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Antarctica Outdoors Review 2023 → Tactical Apparel and Gear for Your Next Adventure!

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About Antarctica Outdoors

Throughout your outdoor activity, terrain changes and unpredictable weather will find a way to disrupt your best days. So as an outdoor enthusiast, you need to find the gear that can withstand the rugged terrain and is highly functional for your activity.

Antarctica Outdoors Review: About Antarctica Outdoors

So we want to introduce you to our outdoor gear manufacturer, Antarctica Outdoors. This brand offers a significant length of tactical gear from head to toe. Every product is made with outdoor enthusiasts in mind to ensure the best for you.

This brand is already familiar among outdoor enthusiasts with products that gain primarily positive customer reviews. It’s also active on its blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which boosts its popularity.

However, you shouldn’t blindly trust this brand. It would be best to conduct thorough research to ensure a risk-free purchase. Thus, our Antarctica Outdoors review will help you know more about this brand by presenting the company information, product reviews, testimonials, and deals.

Overview Of Antarctica Outdoors

Antarctica Outdoors is a brand that has been developing and manufacturing global tactical apparel and gear since 2008. The company has long enough in the industry and has created a complete product line that meets your needs.

Its tactical gear and apparel have great features to beat any weather. Moreover, it encompasses many products for your needs, whether hiking, climbing, military training, or others.

This brand aims to provide the best outdoor products with the highest quality tactical gear at an affordable price. It also offers outstanding customer service with responsive online support, a money-back guarantee, and free delivery.

However, we must see whether this brand can deliver all its claims. Thus, we’ve compiled the Antarctica Outdoors pros and cons below after reviewing this brand thoroughly:

Antarctica Outdoors Pros

  • Complete lines of tactical gears
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Weather resistant
  • Often offering sales
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day return policy
  • Safe and secure payment
  • Thousands of positive reviews on Amazon

Antarctica Outdoors Cons

  • Lack of information about the company profile
  • The size runs smaller than expected

Antarctica Outdoors Review

An impressive fact about Antarctica Outdoors is its quality as a one-stop store for outdoor gear and apparel. It has a complete line of products, whether clothing to survival kits. Now let’s see some of the products classifications below:

Antarctica Outdoors Reviews: Antarctica Outdoors Review
  • Apparel: Combat Shirts, Combat Pants, Military Suits, Tactical Vests, etc
  • Bags + Packs: Small Tactical Sling Bag, Running Backpack, Leg Bag, Hydration System, etc
  • Footwear: Military Boots, Combat Boots, Hiking Boots, Trekking Shoes, Thermal Hiking Boots, etc
  • Accessories: Tactical Belts, Tactical Gloves, Scarf, Hat, Balaclava, Sunglasses, etc
  • EDC Gear: Camping Shovel Axe, Survival Kit, Survival Bracelet, Parachute Cord, etc

With so many items available, we’ll specifically choose three recommended products to be reviewed. So, without further ado, let’s break them down in the section below!

Antarctica Outdoors Gear Heated Jacket Reviews

If you like outdoor activities in cold weather, Antarctica Gear Heated Jacket is a must-have item to maintain your high body temperature. This jacket is designed to help you beat the cold weather so you can freely do outdoor activities during winter.

Antarctica Outdoors Review: Antarctica Outdoors Gear Heated Jacket Reviews

It has 6 carbon heating zones in the front (2), back (2), and each arm. The heating zones can heat up quickly to promote blood circulation and heat the body temperature. YOu can adjust the three heating modes by pressing the power button.

The CE and FCC-certified 12V 16000mAh battery pack can heat from 110°F to 140°F in seconds and stay warm for 4-8 hours. Depending on your comfort, you can adjust the temperature from the lower to the highest. The heated jacket also features a digital display to monitor the remaining battery and a USB port to charge mobile devices.

The high-quality material or soft and comfortable polar fleece fabric with excellent warmth and breathability. Features with removable classic hooded design and YKK zipper, it performs performance smoothly without snapping.

Thus, if you want to avoid coping in the home during the winter and freely enjoy outdoor activity, you can grab this outdoor heated jacket at $119.99!

Antarctica Outdoors Heated Jacket Details

  • Color: Black, White, and Blue
  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL
  • Material: Polar fleece fabric
  • Battery: 12V 16000mAh battery
  • Temperature: 110°F (low), 125°F (medium), and 140°F (high)

Antarctica Outdoors Men's Tactical Ripstop Water Resistant Cargo Pants Reviews

Next is the Men’s Tactical Ripstop Water Resistant Cargo Pants, one tactical gear you need for comfortability and practicality. These tactical pants are designed with the military standard. So, you’ll find these pants has multi-pocket, wear-resistant, anti-wrinkle, durable, comfortable, and breathable.

Antarctica Outdoors Review: Antarctica Outdoors Men's Tactical Ripstop Water Resistant Cargo Pants Reviews

Those features are highly functional for outdoor activity, such as the water-resistant function, which will give excellent protection during rainy days. In addition, we like how these cargo pants have 10 tactical multifunction pockets to store tools and equipment.

It has exquisite tailoring and styling by combining the pocket, button-fly closure, and YKK zippers. Moreover, it is made of polyester and cotton to support a comfortable and durable build.

Looking at its build, we think these pants would suit exercise and daily activities. It’ll be best for hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, cycling, army training, etc. So if you are interested in these tactical military cargo pants, you can prepare money for only $59 (regular $99)!

Antarctica Tactical Cargo Pants Details

  • Color: Dark Camo, Green, Khaki, and Black
  • Size: 30W x 30L – 42W x 34L
  • Material: 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton

Antarctica Outdoors Outdoor Lightweight Tactical Military Boots 208D Reviews

You can’t hike using your home slipper. Thus, special footwear that can withstand rugged terrain would be best. The Outdoor Lightweight Tactical Military Boots 208D is an outdoor boot designed with highly durable material.

Antarctica Outdoors Review: Antarctica Outdoors Outdoor Lightweight Tactical Military Boots 208D Reviews

The Antarctica tactical boots are 100% grain leather and nylon upper for breathability and comfort. While using the EVA, rubber, polyylu sole, and Condura 208D fabric can provide excellent durability and maximum traction for outdoor use in any condition, whether for hiking or climbing.

The lightweight design of only 680 grams makes these men’s boots more versatile for active outdoor activity. Aside from that, it is designed with ventilation and quick dry material to beat any weather. The toe area is roomy, so it’ll still be comfortable for those with wide feet.

You’ll also impress by how flexible it’s that we think it may work very well during the snowy day and hiking. So, bring this for your next outdoor activity, get your wallet, and purchase while on discount for only $64!

Antarctica Military Boots Details

  • Color: Coyote Brown, Sand, and Black
  • Size: 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, and 13
  • Material: Cordura 208D fabric, grain leather, and nylon

Who Is Antarctica Outdoors For?

With products focusing on tactical gear and apparel, Antarctica Outdoors is definitely for outdoor enthusiasts.

Antarctica Outdoors Review: Who Is Antarctica Outdoors For?

In addition, since it has a complete collection of products from head to toe, you can find the right product no matter your activity. For instance, hiking, climbing, military training, airsoft playing, trekking, fishing, hunting, cycling, etc.

This one-stop store is also suitable for any season gear from summer to winter. Moreover, affordable products and sales make it the go-to for every budget-conscious customer!

Antarctica Outdoors Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To see the customer’s opinion and experience while purchasing the brand, we’ve gone through the customer review section on its website. This brand has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and its website.

Antarctica Outdoors Review: Antarctica Outdoors Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now, take a look at the first reviews that we’ve taken from the Antarctica Tactical Sling Bag Small Amazon review section:

This piece is of very high quality… They are stitched together very well. It has thoughtful features and details. I utilize it as my go-to bag for the range. It’s very astonishing how many things you can put into it. I’m delighted.

Another customer also stated its satisfaction as Antarctica Gear Heated Jacket review:

I was surprised at how warm it was without the heat on. It’s very light, and I was wondering if it would be too thick. Glad it is not. But, like I said surprised by its ability to keep me warm. I have a normal motorcycle morning. I would’ve three to 4 layers of clothes on. Well, this Antarctica brand jacket really keeps the wind out with just a t-shirt underneath.

The last is a complaint review we barely find on its official website. Here’s it’s taken from the Tactical Desert Combat Suits review section:

The tactical pants are too small. However, the top is exceptionally satisfactory.

After considering thousands of reviews on amazon, we see that this brand proves its quality with never below 4/5 rating. Therefore, the complaint review also does not a deal breaker.

Is Antarctica Outdoors Worth It?

In accordance with the thousands of genuine reviews about this brand, we conclude that antarctic outdoor shop is worth investing in. The brand successfully ensures the highest product quality along with competitive pricing.

Antarctica Outdoors Review: Is Antarctica Outdoors Worth It?

The wide selection of tactical gear and EDC carry will facilitate your outdoor activities needs. In ensuring a risk-free purchase, it also has a 30-day return policy, free shipping, and safe and secure payments.

The fact that this brand has long enough to provide tactical apparel and gear to many loyal customers from across the globe has ultimately proven its worthiness.

Antarctica Outdoors Shipping Policy

After you finish the payment process and place the order, it’ll take 24-48 working hours to process. You can also get free shipping for orders over $45 and $8 for those under it. While if you choose the priority, expedited shipping will charge $20.

Furthermore, the ETA may vary depending on your shipping address, but standard shipping usually takes 3-18 days. But you can choose priority expedited shipping if you prefer faster package arrival within 2-7 days.

Antarctica Outdoors Return Policy

Antarctica Outdoors offers a 30-day return policy to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If you need to return the order, you can contact customer service, which contains a name, order number, reason, email address, return reason, and product photo.

You should be responsible for the return shipping fee except for damaged or incorrect item returns. However, despite the refund, you can choose the exchange option and get a $10 coupon covering the return shipping cost.

How To Contact Antarctica Outdoors

If you find any difficulties and need a hand from this brand, you can contact Antarctica customer service via email at You can also DM them to the company on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @antarcticaoutdoors.

Where to buy Antarctica Outdoors?

If you are ready to purchase your dream tactical gear, there’re two ways to buy the products. First, if you commit to quality and authenticity, you can buy its tactical gear lines from the official website at

Second, you can also find them in several retailers and online shopping platforms like Amazon and Walmart. So no matter where your choice is, you can get the best quality of their authentic outdoor gear!

Antarctica Outdoors Coupon Codes & Promos

So we’ve come to the most awaited section! Here we’ve compiled offers and promo codes for sale hunter that you can find below:

  • Free shipping on orders over $43
  • 20% off on summer promotion
  • 8% off discount code by joining the email list
  • Check the link below to obtain an exclusive coupon code

Reveal all coupons
Antarctica Outdoors

Get discounts & promotions coupon codes for Antarctica Outdoors in other countries.

Antarctica Outdoors Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Antarctica Outdoors reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Antarctica Outdoors?

When we review this brand, we can’t find any information regarding its ownership.

Does Antarctica Outdoors ship internationally?

Yes. This brand offers shipping not only within the US but to most countries around the globe.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Antarctica Outdoors Reviews & Ratings

Congratulations on reaching the end of our Antarctica Outdoors review! We hope this article can help you decide and get a risk-free purchase.

After going through all information that we’ve gathered, we think that this brand is highly recommended for those looking for outdoor tactical apparel and gear for your activity. All its products have excellent quality, durability, and comfort.

With a wide section of products, you can find specific products no matter what kind of terrain you face. So visit the Antarctic store to find the best gear for your next adventure!


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