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About AquaTru Water

Water is a mineral that we can’t live without. Since it’s vital for our life, we must be concerned about water quality. Unfortunately, plenty of contaminants are in tap waters, including lead, chlorine, arsenic, fluoride, FPAs, nitrates, and more.

AquaTru Water Review: About AquaTru Water

Water filtration innovation can help us consume healthier, cleaner, and safer water. AquaTru Water innovates the first water purifiers using cutting-edge Reverse Osmosis Purification Technology that can effectively remove dangerous contaminants.

As a problem solver who brings great innovation, unsurprisingly, this brand has been featured on Forbes, Good Housekeeping, Popular science, Los Angeles Times, QVC, Goop, etc. In addition, to support its popularity, it obtains more than 44.7K followers on Instagram and 19.8K on Facebook.

In our AquaTru Water review, we’ll help you dive deeper into this brand to break down its credibility and quality.

So stay tuned to get to know the company profile, product review, customer testimonials, customer service, deals, and other information you must know!

Overview Of AquaTru Water

AquaTru Water was founded in 2016 by Katie Williams and Peter Spiegel, along with launching the first countertop reverse osmosis water purifier. This company is focused on providing water purifiers and their replacements.

Accordingly, the brand has the mission to bring clean water to everyone through affordable yet effective solutions.

With its highly innovative water purifiers, we can say that they are relentless innovators and problem solvers. Why so? Because they are working with science and third-party testing to create the cleanest water solutions.

Everything about this brand is not only about profit, but they continue to make people their main priority. As a result, they keep increasing theirs by continuing to set the gold standard in their water purification technology.

AquaTru Water Review

The expertise of this brand is manufacturing water purifiers with patented 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Purification Technology. It has three products with the same water filtration system and different designs and capacities. Below are the three products:

AquaTru Water Reviews: AquaTru Water Review

AquaTru Water Purifiers

  • Carafe Water Counter Purifiers
  • Classic Countertop Water Purifier
  • Sink Water Purifier

Those water filters combine the Pre/Carbon Filter as the 1 & 2, the RO filter as the third, and the VOC filter as the fourth. This brand also offers Water filter replacements since you need to change the filters regularly.

AquaTru Water Filter Replacements

  • Pre/Carbon filter (yellow) lasts for 6 months
  • Reverse Osmosis filter (blue) lasts for 2 years
  • Carbon/Alkaline VOC filter lasts for 1 year

Aside from those products, you can also discover water purifier accessories like glass pitchers, water bottles, descaling kits, etc. So now, let’s review the three AquaTru Purifiers in the following sections!

AquaTru Water Carafe Water Purifier Reviews

Are you wanting easy clean water? This AquaTru Carafe Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier is designed to quickly get clean and refreshed water with no installation and a complicated manual. It has a capacity of 64 oz. with durable borosilicate glass that makes it easy to pour and offers long-lasting usage.

AquaTru Water Review: AquaTru Water Carafe Water Purifier Reviews

The compact design makes the Carafe fit most fridges that are suitable for those like cool water. The tap water tank is designed with a built-in handle for easy filling.

In addition, the control panel and indicator light at the top notify you when to change the filter and care maintenance.

It utilizes Ultra Reverse Osmosis purification technology to remove invisible chemicals like PFAs and lead. IAPMO has independently tested this Carafe water purifier to NSF standards for removing 82 contaminants.


  • Dimensions: H 13″ x D 14″ x  W 7.5″
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Capacity
    • Clean Water Tank: 1.9L
    • Tap Water Tank: 2.5 L
  • Power: 120-volt

Moreover, the white design and transparent water tank and jug make it look versatile for our kitchen countertop. So, if you prefer a compact water filter, this Carafe compact water purifier can be the best option for $349

AquaTru Water Classic Water Purifier Reviews

Basically, AquaTru Classic Countertop Water Purifiers have the same water filter system as others, which uses the 4-stage patented Ultra Reverse Osmosis technology. This countertop water filter also has NSF standard certification in removing contaminants like Arsenic, Chlorine, Lead, Fluoride, and others.

AquaTru Water Review: AquaTru Water Classic Water Purifier Reviews

But it was constructed with a different design. It has no kettle glass and a completely different look than Carafe. So instead of using a pitcher like Carafe, you can dispense as much water as you want with only one easy dispensing button.

This device lets you get clean water in minutes without installation or plumbing hooks. Moreover, it has long-lasting usage that only is changed every 2-3 months and last for 600-1200 gallons.

In the front, digital displays can alert you when to change the filters. The removable purified water tank allows you to conveniently store it in the fridge for crisp and delicious water. Remember that this water purifier is designed to filter hard water below 10 gpg.


  • Dimensions: H 14″ x D 14″ x W 12″
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Capacity
    • Clean Water Tank: 1 gallon
    • Tap Water Tank: 3 quarts
  • Power: 120-volt

It has various options, such as the Classic or Connect version with WiFi connectivity. And you can choose the VOC filter, whether a classic VOC Filter or an additional Alkaline Mineral Boost VOC Filter. Based on your option, the price can range from $469 to $519.

AquaTru Water Under Sink Water Purifier Reviews

AquaTru Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier is an under-sink filter designed for the homeowner or larger family who wants bigger capacity. This water filter under the sink is invented for faucets at your sink that can quickly fill up cups, water bottles, pots, and pans.

AquaTru Water Review: AquaTru Water Under Sink Water Purifier Reviews

It also has the same water filtration system as others, which is 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Technology and certified for NSF standards. This product combines a durable handle and 360-degree rotation for easy moving. Plus, we like its faucet design that looks modern.

However, since it’s an under-sink design, it requires installation by hiring a professional. In addition, the assembly demand drilling, and even though it comes with the water filter manual, it’s unsuitable for those unfamiliar with plumbing. 


  • Manifolds Dimensions: L 4” x W 11.5” x H 13”
  • Tank Dimensions: H 14″ x D 10″
  • Weight: 111.44 lbs

The AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Under Sink is available in the Classic Under Sink and Alkaline Under Sink option that uses a pH + Mineral Boost Alkaline VOC filter. For the price, you can grab the classic at $349 and the Alkaline at $369!

AquaTru Water Pros and Cons

From here, are you ready to make a decision? Or perhaps you are more curious about this brand? No matter what it is, you can consider AquaTru Water’s pros and cons below:


  • Effective filtration for contaminant-free water
  • Available in compact and large capacity versions
  • Cutting edge 4-stage filtrations
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Affordable price
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • One-year warranty and lifetime registered warranty
  • Favorable testimonials from the customers


  • The dispensing button is prone to leak

Who Is AquaTru Water For?

This brand is dedicated to those seeking cleaner and safer water, free from dangerous contaminants. So it’ll be most suitable for health-conscious people to want to improve their water intake to a healthier and cleaner one.

AquaTru Water Review: Who Is AquaTru Water For?

With its water purifier, it can dispense ultra-pure water suitable for drinking and cooking. They also have three kinds of water purifiers, from compact one to one ideal for larger families.

Thus, it’s basically designated for everyone—big families, renters, travelers, or those who don’t want a complicated installation.

AquaTru Water Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Well, it’s not easy to see the customer’s opinion since it has many AquaTru reviews from the customers. On its website, it obtained a 4.6/5 average rating based on 995 reviews. Well, that’s pretty good, considering how much the customer testimonials are.

AquaTru Water Review: AquaTru Water Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Below we’ve gathered the AquaTru Water filter reviews from the customer to see whether complaints or praises exist. Please take a look at one good review below:

We live in our ‘Shouse’ as a new home, which means including a new well on the building, is being built. The water purifier has been MOST helpful. We will pack and take it South for a rental house this winter.

Another customer also stated the water purifier’s effectivity from the review below:

We have the under-the-sink model. The water filter was straightforward to assemble and works great. We can immediately taste the distinction in the water. I have been suggesting it to everyone. Plus, my wife has noticed that her skin has become healthier too.

For the last customer feedback, we specifically choose complaints that we found in the Classic Water Purifier:

While the quality is astonishing, the water filter works 70% of the time. Unfortunately, the dispensing button is leaky, and water still comes down after releasing the button. Moreover, the clean water amount is somewhat small as well.

From the review above, we can see that most of the water filter works efficiently, allowing you to taste the difference and show visible changes by drinking cleaner water. However, we found that the classic water purifier has some dissatisfaction reviews of leaking dispensing buttons.

Is AquaTru Water Worth It?

With cutting-edge filtration technology that provides clean and safe water for regular consumption, AquaTru Water is highly worth it. In addition, this brand can offer affordable pricing with durable and sophisticated products.

AquaTru Water Review: Is AquaTru Water Worth It?

It uses the science-based approach in the water filtration system to ensure its effectiveness. Moreover, every water purifier also has passed rigorous independent testing in third-party laboratories based on the NSF standards that proved to reduce the contaminants.

Thousands of positive reviews have proven the effectiveness of the products. However, every satisfaction comes with a reason, and customer service is also one thing that guarantees it with 30 30-day return policy and 1-year warranty.

AquaTru Water Shipping Policy

AquaTru Water ships within 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. This website is dedicated to customers in those areas, but they also offer international orders from authorized distributors in New Zealand, the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and others.

Once you place the orders, you can input the correct address, which will also estimate the shipping cost. Then, the product usually takes 1-2 business to be processed. The ETA is varied depending on your location and unpredictable condition.

AquaTru Water Return Policy

Good news for you since their water purifiers are covered under a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can try the product for 30 days, and if you don’t love it, you can contact them to start the return.

Then you can get a refund minus the shipping and handling cost. You’ll like the one-year limited warranty, and you can upgrade it to a lifetime warranty by becoming a registered owner.

How To Contact AquaTru Water

Have questions about how their water filter works? Or need an assistant to purchase the product? You can contact AquaTru customer service via:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 800-220-6570
  • Live Chat: Blue button at the bottom right of the website
  • Social Media: @Aquatru in Facebook & Instagram
  • Address: PO Box 9169, Van Nuys, CA 91409-9169

The customer service team will be available during business hours from Monday-Friday at 7 AM and 4 PM PST and Saturday at 7 AM and 3 PM PST.

Where to buy AquaTru Water?

Its official website is the best place to find the best deals and browse the product collection, where you can purchase products with an authenticity guarantee and risk-free purchase.

If you prefer other online platforms, you can also discover the AquaTru collection on Amazon, Home Depot, and others.

AquaTru Water Coupon Codes & Promos

If you want to get the best deals on your first purchase, you can start by joining the email list to get a unique coupon code. Aside from that, you can also get notified for future sales like Black Friday and other events.

FYI, you can save more if you purchase the bundle or combo. Lastly, get the unique discount code in the button below.

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AquaTru Water Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for AquaTru Water reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Does AquaTru waste water?

In short, it’s not going to waste water since its technology can recirculate a certain amount of waste water back to the system multiple times.

How long does AquaTru filter last?

According to the company, you can replace the pre-filter every 6 months to keep the filtered water clean and bacteria-free.

Is AquaTru good for well water?

It can. But even though it has an RO membrane that can filter out pathogens and microorganisms but it’s not entirely recommended for stream, lake, and well water.

Does AquaTru remove parasites?

Yes. The water filter is equipped with a coarse material like charcoal and sand that can disinfect using chemicals like chloramine and chlorine to kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of AquaTru Water Reviews & Ratings

Summarizing what we’ve mentioned in our AquaTru Water review, we highly recommend this brand if you demand contaminant-free water. Consuming clean and pure water can show a significant improvement in your health.

This brand is an absolute go-to for innovative water purifiers with effective filtration systems. So if you want to consume healthier water, you can visit AquaTru Water for cutting-edge water filtration!


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