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Benjamin Moore Paint Review 2024 → World's Leading Paint & Stain Brand!

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About Benjamin Moore Paint

What are your criteria for purchasing a paint? The color? The brand? Or the price? No! It must be the quality. Why? It’s because the paint will stay in a long time to your wall. Thus, looking for quality is a must. If you are looking for one, it must be Benjamin Moore Paint.

Benjamin Moore Paint Review: About Benjamin Moore Paint

Benjamin Moore Paint is a prominent paint store that sells 3,500 colors of premium products in the most high-quality materials. Not just high-quality, this brand also ensures that its products are safe for people, the environment, and the wall itself.

What did it mean? This brand commits to delivering products with a low impact on the planet. They also ensure that the brand has low and zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) so that their customer won’t face any harmful exposure that affects health.

Looking at their dedication, it isn’t surprising that they are featured in The New York Times as ‘The Best Interior Paint.’ Don’t be shocked to know the fact that they have 796K followers on Facebook and 454K followers on Instagram.

Moreover, as you scroll through this Benjamin Moore Paint review, you will know why this brand deserves such numbers and attention. If you want to join the hype, don’t go anywhere and enjoy your time scrolling here!

Overview of Benjamin Moore Paint

It was a long journey until Benjamin Moore Paint became as big as it is today. This brand was first established decades ago, in 1883. At that time, Benjamin Moore, the founder of this brand alongside his brother, Robert, opened Moore Brothers in Brooklyn, NYC.

Passed ups and downs in developing the best product, this brand continues its hard work. It includes hiring chemists, establishing a research department, continuously developing new products, and more.

As a result, Benjamin Moore & Co. became a high-performing and innovative manufacturer. This brand successfully formed a network with over 7500 independent retailers across North America and set new standards for quality levels in the architectural industry.


  • Gennex color technology
  • Asthma and allergy-friendly certification
  • High durability
  • Remarkably fade resistant
  • Environmentally responsible

Benjamin Moore Paint Reviews

This brand strives to provide a vast color collection for the customer. Until today, there have been 3,500 color pallets and numerous product collections. However, this brand doesn’t work on quantity but quality.

Benjamin Moore Paint Reviews: Benjamin Moore Paint Reviews

It can be seen in their innovation of unique formulations. Not only that, this brand also utilizes cutting-edge technology. They use Gennex Color Technology and Color Lock Technology. Both work to maintain the superb quality of this brand’s products.

What is best also comes from their dedication to customer satisfaction. This brand offers free samples. At this chance, customers can compare the brand’s color to their walls themselves. Thus, they can get the most accurate color that matches their preferences.

Moreover, for those of you who don’t know what color to choose, they also have a collection trend from year to year to help you get inspiration. For instance, colors 2022, colors 2023, and the latest are colors 2024. Did you check them already?

However, don’t worry! If you need more resources to choose your color, you can consult with an expert using virtual color consultation. Or else this brand website also has a ‘Play with color’ section that lets you get the best mix and match of colors. Complete.

Further, you are probably curious now about this brand collection list. Thus, you can explore the entire collection in the list below. Enjoy your time!

Benjamin Moore Paint Collections

After knowing their product collection, we already chose their 3 best-selling products to be reviewed in-depth in the next section. If you are ready to meet them, jump to the next section now!

Benjamin Moore Paint Aura Interior Paint Reviews

Meet Aura Interior Paint from Benjamin Moore Paint. This is the number one ultra-premium interior for impeccable results. Perfect if you are looking for paint that lasts forever.

Benjamin Moore Paint Review: Benjamin Moore Paint Aura Interior Paint Reviews

This interior paint has a proprietary color lock technology. It means the long-lasting color is secured. Works by locking the pigments into the paint’s film, this interior paint will rest assured you can enjoy your wall for years to come.

Moreover, it also has a flawless finish. This Aura Interior Paint provides an unbeatable hide and cover. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the coverage. Even if you buy lighter colors like white, they will still cover all the walls effortlessly.

In addition, this Aura Interior Paint has a built-in self-priming. Thus, don’t be shocked when they dry super fast. At this rate, painting won’t take forever. You don’t have to spare much time cause your time is more valuable than just waiting for your paint to dry.

Product Details

  • 1-gallon and 1-quart size choices
  • Color lock technology for lasting
  • Low VOC
  • Soft, flawless finishes
  • Burnish and scuff-resistant
  • Perfect colors for bedroom, living room, and any other interior space
  • Self-priming for fast-drying
  • Scuff and mildew-resistant
  • High coverage
  • Available in thousands of colors

If you think Aura Interior Paint is best for your favorite interior space, you can check out this product with the price classification below:

  • 1 Gallon: $98.99
  • 1 Quart: $43.99

Benjamin Moore Paint Regal Select Exterior Reviews

There’s no better exterior paint than Regal Select Exterior from Benjamin Moore Paint. This paint has become the number one exterior paint to trust for its durability and dirt resistance. Perfect if you are too busy to repaint your outer wall regularly.

Benjamin Moore Paint Review: Benjamin Moore Paint Regal Select Exterior Reviews

Aside from being highly durable, this Regal Select Exterior is an oil-based paint. Thus, it enables easy application without the need for painting skills. Plus, they are high build. This means it has a thick formula, which reduces small cracks potential. Convenience!

Additionally, it has a breathability feature. This feature is one of a kind since it lets the internal moisture escape easily. It can minimize potential peeling and ensure the colors are still precisely the same as the first you painted them.

However, we understand that painting an exterior wall will sometimes be challenging. It’s all because the surface is not always flawless. But don’t worry! This exterior paint understands the assignment. They can cover all types of surfaces with a breeze.

Product Details

  • Powerful adhesion on complex surfaces
  • High durability, perfect for outdoor
  • Advanced alkyd-fortified technology
  • 1-Gallon and 1-Quartz size choices
  • Acrylic paint
  • Low VOC range
  • Dirt resistance
  • Can handle extreme weather and harsh conditions
  • Mold-resistant
  • Intense colors result

Treat your outdoor walls with good painting cause they deserve that. However, only Regal Select Exterior can do the work. Purchase this exterior paint with the price classification below.

  • 1 Gallon: $82.99
  • 1 Quart: $33.99

Benjamin Moore Paint Ben Interior Paint Reviews

Are you a newbie in painting? Don’t worry! Please welcome Ben Interior Paint from Benjamin Moore Paint. A number one interior paint for all. This interior paint has both power and convenience.

Benjamin Moore Paint Review: Benjamin Moore Paint Ben Interior Paint Reviews

Did you know that this Ben Interior Paint is the definition of one in a million? It’s all thanks to their powerful hiding. Exactly! This interior paint can quickly hide any flaws in your wall and give you beautiful results. Hence, you don’t need to smoothen your wall before painting.

What makes Ben Interior Paint become everyone’s favorite also comes from their safety. This interior paint offers low odor and zero VOC, which is excellent for overall health. Wait, not just body health but also financial health. Its price is the most cost-effective among others.

Aside from being easy to use, this interior paint ensures an outstanding finish result. It lets you enjoy the beauty of the colors for years to come. Exactly! It lasts longer, so you can marvel at their beauty every time.

Product Details

  • Effortless application
  • Flawless results
  • Easy apply and touch up
  • Smooth and flat finish
  • Easy to use
  • Zero VOC and low odor
  • 1-Gallon and 1-Quart size choices
  • Perfect for touching and fixing
  • Acrylic paint and primer

How much does this Ben Interior Paint cost? Prepare yourself to be shocked cause this paint is the definition of the best deal cause they have an affordable price. See the price classifications below.

  • 1 Gallon: $53.99
  • 1 Quart: $24.99

Benjamin Moore Paint vs Sherwin Williams Paint

As you may know, Benjamin Moore Paint and Sherwin Williams Paint are 2 of the best paint stores in the US. However, each brand may have advantages and disadvantages because it makes them unique. Below, we already list the comparison of both brands. Enjoy!

Benjamin Moore Paint

  • Business type: Locally-owned
  • Color collection: 3,500
  • Paint and primer prices: $42.99 – $98.99/Gallon
  • Virtual color consultation: Available
  • Sample: Available
  • How to buy: Online and offline

Sherwin Williams Paint

  • Business type: Corporate-owned
  • Color collection: 1700+
  • Paint and primer prices: $42.49-$116.49/Gallon
  • Virtual color consultation: Available
  • Sample: Available
  • How to buy: Offline only

Benjamin Moore Paint Pros and Cons

Before getting this brand product, checking the pros and cons is crucial. Below, we already prepared Benjamin Moore Paint’s pros and cons. Please read it carefully!


  • High durability Gennex color technology
  • Remarkably fade resistant
  • 3500 color choices
  • Strong and safe (low and non-VCO)
  • Reasonable price
  • Available in most painting stores
  • Free shipping available
  • Responsive customer service
  • 90-day return policy


  • There aren’t customer reviews on the website
  • Most of the products aren’t available to ship. They are available to be picked up in-store only

Who Is Benjamin Moore Paint For?

Having a vast color collection, this brand is dedicated to every homeowner. Their color and technology development will easily satisfy everyone who wants to upgrade their space. This brand can cover everything, whether for a living room, bedroom, or terrace.

Moreover, this brand is also suitable for professionals. If you are a contractor, a designer, or an architect, there is a feature on the website that will take you to find anything you need. Document and specs, color guidance, and pro color tools, all you need for business is ready to access.

Is Benjamin Moore Paint Worth It?

Yes. This brand uses Gennex Color Technology. It is a stronger and safer formula that removes unnecessary chemicals. Thus, it isn’t surprising that the paint has high durability and an accurate hue. At this point, Benjamin Moore Paint is worth every penny you spend.

Benjamin Moore Paint Review: Is Benjamin Moore Paint Worth It?

Moreover, aside from their quality, this brand also provides 3,500 color choices. It enables you to find every color tone you want. Plus, they also offer a ‘play with color’ section. This section will help you quickly find the perfect color match with a simple fingertip.

Is Benjamin Moore Paint Legit?

Benjamin Moore Paint is a legit brand that already delivered high-quality paint since 1883. Their reputation is on another level. This brand has already been featured in credible media, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Moreover, their product has become North America’s favorite. Aside from their superb products, most customers recognize this brand’s customer service. It’s all because they act responsive and helpful to any problem their customers face. Thus, don’t worry! If you have problems, contact their customer service.

Benjamin Moore Paint Shipping Policy

All color samples and color tools will be shipped to your home. This brand uses UPS as its carrier. However, for gallons and quarts of interior paint, depending on the local store availability, they can deliver paint to your home. Or else, you can also pick it up at a local retailer a minimum of 3 hours later. 

Moreover, you can enjoy free shipping if your order exceeds $25. Remember that this brand currently ships its product to the continental United States only. Although they have retail locations in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, they don’t send there.

Benjamin Moore Paint Return Policy

Find your paint damaged? You can always return the product cause this brand offers a 90-day return policy. To begin your return, contact [email protected] or call 1-855-724-6802 (855-Paint-02).

Moreover, you must ensure you purchase the product from the official website or the third-party vendor. Please note that the color match tool can only be returned for a full refund within 30 days from purchase. However, some products aren’t eligible for return, and we suggest you read the details on the Shipping Policy page.

How To Contact Benjamin Moore Paint

As a leading wall-paint brand, this brand offers 3 different customer service contacts for 3 types of customers. It is the regular customers, contractors, and architects/designers. Let’s find out the contact below.

Where to buy Benjamin Moore Paint?

This brand is accessible everywhere. The cheapest place to buy this brand’s product is directly on their official website. It’s all because you can enjoy discounts, samples, and free shipping. However, you can also shop for this brand’s product through retailers. When you ask us, “Where is the store near me?” check the Store Locator.

Benjamin Moore Paint Coupon Codes & Promos

It’s a discount time! For some people, this brand’s product prices may not be the best. However, don’t worry! In this section, we will help you to get the best price at its finest. Check it out!

  • Unlock 10% OFF your first order by registering your email
  • Sign up for their newsletter and receive exclusive sale, coupon codes, and the latest inspiration
  • Enjoy free shipping on orders over $25

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Benjamin Moore Paint

Benjamin Moore Paint Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Benjamin Moore Paint reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Does ace hardware sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

Yes. Benjamin Moore Paint partnered with Ace Hardware. Thus, you can also find the brand’s product in every Ace Hardware store.

Is Benjamin Moore Paint sold at Home Depot or Lowes?

No. This brand doesn’t sell its product at large chain retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, or Target. This brand sells its product to the official website and the paint, decorating, and hardware retailers across the US, Canada, and globally.

Is Benjamin Moore Paint the best paint?

We think so. Benjamin Moore Paint has stunning results and is long-lasting. They also have numerous color palettes that strive to give the best to customers.

What are the three levels of Benjamin Moore Paint?

As much as we can find, three levels here refer to the quality levels. It is Super Hide, Super Spec, Regal/Aura.

Why do painters prefer Benjamin Moore Paint?

We think it’s all because only Benjamin Moore Painter has high-quality finishes and reasonably priced paints. They also have a safer, stronger, and better formulation than any other brand could provide.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Benjamin Moore Paint Reviews & Ratings

Benjamin Moore Paint becomes a solution for every homeowner. They provide paint colors, coatings, tools, and other painting needs. On top of that, they have 3,500 color choices. It is perfect for those who need a mix and match to their current interior or furniture.

Moreover, their quality is top-notch. All of their paint product use Gennex color technology. Thus, it isn’t surprising that they deliver an ultra-durable, intense color. Hence, don’t hesitate to trust this brand for your wall. Go to their website and start to choose your color!


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