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About BIG Wall Décor

Have you ever looked at a blank wall and felt it was silently begging for a touch of art? Then, try Big Wall Décor. It is the ultimate maestro of wall art and the best place for your creative instincts.

BIG Wall Décor Review: About BIG Wall Décor

The secret weapon of interior design? Wall art! It is a belief that Big Wall Décor holds dear. Their specialty is providing various artworks for walls. They transformed an empty space into awesome and eye-catching features.

Moreover, the brand has created quite a buzz in the media world. Big players like Forbes, Inc., Selling Sunset, and Yahoo! Finance have given a thumbs up to the company’s prowess!

In addition, they’ve got a huge fan following across various platforms. We’re talking about a whopping 128k followers on Instagram, 47k on Facebook, and nearly 9k subscribers on YouTube.

Thus, get those blank walls ready cause this company is about to give you a stylish makeover. First, check out this BIG Wall Décor review. We’ll show you stunning masterpieces this brand owns. Let’s kick things off!

Overview of BIG Wall Décor

This company is the result of the magical hands of the founder, Nick Ford. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University. One of his great experiences was working in printing for high-fashion luxury brands.

Furthermore, his love for art made Nick decide to establish BIG Wall Décor. He created this company to provide cool, big, and affordable artworks. It wasn’t long before the label became one of people’s flagship stores.

In addition, the brand invited young artists to collaborate to create wall decor designs. It is also a medium to appreciate the work of the artists.

BIG Wall Décor Highlights

  • Various styles of arts
  • Huge wall decor size
  • HD image quality
  • Premium fabric
  • Infinity frame and lightbox
  • Silicone beading
  • Portable and interchangeable
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 30-day money back guarantee

BIG Wall Décor Review

The brand specializes in oversized wall decor. This size makes the room look like an art gallery while giving life to the room. So, what kind of artwork does BIG Wall Décor have?

BIG Wall Décor Reviews: BIG Wall Décor Review

The brand has an extensive catalog of works featuring diverse styles. Art lovers will be delighted to find minimalist, surreal, hipstoric, contemporary, etc. Thus, they ensure there is something for every taste and every space.

BIG Wall Décor’s Collection
  • Abstract
  • Maximalist
  • Minimalist
  • Pop
  • Nature
  • Vintage
  • Surreal
  • Urban
  • Coastal
  • Grafitti
  • Boho
  • Animal
  • Contemporary
  • Hipstoric
  • Retro, etc

In addition, you can create your custom photo collage. The company allows the customer to print your DIY pictures. Then, organize the layout according to your artistic instincts.

Moreover, each wall decor uses ArtFab prints in its production. Premium fabric creates a high-definition result. Further, silicone beading will strengthen the durability of the image with the canvas.

Besides, you can enhance your picture with an infinity frame or lightbox. The infinity frame makes the picture easier to install and remove. Also, the lightbox makes it more shining by illuminating the image from behind.

Furthermore, This wall decor assembly is easy. The brand already inserts an instructions guide in the box. You just need to attach the picture with brackets and an Allen key. Then, your wall decor is ready to be showcased.

Now, we will move to a more detailed stage. In the next section, we will discuss the 3-best selling products of the company. Prepare to be impressed by the beauty of the wall decor! Without further ado, let’s begin!

BIG Wall Décor Are You Lost? Reviews

Dear space enthusiasts, prepare yourself for living space with Are You Lost? by Davansh Atry. This decor is like a portal to another dimension. It invites you to embark on an interstellar escapade from your home.

BIG Wall Décor Review: BIG Wall Décor Are You Lost? Reviews

This picture is like a cinematic scene of an astronaut in abandoned cityscapes. A bright pink neon boldly states, “Are You Lost?”. This is the main gravity of the artwork itself.

Also, the background is a simple brick building. A striking contrast that not only attracts attention but also emphasizes a profound message. Further, it is like depicting the soul of an explorer and pursuing dreams with fearless determination, just like this astronaut.

Product details

  • 5/8″ or 1″ depth
  • Size
    • 24″x24″
    • 32″x32″
    • 40″x40″
    • 48″x48″
    • 60″x60″
    • 72″x72″

So, install this wall décor to liven up the atmosphere of your home. You can bring this picture home by paying $125.00.

BIG Wall Décor You Loved Me a Thousand Summers Ago Reviews

Surrealism is becoming an increasingly popular artwork. Its hallmark is the depiction of things that are bizarre and absurd. The company has many surrealist collections, including You Loved Me a Thousand Summers Ago by Frank Moth.

BIG Wall Décor Review: BIG Wall Décor You Loved Me a Thousand Summers Ago Reviews

As you can see from this artwork, it features a human form with a head adorned with an explosion of blooming flowers. Besides, this surreal blend of flora and form tells a timeless story that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Moreover, this abstraction work features contrasting colors and styles between the flowers in the foreground and the woman’s floral dress. Also, the picture tells the difference between the fictional and the real without judging which one is more present.

Product details

  • 5/8″ or 1″ depth
  • Size
    • 24″x36″
    • 32″x48″
    • 40″x60″
    • 48″x72″
    • 60″x90″
    • 72″x108

Thus, you can place this artwork anywhere, close to the mirror or the clock. Also, this picture is suitable for the living room or a bedroom. Grab it fast for $150.00.

BIG Wall Décor Logo Street Reviews

From surrealism, we will move to pop art. One of the pop artworks in this company is Logo Street by Nuwarhol. This piece is a tribute to the iconic Air Jordan shoes. The eye-popping colors will make your room more cheerful.

BIG Wall Décor Review: BIG Wall Décor Logo Street Reviews

This artwork depicts the essence of urban street style, which has collided with an explosion of colors. Also, the energy and spirit of sneaker culture are captured in every brush stroke. Sneaker fans love like this picture.

In addition, the meaning of this image is also fascinating. The Air Jordan brand is known for its pioneering spirit and cultural impact. Moreover, this image zooms on the foot and shoe with contrasting colors as a form of confidence and breaking boundaries.

Product details

  • 5/8″ or 1″ depth
  • Size
    • 24″x24″
    • 32″x32″
    • 40″x40″
    • 48″x48″
    • 60″x60″
    • 72″x72

Therefore, I own one of these masterpiece collections. It will be suitable to color and revive your home. You only have to prepare a budget of $125.00.

BIG Wall Décor Pros & Cons

This company has everything to impress you. But it’s unfair if we haven’t seen BIG Wall Décor as a whole. Here, we have compiled the pros and cons for your consideration. Therefore, take a peek at the table below!


  • A diverse range of art styles
  • Various size options
  • ArtFab prints
  • High-definition (HD) quality wall decor
  • Enable to customize your own image
  • Artistic collaboration
  • Available infinity frame and lightbox options
  • Reliable price
  • Easy assembly
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 30-day return


  • There is no physical store

Who Is BIG Wall Décor For?

BIG Wall Décor can be relied upon by everyone to enhance their living or working space with artistic wall decorations. This company will make homeowners, interior design enthusiasts, and art collectors happy.

Moreover, the large size of wall decor is perfect for large spaces. That’s why hotel, restaurant, and hospitality owners can add this brand’s collection to enhance their buildings.

BIG Wall Décor Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Does BIG Wall Décor convince you? Wait a minute! We need to do an up-to-date proof of this company’s claim. So, we gathered some customer reviews to hear what customers say about the company.

BIG Wall Décor Review: BIG Wall Décor Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One buyer stated:

… I really like the picture of this one, and it is very eye-catching in my apartment. Moreover, It appeared on my doorstep very quickly.

As a space lover, this customer got a space collection from this brand. She was pleased with the eye-catching and beautiful design.

Another buyer stated:

I was blown away at how easily the frame came together. Also, I have received so many compliments on my artwork and would recommend it to anyone…

The easy installation of the frame helped this customer. Besides, he received many compliments because of this wall decor. Everyone said it was suitable for his room.

The last buyer stated:

I am a big fan of this company. This is my second piece, and I am in love. Amazing artists, superb quality, and outstanding customer service …

We can see how this customer praised the wall decor he bought. The amazing quality and excellent service made him a fan of this brand.

Thus, we seem to agree that there are a lot of this brand’s fans out there. Artistic designs and outstanding quality make customers place repeat orders. In addition, the service that this company provides is also exceptional.

Is BIG Wall Décor Worth It?

You can trust BIG Wall Décor as your source of wall decor. There are many art styles that you can choose. Moreover, the high quality of the prints makes their products perfect for your room. Therefore, we confidently state the brand is worth the money.

BIG Wall Décor Review: Is BIG Wall Décor Worth It?

In addition, the company fully supports your artistic instincts. They offer customization that you can use to print your creations. Also, you can organize them into beautiful collages as your ideas.

Besides, another factor that you can consider is the affordable price. We know art is precious, but this company provides a way out by giving work that is friendly to everyone’s pocket.

BIG Wall Décor Shipping Policy

Give your walls an artistic makeover as soon as possible! BIG Wall Décor ships its home decor worldwide. Every print is made to order and shipped directly from the headquarters in West Michigan.

Furthermore, the team only takes 5-7 working days to prepare your order. Also, shipping services like UPS and FedEx ensure fast delivery to your door.

BIG Wall Décor Return Policy

Spotted a quirk in your order? Don’t panic! The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can send it back, and the company will set it right! But make sure the wall decor must not damaged or scratched.

If you are ready to return, repack your item safely and neatly. Then, please write your full name and order number on it. Moreover, remember to send tracking information to [email protected].

Returns address
BIG Wall Décor
Return Department
540 Oak St.
Spring Lake, MI 49456

How To Contact BIG Wall Décor

You might be having fun choosing the wall decor picture that you want. If you need some advice or help, reach out to the customer service crew! You can contact them through:

Where to buy BIG Wall Décor?

Now, you can enhance your space with BIG Wall Décor’s palette. Shop all their wall art collections on their official website. Warning: once you step inside, be prepared to be mesmerized by their stunning artwork. You won’t want to leave!

BIG Wall Décor Coupon Codes & Promos

What’s up, bargain hunters! It’s the section you’ve all been waiting for. We’re about to unveil the exciting discounts that BIG Wall Décor has lined up. Check out these promotions below:

  • Use coupon code NIKKI20 to claim 20% OFF
  • Get 15% OFF by applying promo code ART15
  • Sign up for an account and receive 15% OFF

Reveal all coupons
BIG Wall Décor

BIG Wall Décor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for BIG Wall Décor reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is BIG Wall Décor sold on Amazon?

No, it is not. However, you can buy the company’s product on the official site.

Who owns BIG Wall Décor?

The owner of the company is Nick Ford.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of BIG Wall Décor Reviews & Ratings

You can turn your living space into a room full of artistic wonder with BIG Wall Décor. People can choose many art styles, ranging from minimalist to contemporary. Besides, the quality of wall decor is also the best part of this brand.

Thus, don’t leave your walls empty for too long! Head over to the official site and find some beautiful art for you. Bring BIG Wall Décor home and let your walls get the spotlight they deserve!


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