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Arran Aromatics Review 2024 → Bring The Sense of Scotland to Your Home!

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About Arran Aromatics Sense of Scotland

A good fragrance can lift your mood, especially if you can bring the Sense of Scotland from Arran Aromatics to your home. This company is famous for its bath, body, and home products. 

Arran Aromatics Review: About Arran Aromatics Sense of Scotland

In addition, it is specialized in creating fragrances with unique scents. You may shop the special scented perfume and candles with recycled packaging and cruelty-free products

The brand’s environmental commitment makes it produce carbon-footprint packaging for the plastic-free community. Furthermore, it has 2-litre refills for soaps, hand washes, and shampoos. 

The company is excellent, and the items are perfect for vegetarians. Moreover, they are free of harmful ingredients, such as parabens. Due to these features, the company features Lorraine, GQ, London Fashion Week, etc. 

Its fame is heard by many customers, boosting more than 42.1K followers on Facebook and 15.7K on Instagram. So if you want to know more about this brand, read on Arran Aromatics review now! 

Overview of Arran Aromatics Sense of Scotland

Janet and Ian Russell founded this company in 1989 using soft, pure, and mineral-rich Arran water. Then, the royal seal of approval was held later in September 1989 by Princess Diana. 

The company receives much attention from the Isle of Arran and worldwide customers. Even better, all of them are looking for excellent products for their bodies and homes. 

At first, it only serves customers in-store. But then, the founders launched a website in 2017 to help all buyers. This was inspired by the nature company rebranded in 2016 and changed its name to Arran Sense of Scotland. 

However, don’t worry because its ingredients and scents are the same. Before digging deeper into the company, I’ll tell you the brand’s highlights below. 

Arran Aromatics Highlights 

  • Body, bath, and home products made in Scotland
  • Features unique scented fragrances
  • Features pure and mineral=rich materials 
  • Cruelty-free and free of harmful ingredients
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Available online and in-store
  • Ships internationally 
  • Offers free shipping for several destinations that reach the minimum amount 
  • 14-day return policy via post and store 
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers 

Arran Aromatics Sense of Scotland Review

While writing this article, I want you to know the brand’s products. Since they are divided into bath, body, and home, Arran Aromatics group them into seven categories. 

Arran Aromatics Reviews: Arran Aromatics Sense of Scotland Review

Here they are. 

Bath & Body Hand Care Hair Care Fragrance
Home Essentials Men’s Collections Gift Collections  

But this Arran Aromatics review will only focus on the following items:

Then, without waiting any longer, let’s begin! 

Arran Aromatics After The Rain Eau de Toilette Reviews

Say hi to the brand’s signature, After The Rain Eau de Toilette! It is a luxury fragrance bottled in exquisite packaging with lime, rose, and sandalwood layers. 

Arran Aromatics Review: Arran Aromatics After The Rain Eau de Toilette Reviews

This product is 100 ml in size and able to give you iconic scents. From floral to earthy, musky to fresh notes, the item is perfect for everyday use! 

Additionally, you need to spray it at a point which can make it more long-lasting. Thanks to the balanced scents, this perfume can be a gift to yourself or a present to your beloved people. 


  • Features lime, rose, and sandalwood notes
  • Promotes mesmerizing scents
  • Long-lasting and suitable for everyday use

Then, click the link below to purchase this item for only £42.50 now!

Arran Aromatics After the Rain Bath and Shower Gel Reviews

If you love the previous product, you must use After the Rain Bath and Shower! It is a gentle body wash for relaxing baths and refreshing showers. 

Arran Aromatics Review: Arran Aromatics After the Rain Bath and Shower Gel Reviews

Additionally, it features the same scents as sandalwood, lime, and rose. The blend will give you extra moisture while showering. 

Furthermore, due to the pro-vitamin B, you’ll find your skin becomes healthier and brighter. So the gel is easy to use and will be your go-to item. 


  • Features lime, rose, and sandalwood notes
  • It contains pro-vitamin B 
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • For relaxing and refreshing showers

Then, let’s shop for this product by preparing a budget for only £16.00 now!

Arran Aromatics After the Rain Reed Diffuser Reviews

The final product you must bring to your home is After the Rain Reed Diffuser, which has the same scents as the previous two. In addition, scents from sandalwood, rose, and lime brings calming aroma to your room. 

Arran Aromatics Review: Arran Aromatics After the Rain Reed Diffuser Reviews

It has essential oils but not overpowering. Instead, it can awaken and enlighten with simple, clear glass and neutral-coloured reed sticks. 

The reed stick will absorb the liquid gradually. Therefore, you can bring the unique fresh scents from the Isle of Arran garden after the rainstorm to your house efficiently. 


  • Features lime, rose, and sandalwood notes
  • Promotes enlightening scents
  • Long-lasting and suitable for home or office

If you want this item immediately, let’s start shopping for the reed stick for only £33.00 instantly!

Who is Arran Aromatics For?

Arran Aromatics does not have an exact target audience. However, the products suit all genders who want to bring the Sense of Scotland to their homes. 

Arran Aromatics Review: Who is Arran Aromatics For?

In addition, many product collections allow you and your family to use the item. So, you can smell nice things, and the products carry you to a nice ambience. 

Arran Aromatics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

While writing this Arran Aromatics review, I will break down the product’s rating to provide complete information concerning the testimonials. If you’re curious about the rates, look at the explanation below. 

Arran Aromatics Review: Arran Aromatics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here are the ratings of the body and home products above:

This is what a customer said:

I love the scent, it is gorgeous, fresh, citrus and flowery all in one go! It really is a fabulous combo.

This customer loves the perfume since the scents are incredible. In addition, the blend is marvellous, making her fond of the aroma. 

Another one said:

It smells great, and leaves skin feeling clean. The bath gel is soft and smelling great!

This customer finds the body wash amazing because it leaves her skin soft and clean. Furthermore, the aroma is magnificent! 

The last one said:

This perfume lingers and has fresh smell throughout the house

This customer gets a lingering and fresh smell from the reed diffuser. Moreover, the scent comes over all around her house area. 

Thus, I can summarize that Arran Aromatics works excellently in providing mesmerizing scent of Scotland to many customers. Many are satisfied and have no complaints because of the fantastic aroma. 

Is Arran Aromatics Worth It?

I have no other words but to say that Arran Aromatics is worth checking out. This company has approval from Princess Diana and provides the best product with the Sense of Scotland. 

Arran Aromatics Review: Is Arran Aromatics Worth It?

Furthermore, the items are made of natural ingredients and have recycled packaging. So you won’t regret buying from this place. Instead, you will come back to repurchase its incredible aroma. 

Arran Aromatics Shipping Policy

This company ships internationally and is ready to send your package to your door. So read the table carefully to see the shipping fee to several destinations. 

  Orders Shipping Fee Estimated to Arrive
UK Mainland, Jersey, & Guernsey





3-5 working days
UK Scottish Islands & Northern Ireland





Varies based on the destinations
UK Express Delivery All orders £5.95 Next-day
European Delivery





3-5 working days
US & Canada Delivery





5-7 working days
Rest of the world All orders Varies based on the destinations Varies based on the destinations

Additionally, you can contact the team at [email protected] if you need assistance. Hence, let’s check out your preferred limited miniatures gift sets now! 

Arran Aromatics Return Policy

Things happen, and you may not want the item anymore. Fortunately, the company provides a 14-day return policy through post and store. Read the explanation below to find the policy. 

Return by Post 

To return your order, please get in touch with the team at [email protected] for the Returns Number. Remember that return is only eligible for fully sealed items. Once you receive a return label, please resend the product to this address. 

Return Address
Arran Sense of Scotland
18 Belle Isle Road
South Leeds Trade Centre Leeds
LS10 2DL

If the team receive your package, an inspection will immediately be held. Furthermore, you will receive a refund for your original payment method within five to ten business days. 

Return to Store

This second option is more efficient if you prefer to visit the store. In addition, customers would not need to send a package but immediately return sealable items to the store helper. 

You must prepare several things for the store return policy: purchase proof, credit or debit card, and the product itself. Furthermore, the team will help you receive a refund to your original payment method within 5 to 10 business days. 

How to Contact Arran Aromatics

Will you contact this brand to ask about wholesale or other policies? Then, find customer service at these steps. 

You may also fill in the Contact Form on the official website. On the other hand, customers who need immediate contact may visit the following address. 

Head Office
Home Farm
Brodick, Isle of Arran
KA27 8DD
Tel: 01779 302 595

Distribution & Return Centre
18 Belle Isle Road 
South Leeds Trade Centre Leeds 
L510 2DL
Tel: 01563 852 401

Where to buy Arran Aromatics?

Customers can purchase Machrie or Malmaison collections through the official website, in-store, stockists, and marketplaces. In addition, this Stockist information will bring you to the original products. Merely choose the nearest location and buy the item immediately. 

Below, I’ll provide the in-store information you can visit. 

Arran Sense of Scotland
The Home Farm
Brodick, Isle of Arran
KA27 8DD

Opening Hours: Mon to Sun, 09.30 – 17.00

Arran Glasgow Buchanan Galleries
Ground Floor 220
Buchanan Street, Glasgow
G1 2FF

Opening Hours: Mon to Sat, 09.00 – 18.00/Sun, 10.00 – 18.00

Wherever you want to purchase your wishlist, the team will send you the original items to your door. 

Arran Aromatics Coupon Codes & Promos

No one can resist discounts, and I bet you do too. So please read the following list if you need any sales and promotions. 

  • Subscribe to the official website to save 20% on your regular order
  • Enjoy free UK shipping when you buy £40+
  • Enjoy complimentary European, US, and Canada shipping if you purchase £200
  • Buy bulk to receive wholesale prices.

Furthermore, the brand holds big events during Black Friday and other significant holidays. You may also purchase items more affordable during factory sales. Then, check social media frequently to get deals! 

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Arran Aromatics

Arran Aromatics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Arran Aromatics reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Arran Aromatics?

The owner of this company is a couple in the Isle of Arran, Janet Russell and her husband. 

What is the history of Arran Aromatics?

At first, the founders opened a gift shop at their house and got inspired to create a signature of Isle of Arran in 1989

Where is Arran Aromatics based?

This beauty company is based in Scotland, UK. 

What scent is Arran Sense of Scotland's signature fragrance After The Rain?

It features lime, rose, and sandalwood. You’ll smell earthy yet fruity, and musky floral simultaneously. 

Does Arran Aromatics ship internationally?

Definitely! The company ships internationally, allowing all buyers to buy their preferred items efficiently. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Arran Aromatics Reviews & Ratings

Every place has a different aroma, so the founders of Arran Aromatics want to box the Isle of Arran into a product. Thanks to this company, you can bring a great fragrance to your home. 

Moreover, you can choose from many collections of body, bath, and home essentials. So, let’s prepare ourselves and buy your wishlist before the stock runs out! 


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