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Have you ever been in a situation where you get frustrated cause you must pay high electricity bills at the end of the month? Before the situation worsens over time, why don’t you use the emergency backup power from Review: About
Image: is a place where you can get cost-effective energy solutions. As the name implies, this company sells big batteries such as off-grid solar batteries, golf cart batteries, lithium-ion RV batteries, etc.

Awarded ‘Best Company‘ in 2023, this company also joined SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association), ESA (Energy Storage Association), etc. At this rate, their reputation becomes undoubtedly reliable.

As a big company, it isn’t surprising that we can see their name in some big media. It includes Yahoo! News, People, FOX, etc. Better yet, they are also active on social media and boast 3K+ followers on Instagram and 2.7K followers on Facebook.

Moreover, this review will give you the information you need from this company. We will help you uncover their best-selling products, the pros and cons, etc. Thus, don’t go anywhere and do some scrolling!

Overview of

Founded by Eric Lundgren, this brand is built to promote the mass adoption of renewable energy. Everything started when he lived in India, Africa, and China, where he witnessed the life-changing power of electricity.

Eric, a social entrepreneur and environmentalist, then built BigBattery, Inc. This company has become one of the US’s largest suppliers of LiFePO4 batteries. They have facilities across Panama, Singapore, the USA, China, Hong Kong, etc.

Speaking of their masterpiece, their design stands out the most. All BigBattery packs are simple, modular, and efficient. All modules and components are easily hot-swappable in case of a power outage.

Not just the design, they also ensure all of their battery have outstanding performances. It includes shorter charging intervals, lower discharge rates, zero maintenance, etc. Thus, why do you settle for less when you can have all the quality you deserve?


  • Free shipping available
  • 30-day return policy
  • 10 years warranty
  • Responsive customer support
  • Full lifetime tech support Reviews can be an ideal one-stop-shop solution for large lithium battery packs. Yes, you read it right. They are the provider of lithium batteries. This brand believes that lithium is better than lead acid batteries in every aspect. Reviews: Reviews

First, lithium batteries last 3-4 longer than lead-acid batteries. Better yet, lithium doesn’t lose its effectiveness over time. It means they are highly durable and great for investment for years to come.

However, lithium batteries don’t need any maintenance and are fast-charging. Even better, it can power everything, including RVs, homes, golf carts, campers, forklifts, and other machinery at its finest.

Nevertheless, please note that lithium batteries have a class of their own. What is offered by this company is LiFePO4. It is one type of lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable, durable, and has a higher capacity. Collections

Further, we will help you explore their 3 best-selling items. We’ll review those 3 in detail so that you can understand why they are the best in their category. Thus, let’s scroll to the product review section! 48V 10.2kWh ETHOS Power System Reveiws

Are you tired of the never-ending high electric bills every month? Why don’t you alter your electricity with a 48V 10.2kWh ETHOS Power System? Take back the control of your power to your hand! Review: 48V 10.2kWh ETHOS Power System Reveiws

This ETHOS system can be an ideal solution for home and cabin. It is supported by comprehensive safety and reliability. Better yet, this battery is stackable and modular for hassle-free expandability.

Moreover, this ETHOS system is paired with a cutting-edge 12000W Lux inverter. Thus, you can enjoy features like an LCD touchscreen display, seamless off-grid switching, and even the ability to handle PV arrays up to 18000W. Complete!

48V ETHOS Power System Details

  • Weight: 273 lb/123.8 kg
  • Width: 674 mm
  • Height: 1100 mm
  • kWh capacity: 10.24kWh
  • Ah capacity: 200Ah
  • Max charge voltage: 57V
  • What’s included: ETHOS Control Box, 51.2V100Ah 2 ETHOS 5.12Kwh (stackable type), and LUXPower 12kW Hybrid Inverter

Further, if you want to see the enormous savings in electric bills at home, get this ETHOS power system now! With $9,490, you can control your power while managing your expenses to be more budget-friendly. 24V EAGLE 2 Reviews

The heat of summer can sometimes be frustrating, especially regarding battery performance. As we all know, it’s hard for portable batteries to withstand every season. However, 24V EAGLE 2 may shock you with its performance. Review: 24V EAGLE 2 Reviews

The 24V EAGLE 2 is built with high durability. This battery is designed to support through every weather. Be it the heat of summer or the dead of winter, this EAGLE 2’s BMS feature can support that temperature range. Thus, you don’t need to put your vacation on hold.

Moreover, this battery is the definition of advanced. It has numerous features, such as an LED capacity meter and CANBus communication protocols. At this point, you can continuously monitor the performance and status of your battery system.

24V EAGLE 2 Details

  • Weight: 33 lb/15 kg
  • Width: 260 mm
  • Height: 249 mm
  • kWh capacity: 1.63kWh
  • Ah capacity: 64Ah
  • Max charge voltage: 29.2V
  • What’s included: Eagle 2 Carrying Handle, Eagle 2 CAN Comm Cable, 2 M8 Nuts & Screws, Parallel CAN Comm Cable

Speaking of the price, this 24V EAGLE 2 has an affordable price you would never imagine. It cost only $750 with all the greatness we have mentioned—such a worthy product! 12V OWL Reviews

Looking for a battery for your van but is currently on a budget? Don’t worry! Please welcome 12V OWL power block LiFePO4. This battery offers a cost-effective yet powerful performance you won’t regret purchasing. Review: 12V OWL Reviews

This OWL battery has brand-new LFP cells. It is the safest lithium chemistry in today’s era. Plus, the BMS feature will protect the battery from over or under-voltage. With this finest protection, it is undoubtedly perfect for you who are a full-time van-liver.

Moreover, when you compare this 12V OWL with traditional lead acid batteries, this OWL undoubtedly performs better. It has 2x power but half the weight. Even better, this battery is also recharged super fast. Thus, it is perfect for your go-to battery.

12V OWL Details

  • Weight: 51 lb/23.1 kg
  • Width: 18.3cm
  • Height: 33.3 cm
  • kWh capacity: 2.17kWh
  • Ah capacity: 170Ah
  • Max charge voltage: 14.7V

Likewise, this OWL has a cheaper price than lead acid. It’s all because you don’t need to replace the battery every 2-3 years. With $740, this battery can last up to 10 years! Vs Batteryevo

You may already know that names always appear to be compared to Beatteryevo. While some people say they are the same company, let’s see the comparison in our review below:

  • 12V OWL Price: $740
  • 24V EAGLE v.2 Price: $750
  • Free Shipping: Available
  • Warranty Policy: 10 years
  • Return Policy: 30 days


  • 12V OWL Price: $749
  • 24V EAGLE Price: $499
  • Free Shipping: Available
  • Warranty Policy: 10 years
  • Return Policy: 30 days Pros and Cons

As we all know, no brand or company is 100% perfect. With that in mind, it is essential to know the pros and cons of You will find them in the following tables. Check it out!


  • Safe, reliable LiFePO4 batteries
  • Fast charging
  • No maintenance needed
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Sustainable practice
  • High-capacity
  • Long life batteries
  • Massive battery collections
  • Cost-effective price


  • No customer reviews on their website
  • Only ships its products to the continental United States

Who Is For?

With this company’s purpose, is for those needing a safe, reliable power source. This company is perfect if you want to change your energy source to a renewable option since their product uses LiFePO4, which is rechargeable.

Moreover, they are also perfect as your one-stop shop for batteries. Their collection covers nearly all machinery. It also includes golf carts, RVs, vans, and indoor and outdoor power storage.

Better yet, while the cost of renewable energy has decreased in the past decade, the cost of batteries remains expensive. That’s when you must go to this brand as they have more cost-effective prices than their competitors. Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

We know that reading customer reviews is a crucial part of shopping online. That is why we prepared this section in the first place. We are going the extra mile to collect reviews from everyone who has already tried the battery from this brand, and we found this review: Review: Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

As an apartment manager for 30 years, we hate our lead-acid batteries as we have to maintain the terminals clean, but they only last 4 years. However, after I replaced it with 2 batteries from, there is no problem and they only cost $400.

This customer shares his experience that he used to go for lead acid batteries. However, he then realized that the battery from was better. Aside from having no maintenance, it also costs less than lead-acid batteries.

Next, we found this customer review:

I recently had a problem with my solar system, so I contacted their technician. He assisted me incredibly by diagnosing the problem with my inverter. Applause for for employing a capable technician.

Meanwhile, this customer implies that he is thrilled with the technician of this brand. He mentioned that he had a problem with the solar system and contacted the brand’s technician by phone. The technician is accommodating and professional in handling the issue.

Lastly, this customer review:

Finally got the batteries! These batteries are super small and fit on the golf carts with no modifications. I have already tested them, and they are perfect, as they described.

The review above shows that the battery truly works effectively as described. This customer even highlights the small battery, making it fit seamlessly into the golf cart. We can see that this customer is delighted with his purchase.

Further, do you understand why they become one of the big names in this industry? It’s all because they sell quality. This is proven by the reviews of customers above. Most of them are happy with the products because it works perfectly.

Is Worth It? proves to be a worthwhile solution for every machinery. This company uses LiFePO4 as its main battery, which is known to have higher voltage capacity and energy density. Thus, the battery will have a longer life and more outstanding performance. Review: Is Worth It?

Moreover, this company understands that people used to buy lead acid batteries cause it was cheap. For this reason, they are now offering Lithium Batteries at the same price per Usable/KWh. Even better, it lasts three times longer and requires no maintenance. Shipping Policy

This company currently ships to the continental United States. However, if you are outside the US and wish to purchase their products, you can arrange shipping from their facility in Canada to your destination.

Speaking of the cost, buying 4 of any BigBattery pack will automatically get you free shipping. Other than that, your shipping cost is displayed through the checkout page on their website.

Moreover, we suggest you check the Shipping Policy if you need further information. Otherwise, you can ask their customer service immediately. They will gladly assist you with all your problems. Return Policy

Have you changed your mind? No worries! This company has a 30-day return policy. You will get a refund based on the purchase price minus a 20% restocking fee.

Contact their customer service for a free shipping return label to start your return. Their customer service will also guide you through the process. Moreover, you can check their Return Policy if you need the details. Warranty Policy

Some batteries from this company can last up to 22 years based on the model and any environmental variables. However, if, at any chance, you find any manufacturing defect, you can directly claim their 10-year warranty policy.

This warranty covers malfunction due to a component or manufacturing error. They will repair or replace the batteries free of charge. However, this warranty can’t cover several situations. It includes accidents, abuse, environmental damage, etc.

Moreover, to claim the warranty, contact their customer service. Customer service will arrange the return if the battery needs to be returned to their facility for repair. Moreover, if you want to read the details, please visit the Warranty Policy page.

End Of Life Policy

What stands out the most from this brand is that they offer free recycling of all their lithium batteries. As we all know, traditional battery recycling is often a complicated process. Even worse, the process tends to take a significant amount of money.

As a result, BigBattery is willing to help all the customers ship this company’s products back to their facilities, and they will help recycle with no extra charge. It’s all because this company has a partnership with certified recycling to maintain Zero Landfill.

How To Contact

Is there any question still unanswered after reading this review? If so, we suggest reaching out to their customer service immediately. They are ready to help every customer from Monday to Friday (9 AM – 5 PM PST)

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Phones: (+1) 818-280-3091
  • Live chat: Message icon at the bottom of the website

Company Address

21314 Lassen St
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Where to buy

It’s pretty simple to get their battery collection. Just go to their official website and shop there. You will be eligible for their 10-year warranty when you buy through the official site. Coupon Codes & Promos

We all know that everyone loves discounts. Therefore, we put our heart into searching all their available deals. Fortunately, we found them and listed them below:

  • Unlock up to $600 OFF sitewide
  • Take $300 OFF + free cables and accessories when you order their big battery kits using the coupon code BIGBATTERY
  • Earn some commission by joining their Affiliate program
  • Subscribe to their newsletter and obtain discount codes, exclusive sales, and other offers
  • Enjoy free shipping on selected products

Reveal all coupons Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How long does the big battery last?

For some batteries, it lasts up to 22 years. However, most of them are built to last up to 10 years.

Does BigBattery use new cells?

Yes. Some of the batteries use brand-new LFP cells.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Reviews & Ratings

Investing in a more reliable power source is a great decision. Aside from being sustainable, it also reduces unimportant expenses. It’s all because you can recharge the battery with solar, and your electricity bills will be much more effective.

Likewise, this company uses LiFePO4, which is undoubtedly durable. It has a longer life compared to other batteries. Plus, no maintenance is required, which is stress-free. Then, what are you waiting for? Get your power source at now!


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