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Barse Jewelry Review 2024 → Jewelry With Colorful Genuine Stones

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About Barse Jewelry

Every woman would be amazed when she sees her beautiful jewelry collection. Especially, when it comes to gemstone jewelry. If you’re looking for a unique stone style with vibrant stone colors, Barse Jewelry is the brand to rely on!

Barse Jewelry Review: About Barse Jewelry

Barse Jewelry is a Dallas-based jewelry design house. Its jewelry collection is famous for its colorful, genuine stones that enhance your look. Thus, each of its stone gems has a unique, genuine color and pattern.

In addition, the brand makes and finishes each piece by hand. As a result, all of its jewelry is of incomparable quality and detail. There are no missing pieces, they are perfect even from various sides.

What makes a jewelry brand so attractive is its popularity among users. No wonder 10k loyal followers on Facebook and 4k on Instagram are interested in its jewelry collection. 

So, are you getting interested in its jewelry as well? This Barse Jewelry review will introduce you to the sparkling beauty of its jewelry. So, stay with us and keep reading!

Overview of Barse Jewelry

The story of Barse Jewelry began when founder Melanie Barse wanted to sell her expert work to others. With her experience, Melanie partnered with her husband, Michael Gobril, to create Barse Jewelry in 1986.

As her jewelry business grew, Melanie’s bold and enthusiastic passion for jewelry led her to explore her journey towards Asia. There, she discovered the rich culture and opportunities in beautiful Thailand.

Therefore, Melanie created a factory in Thailand where she could use her skills to design and produce her pieces freely and according to trends. Accordingly, most of its casting production is based at its factory in Thailand.

Its factory uses the ancient practice of lost wax casting. This method produces a perfect finish with rich details. Therefore, its jewelry is of the highest quality that you can find in fine jewelry.

So, that’s Barse Jewelry’s history about its ownership, how it started, and jewelry history. Now, we’ll take you through its jewelry collections. Let’s begin!

Barse Jewelry Reviews

Besides using beautiful genuine stones for all its jewelry collections, the brand produces all its cast pieces in its factory. Its cast pieces, such as rings and textured cufflinks, are made of bronze, sterling metal, and non-tarnish copper.

Barse Jewelry Reviews: Barse Jewelry Reviews

That’s why they manage to create beautiful jewelry. So, what are the jewelry collections? Here they are:

Barse Jewelry Collections

All the jewels are unique and beautiful in their own right. You can discover to their colorful sparkle in more detail in the next section.

Below, we prepared 3 best-selling products and reviewed them in detail. Thus, you can see how quality and beauty are. Scroll up to start reading!

Barse Jewelry Turquoise Pendant Necklace Reviews

Enhance your look by wearing the Hinged Bumblebee Jasper and Green Turquoise Pendant Necklace. The Green Turquoise is a genuine stone with natural color and detail. Likewise, the brand designed the genuine stone in a highly polished bronze ring.

Barse Jewelry Review: Barse Jewelry Turquoise Pendant Necklace Reviews

This elegant Turquoise Necklace has a 0.71 oz pendant with a length of 2.3″ and a width of 0.9″. On the other hand, this necklace has a 24″ + 2″ extender chain with a lobster clasp closure. Thus, you can adjust the length easily and give it a graceful and bold look.

Moreover, the triangular green turquoise hanging freely on the bee Jesper gives the necklace a beautiful detail. Priced at $118, show your boldness with this luxurious Green Turquoise Necklace.

Barse Jewelry Jasper Stack Ring Set Reviews

Do you love wearing rings? Rings are one of the most worn jewelry by women. Therefore, if you are a ring lover, we recommend the Enchanted Vines Salmon Jasper Stack Ring Set.

Barse Jewelry Review: Barse Jewelry Jasper Stack Ring Set Reviews

This is a trio of handcrafted rings with dazzling salmon jasper stones. These beautiful rings with unique details will wrap around your finger perfectly.

On top of the stone, which brings great beauty, the vine-designed bronze adorns the appearance of your finger. It provides exquisite detail and gives a luxurious look.

No worries! Despite the stacked design, this $68 ring set weighs only 0.29 ounces. So you can be sure you’ll feel comfortable wearing it.

Additionally, its .4″x.25″ genuine salmon jasper is crafted and finished to perfection. As such, it has a finish that brings charm and sophistication to all your looks.

Barse Jewelry Round Drop Earrings Reviews

Add the beautiful and playful Bumblebee Jasper Round Drop Earrings to give some sparkle to your face. These beautiful earrings feature yellow round stones set in a bronze bezel.

Barse Jewelry Review: Barse Jewelry Round Drop Earrings Reviews

In addition, the cheerful yellow color of the stone provides a unique detail that you can wear during the summer. It can radiate happiness and give a fun summer vibe, making it suit every outfit you wear.

These earrings come in a size of 1.25″ when each earring is hung on the ear wire. They are also 0.6″ wide and weigh 0.165 oz, which keeps them dazzling. So their not-so-large size still gives them a graceful touch.

Also, made and finished by hand, these earrings come for $78. So, highlight your style with these gorgeous earrings that are a must-have for your jewelry collection.

Barse Jewelry Cheyenne Ruby Quartz Chunky Bracelet Reviews

The Cheyenne Ruby Quartz Chunky Bracelet is another piece of Barse jewelry you can’t skip. The brand handcrafts and hand-finishes this beautiful bracelet, which is a combination of ruby quartz beads and real wood agate.

Barse Jewelry Review: Barse Jewelry Cheyenne Ruby Quartz Chunky Bracelet Reviews

Besides, the combination of ruby red and gray colors produced by the stones and beads makes this bracelet look amazing. The brand designed it to fit all wrists. Therefore, it has a size of 7.5″ and is stretchable.

The width of the beads is 0.6″, giving it a nice extra detail between the stones. This bracelet weighs 1,685 and is a perfect piece. Get it for only $48.

Barse Jewelry Pros and Cons

Although everything looks perfect, the brand has disadvantages that you can take into consideration. Therefore, check out the Jewelry Pros and Cons below:


  • It comes from high-quality semi-precious stones and sterling silver
  • The stones are sourced directly from miners
  • Carefully crafted by expert
  • Processing by the ancient method of lost wax casting
  • Beautiful and colorful jewelry
  • Easily available
  • Secure packaging and shipping
  • Affordable price for its quality
  • Free shipping and free return
  • 30 days return policy
  • Excellent customer service


  • International shipping is unavailable
  • Limited jewelry collection

Who is Barse Jewelry For?

Barse comes with the beauty and uniqueness of its jewelry for all colorful jewelry lovers. The combination of colors in the stones that decorate the jewelry looks beautiful and gives joy and brightness to everyone. 

Its jewelry is for women who love to collect various forms of jewelry. Each color and type of stone will add a beautiful collection and extraordinary perfection. Also, its beautiful design doesn’t limit the age. Anyone of any age can wear this jewelry.

The details and colors of the jewelry may be more appropriate in the summer. However, some jewelry with darker stone colors is also suitable for autumn or winter.

Barse Jewelry Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

A company’s claim about how high-quality its products are doesn’t guarantee that they are the best. So how do you know that the brand is high quality? One way to discover its value and quality is to read customer reviews.

Barse Jewelry Review: Barse Jewelry Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Discover the quality of the products that customers receive by reading testimonials. You can also find out how the brand services its customers.

Therefore, we look for customer feedback to help you consider its worthiness. The reviews we listed below were obtained from the website with a rating of 4.81/5 based on 2,449 reviews. So, here the customer testimonials are:

… The stones won’t catch on your clothes because they are polished and smooth. It feels like it is more precious than the price I paid for it. That’s always a good thing. I am always happy with my purchases from Barse and they are always carefully packaged and shipped.

The reviews above show that the quality of each piece of jewelry and stone is excellent. The customer even said that it looked more expensive than what she paid for. She was also happy with the secure packaging and shipping.

The next review was also a comment saying that the jewelry looked expensive for the price. On the other hand, the customer is happy because she can wear her jewelry with any outfit.

This is a lovely bracelet. All eyes were on my bracelet while I was traveling in Europe. It has an expensive and classy look. Wear anything that fits and looks great. I would highly recommend this bracelet.

Last, you’ll not only find reviews of their superior products, but you’ll read what customers say about how they serve:

Wonderful necklace and amazing service! Well done Barse.

From the three reviews above, we conclude that the brand’s products and services are outstanding. They proved that they deserve a high rating.

Is Barse Jewelry Legit?

Is Barse a good jewelry brand? Of course! Barse Jewelry is a legit brand. The semi-precious stones they use in their jewelry are sourced directly from miners. In addition, the brand’s stones are carefully crafted into jewelry by experts. As a result, its stone jewelry collection has a high value.

Most importantly, on the website, the brand received store medals in Silver Transparency, Top 1% Trending, 1845 Verified Reviews, Monthly Record 50 Verified Reviews, and Top 5% Stores. Thus proving that the brand is legitimate and a good jewelry brand.

Is Barse Jewelry Worth It?

Barse Jewelry has become a popular brand thanks to its expertise in creating large, bold, and intricate pieces in semi-precious stones and sterling silver. But does its popularity make it worth it? Of course! Barse Jewelry is worthy of your jewelry collection.

What makes it worth it? The brand buys the stones directly from the miners. Then, the pure stones are measured and cut by the craftsmen in Thailand.

In addition, the original raw stone pieces are distributed through its offices in Dallas and Hong Kong. As such, the brand guarantees that each stone is of exceptional quality, and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Each piece of jewelry, such as rings, cufflinks, or anything made of cast metal, starts with a sketch refined into a precise 3-dimensional image. After that, experts and craftsmen will interpret it using the ancient method of lost wax casting.

Also, everything is done by hand to maintain the perfect details. Even the company produces only 10 new collections 5 times a year. So, it will be an exclusive, unique collection.

Barse Jewelry Shipping Policy

What is Barse Jewelry’s shipping policy? In this section, we’ll discuss various information related to shipping jewelry. Check the table below to find out everything from delivery time to shipping costs:

USPS First Class Mail USPS Priority Mail USPS Express Mail
3-7 business days 2-3 business days Next business day
FREE for all orders $6.95 $24.95

All orders are shipped towards the end of each day. On the other side, the tracking number will be emailed to you once your package has been shipped.

Barse Jewelry Return Policy

The brand offers returns if the jewelry you receive is not as expected. However, the return policy is only valid within 30 days of receiving the order. Please check the package carefully as soon as you receive it. So, in case of any damage or discrepancy, you can report it as soon as possible.

Contact customer service to confirm your return. Alternatively, complete the Return and Exchange form to arrange your return.

The brand will process a refund once you return the item according to the brand’s terms. They will refund your credit card or original payment within 5 business days after they receive your return.

How to Contact Barse Jewelry

Whether you have questions about products or you are experiencing problems, contact the brand’s customer service. They will be happy to help you with all your problems. Talk to a customer service representative or send a message via contact below:

We also recommend you visit their social media pages. See what’s new, whether it’s products or promo coupons.

  • Facebook: BarseJewelry
  • Instagram: BarseJewelry

Where to buy Barse Jewelry?

So, where to buy barse jewelry? Get the beautiful jewelry collection at But, if the jewelry you want is sold out on its official website, you may be able to get it at retailers.

Find other beautiful jewelry collections at offline and online retailers such as,,, or Dillard’s in-store/outlet. So, buy it now at your favorite store.

Barse Jewelry Coupon Codes & Promos

Can you get jewelry on sale? Do they offer discounts and promotions? Don’t worry because the brand offers several deals that you can claim to save on your purchases.

  1. Black Friday: Receive 40% OFF using coupon code BFRI40
  2. Giveaway on Instagram: Get stunning genuine onyx and turquoise y-necklace by following Barse’s Instagram account. Also, don’t forget to like, comment, and tag your friends.
  3. Join the brand email list for 20% OFF your first order.

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Barse Jewelry

Barse Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Barse Jewelry reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is Barse jewelry made of?

The brand uses large pieces of stone from miners around the world. As such, the stones they use are authentic. However, some stones are dyed to get the color the brand wants.

Does Barse use real turquoise?

Of course! They only use stabilized genuine turquoise in structured designs. However, some of their ‘turquoise’ bead designs use the magnesite mentioned in the product description.

Where is Barse jewelry made?

Its CAST pieces, such as rings, structured cufflinks, and metal stones, are produced at its factory in Thailand. Its Beaded pieces are designed at its studio in Dallas and then handcrafted in the US or China.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Barse Jewelry Reviews & Ratings

After going through various interesting information about the brand, we are more confident to recommend Barse Jewelry. Made of genuine stones from extraordinary processing, it certainly gives high value to this jewelry collection.

Moreover, its beautiful color design is very eye-catching. Also, its uniqueness provides a pleasant touch to improve your appearance. So, prepare your chic outfit, and complete your jewelry box with gorgeous gemstone collections from Barse Jewelry!


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