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Beyond Body Review 2023 → Personalized Diet Plan for Your Wellness

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About Beyond Body

It can be difficult to make progress with your diet sometimes, especially since everyone’s body is different. Some people even get sick because they don’t have a proper diet plan. Have you ever experienced this? If so, have you considered checking out Beyond Body?

Beyond Body Review: About Beyond Body

Beyond Body is a personalized diet plan based on your answers to the quiz you fill in on its official webpage. They’re a company with a health and fitness management program that will serve customers with an affordable, accessible, and personalized weight loss plan.

An e-book, an assistant app, and a hard copy of your personalized diet plan will be your best friend in your healthy lifestyle journey. The brand believes that by improving your relationship with food, you can improve your wellness in body fit, mood, and skin tone in roughly 28 days.

Those remarkable achievements can be seen from the 206.421 books sold, millions of pounds lost, tens of thousands of happy customers, and 450+ sites citing how recommended the brand’s personalized plan is.

Together with a community of 14.9k members on Facebook and a smart app, the brand provides a positive environment and community for people to live a healthy style. They also featured in prestigious media like Fox, USA Today, Digital Journal, NCN, and Market Watch. To date, all those solid proofs are still growing.

Next up in this Beyond Body review, we’ll introduce you to a hearty and stress-free weight loss program. So forget all those famous dramatic diet changes. Instead, make your personalized diet plans now.

Overview of Beyond Body

Starting in 2020, UAB Kilo Grupe founded Beyond Body with the buzz of being the world’s #1 personalized diet book. With Christine Ellis as the Head of Nutrition and Lina Jaisate as the CEO, they made their pathway to wellness and health enterprise in Lithuania.

This brand provides personalized diet plan services and products that are designed according to the customers’ conditions and targets. They believe in the power of the body’s natural processes and real food in achieving the body’s goals.

They offer accessibility and affordability in achieving a healthy lifestyle for everyone across borders and languages. Therefore, this company is the solution for body wellness enthusiasts who believe that good results require a wholehearted process.

So now you know a bit further about the brand’s history, just below, let’s have a quick glance at the brand’s highlights before we jump into the Beyond Body review.


  • Accessible, affordable, and time efficient to consult with your personal nutritionist
  • Providing a personalized diet plan according to your health condition
  • A sustainable way to get weight loss and healthy weight
  • Preventing the yoyo effect after 28 days
  • Facilitating with a smart assistant app to make you stay on track
  • No drastic changes or instant result
  • Ships internationally and offers free shipment
  • Available with books, smart apps, and a community to share your weight progress
  • Provide language in  English, French, Italian, German, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish

Beyond Body Review

So, are you tired of all the diet programs for the average person? You need to transform it and replace it with a diet program with more long-term benefits.

Beyond Body Reviews: Beyond Body Review

Through the Beyond Body wellness personalized plan, you’ll get the old-fashioned method where healthy food and a healthy lifestyle are the keys to your weight loss goals.

In a moment, Beyond Body reviews will give you a simple and comprehensive look at Beyond Body from their book, assistant app, and nutritionist. Let’s get started.

Beyond Body Book Reviews

Beyond Body Book is a must-have product from the brand. With more than 300+ pages, this personalized diet plan book has about 500+ recipes that cover a 30-minute meal prep guide for 28 days.

Beyond Body Review: Beyond Body Book Reviews

The meal plan contents of the book are easy to cook, affordable to buy, and flexible to do. It’s because the meal plans are customized according to your conditions such as meal preference, food allergies/intolerance, age, gender, body shape, and more. Dig into the rabbit hole.

With more than 500 recipes, you can make breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner meals to fulfill your specific daily nutrition intake. Plus, the book sheds light on mindfulness, healthy and glowing skin tips, coping with mental and physical health mechanisms, steps to build new habits, and even exercise guides.

The good news is that you can get all this information in English, French, Italian, German, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. Currently, Beyond’s book is available in two forms: softcopy (e-book) and hardcopy.

Beyond Body Book Pricing

There are two prices available for you to get the hardcopy book:

  • Hardcopy$99.99, but with a one-time payment, it becomes $79.99
  • Hardcopy + assistant app: $29.99 (plus bonus PDF for free!)

All in free shipment! You can get the best deals when you combine the assistant app and hardcopy purchase!

Beyond Body Assistant App Reviews

Beyond Body Smart Assistant App features all the high-tech touch to help you accomplish your personalized diet plans. This smart assistant will give benefits to tracking your calories, steps, and water intake. So you can always see your progress is going on your mobile phone.

Beyond Body Review: Beyond Body Assistant App Reviews

Moreover, the assistant will aid you in preparing the quick and best nutrition for your meal. You can easily check the grocery list you already made in the app based on nutrient-dense basic meal recipes. Also, the smart assistant will eventually send reminders to stick to your meal plan.

Smart Assistant Plans & Pricing

In order to get the full benefit of this program, you can subscribe to the Smart Assistant feature in three options:

  • 1 month-plan
    $52.84/month with 30% off
  • 3 month-plan
    $29.97/month with 40% off
  • 6-month plan
    $25.26/month with 50% off

In this review, we believe that the 6-month subscription plan is the best value. You can get 50% off with a long-term dedication and a program training your body to consistently stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Beyond Body Quiz Reviews

You’ll start the journey by visiting the Beyond Body homepage to get your personalized diet plan. Next, you must complete a short quiz comprising 31 questions comprehensively covering your lifestyle, including circadian rhythm, meal preference, body endurance, medical conditions, and even body shapes.

Beyond Body Review: Beyond Body Quiz Reviews

Here’s a quick look at the quiz you’ll take to own the Beyond Body book and Assistant App.

  1. Go to the web at Beyond Body
  2. Select your gender
  3. Pick the body area that you want to focus on
  4. Answer all of the questions carefully and truthfully averagely the test only takes about 5 minutes
  5. When you’re done, write your name and email address. Then, in less than 24 hours, you’ll be notified about your personalized diet book.

Moreover, the quiz consists of 3 sections with 31 questions. These questions cover all aspects of your lifestyle that must be reviewed to create a personalized and healthy diet plan.

The questions asked are: sleep patterns, eating patterns, food preferences, body strength, exercise favorites, body shape, food allergies/intolerances, and target weight.

These thorough and detailed coverages prove that the brand takes your unique and specific conditions seriously to create a personalized diet plan.

Beyond Body Pros and Cons

Are you curious about the customized diet plan offered by the brand? If so, let’s summarize what we’ve learned with a brief list of pros and cons. See the table below!


  • Personalized to your individual needs and goals
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Offers a variety of resources and support, including meal plans, workout plans, habit-building strategies, and access to nutritionists
  • Can help you achieve your health and fitness goals


  • Can be expensive, especially if you subscribe to the app
  • Some people find the meal plans to be too restrictive or the workout plans to be too challenging
  • The program may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with certain health conditions

Who is Beyond Body For?

Beyond Body‘s meal plan program is suitable for men and women who want to lose weight joyfully. The food accessibility is easy, the cooking is less than 30 minutes, and there is no harmful ingredient. Thus, this plan is perfect for anyone to make a healthy diet as their lifestyle—all in the safest manner.

Beyond Body Review: Who is Beyond Body For?

Also, they provide a nutritionist consultation offers. This program is the best for anyone who is too busy and cannot find a flexible time to meet and consult a personal nutritionist.

Furthermore, it takes about 5 minutes to complete the test and get the result. So, for any busybody dudes, Beyond Body is the ideal option on the go.

As we have tried to take the test, we can conclude that the Beyond Body program suits any man and woman aged 18+. But, it’s not only limited to them. If you’re a pregnant or breastfeeding mother, you’re all welcome to join the club.

How Does Beyond Body Work?

Beyond Body knows that every individual is different. Especially on the topic of weight loss programs and body wellness, there is no one-size-fits-all. Thus, the brand makes a personalized diet plan.

The personalized plan centers around your meal plan, exercise routine, and consistency. All under the base of your daily habits, body types, and medical condition based on the short quiz you answered. This is intended to prevent you from going under stress due to the drastic change you make to your body.

Running all those programs can be stressful if they differ from your previous preference. Thus, they make the diet plan so you won’t face a miserable drastic change during the program.

The 28-day meal plan is easy to follow, the exercise routine is based on your endurance level, and the app tracks your consistency.

With a healthy meal plan, exercise routine, and mental mindfulness, Beyond Body goes beyond making the ideal body weight for you. Instead, they train you to make positive changes in your lifestyle.

Along with the personalized diet plan book and smart assistant app made by Beyond Body, the 28-day meal plan is easy to do. Even better, you can reach the weight loss goal 33% faster.

What Are the Benefits of Beyond Body?

Beyond Body goes beyond offering you a weight loss program that only lasts for a short term. Instead, they curated personalized 28-day meal plans for you to follow joyfully and healthily.

Beyond Body Review: What Are the Benefits of Beyond Body?

With 500+ recipes, education on mindfulness, and personalized exercise, Beyond Body will benefit you to master positive habits and result in you experiencing a long-term healthy lifestyle.

More than that, Beyond Body meal plans are only taken from real food. You are safe from any harmful chemical ingredients’ side effects. It feels like you’re getting homemade food cooked personally only just for you.

In case you need further consultation about your nutritious, healthy diet, Beyond Body also offers a personal nutritionist consultation. All just one call away.

With the book on wellness + assistant app, you’ll get 33% faster progress to win the target of your healthy weight. Also, you can join the 14.9k community on Facebook to meet a positive environment in changing your lifestyle habits.

Consult with Beyond Body Nutritionist

When it comes to lifestyle changes, especially in a weight loss program, you might need more help to get more information about the changes in your body, diet, and more. Luckily, Beyond Body can tackle all of that.

They understand that. Hence, they also open up opportunities for you to consult and be guided by a personal nutritionist.

The good news? The consultation with a personal nutritionist is affordable. You can put your consultation request into the cart during checkout or when you do so in the middle of your diet journey.

By having guidance and interactive dialog with the nutritionist, you get extra knowledge to tackle your weight loss process.

Is Beyond Body Worth It?

We couldn’t agree more that the brand is totally worth it. You can get a personalized diet plan based on your circumstances.

Beyond Body Review: Is Beyond Body Worth It?

The book and assistant app are provided to get your healthiest weight. With this brand, we dare to say that your body goals are just one touch away.

Moreover, they offer healthy strategies for achieving the weight loss program’s success. They’re free from harmful chemicals or ingredient suggestions. Instead, they invite you to trust yourself to create your best version through a healthy and joyful diet.

Thus, we believe that Beyond Body goes beyond managing your body. They train you to manage your lifestyle, too. This is a weight loss program that everyone should be signed up for.

Beyond Body Book Shipping

This Beyond Body review reports that the brand applies free shipping for your personalized diet meal plan book. Once you complete the one-time payment, you can get your hardcopy immediately in front of your door within 8 – 14 business days of delivery (excluding holidays and weekends).

The great news? They do ship internationally, too! More than 70 countries have become destinations for Beyond Body books.

To ship internationally, you can get the preference shipment process regarding the expedition and the country destination via email. The Beyond Body team will attach the international shipping requirements you have to finish and the access to your personalized e-Book and Assistant App on the email right after you complete the quiz.

Beyond Body Return Policy

Beyond Body is fully committed to making its customers the most accurate and personalized diet plans. Thus they’re more than willing to give you a full or partial refund if there is a faulty within the physical book. All you need to do:

  • Inform the details via customer service at: [email protected]
  • Your refund request should not be sent over 14 days from the purchase
  • Provide physical proof regarding the product’s faulty

If you find an inconsistency with the meal plan or accidentally made wrong answers in your questionnaire, you can contact the support teams by submitting this form.

Eventually, they’ll reach out to you to fix the problems and give you the updated version via your e-book in no longer than 14 days.

How to Contact Beyond Body

Do you have any questions beyond what this Beyond Body review could provide? Well, they’re always open to customer feedback, suggestions, and questions. You can contact them via:

The customer service team is available to respond to all your inquiries during their work hours, Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM.

Where to buy Beyond Body?

Getting your personalized diet plans from Beyond Body is super easy. You only need to fill out the forms on their website,, and they’ll exclusively send the revolutionary meal plan program to your email.

Beyond Body Coupon Codes & Promos

When writing this review, the brand stays true to its words in giving everyone the most accessible healthy lifestyle. Thus, the discounts and promotions of this program are quite a bunch.

  • Student Beans
    Get 35% OFF with your student discount code from Student Beans. You simply sign up and verify your student’s status from the Student Beans to get the discount.
  • Limited Time Discount
    Get the discount deal from the web in 15 minutes after completing the questionnaire. You can win a $79.99 price (from $99.99) for the book and $17.98 (from $29.97) for the assistant app.

Reveal all coupons
Beyond Body

Beyond Body Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Beyond Body reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Beyond Body?

Lina Jaisate, the CEO of Beyond Body, works together with Christine Ellis, the brand’s head of Nutrition.

Does Beyond Body have workouts?

No, the brand doesn’t make their workouts a part of their diet plan programs.

Is Beyond Body actually worth it?

Indeed, we agree to say that Beyond Body is actually worth it. The brand’s personalized program considers your individual dietary needs, health conditions, and physical abilities. It also offers a variety of resources and support, including meal plans, workout plans, habit-building strategies, and access to nutritionists.

How much is Beyond Body cost?

The brand’s book costs $33 and includes both a hard copy and a digital version (PDF) with free shipping. There is also a monthly subscription fee of $29.99 for the Beyond Body assistant app.

What is the Beyond Body program?

The Beyond Body program is a personalized wellness program that helps you reach your health and fitness goals. The program is based on the idea that everyone is different and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness.

Which is better Beyond Body or Noom?

Beyond Body is a more comprehensive wellness program, while Noom is more focused on weight loss. If you are looking for a program that can help you achieve your overall health and fitness goals, Beyond Body may be a better option for you. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Beyond Body Reviews & Ratings

Overall, Beyond Body provides an affordable, comprehensive, and accessible health plan for everyone regardless of age, gender, and national borders. So, stop starving yourself with the torturous unhealthy diet that makes you hate life.

Stop trying all those famous weight loss meal programs that may harm your body and mind due to different body tolerances. Instead, you should know what you’re doing with your body. And to do so, it’s better to sign up for the Beyond Body diet plan right away.

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