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Aqua Outdoors Review 2024 → In-Pool Chaise Lounger for Fun Sunbathing

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About Aqua Outdoors

What’s the best thing to do during summer? Yes, sunbathing! You don’t have to go far to the beach as long as you have a backyard, pool, and Aqua Outdoors.

Aqua Outdoors Review: About Aqua Outdoors

Aqua Outdoors notices your summertime SOS. The brand brings back your joy by presenting the ultimate relaxation with pool furniture. Their products are backed with materials ideal for even the hottest weather.

Besides, everyone should enjoy relaxation under the pleasant sunshine. That is why the company has reasonable outdoor furniture. So they can join the party without stretching their budget.

In addition, it seems we found a rising star here. We found 700+ followers on Instagram and 400+ on Facebook. Also, their platform is also loaded with beautiful setups from their collection.

Therefore, if you want to transform your backyard into a pool party paradise, read our Aqua Outdoors review. We will provide essential info about this label. Thus, hold onto your summer hat. We’re going in!

Overview of Aqua Outdoors

The initial idea of Aqua Outdoors was to transform a boring backyard into a private resort-style oasis. The founders discovered that the little thing that could change everything was the in-pool lounge chair.

Then, they realized that the simple furniture placement had a big impact. Hence, the company wishes to share this innovation with everybody. So, a while later, the founder and his team successfully established this brand.

Moreover, the principle that they hold is simple but strong. The label commits to prioritizing customer needs above all else. Also, their mission is to bring pool furniture that is stylish, functional, and affordable.

Furthermore, the company is not alone on its journey. They embrace experts to create products with maximum comfort and style. Every step, such as material selection and design, is carefully chosen.

Aqua Outdoors Review

When it comes to outdoor bliss, Aqua Outdoors is the undisputed maestro. The company has several collections specifically designed to befriend summer.

Aqua Outdoors Reviews: Aqua Outdoors Review

Can you imagine basking in the sun’s warm glow with an in-pool chaise lounger? That’s exactly what you’ll find here. The brand offers pool chairs, tables, and pillows to complete your swimming pool.

Aqua Outdoors Products

Additionally, your poolside will be prettier once you put down some collections from this company. Its upscale pool lounges have an aesthetic, simple, sleek design that takes your yard to the next level.

Speaking of which, the following section will cover 3 of the company’s bestsellers. Do they belong in your home area? Well, let’s find out!

Aqua Outdoors In Pool Lounge Chairs Reviews

The best item from this brand that you must have is the In Pool Lounge Chairs. These chaises allow you to relax by the pool as if you were sunbathing on a Hawaiian beach.

Aqua Outdoors Review: Aqua Outdoors In Pool Lounge Chairs Reviews

Since this in-pool chaise lounger is crafted for outdoor use, it can withstand various weather. These chairs stand firm against moisture, mold, and unpredictable weather. Also, the UV-resistant resin and water-resistant material leave you worry-free during any weather.

Besides, we should highlight the ergonomic design. This sun-shelf lounge chair ensures perfect spinal alignment. It offers a contoured shape for pleasant lying down. In addition, the sturdy construction supports your body firmly and stays securely in place.

Furthermore, this pool chair adapts well in various locations. You can put it in a pool, poolside, cozy patio, or even sandy beach shores. It has the same comfort in different places.

Product Details

  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Dimension: 66 × 22 × 24 in
  • Sun shelf: For use in 6″-9″ of water
  • Materials: High-quality, UV16-rated resin built
  • Max water depths: 10″-14″
  • Colors: Classic white, white granite, gray granite, sandstone granite, and coral reef

Therefore, there is no more screaming because of the hot butt when it hits the chair at the edge of the pool. With this pool lounger, you can transform your backyard area into a more tropical one. So, bring it to your home for $549.00.

Aqua Outdoors Lounge Chair Riser Reviews

Do you wish your pool loungers could be taller? Say no more! You should meet the Lounge Chair Riser. This riser allows users to sit and stand easily.

Aqua Outdoors Review: Aqua Outdoors Lounge Chair Riser Reviews

Is this chair riser safe for the pool? Definitely yes! It is created with a non-slip surface to make sure the lounge chair stays stable. Also, it’s ideal with all pool surfaces. Thus, you can feel the best relaxation with a reliable and secure lounger riser.

In addition, just like the pool lounge, the chaise lounger riser is weather-resistant. It can withstand chemicals in your pool. Besides, we’re surprised that this riser is UV-resistant, fade-resistant, and chip-resistant.

Moreover, the riser is under the chair, but its style is no less fabulous than the chair itself. The visual of this chair is aesthetic. Further, it comes with 3 choices of charming colors: gray, beige, and white. So, you may match the riser color with your in-pool lounger chairs.

Product Details

  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Dimension: 36 × 16 × 12 in
  • Max water depths: 9″-14″
  • Features: 2 slots built in the side supports
  • Colors: Gray, white, and beige

Thus, no more groaning because the chaise is too low. By purchasing this riser for $178.00, you can get the perfect height to relax.

Aqua Outdoors Pool Chair Pillows Reviews

When you’re sunbathing for hours, your head will probably hurt because of the hard pool chair. So, this is a sign that you should consider Pool Chair Pillows. All we can say is this is the perfect complement to tanning time.

Aqua Outdoors Review: Aqua Outdoors Pool Chair Pillows Reviews

This pillow is adjustable and soft. You can use it to support your head, neck, and back in premium support. No wonder, you might fall asleep because of the comfort that this pillow provides.

Further, we know what you’re worried about, “what if it suddenly rains?” Thankfully, these cushions are crafted from water-resistant and soft polyester. Therefore, you don’t have to run around to save your pillow when it rains.

Besides, outdoor aesthetics matter and these pillows understand the job. They are available in various colors that easily blend with your pool vibe. You can select from 6 gorgeous colors that best suit your style.

Product Details

  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Dimension: 22 × 6 × 3 in
  • Fabric material: Dyed acrylic outdoor fabric.
  • Fabric colors: White, linen, gray, turquoise, blue, and navy

Thus, give your precious head the softness it truly deserves. Your comfort should be perfect at all cost. Then, experience the comfort of this plush by purchasing it at $98.00.

Pros & Cons Aqua Outdoors

Sometimes, companies only show the good on the surface. Therefore, we dig deeply into Aqua Outdoors to discover what’s hidden. Here are the pros and cons of the company that we found:


  • Long-time comfort and durable materials
  • Water and weather-resistant lounger and pillow
  • Versatile design for various outdoor spaces
  • Aesthetic, sleek, and modern style
  • Ergonomic design
  • Safety features for stability in pool
  • Affordable price
  • 30-day return
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free delivery
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Only has one size
  • Limited color and design options
  • A small range of products

Aqua Outdoors Vs Ledge Lounger

How does Aqua Outdoors compare to other brands? As we know, many companies are selling pool furniture, including the Ledge Lounger. Here, we will discuss point by point among the two labels.

Aqua Outdoors

  • Design & color: modern style with nautical colors
  • Product range: focus on pool lounger
  • Quality: top quality materials with balance ratio
  • Pillows: perfectly fit with the lounger
  • Rating: 4.9/5 stars
  • Price: $549.00

Ledge Lounger

  • Design & color: modern style with vibrant colors
  • Product range: provides multiple types of outdoor furniture
  • Quality: there is a customer complaint about an awkward gap between the lower back and the seat
  • Pillows: some buyers say the pillows don’t fit the lounge chairs either
  • Rating: 4.7/5 stars
  • Price: $799.00

Who Is Aqua Outdoors Market?

Are you a homeowner looking for pool furniture for your outdoor space? Aqua Outdoors is the right place. Everyone who has a patio, garden, or swimming pool can shop at this brand to fill the empty space.

Also, the company is not just for private use. Their products are also made for hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses. As we know, their collection is very stylish and durable. It is definitely perfect for guest comfort.

Aqua Outdoors Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We’ve done our best to provide you with product info. But do you realize what helps your buying decision? Customer feedbacks. Therefore, we picked up some testimonials on the website to see how this product is in the customers’ opinions.

Aqua Outdoors Review: Aqua Outdoors Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One buyer revealed:

… We love it, and so do our guests and our family members. It is very comfortable, high quality, and easy to move as needed for pool cleaning …

This customer approves of the lounge chair’s quality that he purchased. He applauds its high quality and comfort. Besides, it is easily cleaned and moved.

Another customer commented:

… There is a non-slip and textured finish that we really appreciate. It doesn’t get as hot as my previous lounge chair in the sun. I am delighted to have found this, and I recommend it.

As mentioned, you won’t face a hot chair when sitting on this lounge chair. This buyer added a non-slip surface and a smooth texture, which makes him enjoy the summer in peace.

Next, we got a review on Reddit:

… the chairs are great in size, quality, design, etc, and the customer service is terrific. I also highly recommend this company’s umbrellas, cushions, and tables. Everything is perfect.

It looks like this shopper bought a whole package of pool furniture. He happily shared that the quality, size, and service met his hopes. Moreover, we are happy with how he recommends other products.

In short, we clearly witnessed that customers loved everything about this company. They point out the quality, convenience, and affordable prices. The more we dive in, the more positive comments we discover.

Is Aqua Outdoors Worth It?

Aqua Outdoors is an excellent choice if you are looking for pool furniture that emphasizes top-quality materials and comfort. This brand is worth every penny because it covers all aspects of outdoor furniture— weather resistance and durable materials.

Aqua Outdoors Review: Is Aqua Outdoors Worth It?

Moreover, the brand is cheaper than any other furniture seller. They make a diverse range of outdoor furniture and accessories at a reasonable price. So, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to purchase some of the stuff on this label.

In addition, we appreciate how the company thinks about the user’s safety. On the chaise lounges inside the pool, there is an anti-slip to make the chair stable. Therefore, the person on it will not slip.

Aqua Outdoors Shipping Policy

At this time, we learned that Aqua Outdoors ships its products worldwide. Moreover, we’re excited to tell you the brand offers free standard shipping to the lower 48 states (sorry for Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and international orders).

Aqua Outdoors Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is the core of this company. Thus, if you feel unhappy with your order, you can return it. Aqua Outdoors does accept returns within 30 days of delivery. All items must be in the original packaging and in the same condition they arrived.

So, to kickstart the return process, you can call 866-425-2694 or email [email protected]. The team will gladly assist you during the return process. Then, pack your items safely and neatly before handing them to the shipping service.

How To Contact Aqua Outdoors

Whether you still have questions this review didn’t answer or want to make suggestions, you can submit them to customer service. Simply shoot them via:

Mail Address
10245 Kempwood Dr Ste E
PMB 1035 77043
Houston, Texas

Where to buy Aqua Outdoors?

You don’t want to miss summer without Aqua Outdoors. You have to purchase it in a rush to live the midsummer madness. Thus, this company’s best deals and stock is available on its home website.

Besides, you can choose other marketplaces to meet this brand. Some, like Amazon, Ubuy, and Alibaba, also provide Aqua Outdoors. But still, the original place is the better way.

Aqua Outdoors Coupon Codes & Promos

Since Black Friday is approaching, Aqua Outdoors offers some exciting discounts for you. Therefore, you can save your money on this brand. Then, please try all the promos below:

  • Discover mane sale items on the sale page
  • Enjoy $200 OFF on patio furniture with coupon code LOYALSD
  • Up to 25% discount by applying discount code DRESS25

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Aqua Outdoors

Aqua Outdoors Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Aqua Outdoors reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Aqua Outdoors located?

The location of this company is in Texas, United States.

Does Aqua Outdoors ship internationally?

Yes, it does. The brand ships its furniture globally.

Where can I find Aqua Outdoors near me?

Currently, the brand’s collection is only available online. You can buy the products on the official website, Amazon, or Alibaba.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Aqua Outdoors Reviews & Ratings

Overall, don’t just dream of the perfect poolside paradise. Make it a reality with Aqua Outdoors. The company is a pool furniture expert that provides sleek lounge chairs and soft pillows. Every piece is made for your comfort.

In addition, they understand that outdoor furniture requires special features and materials. That’s why they carry products that are weatherproof and durable. So, are you ready to have fun with Aqua Outdoors? Visit the website right now! Your summertime awaits!


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