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B Couture London Review 2024 → The Great Streetwear at low prices

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About B Couture London

Winter is here! Bored with the same old winter style? Luckily, B Couture London review is here to introduce you to one of the top brands that will give you a better winter look. 

B Couture London Review: About B Couture London
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B Couture London is a brand that is quite popular in the streetwear and athleisure industry. They have a variety of apparel collections with the best quality, such as coats collection, nightwear, kids’ apparel collection and accessories.

Yup! They not only make clothes for adults, but they also produce clothes for kids that are very well made to give great style and comfort to children.

This brand is a complete package because there you can get various types of clothes such as T-shirts, swimwear, jeans, leggings, shorts and even some accessories such as shoes, slippers, socks and gloves.

It has even become an amazing brand that has attracted many customers by reaching 20k followers on Facebook and 19k followers on its Instagram account. Not only that, but they’ve shipped more than 40k orders since they launched.

So, what makes this brand different from other fashion brands? This B Couture London review will take you through the brand’s history, popular product reviews, testimonials, and other information worth considering to see whether this brand is credible enough for you. Let’s jump right in!

Overview of B Couture London

“Style, Quality, and Value!” These are the three things that B Couture London holds dear. The brand just launched in 2019, but they’ve already attracted many customers in the fashion that they produce.

The brand has a solid team who has already worked with popular brands such as Puma, Adidas, Nike, and many others. Indeed, they take that valuable experience to make high-quality trend clothing at low prices.

With so many clothing lines in the industry, they constantly strive and innovate with their team of fashion specialists who keep a close eye on trends on the high street and social media.

However, to make it different from other brands, they add their own touch to the collections. That way, their collections always have a style that is up to date with current fashion developments but still has its own characteristics. 

So what about their quality? Their experience over the years of working with the best factories around the world gives them the contacts to produce high-quality clothing.

Thanks to their online sales, they can avoid the large markups associated with traditional retail.

In addition, they are a small team that uses innovative technologies for warehouses and logistics systems to save, enabling this strategy to provide the best prices to its customers. 

As a brand that sells products on its official online website, they certainly serve the best service for its customers. Therefore, below are some pinpoints of the highlights that give you a picture of this brand’s quality:

B Couture London Highlights

  • High-quality streetwear and athleisure
  • Offers a wide range of attractive complete outfits
  • Suitable for all ages, men and women 
  • Affordable price
  • Ship internationally
  • Free standard UK shipping with purchases over £70
  • Provides 14-days returns and refunds
  • Has many exciting offers
  • Positive testimonials from the customers

B Couture London Review

As we mentioned, B Couture London is a complete package in the clothing line industry that includes products that both adults and children can wear.

B Couture London Reviews: B Couture London Review

The various kinds of clothes they produce have designs that follow fashion development with quality manufacturing processes and materials.

In this B Couture London review, we’ll discuss the quality of products seen from the material, design, and usability. So, let’s get started to talk about their 3 popular products that are highly sought after by many customers!

B Couture London Upton Park Jacket Reviews

As a brand specialising in streetwear, B Couture London presents the Upton Park Jacket as one of its products that will help provide comfort for its users. Wearing this popular jacket, B Couture’s signature branding on the chest will give you a luxurious feel when you wear it.

B Couture London Review: B Couture London Upton Park Jacket Reviews

This padded jacket has a full zip that protects you well from the cold weather and strong winds outdoors. The zipper is also waterproof, which can save you well from water splash, making it durable.

This jacket is perfect for use in winter with humid weather because this jacket is made of quick-drying fabric that is lightweight and durable. So, you stay dry all day, even in cold weather that is humid and wet. Additionally, because this puffer jacket dries quickly, you’ll get more optimal warmth.

The sides have 2 zipper pockets that will keep your belongings safe and secure. It also has an adjustable hem that will add comfort when using it.

Made from 100% polyester, this jacket doesn’t need to be ironed and please do not dry-clean as this will damage its shape. You can get maximum warmth from this jacket for a cost of £25.

B Couture London Rotherhithe Jeans Reviews

To do a lot of activities outside, of course, you’ll need a lot of comfort from the clothes you wear. One is by wearing comfortable pants to help provide a free step. Many customers from B Couture London are looking for jeans products because they have excellent quality and provide comfort when using them. 

B Couture London Review: B Couture London Rotherhithe Jeans Reviews

Rotherhithe Jeans is one of the best jeans that many of their customers buy. These jeans are very soft because they’re made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. Besides being soft to wear, these jeans are also made of stretch material to create comfort and freedom of movement. It comes in a grey colour that comes in 5 sizes, including 30R, 32R, 34R, 36R and 38R

When used, these jeans give the look of a regular fit from the waist to the knee, which then shrinks slightly from the knee to the ankle. Or you can say that these jeans are slimmer than a straight fit, looser than a slim fit.

The design has a touch of faded colour in some parts and some rips in certain parts, making you look more stylish when wearing it. It also has a zip fly and 5 pockets that are very useful for putting some of your items. 

For £25, you can get your hands on soft and stretchy jeans to give your looks and activities an incredible sense of freedom and style.

B Couture London Stratford Infant Tracksuit Reviews

As we’ve previously informed you, this brand also sells some special streetwear for children. One of them is the Stratford Infant Tracksuit which will provide a cool appearance for your child. This product comes in a set of hoodies and joggers. 

B Couture London Review: B Couture London Stratford Infant Tracksuit Reviews

This one set is made of soft and heavy fleece that will bring comfort to your child when wearing it. 

To give a cool impression to its appearance, it has a kangaroo pocket design on the hoodie and 2 pockets on the joggers. While the wrists and legs are cuffed. A touch of embroidered signature branding on the chest, pockets & back makes it not too plain and still stylish. 

You don’t have to worry if your child will feel uncomfortable when wearing the jogger part because the waist is elastic enough to follow the body’s shape.

This one comes in 5 sizes that can be worn by children aged 3-6 months to 18-24 months. You can give your child a cool style with a hoodie and jogger set for £15.

B Couture London Sizing Guide

The picture size we listed in this section is a special size guide for women’s body size. However, because this brand does not only issue products for women, of course, there are special sizes for men.

B Couture London Review: B Couture London Sizing Guide

Because the size details that men need are more specific, you can directly check it on the men’s size guides page. In addition, you’ll get more detailed information about the men’s sizes of some of the available outfits.

You can also check detailed information related to women’s body size here. Please check directly so that you get the size that suits your body size.

Who is B Couture London For?

There is nothing better than wearing a jacket and other warm clothing when doing outdoor activities in winter. Fortunately, B Couture London comes into this industry as a brand specialising in streetwear and athleisure to provide comfort for its users when doing outdoor activities, especially in winter. 

B Couture London Review: Who is B Couture London For?

They present a wide range of clothing, such as coats, jackets, hoodies, and many more. Their clothing line is not limited to adults only. They also sell streetwear that is specialised for children or even toddlers. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the clothes they sell aren’t just for winter. You can also use their clothes in all seasons since they offer products such as jeans, shorts, swimwear, T-shirts, leggings and more. 

So, we can say that this brand reaches out to anyone doing active outdoors, from adults to children, men and women.

B Couture London Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

B Couture London is very proud of its achievement of 4.1/5 stars based on 1422 reviews on the independent review site Feefo. They love to hear their customers’ feedback, which they use to improve their products and services.

B Couture London Review: B Couture London Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As such, B Couture London’s review will include some reviews from customers to find out how satisfied they are with the brand. Let’s start with the first customer:

Prompt delivery, the quality is brilliant for the price. Royal mail took some time to deliver, but I’m glad that I got my items before Christmas.

From the reviews above, customers seem satisfied with the quality of the product and its affordable price. Although there are complaints about the delivery, the complaints are addressed to the courier service. 

On to the second review:

Good price, excellent quality of goods and the goods were delivered on time and tracked.

Almost the same as the first review, in this second review, the customer also expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the goods and the price. Customers are also satisfied with the fast delivery process. 

There may have been customer complaints regarding delivery, but it was directed to the courier service. After all, other customers seemed satisfied with the fast delivery. Anyway, from the two reviews, it’s proven that the brand’s quality at an affordable price makes it superior, giving excellent satisfaction to its customers.

Is B Couture London Worth It?

Is B Couture London a good brand? That question might be on your mind. You don’t need to doubt this brand. As a popular brand that has attracted many customers around the world, this brand is continuously innovating to create other interesting products that are comfortable at an affordable price. 

B Couture London Review: Is B Couture London Worth It?

Thanks to the experience of their excellent team in the fashion industry, the style of their products never lags behind other well-known brands. Moreover, the fact that they work with the best factories around the world to produce high-quality clothing makes them stand out in the industry.

They also always try to give the best service to their customers with various policies such as international shipping, free shipping, return policy, discounts and promos, and many more. 

With all these benefits, it can be concluded that B Couture London is a good brand and is truly worth buying.

B Couture London Shipping Policy

Shoutout to B Couture London customers. Wherever you are, you’ll not find it difficult to get their products since they provide worldwide shipping services. So international customers can use this brand to enhance their style. 

Especially for UK customers, we have good news for you. The brand offers free standard UK shipping when you order over £70. All items are shipped by Bucks & Co Int. Same day delivery deadline is 3:30 PM, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). Here are the shipping details of various shipping services:

  • UK Standard Tracked Delivery: 3 – 5 Working Days at the cost of £3.95
  • UK Express Tracked Delivery: 1 Business Day at the cost of £5.95

Please note that if you place your order on Friday at 10 PM with UK Express Tracked Delivery, your order will be shipped on Monday, and you’ll receive it on Tuesday. Meanwhile, international shipping will be processed and delivered as quickly as possible, with costs calculated automatically during checkout.

B Couture London Return Policy

Usually, customers encounter problems when they’re purchasing a clothing line due to incorrect size or colour. Fortunately, B Couture London is open for a return request that is submitted no more than 14 days from the date the order is received.

To receive an exchange/refund, your item must be:

  • Returned before a refund or replacement is issued
  • Unworn and unwashed
  • Original packaging and tags are still attached
  • Include the original order number
  • Lids must be tried on with the cardboard insert intact
  • Underwear cannot be returned if it has been removed from its packaging and the hygienic seal has been opened
  • The customer pays all returns/exchanges

The refund will be processed within 1-2 business days of receipt. If your return has been approved, processed funds will be refunded via the same payment method used during checkout. This can take 2-3 business days to appear on your balance.

How to Contact B Couture London

Suppose you find this B Couture London review has something left out, you can contact the brand’s customer service at:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact number: 01772 590972
  • Address: Brockholes Pavilion Claughton Industrial Estate, Brockholes Way, Claughton-On-Brock, Preston, PR3 0PZ

Their customer service is available Monday – Friday (9 am – 5 pm). They aim to answer all inquiries within 1 business day. Other than that, you can also contact them via direct message on: Facebook or Instagram.

Where to buy B Couture London?

As we discussed earlier, this brand only sells its products through online sales. Thus, the best place to get their products is through their official website

There you can get various attractive offers such as discounts and promos as well as various policies such as returns, refunds, free shipping, and many more. Unfortunately, they currently don’t cooperate with other online markets, but purchasing through their website is very easy since they have the best service to provide.

B Couture London Coupon Codes & Promos

There’s nothing more exciting than getting a great discount when you make a purchase. This B Couture London review is happy to inform you that the brand provides great deals that its customers can claim. Here they are:

  • Unlock 10% off your next order by signing up for the newsletter
  • Exclusive on purchases of women’s nightwear from £70
  • Enjoy free standard UK shipping on orders over £70

You can also find various discounts on their products. So, kindly check their website for details. Lastly, click the button below to get a promo, discount code, or free delivery code that you can claim when buying products from this brand.

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B Couture London Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for B Couture London reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns B Couture London?

As far as we have dug up information about this brand, unfortunately, we didn’t find any information regarding the ownership of this brand. 

Does B Couture London ship internationally?

Of course! B Couture London provides worldwide shipping offers.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of B Couture London Reviews & Ratings

During winter, you must be very lazy to go out of the house because the weather makes you uncomfortable. Especially, outfits in winter are mostly very boring. However, by using the right outfit, you can still do outdoor activities comfortably and confidently even in winter.

By wearing B Couture London, your winter streetwear outfits will be more enjoyable and comfortable. You don’t even have to spend much to get decent, high-quality clothing. You can still go outdoors in comfort and look great!


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