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About Beer Drop

What’s fun without beer? Be it cold, hot, or snowy, beer is our number-one companion in every condition and activity. Therefore, you must add Beer Drop to your beer shopping list to get ahead of the game!

Beer Drop Review: About Beer Drop

Beer Drop is a craft beer subscription service that delivers a personalized beer box to your door each month. The beers are selected from a rotating selection of hundreds of beers from award-winning breweries nationwide.

The company’s beer is sourced from breweries across the country. They likewise provide 200+ new beers periodically on the website. They even claim that the beers delivered are very fresh.

And as it turns out, this company has been featured in many top online magazines. You might be familiar with the names we’re about to mention. Some of their names are Cosmopolitan, GQ, and HopCulture.

The brand has also expanded into the world of social media. There are over 14.4k followers on Instagram and 12k followers on Facebook. That’s pretty impressive and indicates that they are an exciting company.

Is this brand that interesting? Let’s prove it by reading the Beer Drop review to the end. Warning! You may need a snack to accompany you since you’ll be drooling to have a look at the beer selection!

Overview of Beer Drop

As mentioned, Beer Drop is a monthly craft beer subscription program for beer lovers. Their beers are fresh and tailored to each person’s taste. So, you should know exactly where the company is located.

This company is based and located in Denver, Colorado. Yes, that’s in America! They bring beer to customers from Colorado breweries. However, they also have several breweries outside the state.

Further, we haven’t found a reliable source for information on the owner’s name and the year the brand was created. Don’t worry! The owner is a beer expert and has been in the business for a long time.

Beer Drop Reviews

One thing is for sure: Beer Drop sells craft beer, not biscuits. Also, they provide many different beer styles and flavors. The company also offers each beer with 0-20% alcohol content.

Beer Drop Reviews: Beer Drop Reviews

Speaking of beer styles, you must be familiar with Ale and Lager. We found 7 techniques whose names are combined with flavors. You can choose from IPA & pale ales to light lagers & ales.

Furthermore, you can choose from beer flavors, including top picks, hoppy, malty, fruity, etc. We’ll show you the links later! For top picks, the company will recommend its best beer selection when you check out.

What else? You should know that this brand is open to a person who has a brewery. You can submit your beer factory to this company. Visit the brand’s site for more info!

Beer Drop Collection



Have you decided which style & flavor shots best fit for you? After this, there is much more to discuss. The clues are as follows:

  • Services reviews
  • Complete price information
  • How to order
  • Assortment of benefits

Stay tuned for the rest of our review!

Beer Drop Memberships

You might be wondering what exactly this company offers. Well, they provide monthly beer purchases. So, you have to choose a beer that suits your taste. Then, they will deliver it to your home every month.

Beer Drop Review: Beer Drop Memberships

Furthermore, you should know that this company has Beer Drop and Beer Drop Ultimate packages. Each package has its benefits that can be matched to your taste. However, all the boxes are a must-try with only slight differences.

The Beer Drop-only plan is the regular subscription version. You will get ten cans of beer at $4 per can from 5 microbreweries if you choose it. This company will also recommend its personalized beer selection. You’ll likewise get a monthly newsletter service.

In contrast, Beer Drop Ultimate is a higher-end version of the prior plan. You’ll get the same amount of cans (10 cans at $5 from 5 microbreweries). There are personalized recommendations as well. You can change it to your preference if you don’t want that. Also, there is a monthly newsletter like the previous plan.

Remember, this company lets you make monthly orders, one-time purchases, or gift cards that can be given to your loved ones. Regardless of your desired order, the beer will always be quality!

Beer Drop Plans & Pricing

When it comes to price, customers would want an item to be priced cheaply. Beer Drop serves you that. You can verify each price offered based on your preference, whether by subscription or on a one-off basis.

Beer Drop Review: Beer Drop Plans & Pricing

Furthermore, the monthly shipping price for the subscription depends on which box package you choose. They provide 3 packages with 6, 8, and 10 beer can contents per box. You may discover the plan cost below:

Package beer Content of unique brews Price (starts from)
6 $33
8 4 $40
10 5 $44

Equally important, beer lovers should know that if you want to check out, there is a minimum order of $40. So, your minimum order will contain 4-6 cans of beer. Meanwhile, the price per can of beer starts at $3.49.

For gifts, you only need to purchase a gift card. You can choose from a 1-month subscription to a 12-month subscription. The price starts from $58.00, including shipping and tax.

How does Beer Drop work?

This is the time to find out that at Beer Drop, you can order beer monthly by subscription delivered directly to your destination address. You don’t need to use an app and simply log in to the website.

Beer Drop Review: How does Beer Drop work?

So, how does it work? There are several steps that you can easily track as follows:

  1. Firstly, go to
  2. Then, login to the site and make an account
  3. After that, you can choose the best plan (6, 8, or 10 beers)
  4. You may continue with selecting the 3, 4, or 5 styles according to your needs
  5. Then, click the following button to upgrade your order to a more significant amount every month with an extra fee
  6. Next, fill in the data form using your name, email, address, and others
  7. Checklist the box “buying this as a gift” if you want to choose another way of purchasing
  8. Then, write your phone number so that you can be notified through text for the next monthly order
  9. Finally, enjoy your beer!

Choose your favorite beer style and order it that way!

Beer Drop Benefits

Customers may wonder why Beer Drop is the best of the best. It’s because they offer incredible benefits over any monthly beer service store. The below advantages are worth considering. Watch it out carefully!

  • The power of choice

Buyers are responsible for choosing what beer style to put in the box.

  • Tasting experience

You can get tasting notes and brewing information for every beer you order.

  • One flat shipping cost

Whether you want a minimum or maximum order, you will only be charged a total shipping cost of $8.

  • Always in control & no commitment

You are the actor behind your subscription, meaning you can easily add, modify, or unsubscribe in any month.

  • Lots of different breweries

You can access a world of new craft beers unavailable at your nearest off-near-me store.

  • Flexible subscription options

With its convenient service, you can customize your subscription based on monthly, every six months, or annually.

Beer Drop Pros and Cons

It’s a complete journey to read our review by researching the pros and cons of this brand. Scan through the tables below!


  • Wide selection of styles and flavors of craft beers
  • Personalized recommendations based on your taste preferences
  • Convenient delivery to your door
  • Low-cost order per box
  • Variety of subscription plans to choose from
  • Cancel anytime without a fee
  • You can order without a subscription
  • It can be sent as a gift
  • Featured by many well-known online magazines
  • 14-day returns


  • No free shipping
  • Very few customer reviews
  • There’s no phone number for the customer service

Who Is Beer Drop For?

Of course, for beer lovers! Those who easily fall in love with beer with many flavors like Beer Drops. Equally important, those who can drink the beer are 21+ as the alcohol content is not suitable for everyone.

Craft beer enthusiasts and classic beer drinkers should check out a wide range of unique beer in this online store. They are among the people who are most knowledgeable about certain beers. So, it would be a waste not to purchase a single one.

Beer Drop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We need other people’s views to make purchases so we don’t regret it later. We brought the three best comments on the brand’s website instead of the reviews Reddit to determine if your beer purchase at this store is correct.

Beer Drop Review: Beer Drop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

All three customers shared good comments about their orders. To start, this first customer expressed his pleasure at ordering the Hoppy Belgians variant, which consists of Hoppy and Belgian beers. He drank two cans at a time. He said:

I love the Hoppy Belgians. So, I get 6 Belgian and 2 Hoppy beers in my box. I’m always getting two cans each.

Another customer was also pleased with the box of beer ordered, which consisted of 6 sour and fruity beers. She mentioned:

I love to try new Sour beers with fruit in them, so Beer Drop sends me 4 Sour and 2 Fruity beers in each box.

Since this elderly customer likes dark-flavored beers, he chose a box of dark and malty beers and enjoyed it very much. He stated:

I only like darker beers. So, half of my beers are unclear in my Drop, and half are malty. I love every beer I get!

From the consumer reports reviews above, we are sure that everyone was satisfied with their respective orders of cases of beer. Also, we noticed no review complaints were found.

Is Beer Drop Legit?

Absolutely, yes! The company is legitimate since it works with award-winning breweries nationwide to blend the beers. They also reassure you on how to cancel your subscription without any fee. Therefore, you can manage it favorably.

As mentioned, this brand has likewise been featured in famous media outlets, such as Yahoo!, Cosmopolitan, GQ, CNET, HopCulture, and Thrillist. Does this online medium seem convincing to you? If yes, then Bee Drop is valid.

Is Beer Drop Worth It?

The extensive list of beers in all styles, including Ale or Larger, with many flavors makes this brand worth buying. Where else can you find a collection of beers that can be ordered with a mix of both in one order? They also update their list regularly to suit your taste.

Beer Drop Review: Is Beer Drop Worth It?

Moreover, this brand chooses not to stock its goods. For that reason, you will only receive fresh products straight from the brewery. Likewise, the price per box of unique beers is also cheap. The expense starts at just $33.

Beer Drop Shipping Policy

Have you got your beer package selection ready? Now it’s time to find out the shipping price. No matter how large your order is, you only pay $8. The company will ship within 10-15 weekdays to reach you.

This brand ships to the continental US, including the 49 states + Alaska. In addition, they have yet to provide shipping outside of those countries due to different shipping terms and prices.

Beer Drop Return Policy

Upon further investigation, beer lovers can return damaged liquor packages within 14 days of your delivery. You may need to include your order number and photos of the packaging and defective goods.

Meanwhile, your refund will be processed as quickly as possible. The company usually takes 3-5 working days to handle such matters. If you need immediate assistance, please email the brand’s experts at [email protected].

Beer Drop Cacellation Policy

If you think your last month’s beer order is still in plenty, you can cancel your subscription for next month. When the service store informs you of the next shipment one day in advance, you can request a cancellation within 24 hours.

Furthermore, you may have to check the Beer tracker on the website. Then, click view drop and cancel it for the next delivery. There may also be a restocking cost of around $20 for canceling an order after the process.

How To Contact Beer Drop

Beer Drop has a friendly customer service team that will help you with your questions through email at [email protected] rather than a phone number. They are open Monday to Friday between 8 am – 5 pm PST. No matter how long your quires is, they will serve you 24 working hours.

Where to buy Beer Drop?

You’d better visit this brand’s official website to purchase many top beer drops. Currently, they only offer beer subscriptions online, not off near me.

Beer Drop Coupon Codes & Promos

The various flavors of beer you’ll find at this company are so affordable that discount codes are out of stock presently. However, you can join the affiliate program to collect a 10% commission or give a gift to get a free one. Or you can check the coupon code in the blue button below!

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Beer Drop

Beer Drop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Beer Drop reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How Do I cancel my Beer Drop subscription?

First, you must go to the account page. Then, click the manage plan link found in the account information section. At last, there is a change option: click a pause or cancel the plan.

Does Beer Drop ship internationally?

Currently, the brand ships its products to the continental US. They may send your orders to Alaska but to Hawaii.

How do I contact Beer Drop?

You can contact the company the fastest way through [email protected].

How does Beer Drop gift card work?

You can visit the company’s site and choose the selection. After that, you can checkout using the gift card code you received. Ensure you enter your gift card code below the billing number. Hence, you can utilize your gift card.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Beer Drop Reviews & Ratings

Come to the end of this review, we proudly say that Beer Drop is the only place where you can order beer by monthly order. With so many craft beers, you’ll never have options on what beer flavor to enjoy each month.

Moreover, the brand doesn’t stock its beers but delivers them immediately upon order. It’s 100% fresh! Their subscription price is very cheap, as is the one-time purchase price. It won’t break the bank!


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