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Andie's Eats Review 2024 → Cake In A Jar Perfect For Every Occasion!

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About Andie's Eats

As a cake lover, have you ever tried the pleasure of cake in a jar? If not, then Andie’s Eats would be the perfect choice as a new way to enjoy the tasty of freshly-baked cake.

Andie's Eats Review: About Andie's Eats

The brand sells a wide variety of flavor combinations of cake delight in a jar. Each component is fresh and homemade, including moist cake layers, frosting, jams, ganache, crumbled biscuits, and fun toppings.

In addition to their delicious cake in jars, they also accept orders for custom cakes that mix delicious flavors with unique designs. So, whether you’re celebrating a birthday party, graduation, wedding, or any other occasion, Andie’s Eats provides the special touch to make your event truly memorable.

Their cakes have a gluten-free option that must be selected before check-out. As for allergens, all cakes are processed in a shared kitchen that sometimes has peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat in the space.

As time went by, the brand grew and began to have many fans. Their Instagram account, which has 9k followers, witnesses their increasing popularity. They were even featured in media publicity online, such as Forbes, Food Network, NBC New York, and several others.

Curious to know more about this brand? In this Andie’s Eats review, we’ll discuss things like the brand history, mission, products review, customer feedback, and more. So, make sure you stay with us to find lots of other interesting information.

Overview Of Andie's Eats

This one-jar delight began with Andie discovering her love for the culinary world at a very young age. Back then, her mother used to bake with her, and her father taught her how to cook gourmet dishes.

Even with her love for the culinary world, Andie often enjoyed watching television cooking shows, including Ace of Cakes and The Cake Boss, which reinforced her passion for baking.

To explore her love for baking, she had her first formal cooking lessons at the Culinary Institute of America, but her favorite class was at Carlos Bakery, where she learned how to use fondant and decorate cakes.

Thanks to her determination, she landed amazing internships working for some of the best bakers in New York, including Madison Lee at Madison Lee Cakes in New York City and Ashley Holt at Sugar Monster Bakery in Brooklyn.

Later, while attending Tulane University, where she earned a Business Management degree from Tulane’s Freeman School of Business, Andie continued to pursue her passion and spent most of her free time building her next business and what is now known as Andie’s Eats.

With many requests from her neighbors and college friends for cake scraps in her jar, it gave her the impetus to expand her business and creativity by developing new flavor combinations for every season, holiday, and special occasion.

Andie’s Eats is made from all-fresh ingredients, made to order, and will be the most delicious grilled food you’ve ever tasted. This NYC-based brand will deliver its best cakes safely to your door. 

Now that we know how the brand started, before we move on to the next section, let’s first discuss the pros and cons of the brand to give you a glimpse of its quality.

Andie’s Eats Pros

  • Offers a new way to enjoy cakes conveniently anywhere and anytime
  • A large selection of flavors with an attractive design
  • Using all-natural ingredients and authentic recipes
  • The gluten-Free option is available 
  • Perfect for enjoying alone or on any occasions
  • TriState area delivery and Nationwide shipping

Andie’s Eats Cons

  • International shipping is unavailable
  • Doesn’t provide a return policy
  • Only allows online ordering

Andie's Eats Review

Some of the information you’ve gotten from the previous section will probably make you even more curious about the quality of the products that Andie’s Eats has to offer.

Andie's Eats Reviews: Andie's Eats Review

The brand has several flavor options available on its official websites, such as salted caramel, cookies & cream, red velvet, funfetti, triple chocolate, and many more. However, they also accept orders that can be customized by their customers according to their wishes.

So, without further ado, Andie’s Eats review will discuss 3 products from this brand to give you an insight into the product’s quality. Read well and get ready to starve!

Andie's Eats Cookies & Cream Reviews

The ultimate chocolate delight will melt in your mouth when you try these Cookies & Creams from Andie’s Eats. The cookies in the jar consist of chocolate cake layered with cookies & cream cheese frosting, chocolate ganache, and Oreo cookie crunch will mix into one pleasure that will spoil your taste buds. 

Andie's Eats Review: Andie's Eats Cookies & Cream Reviews

This cake has a blend of flavors that won’t make it heavy and overwhelming. The sweet chocolate cake mixes with the savory cookies & cream cheese frosting, which has a chocolate ganache with a slightly bitter touch that will balance its flavors. While the Oreo cookie crunch will add a crunchy texture to your mouth. 

This cake comes in 80z size with a gluten-free option. So, those on a gluten-free diet can still enjoy the deliciousness of each layer. Per jar, you’ll be charged $10 if you decide to enjoy the deliciousness of this cake. You can also do Custom Label (optional) by adding about $5.

Andie's Eats Red Velvet Reviews

Red velvet lovers definitely can’t resist this one cake. This Red Velvet cake in a jar will be your helper when traveling, but you still want to enjoy the sweetness of the cake easily. You can enjoy it easily anytime and anywhere.

Andie's Eats Review: Andie's Eats Red Velvet Reviews

The deliciousness comes from the combination of red velvet cake covered with vanilla cream cheese frosting, strawberry filling, and the crunchiness of graham cracker cookies. The savory and fragrant vanilla cream cheese frosting will give a truly delicious aroma.

Moreover, the strawberry filling made from real strawberry jam will give a sour taste that makes it not too sweet and balanced. While the crunchiness of the graham cracker cookies will add texture to every bite. 

We recommend enjoying it at room temperature to get the melting texture of the vanilla cream cheese and strawberry jam. This 80z size cake is available for $10 per jar. So, make sure you get your hands on this delicious taste right now!

Andie's Eats Salted Caramel Reviews

Lately, salted caramel has become a popular flavor choice that can be easily found in cakes, snacks, or drinks. So, of course, Andie’s Eats didn’t want to be left behind, which finally also added a Salted Caramel variant to its cake flavor choices. 

Andie's Eats Review: Andie's Eats Salted Caramel Reviews

If you’ve never tried salted caramel flavor, perhaps if described in general, it’s a unique flavor. As we know, caramel is a flavor obtained from sugar that has a sweet taste. However, because this is salted caramel, it has a combination of salty flavors, which produces a savory taste.

This cake combines several delicious ingredients layered in one jar to create an amazing flavor. It consists of a vanilla cake coated with salted caramel sauce. Then, it’s added with cream cheese frosting and the crunch of graham cracker biscuits. This combination will be the perfection that you may not have tried before. 

With a size of 80z, you only need to spend $10 to get the amazing unique flavor with a melting and crunchy texture in one bite.

Who Is Andie's Eats For?

All cake lovers should try Andie’s Eats to get a different way of enjoying the amazing cake delight. The cake in the jar is unique and makes it easy for anyone to enjoy every deliciousness and delicacy of the cake wherever and whenever it makes it. 

Andie's Eats Review: Who Is Andie's Eats For?

You just need to chill the cake in the refrigerator before consumption, open the jar, scoop out the cake in the jar, spoon the cake into your mouth, and the amazing deliciousness will fill your mouth. 

By using all-natural ingredients and authentic recipes, no one can resist. Even with the gluten-free option, those who can’t consume gluten ingredients can still enjoy every layer. 

They also provide custom cakes or orders for large gatherings and special events, including weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, wedding parties, corporate events, and other celebrations. So you can place an order to serve a sweet treat for your guests. 

Is Andie's Eats Legit?

Andie’s Eats is named after the owner who worked hard to establish the brand until today. With her struggle and love for baking delicious cakes, she constantly learns and innovates to bring the best delights from every bite of cake she makes. 

Andie's Eats Review: Is Andie's Eats Legit?

Even the achievement of the brand’s popularity gradually continues to increase, as evidenced by its Instagram account, which has now reached 9k followers. Not only that, many articles have featured this brand in well-known press media, such as Forbes, NBC New York, and Lohud, with discussions about stories, recipes, news, and more.

They’ve also received many orders to fill several events and special occasions by preparing food trailers that can be rented. So there is no doubt that this brand is very legit with its quality. 

Is Andie's Eats Worth It?

The experience of the owner, who always tries, learns, and innovates to create the best recipes and flavors of the cakes, will make Andie’s Eats always release new flavor ideas that are surprising and delicious. 

Andie's Eats Review: Is Andie's Eats Worth It?

All-natural ingredients, authentic recipes, a wide selection of flavors, a variety of toppings, and even gluten-free make the cakes from this brand worth consuming.

The choice of custom cakes with unique designs will make your special occasions, such as a birthday party, graduation, wedding, or any other event, becoming memorable.

Moreover, thanks to being in a jar, the cake scraps will be the perfect on-the-go snack and are also made to travel. With all the great things it has going for, this brand is worth enjoying.

Andie's Eats Shipping Policy

Since the brand’s products are perishable foods for long-distance delivery, they only provide delivery options to anywhere in the continental US and also deliver to the TriState Area. 

Orders will be processed and shipped as soon as possible. Shipping costs will be charged according to the shipping area, which will be automatically calculated during checkout.

Then, is there a pick-up option for people in the New York area? Yes. Pick-up options are available. They are located in Long Island City. If customers would like to pick up their online orders, please contact [email protected] to make arrangements.

Andie's Eats Return Policy

Before discussing the return policy, please keep in mind that Andie’s Eats is a brand that sells food products that are very vulnerable and perishable. 

Of course, the brand will try its best to deliver the best products by packing them as well and safely as possible.

However, if you have any issues with the products you received, please contact their customer service at [email protected] to get confirmation regarding what you’re experiencing. Confirm your issue with the brand immediately after you receive your cake.

How To Contact Andie's Eats

Thinking of an all-new flavor combination? Or looking for a custom cake? Please talk to the customer service team by contacting:

Since they also do cater large gatherings and special events, including weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, bridal showers, corporate events, and other celebrations, email [email protected] to discuss your event needs.

Last but not least, you can send direct messages on their social media accounts: Facebook or Instagram. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and get back to you as soon as possible.

Where to buy Andie's Eats?

Even though the brand doesn’t have a cake shop yet, its customers can still enjoy their delicious cakes by placing an order through its official website

They also often participate in various interesting events such as food bazaars or other events that you can find to try their tasty cakes. You can follow their Instagram account to get updates.

Andie's Eats Coupon Codes & Promos

At the time of writing this Andie’s Eats review, it looks like the brand doesn’t provide any discounts and promos for now.

But don’t be sad. They still offer discounts for bulk orders depending on the size of the order. For bulk orders, email [email protected] and they’ll get back to you to discuss jar quantities, pricing for bulk orders, and the discounts they provide.

Also, you can get a treasure of coupon codes that you can claim to get attractive discounts when making purchases on this brand. Click the button below, and you’ll go to the website where many coupon codes are available.

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Andie's Eats

Andie's Eats Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Andie's Eats reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Andie's Eats?

Andie is the owner and baker of the brand’s beautiful and delicious cakes. 

How long does Andie's Eats cake stay fresh?

Their cake can be enjoyed for 10 days if kept in the refrigerator and for up to 6 months in the freezer.

Does Andie's Eats ship internationally?

Since the product that the brand sells is a perishable cake, they do not offer international shipping.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Andie's Eats Reviews & Ratings

As a cake lover, you probably want to enjoy the softness and deliciousness of cake wherever you are. But as we know, cakes that have a crumbly texture make it difficult for you to enjoy them.

Fortunately, Andie’s Eats is here to provide convenience for cake lovers who want to enjoy the pleasure of cake anywhere. By presenting cake in a jar, you can bring your favorite cake even if you’re on a travel.

Not only that, the delicious taste will spoil the tongue of the consumers. So, are you ready to enjoy the softness and moistness in one jar? Order now!


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