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Bakcou Review 2023 → Powerful, Affordable eBikes on the Market!

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About Bakcou

Great electric bikes take a tremendous amount of money. When you lower the price, its quality follows. What a tiring cycle! However, with the existence of Bakcou, say no to expensive and low quality!

Bakcou Review: About Bakcou

Bakcou is a brand that mainly sells electric vehicles and their equipment. It includes ebikes, scooters, gears, and parts. They have the most affordable bikes price in the market!

Not only price, but they also have the most incredible quality compared to similar brands. It all comes from their overall material, such as motor, gearing, battery, and even tires and brakes.

Start with the gearing. They are all metal. It differs from the usual electric bikes because they mostly use plastic or nylon gearing. Thus, it offers durability!

They also have a bigger battery than their competitors. It means they can take you more far away. Plus, the quality is top-notch! This is why their product will always be the best-sellers on the market.

Further, their versatile function ensures their customers get the best riding experiences. With all their excellent material, their electric bike is lightweight and quiet. Thus, you can take them hunting, farming, anything you want!

Speaking of their reputation, they boast many audiences on social media. They currently have 9.7K followers on Facebook and 23.2K followers on Instagram. What an impressive numbers!

However, you won’t feel like missing out by just knowing this brand’s introduction, right? Thus, in this way, we present the Bakcou review. Here, you can discover all the information you need before purchasing them. Keep reading!

Overview of Bakcou

Historically, this brand was created by Bryan Child and Dave Andre. The underlying reason for building Bakcou comes from their love for the backcountry and the remote areas.

As sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts, they dream of one thing similar. It is to climb higher, go far, and explore more without destroying the environment. Therefore, Bakcou was born in 2015.

They made their electric bikes have durability, efficiency, and affordable prices on the market. Thus, they can reach broader audiences and help them explore wherever they want.

Bakcou Highlights

  • Durability material
  • Big battery capacity
  • Excellent quality diesel
  • Powerful ultra motor
  • Affordable price
  • Outstanding customer service

Bakcou Review

Known for its powerful bikes, this brand mainly uses Bafang M620 ultra in their electric bikes. These motors provide the option to switch the speediness from 750 watts to 1000 watts, with a max power of 1500 watts.

Bakcou Reviews: Bakcou Review

That ultra motor is a synonym for durability, capability, and efficiency. The reason comes from their materials, which are all metal, heavy-duty gearing, and a unique integrated torque sensor.

As a smart motor, the speed, shift, brake, cadence, and sensor are based on the rider. The sensor works to deliver precisely what you want. Thus, it enables riders to experience the best riding that they want.

However, even though they are known for their great electric bike, this brand still has more. This brand also expands its collection to fulfill all of its customer needs. You can check their entire collection below.

Bakcou Collections

Ebikes Scout, Storm, Mule, Kodiak AWD, Flatlander, Mav3
Escooters Grizzly, Timberwolf, Badger
Gear Trailers, Racks, Bags, Seats, Apparel, Bakcou Tribe, Misc. Gear
Parts Tires, Drive Train, Brakes, Electrical, Frame, Batteries & Chargers

Further, we will review only their several best-seller items. If you are curious about what they have for you on each item, let’s begin with the first product review!

Bakcou Mule Reviews

Is there any electric bike that is known for its speediness? Absolutely yes! If you are eager to find one, check out Mule from Bakcou. This electric bike is best for taking you anywhere fast!

Bakcou Review: Bakcou Mule Reviews

For your information, this bike is the most popular bike on the market. It is because they are hardtail electric bikes. Wait, why are they famous just for being hardtail? As a hardtail bike, they are known for their absolute lightweight. Suitable for beginners!

On top of that, they are much easier to repair and also require less maintenance. Thus, it is easy to handle! Moreover, if you buy this bike, you can get a rear pannier rack, rear mud fender, 2amp charger, and puncture-proof tire liner, all for free!


  • Bafang M620 Ultra mid-drive motor
  • Hardtail electric bike
  • Capable, durable, and efficient
  • Beginner friendly
  • 35+ mph top speed
  • 8 color choices

Being the top 1 best seller fat tire electric bike for 3 consecutive years, you can buy this Mule based on your desired battery choice. Check them below.

  • 17.5ah (standard): $4.799
  • 19.2ah (+$200): $4.999
  • 21ah (+$300): $5.099
  • 25ah (+$400): $5.199

Bakcou Storm Reviews

Finding an electric bike great for rocky climbs and steep descents is hard. However, why don’t you try Storm from Bakcou? Known for their great power, this bike is perfect for your hard terrain buddy!

Bakcou Review: Bakcou Storm Reviews

Their full-suspension storm G2 allows you to pull out any track you want with ease and comfort. It also accelerates speeds, which is great for stepping down from a mountain with style. At this rate, there is no limit to using Storm anywhere.

Speaking of its look, this bike also has a sleek design. Perfect for flexing on a camping site! What is best is that you can get several free items when you purchase this bike. It includes a rear pannier rack and 4 AMP smart chargers. Best deals!


  • Bafang M620 Ultra mid-drive motor
  • Full suspension storm G2
  • Locking ergonomic handlebar grips
  • It has 5 color choices
  • Large and medium frame sizes are available

Moreover, with its outstanding quality, every hard track is potentially easy to handle. Thus, take your riding to the next level with Storm. See below for the price list.

  • 17.5ah (standard): $5.599
  • 19.2ah (+$200): $5.799
  • 21ah (+$300): $5.899
  • 35ah (+$400): $5.999

Bakcou Scout Reviews

Need an electric bike to support your sports day? Bakcou Scout is the answer! This bike is known for its upgraded quality. Thus, it can make your sports activities much more enjoyable.

Bakcou Review: Bakcou Scout Reviews

Different from 2 of the electric bike collections we reviewed, this Scout is a full-suspension fat tire electric bike. Thus, it is much more stable and efficient.

The entire suspension is excellent to use for rougher terrain. It means there is an improvement in the control, traction, and handling. Hence, they are much more technologically advanced!

Besides their power to handle challenging mountain biking, they are also fast when it comes to speed. It is because they have an incredible 11-speed gear ratio in their Sram NX cassette. Thus, it can enhance your sports experience to the next level!


  • Full-suspension fat tire electric bike
  • Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor
  • Toggle between 750W-1000W and max 1500W motor
  • 17.5ah battery and improved cable housing
  • It has 11-speed gear ratio
  • 7 color choices
  • Large and medium sizes are available

Moreover, shall we look at their price? This type of electric bike only has 2 types of battery. Check the price on the following list.

  • 17.5h (Standard): $5.599
  • 21ah (+$300): $5.899

Bakcou Flatlander Reviews

Have you ever tried Bakcou Flatlander? Known for its beginner-friendly use, it is an electric bike perfect for an easy ride. It includes riding on the river’s edge, a plain, foothills, and other flatter ground!

Bakcou Review: Bakcou Flatlander Reviews

This bike has a combination of power and performance from Bafangs 750w. It also has high components, a rear hub, and a bulletproof aluminum alloy frame. Thus, they are also powerful even if you use them on a more stable terrain.

Designed for the hunting beginners, this bike comes with a wide handlebars and locking handle grips. On top of that, they also have a wide stance with deep cleated pedals and wide holes to easily grip your boots and prevent the accumulation of mud or snow.

If you purchase this bike, you can enjoy a free rear pannier rack, 2 amp charger, rear mud fender, and puncture-proof tire liner. All in one!


  • Hunting beginners friendly
  • Perfect for easy terrains
  • High-end rear hub motor
  • Big battery capacity
  • Full-color HD digital display
  • 25+ mph top speed

Curious about this bike’s price? You can check each of them below and choose what you need the most.

  • 17.5ah (Standard): $3.199
  • 19.2ah (+$200): $3.399
  • 21ah (+$300): $3.499
  • 25ah (+$400): $3.599

Bakcou Finish Line Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner Reviews

Dirt bike is every backcountry rider’s enemy. It is because the terrain is all mud, sand, and any other dirtiness. However, known for its excellent cleaning, give it a try to Finish Line Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner from Bakcou.

Bakcou Review: Bakcou Finish Line Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner Reviews

Removing dirt and grime can increase the lifespan of your bike’s components so that it can be used in the long run. This cleaner mainly helps clean the disc brake rotors and the pads using an acetone-free formula.

The acetone-free formula is tough on grime. They clean all the components without leaving a single stain. But then, they are safe for paint, carbon, and plastic parts. Thus, they keep the visual of your bike intact!


  • Great clean performances for dirt and grime
  • Quick cleaning
  • Environment and human-friendly
  • Zero residue

Get this cleaner with only $12.00 for 295ml. Clean your bikes frequently cause your bike deserves such treatment.

Bakcou Pros and Cons

Before we go further, it doesn’t feel right when we haven’t discussed the pros and cons of this brand. Thus, spare your time to read carefully the Bakcou pros and cons below.


  • Big battery capacity
  • Fast and efficient
  • All metal gearing diesel engine
  • Durable and lightweight materials
  • Quiet and stealthy
  • Comfortable to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available to choose from color, size, and battery
  • 1-year warranty policy
  • 14-day return policy


  • There is little information about the shipping
  • Some reviews say the shipping fees are too expensive

Who Is Bakcou For?

Bakcou offers various electric vehicles and equipment, including bikes, scooters, and gear. Thus, we can say that this brand is perfect for men and women who love cycling. It’s way more perfect if you like to explore remote areas with minimal disturbances like backcountry.

Whether you’re a teenager, a parent, a soldier, a professional biker, a trail enjoyer, or simply looking for electric bikes, this brand must be for you! They are also one of the brands with an affordable price on the market.

Bakcou Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

As well as our review, customer reviews are also one of the credible resources to know whether the product is good or not. Thus, we prepare customer reviews in this section to help you purchase this brand’s product confidently.

Bakcou Review: Bakcou Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Their website has 1000+ reviews with 5-star ratings, and they got an overall 4.8/5. This means that 97% of customers are satisfied with the purchase, giving them ratings between 4 and 5.

Here is one of the customer’s reviews:

It is so comfortable. I have used other models besides Bakcou, but I don’t think they are comparable. This brand has excellent eBikes. They are user-friendly, especially when I ride them on rough backcountry trails, and they feel comfortable.

This customer said he loves Bakcou more than any other electric bike he used to ride. It is all because this brand’s electric bike are comfortable even for a ride on rough backcountry trails.

Then, let’s see what this customer said about the Storm.

I have tried 6 different eBikes brands in the past years but chose to stick with Bakcou. I like the Storm cause it’s a great bike, and I can use it for any terrain, even the rough ones.

Do you love to ride in the rough terrain? Don’t worry. As this customer said, the Storm is an excellent choice as your electric bike buddy to ride on every terrain you want. He also said that he had already tried 6 different electric bikes from other brands, but none had satisfied him.

Okay, let’s move to what they said about customer service. This customer said:

I called customer service numerous times to ensure I got the bike I wished for. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you!

This happy customer said he wished to get a bike that he wanted. Turns out, he called the customer service many times. But then, he was very thankful for this brand’s customer service. It is because they are helpful and understand the product well.

To sum up, this brand has an excellent electric bike. It is proven by numerous mentions of customers who love this brand’s product rather than any similar brand. It means Bakcou takes its product seriously. They are served quality, and it shows.

Moreover, they also have an outstanding customer service. The customer service knows all the products very well. Thus, they can gladly give their help and assist every customer with care.

Is Bakcou Worth It?

This brand has an excellent electric bike collection that varies from beginners to professional bikers. Their commitment to material, battery, features, etc., on every product is compromising. Therefore, Bakcou is worth purchasing.

Bakcou Review: Is Bakcou Worth It?

On top of that, they are also available in every color, battery, and size. This makes this brand an excellent choice for people with particular preferences. Also, their prices are competitive and worth every penny you spend.

Bakcou Shipping Policy

Unfortunately, there is barely any information on their official website regarding shipping. To get detailed information, you can ask their customer service or find out through checking time.

However, as much as we can find, the in-stock products will ship within 72 business hours. The shipping fees will calculated at checkout time.

Bakcou Return Policy

This brand offers a 14-day return policy for bikes; the odometer has no miles and no sign of use. However, 25% of the purchase price is non-refundable. The customer can’t get the original shipping charges and is responsible for the return shipping fees.

You are subject to a 15% processing fee if you cancel the purchased items before shipping. Make sure customers receive written approval for return before returning to the brand. Otherwise, the brand will not issue a refund.

Bakcou Warranty Policy

This brand offers a 365-day manufacturer’s warranty for all eBikes except Badger Electric Scooters. That warranty covers the replacement of the lithium-ion battery, frame, motor, controller, wiring harness, and LCD display.

Contact their technical support team at [email protected] or (844)227-1096 to start your claim. After that, they will assist you with further process. To know the detailed information, go to their Warranty Policy.

How To Contact Bakcou

If you have anything to ask regarding the shopping activities, you can always contact their customer service team through several ways:

Showroom Address
2840 South Wadman Drive, Ogden, UT 84401

Where to buy Bakcou?

You can go directly to their official website to get their bike collection. On the other hand, they are also accessible to shop through dealers. For the dealers near you, you can check them through Store Locator.

Bakcou Coupon Codes & Promos

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Bakcou Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Bakcou reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is Bakcou?

Bakcou is a US brand that sells various electric vehicles and their equipment.

Who is the CEO of Bakcou?

Dave Andre is the CEO of Bakcou.

What is the best bike for hunting in Bakcou?

All of their eBikes are perfect for hunting. It is because they are quiet and stealthy. Thus, you can get closer to your prey with ease.

How fast is the Bakcou Storm?

It varies from rider to rider. It is all based on the rider’s weight, the level of pedal, the terrain, weather conditions, etc.

Where are Bakcou bikes made?

Bakcou bikes are made in China.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Bakcou Reviews & Ratings

Bakcou presents great and powerful electric vehicles that have an affordable price. Besides their durable materials and excellent batteries, each bike is also lightweight. It enables their customers to take their bikes wherever they want with ease.

In addition, the smart motor engine allows their customers to enjoy their ride. This is all because the speed, shift, brake, cadence, and sensor are based on the rider’s desire. Thus, don’t hesitate to check out their product and start to ride your bike!


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