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AO Glass Review 2024 → Aesthetic Glassware Handcrafted in Vermont!

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About AO Glass

Are you an aesthetic glassware enthusiast? Well, you may already know when you spend a night or vacation in Vermont, glassware is something that you should check for.

AO Glass Review: About AO Glass

AO Glass is a handcrafted glassware company that offers well-crafted aesthetic designs that are decorative and functional. This brand also provides customizable engraving and customizable work made by expert glassware artists.

Their glassware is already all over the place, whether displayed in the showroom or you may find it while visiting the Vermont hotel. It has received popularity with AO Glass Facebook followers of 1.9k and 3k Instagram followers.

However, is their handblown glassware worth purchasing? To see its worthiness, this AO Glass review will break down all information about the brand’s history, best-selling products, discounts and promos, and more. Let’s check it out!

Overview of AO Glass

Established in 2007, AO Glass LLC stands for its founder name of Rich Arentzen and Tove Ohlander. This company started when Tove and Rich met at the Orrefors School in 1994 and started the glass-blowing studio in Oslo in 1998. Then in 2007, they moved to Vermont, and the AO glass began.

This glassware company also partners with the glass lighting industry with Hubbardton Forge, Lindsey Adelman, Allied Maker, and Urban Electric. This lighting industry partnership sleds their small art glass studio into a premiere lighting industry glass components vendor.

It strives to maintain the nordic connection by using Swedish glass as the raw material of production to create an eco-crystal that is dishwasher-safe and user-friendly. All Vermont glass blowing is in-house, and all glass is an age-old craft made modern combined with hundred years of folklore and history.

Here are some of the brand’s pros and cons to give you a bigger picture and pinpoints of this glassware company.

AO Glass Pros

  • Handcrafted by a glass artists
  • Elegant decoration and functional
  • Dishwasher-safe and user-friendly
  • Premium glass raw material imported from Glasma in Småland
  • Provide a customized design and engraving request
  • Free shipping on order over $100
  • All review positive from the customers

AO Glass Cons

  • No international shipping
  • No return policy

AO Glass Review

In this section, let’s know what the brand has to offer. Mainly, this brand provides handcrafted glassware and partnership for custom work.

AO Glass Reviews: AO Glass Review

Its partnership has collaborated with renowned brands such as Runamok Maple, Hotel Vermont, and Whistlepig Rye. So there’s no question about its quality since this company has maintained its quality, proved by its partnership.

In addition, on its website, you’ll find various products, such as Barware, Card Holders, Folklore Sculptures, Home decor, Tableware, Ornaments, and many more. All product is carefully handcrafted and produced in small batch to ensure quality.

Now, let’s review some of their best-selling products so you can see their quality.

AO Glass Handblown Rocks Glass Reviews

If you like to drink whiskey on the rock, this AO Glass Handblown Rocks Glass will be your best go-to. It’s exclusively handblown by Vermont glass artists with a simple yet versatile design that makes it perfect for a heartwarming gift.

AO Glass Review: AO Glass Handblown Rocks Glass Reviews

It measures around 3″ by 4″ tall, the perfect size in hand, and devours a chill whiskey in an artistic glass. You can also choose the hot-stamped design placed on the glass’s bottom.

Hot stamped design option

  • AO logo
  • Unity Fist
  • Outline of Vermont
  • Two linked Hearts

In addition, this handblown glass art brand also offers Handblown Pint Glass, making it the best if you’re looking for a versatile beer glass. 

If you use it for a gift, you can also ask for hand engraving at an additional cost of $10 per item. You can purchase this ao whiskey glass for $54 per item and enjoy your favorite liquids in an artistry glass.

AO Glass The Community Bowl by Tove Ohlander Reviews

Are you looking for an outstanding gift that makes the receiver remember your gift? Not only has a unique look, but this AO Glass The Community Bowl is functional. This handblown glass bowl’s unique engraving was engraved by an in-house artist Tove Ohlander.

AO Glass Review: AO Glass The Community Bowl by Tove Ohlander Reviews

Freehand sketches present a lively addition in a crystal clear bowl. This Large Community Bowl measures about 12″ in diameter, and the small one is 9″. All the glassware will be produced in small batches and engraved individually to offer premium handmade glassware.

With its art of artist’s hand engraving, it doesn’t cost cheap, the small size will cost $220, and the large one will cost $380. But with its engraving art and handblown glassware quality, it is worth the price.

AO Glass Stamped Décor Dish Reviews

AO Glass Stamped Décor Dish is decorative and functional as a pressed glass dish that Tove Ohlander exclusively crafts. You can use this stamped decor dish to hold a soap bar, business cards, sponge, and more.

AO Glass Review: AO Glass Stamped Décor Dish Reviews

If you’re an aesthetic enthusiast, you can place it upright on a window sill to use it as a light decorative play. However, customers also usually use this elegant decor dish to put the leftover food that can still make it look more elegant. So it will look good no matter if you place it and use it.

It measures approximately 3″ by 4″ and is available in three stamped design options, including Vermont, House, and Swedish folklore-inspired designs. Lastly, you can grab this glass-blowing dish for $40 per item.

Who Is AO Glass For?

This handcrafted glassware company is suitable for everyone. Their product is made by glassware artists that put their soul into the artwork.

AO Glass Review: Who Is AO Glass For?

So their product will be suitable if you’re looking for the aesthetic side or glassware that’s functional and decorative. You may also find ornament and sculpture with a folklore design ideal for you looking for authentic decoration.

In addition, it offers partnership or customized work suitable for brand owners looking for a glassware company that provides a professional collaboration. Finally, its customizable engraving can be the best option if you find a one-of-a-kind gift that will remain in the receiver’s memory.

So, whether you’re an aesthetic enthusiast, company owner, or gift finder, this handblown glassware is made for everyone.

AO Glass Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

So you know our opinion about this brand, but do you believe it? So to completely break down this brand credibility, we’ll look at the testimonials from the customers.

AO Glass Review: AO Glass Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Impressively, this brand gained 5/5 average store ratings from their customer’s review section. Here are what their customer says:

I ordered two beer glasses to be dispatched to a friend in CT. Not only were they shipped quickly, but they also came perfectly packaged and in perfect condition. My friend was beyond excited. I hope I can post the picture she sent of her glasses. I love this business. I’ve bought from them before and will clearly continue to do so.

The review above shows us how glassware can be a great gift option. Even though glassware shipping can be a deal breaker, this brand safely packed the product in perfect condition. Next, another review said:

It is a beautiful rocks glasses. The shipping also was super fast!

Even though their shipping information states that the product will take some time to process since it’s handcrafted, it seems that no customer complains about it. The customer above even claims that the shipping is fast. Another review stated:

The stemless flutes are beautiful, and the champagne looked and tasted wonderful. This is a second purchase of glassware for a gift and as with the first time, AO Glass exceeded expectations! They responded to questions, and the item arrived in plenty of time. AO glasses are a great gift to give!

From the review above, the customer states that it is their second purchase, proving its customer satisfaction level.

Overall from the review above, we can see that there is no deal breaker review since all the review is positive. Furthermore, the product is in good condition and packed and shipped safely.

Is AO Glass Worth It?

After we look at various factors about this handblown glassware company, we can conclude that this brand is worth it.

AO Glass Review: Is AO Glass Worth It?

This brand offers premium and eco-crystal glassware handcrafted by glassware artists with aesthetic design. Since it’s handcrafted, you may find it quite high in price, but the price is reasonable since their glassware differs from your mass-production tableware.

The material is imported and worth the price with versatile handcrafting. Moreover, the review shows that all customers are satisfied with the products and have no complaints about their purchase.

It also offers free and fast shipping. Even though they stated that the process would take some time, all the customers noted that the shipping was fast. Indeed it has no return policy, but no customer complains about damage or is satisfied with the purchase.

In a nutshell, we can conclude that this brand is worth investing in, especially if you’re looking for glassware with premium handcrafting and customizable engraving.

AO Glass Shipping Policy

According to the AO Glass shipping policy, they offer free shipping for all purchases of $100 in the United States. But if it’s below the minimum, all the costs and taxes will be calculated in the checkout section.

Unfortunately, this US manufacturer of handmade glass design and lighting components currently only ships within the US, so other international customers can’t purchase it from its website.

Keep in mind that all of their product is handblown and individually engraved in small batches, so unlike other mass-production glass, it may take 21 days to ship. And if your payment is confirmed, your product will be processed as soon as possible and shipped immediately.

AO Glass Return Policy

Unfortunately, AO Glass doesn’t offer a return policy or warranty since all their product is handcrafted and custom-made. However, if you’re unsatisfied with the product, you can contact their customer service.

After the products arrive, you should carefully inspect and record the product to see whether there is damage. If so, you can contact them to discuss the solution, whether the shipping damage or the manufactured fault.

Nevertheless, an unsatisfied purchase never happens in this brand since all the products will be carefully inspected before it ships. Keep in mind that that return is never guaranteed since they don’t offer a return policy or warranty. But their customer service will happily help you and discuss the solution.

How To Contact AO Glass

This AO Glass review did its best to provide you with helpful information. But if you still have an unanswered question or need help with the order that you need to reach AO Glass customer service. Here are some ways:

Its customer service will gladly respond to you whether you are asking about what they offer or discussing custom work.

Where to buy AO Glass?

Interest in grabbing this stunning and authentic handblown glassware? You can officially purchase all of their product on AO Glass’ official website. You can also purchase customized glassware and lighting created primarily based on your request and design.

If you prefer to have a tactile visit to see their handcrafted glassware, you can also visit their physical store. You can check their stores on this Store Locator or AO Glass Vermont Factory at 416 Pine Street, Burlington, VT.

AO Glass Coupon Codes & Promos

Want to save more? If so, you can subscribe to their email list to get 15% off your first purchase and be the first to receive news and offers. Moreover, you can also save the shipping cost for purchases over $100 on all US addresses.

Wait, it’s not over yet! Check the link below to reveal the exclusive AO Glass discount code!

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AO Glass

AO Glass Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for AO Glass reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns AO Glass?

This handcrafted glassware company is owned by Rich Arentzen and Tove Ohlander.

Does AO Glass ship internationally?

Currently, they only ship within the United States.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of AO Glass Reviews & Ratings

Finally, we’ve come to the last section of this AO Glass review. From all sections above, we can see that this brand offers premium handcrafted glassware that’s made with quality and aesthetically.

We can say that it’s super worth the price, mainly if you’re looking for functionality and the handcrafting and decorative glassware design that makes it look more elegant and authentic for your business inventory.

Thus, if you want customizable glassware or grab on their exclusive engraved glassware, you can go visit its official store!


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