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Aquarossa Farms Review 2024 → Fresh Rose Bouquet for Your Sweetheart

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About Aquarossa Farms

Hey there, love-struck guys! Have you ever been stuck to express your feelings to your loved one? In fact, expressing love is as easy as giving Aquarossa Farms. Ready to make her heart bloom with joy?

Aquarossa Farms Review: About Aquarossa Farms

Lost for words? Let Aquarossa Farms blooms do the talking! The company offers hand-picked flower bouquets with premium quality. Their flowers are from the best farm in Guatemala.

Also, the company is fairly new but has already stolen much attention. They have nearly 10k followers on social media on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Their feed is full of refreshing photos of roses.

So, prepare yourself to be the most romantic person in the world. Join this Aquarossa Farms review to discover new info about this company. Then, you can decide whether to rely on this brand for your express feelings. Therefore, let’s begin!

Overview of Aquarossa Farms

The mastermind of Aquarossa Farms is Fabiola Bautista, the company’s founder. She moved from Colombia with big dreams. One day, she spotted the hidden potential of flower farms in Guatemala’s countryside.

What did she see? Fabiola saw that the local ladies were great at farming. Then, Fabiola taught them the A to Z of growing pretty flowers. The women quickly mastered and voila! Girl-powered flower farm blossomed.

Moreover, the brand has successfully bagged Rainforest Certified now. What does it mean? It means their fans are super eco-friendly. Thus, you get the best premium flowers and support sustainability simultaneously.

Aquarossa Farms Review

The secret to Aquarossa Farms‘ freshness is that their flowers are grown on fertile land. Also, the brand uses expert hands that care for the flowers in the best possible way.

Aquarossa Farms Reviews: Aquarossa Farms Review

Roses are the specialty of Aquarossa Farms. The brand grows a variety of colors, such as red, white, yellow, and lavender roses. Then, the flowers are arranged into a beautiful bouquet.

Aquarossa Farms Products

In addition, the brand delivers the best fresh flowers directly from the farm to your doorstep. By cutting out intermediaries, shipping becomes straight and sweet without wasting time.

Moreover, looking at the bouquet, you’ll spontaneously say, “Perfect.” Each rose stem has the same length, 23.5″. Also, the staff processes it by hand to make sure your bouquet is top-notch.

Now you are getting closer to seeing the 3 best-selling bouquets of this brand. In the next step, we will take a closer look at what this label offers. So, keep scrolling!

Aquarossa Farms Bouquet of Red Roses Reviews

For thousands of years, red roses have been the symbol of love. You can also give this classic feeling confession with Bouquet of Red Roses. They’re like little love notes written in petals.

Aquarossa Farms Review: Aquarossa Farms Bouquet of Red Roses Reviews

Each bloom of red roses symbolizes a deep emotion, love, desire, or passion. Therefore, this proof makes the perfect choice to say, “You mean the world to me.”

Furthermore, Who can you give this bouquet to? Everyone you love the most! Red roses are the classic choice for romantic gestures. So you can use it to express your feelings to your spouse or someone special.

In addition, choosing a bouquet of red roses from this brand means selecting the best for your partner. Every flower is chosen with care. Thus, your bouquet is filled with nothing but the best of blooming love.

Lastly, simple language has a big impact. That’s what this red rose bouquet is trying to give. It allows you to say “I love you” in the most wonderful way. Therefore, give your life partner this bouquet by buying it at:

  • One-time purchase
    • 1 dozen: $59.99
    • 2 dozens: $69.99
    • 4 dozens: $79.99
  • Subscribe & save 28.58%
    • 1 dozen: $42.84
    • 2 dozens: $49.99
    • 4 dozens: $57.13

Aquarossa Farms Bouquet of White Roses Reviews

If the red color is too ‘bold’ for you, you can choose the soft one. The company presents a Bouquet of White Roses that shows purity in every petal.

Aquarossa Farms Review: Aquarossa Farms Bouquet of White Roses Reviews

What is the meaning of white roses? These roses are like little messengers of love and purity. Each flower represents innocence. Therefore, white roses are the perfect symbol for expressing sincere emotions.

Besides, these flowers are not only for couples. You can choose this bouquet for a birthday, anniversary, or a sign of friendship. It’s like giving a piece of beauty wrapped up in a bunch of blooms.

Also, can you see how the white roses are as white as snow? The company makes sure every flower has the perfect color without any impurities. Thus, it perfectly represents your clean and pure feelings.

Therefore, if you are ready to celebrate your day or someone else’s, this white rose bouquet is the right choice for your beautiful moment. You can get it based on your budget. See the price list below:

  • One-time purchase
    • 1 dozen: $59.99
    • 2 dozens: $69.99
    • 4 dozens: $79.99
  • Subscribe & save 28.58%
    • 1 dozen: $42.84
    • 2 dozens: $49.99
    • 4 dozens: $57.13

Aquarossa Farms Bouquet of Assorted Roses Reviews

Is one color not enough to represent your colorful feelings? No problem! Luckily, we have a Bouquet of Assorted Roses to make your special moment more alive.

Aquarossa Farms Review: Aquarossa Farms Bouquet of Assorted Roses Reviews

This bouquet is a burst of emotion. You might feel a silent celebration of love, joy, and friendship while looking at it. All wrapped up in a bunch. Thus, you can see various magic of emotion in 1 bouquet.

Additionally, you can give this bouquet to everyone. Well, practically anyone who deserves a burst of happiness. So, we can say that assorted roses are versatile for friends or family.

Moreover, the fragrance of assorted roses is very fragrant. Once you smell the bunch, your head will immediately relax. Also, you can put this bouquet in your room or living room as a centerpiece.

Thus, we confidently agree that assorted rose bouquets always fit on every occasion. Its cheerful and vibrant colors will bring happiness to the recipient as well. Order it now by paying:

  • One-time purchase
    • 1 dozen: $64.99
    • 2 dozens: $69.99
    • 4 dozens: $79.99
  • Subscribe & save 28.58%
    • 1 dozen: $46.42
    • 2 dozens: $49.99
    • 4 dozens: $57.13

Aquarossa Farms Pros & Cons

What do you think of Aquarossa Farms so far? However, don’t let your guard down just yet, folks. In this section, we bring you some other facts about the company. So, make sure you read the table below:


  • Freshness guaranteed
  • Delivers directly from the farm to your location
  • Handpicked quality
  • Beautiful flower arrangement
  • Delightful fragrance
  • Every rose bouquet has its own meaning
  • Supports women empowerment
  • Rainforest certified
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Free shipping
  • 7-day return


  • Limited flowers type
  • No custom options
  • Doesn’t provide worldwide delivery

Who Is Aquarossa Farms For?

Is Aquarossa Farms only for couples? Of course not. The company is open to everyone who needs a premium bouquet to express their feelings. So, singles, stop crying in the corner of your room.

Besides, their bouquet can be a great gift for various special moments. For example, celebrations, birthdays, or confessions. Thus, gift shoppers easily find beautiful and meaningful presents for their loved ones.

As mentioned earlier, you can also make this label a decoration in both a home and an event. It certainly attracts homeowners and event planners. The elegant look of the bouquet can be a complement to weddings or parties.

Aquarossa Farms Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

How reliable is Aquarossa Farms? Do their products really arrive fresh at your doorstep? Let’s find out the truth through customer reviews.

Aquarossa Farms Review: Aquarossa Farms Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One customer gave an excellent rating, saying:

Amazing flowers. Very efficient and detailed packaging. Excellent delivery. It’s much cheaper than other flowers out there, and the roses are stunning …

We’re happy to see customers happy about this brand. This customer is satisfied with the detailed packaging, so the flowers arrive perfectly. Also, the price is affordable for a premium-quality bouquet.

Another shopper wrote in the comment:

I ordered a double for my mom’s birthday, and all the roses looked fabulous and fragrant. Well packaged and prompt delivery …

Is your mom’s birthday approaching? Order white roses like this customer did. The roses came out amazing and fragrant. Moreover, the delivery was very fast according to the desired schedule.

Lastly, we read a note on Reddit:

I wasn’t sure about ordering fresh roses for delivery, but this exceeded my expectations—charming flowers. My friend liked the bouquet.

Again, the brand managed to exceed the customer’s expectations. She got fresh roses that she will give to her best friend. In the end, her friend also fell in love with her bouquet.

On the whole, it’s clearly seen that all people are satisfied with this brand’s bouquet. Both in terms of quality and delivery, nothing disappoints. Thus, you can also give surprise and happiness to the people around you by buying a bouquet at Aquarossa Farms.

Is Aquarossa Farms Worth It?

Here, we arrive at the crux of the matter. Is Aquarossa Farms worth our money? Absolutely, yes! The brand is worth the money because its flower bouquets are of the highest quality. This quality comes from the strong women who expertly manage farms.

Aquarossa Farms Review: Is Aquarossa Farms Worth It?

Besides, we have to highlight how the company strives to maintain the freshness of its products. They will deliver them from their farms to your home to avoid delays. Therefore, the flowers are still fresh in your hands.

Furthermore, Positive word-of-mouth and reviews add to the credibility of this company. Many positive comments from happy customers talk about their expertise in their products and services.

Aquarossa Farms Shipping Policy

Since flowers have a short shelf life, Aquarossa Farms can only send their bouquet to the contagious USA. Also, here’s the bonus: the brand is tossing in free shipping for your order!

Furthermore, there is another unique thing about the delivery. You can customize the day of your flowers’ arrival to your schedule.

Aquarossa Farms Return Policy

The brand aims for your smile to match the beauty of your flowers. But hey, if there’s a little oopsie caused by Aquarossa Farms, no worries! You’ve got 7-days to return and make things right.

Besides, the team will only ask for photos of the damaged flower. Snap it and send it along with your reason for returning it to [email protected]. Then, they will review and shoot you back some instructions. Easy right?

How To Contact Aquarossa Farms

Are you still confused about choosing your ideal rose? Aquarossa Farms has a customer service that is ready to help you at any time. You can contact them via [email protected].

Where to buy Aquarossa Farms?

Remember your precious girlfriend. Doesn’t she deserve a bouquet as beautiful as she is? Hence, buy her the flowers she deserves at Aquarossa Farms’ official website. Furthermore, you can also discover their products on Amazon and Walmart.

Aquarossa Farms Coupon Codes & Promos

The price of Aquarossa Farms bouquets is reasonable. Nevertheless, you can still save your money by using the following discounts:

  • Get 10% off by applying coupon code SAVE10
  • Save $10 with promo code VDAY on the Black Friday sale
  • Sign up your email to win a free bouquet

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Aquarossa Farms

Aquarossa Farms Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Aquarossa Farms reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Does Aquarossa Farms ship internationally?

No, it doesn’t. The company only delivers in the contagious USA.

Who owns Aquarossa Farms?

The owner of the company is Fabiola Bautista.

How much does a bouquet cost at Aquarossa Farms?

The bouquet’s price depends on the number and type of flowers you choose. A 1-color bouquet starts at $59.99. Besides, assorted roses range from $64.99.

Where is Aquarossa Farms?

Aquarossa Farms is located in Guatemala.

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Conclusion of Aquarossa Farms Reviews & Ratings

So, there is no more reason to hold back your feelings for the one you love. You can express your love with Aquarossa Farms. The company makes its bouquet full of love, joy, and freshness. Every bouquet is a masterpiece waiting to bloom in your heart.

In addition, the company personally delivers your order to maintain the freshness of the flowers. Isn’t this too good to be true? Thus, don’t wait for your partner to feel unworthy. Visit Aquarossa Farms today and let the blossoms speak volumes!


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