has not arrived yet. However, you can purchase 100 coins for $1 and unlock that episode.

Who is Bilibili Comics For?

The company intends to create a place where manga lovers can read specific titles efficiently. However, it has a limit for readers under 13 years old

Bilibili Comics Review: Who is Bilibili Comics For?

If you haven’t reached 13 years old, it recommends not to read from this place. But you can read other works that might suit your age well. So please return when you are 13 already. 

Bilibili Comics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

After reading detailed research regarding this online service, you must wonder about the rating. Continue your reading to know the specific rating and testimonials from the readers! 

Bilibili Comics Review: Bilibili Comics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As you know, it is available on the site, iOS, and Android. But I can’t find the site review, so let’s focus on the app rating below:

Well, the numbers have high differences in ratings and reviews. So here is a testimonial from the readers:

… The app is neat and simple to use, which I really appreciate since I am terrible with technology. The mini tutorial in the beginning also helps you get grasp of the mechanics even faster. …

This reader finds the application as heaven. He can read effectively due to the simple and neat design. Even better, the mini tutorial is a practical guide before digging deeper into this online reading service. 

Another testimonial stated:

The app is very great for reading comics about cultivation, love, eastern, urban, etc. though, the coins are pretty annoying, yes, sure you can use them to support the creators, and whatever else, but, if that’s how it’d work, it’d work. …

The second review comes from a reader who agrees with great the app is. However, he doesn’t like the coin features because he can’t read the work fast. Here you must know that the coin will significantly support the author in earning a commission. 

Therefore, I can say that the application from Bilibili Comics has no significant problem. Instead, it has specific features allowing readers to read efficiently. Although coins may be an obstacle, you can always wait or pay more to appreciate the author. 

Is Bilibili Comics Worth It?

Reading comics brings pleasure to every manga lover, especially when you should not pay for what you’re reading. So, Bilibili Comics is a worth-it online service. Period.

Bilibili Comics Review: Is Bilibili Comics Worth It?

You can get full access to your preferred title and author. Furthermore, readers can choose where to read from a PC or applications. Therefore, reading comics is no longer difficult. Instead, it is joyful and accessible!

Bilibili Comics is an online legal service from China. The developer ensures that you can access the site and application effectively.

Bilibili Comics Review: Is Bilibili Comics Legal?

In addition, you can download the application from iOS or Android. It is available in two play stores, allowing you to have access with ease.

So, I can summarize that the brand is legal and have no illegal features for every reader. 

How to Contact Bilibili Comics

Do you have more questions regarding this online reading service? If so, please follow the steps below:

Where to buy Bilibili Comics?

The brand offers two different reading methods for loyal readers. First, you can read the website for PC readers.

Second, install the free download app on your smartphone. Both methods are functional and allow you to read wherever and whenever. 

Bilibili Comics Coupon Codes & Promos

Currently, it doesn’t have any promotions or discounts. However, you can visit social media to get exclusive deals for the coins for limited episodes! 

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Bilibili Comics

Bilibili Comics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Bilibili Comics reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Bilibili Comics?

Sadly, I can’t find the information regarding the owner. However, you can read your preferred comics freely on this brand’s website. 

How much is the price of Bilibili Comics?

It is free, and you can read the comics openly. However, it has a $1 price for 100 coins to unlock a limited episode. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Bilibili Comics Reviews & Ratings

Comics are another work that can bring pleasure to everyone. It has many genres you can select, from romance to mystery. However, reading physical comics may be a little complicated.

So, Bilibili Comics brings a significant innovation for manga lovers. You can read comics anywhere and anytime. Thus, let’s visit the web and download the app to read your preferable title now! 


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