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Angel Jackets Review 2024 → Your #1 Leather Jacket Destination

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About Angel Jackets

Purchasing a leather jacket is easy because you can find it anywhere. But no one has eco-friendly and high-quality as Angel Jackets. Indeed, it is your only leather apparel destination. 

Angel Jackets Review: About Angel Jackets

This BBB-accredited fashion company provides premium leather jackets for all genders. In addition, it is made of first-rate cowhide and 100% lambskin leather! Recently, it even released leather vests to complete your appearance. 

The company wants you to have a jacket collection that is perfect for any occasion. For instance, whether you need a womens biker jacket, a coat to protect during chill weather, to a tuxedo for wedding events. 

You can see its fame on Forbes, BuzzFeed, GQ, Trend Hunter, etc. Fashion enthusiasts are all following it, resulting in more than 26.4K followers on Facebook and Instagram! 

Want to hear more about the leather jacket reviews? Stay tuned to this Angel Jackets review and find your desired item. Don’t be a fashion terrorist, and let’s start the reading!  

Overview of Angel Jackets

Bob Petrick founded this fashion company in 2012. He intends to make a difference within 10 years, and it is thriving! Angel Jackets is different from others because it ensures to sell luxury products you can afford

Furthermore, the product variations all suit men and women. Whatever you like, you can get it and makeover yourself before leaving your house. The outerwear is easy to mix and match, whatever the occasion is. 

The company has two headquarters in the US and UK. It allows the team to send orders as quickly as possible so that you can receive them immediately. 

It is the best choice because it offers premium leather jackets at the most reasonable price. So let’s not spend too much on leather apparel because Angel Jackets enables you to save money and save your appearance efficiently. 

Angel Jackets Review

Outerwear varies, and it also occurs on Angel Jackets. Can you guess what kind of products are offered by this fashion company? 

Angel Jackets Reviews: Angel Jackets Review

Here are 6 categories provided by Bob Petrick:

Mens Jacket Collection Womens Jacket Collection
Suits and Tuxedos Decrum
Mens Wool Coat Womens Wool Coat

Intriguing, right? But let’s give more attention to the best-selling below: 

Then, will you share your opinion on this Angel Jackets review? Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Angel Jackets Mens Cowhide Leather Racer Jacket Reviews

Riding a motorcycle requires a perfect outfit complement. Look no further than wearing this Mens Cowhide Leather Racer Jacket made of 100% genuine cowhide leather. It is available in XS to XXXL, allowing you to choose the size to fit your body. 

Angel Jackets Review: Angel Jackets Mens Cowhide Leather Racer Jacket Reviews

This vintage, premium jacket features a polyester lining and a snap button collar. Moreover, it has a soft texture yet is durable even to wear during cold weather.

With a front zip closure and outer and inside pockets, you may also bring your collectibles. Thus, everything is set, and you can ride comfortably to your destination. 


  • 100% cowhide leather and polyester lining
  • XS to XXXL 
  • Soft texture and comfortable
  • Easy to mix and match 
  • Suitable for riding and daily occasion 

The original price of this vintage jacket is $279, but let’s get the discount by clicking the link below at only $199 now! 

Angel Jackets Mens Leather Jacket with Shoulder Pads Reviews

This Mens Leather Jacket with Shoulder Pads will embrace your body whenever you need vintage yet functional outerwear during the chilly season. It has sleeves and a backside, which allows you to wear it for any occasion. 

Angel Jackets Review: Angel Jackets Mens Leather Jacket with Shoulder Pads Reviews

It also has a zip closure and snaps button collar. In addition, it is made of genuine 100% lambskin leather, with a quilted padding of soft polyester lining. Thanks to the side waist belt, you may adjust the width for a more well-fitted posture. 

Don’t forget to keep your stuff secure inside the four outer pockets. The product size varies from XS to XXXL. So, are you ready to express your manly side to get attention from the crowd? 


  • 100% lambskin leather and polyester lining
  • XS to XXXL 
  • Soft texture and comfortable
  • Easy to mix and match 
  • Suitable for racing, dating, or daily occasion 

You may have it for $240. However, the company offers a discount which you can take from the link below. Thus, let’s check the availability and buy it for only $189 now! 

Angel Jackets Womens Cropped Leather Moto Jacket Reviews

Who says that only men can wear a vintage vibe? Women not to worry because Angel Jackets will stand by your side! Womens Cropped Leather Moto Jacket is a must-have in your wardrobe because it can make you stand out! 

Angel Jackets Review: Angel Jackets Womens Cropped Leather Moto Jacket Reviews

This cropped style allows you to mix and match it for riding in the morning or night. Furthermore, it features an adjustable side waist belt and pockets located inside and outside.

This womens Angel Jackets product will fit your body perfectly with a soft polyester fully lined interior and quilted detailing. You can also buy it from XS to XXXL sizes. Thus, are you ready to wear this genuine black lambskin leather for riding? 


  • 100% lambskin leather and polyester lining
  • XS to XXXL 
  • Cropped, soft texture, and comfortable
  • Easy to mix and match 
  • Suitable for morning and night riding 

 Customers who desire this product must spend $255. But if you purchase it from the link here, you’ll lower the price. Then, let’s get your wallet and buy it for only $189 now! 

Angel Jackets Size Guide

Most leather jacket is manufactured in a well-fitted size. The reason is that it will posture your actual body better. Luckily, the company offers a variety of sizes from XS to XXXL

You can visit this Size Guide page to match the measurement. So pick the size that may increase your confidence, and you’ll spend the day smiling cheerfully! 

Angel Jackets Pros and Cons

You are now definitely mesmerized by the products. But, let’s stop for a while to check if this fashion company has pros and cons. Take a closer look! 


  • Premium leather jackets for men and women
  • Made of 100% eco-friendly leather 
  • Available in XS to XXXL sizes 
  • Suitable for everyday wear, riding, and special occasions
  • Durable enough for cold weather 
  • Ships internationally
  • Free shipping for all orders to US, Canada, and UK
  • 30-day return policy 


  • Free shipping is only available in specific destinations 
  • Customized size only occurs on tuxedos and suits 

Who is Angel Jackets For?

Who says that leather jackets only suit young people? Afraid not! This company creates premium leather apparel for women and men of all ages!

Angel Jackets Review: Who is Angel Jackets For?

Whether you are a young adult, adult, or even elderly, the clothes will fit your body perfectly. So let’s walk confidently and show people all across the street your beautiful jacket. 

Angel Jackets Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Looking for any testimonials from this fashion company? Don’t worry; this section will discuss ratings and testimonials thoroughly from the company. Take a closer look! 

Angel Jackets Review: Angel Jackets Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First, let’s see how many ratings customers give for the abovementioned leather jackets: 

Here is what a satisfied customer said: 

This leather jacket is extremely well-made, and stitching details are so attractive. It is great value, and the price is terrific.

This customer finds the Cowhide Racer Jacket fantastic because the quality is high. Furthermore, it is worth spending because the price is amazing! 

Another customer said:

I do not dislike anything about this jacket. It looks great and fits really well. It’s a good fit. I would recommend this item to a friend or family member.

This customer has nothing to dislike about this Leather Jacket Buffy. In addition, it fits his body well, making him recommend the product to his closest people. 

Meanwhile, the last customer stated: 

It is versatile and fits well with everything. The product is well-made, and the quality is proven. I have received many compliments whenever I wear the jacket.

This last customer is also delighted because her purchase comes in an impressive shape! It is easy to mix and match and is high-quality. Even better, she gets numerous compliments from her surroundings. 

In short, Angel Jackets is the destination for a premium eco-friendly leather jacket. Many customers are satisfied with the quality and can’t stop admiring the purchase! 

Is Angel Jackets Worth It?

After reading the explanation above, this review can conclude one thing. Angel Jackets is indeed worth purchasing brand that offers premium leather to complete your occasions. It does not burden you with price, but it offers fascinating designs. 

Angel Jackets Review: Is Angel Jackets Worth It?

Moreover, the size variety is the strength of this company. No matter how your body shape, outfit, and the event you’re attending, look no further than wearing outerwear from this company! 

Is Angel Jackets Legit?

Some of you who are unsure perhaps are still looking for its review on Reddit. Google will help you also. But it is no longer needed because Angel Jackets is a legitimate online retailer

The company writes every detail of information that customers may need. The information includes product explanations, size guides, company profiles, and customer testimonials. 

Furthermore, it has a secure SSL feature to keep your data from being stolen. Then, stop overthinking and start shopping before the stock runs out! 

Angel Jackets Shipping Policy

This company wants to bring you premium leather around the world. Not to worry because it will carry your order internationally. In addition, it offers free shipping for all orders destined for the US, Canada, and the UK. The courier includes DHL, FedEx, and USPS. 

Once your order ships, you will receive an ID tracking number with a confirmation email. Please wait patiently for several days until it arrives at your door. Should you face a problem, don’t hesitate to contact customer service at [email protected]

Angel Jackets Return Policy

If you ever face a problem that makes you return the product, please do it within 30 days after the delivery. The team is ready to help when you call them at [email protected]

Furthermore, ensure the returned product is unworn, unwashed, has tags, and is in its original packaging. After that, you can send the package securely to the returned address provided by customer service. 

Once your item arrives safely, please allow 1-2 business days for inspection. If the returns are accepted, the team will reimburse the fee to your original payment method within 4 to 7 business days

How to Contact Angel Jackets

Are you facing some problems with size? Perhaps you need assistance from customer service. If so, feel free to contact the team in the following ways: 

Remember that the company does not provide a phone number. Furthermore, since the company has two headquarters, you may visit the near-me from your region to meet the team directly. Here is the location: 

US Headquarters
4000 W Montrose Ave Chicago
IL 60641 US
UK Headquarters
56 West Wood Road, Essex, 
London, England, UK IG3 8RZ

Where to buy Angel Jackets?

Some of you may think that the company sells through Amazon. But, the only near-me store you can refer to purchase leather jackets from this company is the official website

It is noteworthy that the founder wants to sell exclusive products. Thus, let’s place an order and receive a free shipping fee on your purchase! 

Angel Jackets Coupon Codes & Promos

Rather than purchasing cheap clothes, premium apparel is the investment you can make. Furthermore, you can apply the following promotion to get them at a lower price: 

  • Apply for the website’s subscription to earn limited discounts 
  • Join the affiliate program to redeem 3% to 12% commission 
  • Buy bulk items and receive the wholesale price 
  • Claim a 20% discount with code AJ20
  • Complimentary shipping fee for US, Canada, and UK orders 

 Then, which leather jacket will you purchase in the meantime? 

Reveal all coupons
Angel Jackets

Angel Jackets Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Angel Jackets reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the owner of Angel Jackets?

Bob Petrick is the founder and owner of this apparel company. 

Where are Angel Jackets made?

The apparel is made in Illinois, Chicago. 

Does Angel Jackets ship internationally?

Yes! Wherever you are, the company will send your package securely. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Angel Jackets Reviews & Ratings

To conclude, wearing outerwear from Angel Jackets will bring compliments to your surroundings. You cannot reject its gorgeous design, genuine material, and functional features. 

Even better, it is available in various sizes, allowing you to choose between oversized or well-fitted. So where will you wear the jacket this week? Wherever your destination, let’s become more adorable in this leather jacket outfit! 


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