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ANCEL Review 2024 → OBD2 Scanner For All Vehicle Types

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Before going to a repair shop, it’s a good idea to check your car’s roadworthiness. With the development of technology today, a company like ANCEL makes it easy for you to collect faulty data details of your favorite vehicle.

ANCEL Review: About ANCEL

ANCEL is a professional manufacturer of automotive products, such as OBD, battery testers, jump starters, and power probes. They also have become the forefront of classic diagnostic tools for car enthusiasts.

Between 2017 and 2020, the brand’s product range grew significantly. On top of that, they became widely known. The company gained fame by being seen on several online media outlets. The big names include Forbes, CNET, Arcade, Product Hunt, and many more.

The brand’s presence is visible on its social media accounts. They have gained a large number of followers. 5.9k on Facebook and 3.7k on YouTube. Meanwhile, their followers on Instagram are starting to rise slowly after opening with 106.

Are you looking forward to the ANCEL review? Then, what you need to do is to stay here till the end. We promise you’ll get abundant new information about the brand and its most-wanted products.

Overview Of ANCEL

Regarding who founded the company, we have unfortunately not found any historical records. However, we discovered they’ve been in the industry for a decade. Let’s learn about something that makes them produce their product!

As a scanner tool manufacturer, the brand holds several priorities. They focus on affordable prices, customer satisfaction, and top-tier quality. Another priority list is supplying the highest-rated and longest-running products worldwide.

Further, in offering its broad product portfolio, the brand believes in incorporating several elements, including industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise, and technological innovation. Remember, their last offer is exceptional customer service.

This company likewise wants to base its products and solutions on intuitive technology. Why? To make it simpler, smarter, and more helpful in diagnosing and servicing vehicles for all customers.

Next, the brand also puts the power of fast and reliable diagnostics into the hands of car owners to solve their challenges and problems. And they are realizing those possibilities by providing exceptional, easy-to-use, cost-effective products and solutions.

As the brand has grown, its unwavering commitment to leading industry innovation and improving vehicle diagnostics and maintenance has remained steadfast, always prioritizing the customer experience above all else.

The company’s dedication is undeniable. Proof of this is the excellence in increased investment in professional maintenance equipment and the launch of innovative products such as injector cleaning machines.

ANCEL Reviews

As mentioned, ANCEL wants to help customers everywhere lower operating costs and increase output with their products. Their provision also relates to professional, comprehensive, affordable services.

ANCEL Reviews: ANCEL Reviews

This brand expanded widely, later introducing professional equipment such as truck diagnostic equipment and automotive smoke detectors. It means to accommodate a broader spectrum of automotive needs.

Mainly, the company sells scanners of various types for each vehicle. That means they provide dp 500, ds700, hd3400, hd100, etc. Cars are just some of the vehicles they offer scanners. There are also trucks and motorcycles.

ANCEL Products

From all those collections of scanner equipment above, we can’t explain them one by one. Instead, the top 5 products on the website we will reveal in-depth with prices and what tools you get in one box. Let’s hear it for some!

ANCEL X7HD HD Truck Diagnostic Tool Reviews

The use of scanner tools is for all types of vehicles. However, not every one of them can work the same for all vehicles. Then, X7HD Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool Full System DPF ABS ECU Rest Scanner is the right choice for your company truck.

ANCEL Review: ANCEL X7HD HD Truck Diagnostic Tool Reviews

It is interesting to explain this tool. The company made it not for heavy-duty trucks only but for commercial machines. You may be familiar with the names of the vehicles. It includes HINO, Ford, FAW, Caterpillar, John Deere, etc.

Meanwhile, this product has its distinctive advanced features. The 10-inch touchscreen tablet is legible and responsive. Also, the device is equipped with a large VCI and a high-end Android 10 OS processor. It is making scanning fast!

Then, this tool scans all system diagnostics. Each brings up the results of wiping the ECU, removing air in the ABS automatically, resetting the DPF to meet emission requirements, and much more.

What do you get?

  • X7HD scanner
  • Diesel-9
  • Bluetooth VCI connector
  • Battery tester clamps
  • US, EU, & UK power plug
  • User manual
  • Etc.

Scanner Details

  • More than 15 hot reset service
  • Full OBDII system
  • Online feedback
  • Support 11 languages
  • Real-time data viewing
  • 2 years free update
  • OBD2 automatic programming
  • Automatic diagnosis tool for coding

This x7 HD scanner has a wide range of functions. It is beneficial for checking all data errors in your truckload. Besides, choose the tool in three versions (US, EU, or UK). You can order it for $649.99 from $799.99!

ANCEL X7 Full System Automotive Scanner Immobilizer Key Programming Reviews

Unlike previous products, the X7 Full System Automotive Scanner Immobilizer Key Programming may only suit ordinary vehicles, not trucks. So, what other types of automobiles are suitable?

ANCEL Review: ANCEL X7 Full System Automotive Scanner Immobilizer Key Programming Reviews

This product can fit most cars in the US, Asia, EU, CN, and AU. The types are Toyota, Buick, Acura, Abarth, BYD, Holden, etc. If this does not fit your cars later, you can ask customer service for an alternative.

Further, this company developed the tool with active test or two-way control. The function of such a system is to send commands to the vehicle control module and request specific information from its module.

You can also use a scanner for Immo keys. It is an electronic security system used in many modern vehicles. These locks contain transponder chips that help prevent unauthorized access and theft.

What do you get?

  • X7 scanner
  • Bluetooth VCI box
  • Connection cable
  • OBD2 cable
  • protective carrying box
  • US/EU/UK plug
  • User manual

Scanner Details

  • More than 10 hot reset services
  • All system diagnostics
  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Printer compatible
  • Live data stream combine
  • ECU coding
  • 2-year free update
  • Support 15 languages

Are you ready to own this item with super advanced and complete functions? Before that, choose the plug according to its rapport in your vehicle (US, EU, or UK). Prepare the money with a nominal value of $369.99 from $499.99!

ANCEL FX2000 Four System Scanner Reviews

A healthy car engine is the key to a long-lasting vehicle. Every auto owner should check the quality of their engine thoroughly using the FX2000 Four System ABS SRS Airbag Transmission Engine OBD2 Scanner.

ANCEL Review: ANCEL FX2000 Four System Scanner Reviews

This product is an enhanced version of the typical code reader. Mainly, this tool focuses on checking the overall inner parts of the engine: ABS and transmission. Apart from that, you can check the airbag light system (SRS).

With live data streams in one graph, you can read the streaming data for the four reports in the graph. That feature also functions to focus on symptom-specific or suspicious data parameters.

Furthermore, the company says this tool is suitable for most vehicles from 1996 to the latest. It is also perfect for 60 car brands in the US, Europe, and Asia (Ford, VW, Honda, etc).

What do you get?

  • Fx2000 scanner
  • 16GB memory card
  • 16-pin diagnostic cable
  • User manual
  • USB flash disk & cable
  • Quick guide

Scanner Details

  • Complete four diagnostics
  • Easy to use
  • Full OBDII system
  • EVAP test
  • Live data stream in one graph
  • Lifetime free update
  • Support multi-languages
  • 4.0 inches LCD screen with HD display

Indeed, it takes work to maintain the inside system of a car. But, thanks to this tool, you may verify it every month without going to the showroom. Order it for only $139.99 from $165.99!

ANCEL V6 PRO+ Scan Tool Key Programmer Reviews

Are you looking for an upgraded version of ANCEL X6? Let me introduce you to the V6 PRO+ Bluetooth Bidirectional Scan Tool Full System Car Diagnostic Tool Key Programmer.

ANCEL Review: ANCEL V6 PRO+ Scan Tool Key Programmer Reviews

This product is a complete system of Bluetooth 5.0 two-way scan tools. It equips you to check over twenty-five reset services (engine, ABS, door lock, TPMS, etc). It is a very legible and responsive tablet!

Furthermore, the company makes its items with a high-end processor for fast operation with Android 10 OS. The device also features a sophisticated 8-inch touchscreen display and wireless VCI.

What makes this item different is the ability to add a new program, a key programming immobilizer. You can read keys from Immo memory and clone keys. Everything is free of subscription fees.

What do you get?

  • Ancel V6 Pro+ car scanner
  • Bluetooth big CVI connector
  • USB charging cable & adapter with 2 connectors
  • Protective carrying case
  • OBDII diagnostic cable
  • US & EU/UK plug
  • Clean cloth
  • User manual

Scanner Details

  • Full OBDII system
  • More than 25 special functions
  • For >120 car makers
  • Large capacity ROM
  • Auto VIN
  • Long endurance battery
  • Online feedback
  • 2 years free update
  • Free OBD2 update
  • 1000+ vehicle coverage

Now, you can use this tool to read the fault memory and data recorded on your vehicle’s overall system. Purchase at $439.99 from $529.99 before it runs out!

ANCEL BM700 Full System Car Scanner Reviews

To keep your BMW car from mishaps when you service it at the repair shop, check its status with BM700 Full System Car Scanner CBS ABS ASC Reset For BMW.

ANCEL Review: ANCEL BM700 Full System Car Scanner Reviews

This product is one of the most compatible OBD I and II tools for the BMW series from 1987-1996 and later. For the use of other types of cars, it may not be suitable.

If you buy this item, the company will give you complete devices: one BM700 scan tool with a 16-pin cable, a quick guide, and a user manual. Not only that equipment, but you’ll also receive one USB cable.

With this product, you can test all the diagnostics of your favorite vehicle, from the reset service interval indicator to the RDC TPMS ECU. All the complete information is available in one tool.

Scanner Details

  • Battery management
  • ABS bleeding
  • SAS calibration
  • Transmission learn
  • DPF regeneration
  • Lifetime free update
  • Support multi-languages

Besides, you can discover the scanner download, car support list & how to update the software on the product page. Also, you may read the comparison between BM700 and BM500 regarding functions on the same page. To pay for this item, you can afford as much as $109.99 from $148.99.

ANCEL Pros and Cons

This section will go over the advantages and disadvantages of this brand in a specific order. We hope you find the list informative and helpful!


  • Thousands of OBD2 DTCs choice items
  • Provide scanner tool for 100+ cars
  • Easy-to-use & cost-effective
  • Affordable prices
  • A decade in innovation 
  • It has been noticed in multiple media outlets
  • Always ready support service with lifetime tech experts
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 60-day returns
  • 100% safe shopping guaranteed


  • The company doesn’t provide a customer service number.

Who Is ANCEL For?

From the establishment of this company until now, they are for all car vehicle owners to heavy cargo trucks. The scanner types in the website catalog are intended for such persons, from universal car scanners to expert tools.

4 and 2-wheeled vehicle technicians, professional repair shops, and automotive DIYers are the most suitable to buy motorcycle diagnostic tools, automotive service sets, and single-model ones in this online store. The tools meet the needs for personal use or service in the workshop.

ANCEL Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This review wouldn’t be complete without a section where we discuss what customers think about the brand. Therefore, their website is where we took comments as evidence.

ANCEL Review: ANCEL Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Before going further, spend a little time scanning the ratings of each product:

  • x7HD got 4.3/5 stars from 29 reviews
  • x7 gained 4.9/5 stars from 21 reviews
  • FX2000 received 4.7/5 stars from 16 reviews
  • V6 PRO+ obtained 4.2/5 stars from 19 reviews
  • BM700 acquired 4.5/5 stars from 19 reviews

So, here is the first customer’s thought:

I just tested this scanner on a John Deer 410K backhoe. It was easy to connect to the machine and navigate the…

The customer felt that there was no problem with the operation of the scanning device.

Another happy buyer mentioned:

I’m a DIY mechanic and repair my vehicles, and this tool cuts down on a lot of the guesswork. It’s an excellent tool and worth the cost!

This guy also said the tool worked well and was worth the selling price.

The other customer stated:

This tool is straightforward to use. You don’t need to be a techie to operate it!

Using the scanning device, according to the man above, was manageable.

The ease of use is a factor in why most customers favor products from this brand. Likewise, the price of every item is very affordable. We also haven’t found any significant protests.

Is ANCEL Worth It?

Why are people obsessed with the worthiness of this brand? Firstly, they offer a large collection of complete scanner tools. There are hd3400 and hd100 types. The tool is also very suitable for many types of vehicles. By installing the tool, it is the first step to avoiding losing hundreds of dollars.

ANCEL Review: Is ANCEL Worth It?

Moreover, certain types have certification reports you can use for your scanner needs without worrying about quality. It’s been built with advanced features, for example, the use of the latest Android operating system. Your fault detection is seamless. Hence, this brand is worth buying!

ANCEL Shipping Policy

You are worry-free because the company ships its products (bd310, bm200, fx9000, etc.) worldwide with free shipping. Then, the overall data regarding the shipping method and where the goods are shipped from is as follows:

Shipped from warehouse Delivery method Shipping time (working days) Order purpose
AS Unknown 1-3 US local address
EU Unknown 1-4 Various EU countries
CN or HK DHL, FedEx, UPS 3-7 besides the US and EU

Likewise, you can monitor the tracking at this link after emailing the order number to your account. Details on processing time, customs fees, taxes, and overseas costs are available on this page.

ANCEL Return Policy

Are you unsatisfied with the goods received from this brand? Relax. They offer a 60-day return policy after purchase. There is a free return fee if the reason is related to the quality of the product. Again, you don’t have to pay any restocking fee because it doesn’t exist.

All refunds will be transferred 2-3 business days after approval. Meanwhile, cancellations are only valid within 24 hours. You can reach the customer team at [email protected] for filing. Also, the return method, terms, and list of items not eligible for return are all on this page.

How To Contact ANCEL

This company welcomes you to share your thoughts on anything, including asking hd3200, fx3000, and ba201 scanners. Send your questions via the contact below every Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm based on GMT+8.

There is also a list of social media accounts to DM:

  • Facebook: ANCEL
  • Instagram: @ancel_store
  • YouTube: ANCEL

Official Address

869 Pickens Industrial Drive, Suite 9,
Marietta, Georgia 30062, United States

Where to buy ANCEL?

The most reliable place to shop for ANCEL jp700 scanner products is at their official website. There are likewise three other marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba.

ANCEL Coupon Codes & Promos

As a shopaholic, discounts and promos are a blessing. Take advantage of special Halloween offers (limited time) like:

  • Get up to 40% OFF on all products
  • Shop for $200 or more, and get a $10 coupon using discount code ANCEL10
  • Order $300 more to obtain free BST100 battery tester
  • Spend over $500 and catch these gifts: a 16.4 ft & tote bag or BST 100 battery tester & tote bag
  • Join as an affiliate to receive a 5% commission
  • Earn double points when purchasing for members
  • Save up to 5% OFF for military personnel. Check here!
  • Obtain up to $25 for buying one product scanner plus a bundle
  • Get the flash sale for 10% OFF on the store
  • Free interest while using Klarna (paying in 4 times) on the site

Further, to apply some discounts, you may remember the T&C applied. Subscribe to the website for more deals!

Reveal all coupons

ANCEL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for ANCEL reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How do I register my ANCEL scanner?

You can register through or update the PC application AncelAssist. Further instruction is in the manual book.

Who owns ANCEL?

It is not yet known who owns the brand. They are probably automotive experts.

Does ANCEL ship internationally?

Yes, the brand does. They ship its products internationally, including EU and HK.

Is ANCEL a good scanner?

Absolutely, yes. The company’s scanner is good. They make it to scan problems into the core of your vehicle.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of ANCEL Reviews & Ratings

It’s time to change your vehicle fault detection experience with ANCEL. A wide range of scanners, from the uninitiated to the more advanced, are available. The quality cannot be matched!

For the price, this online store offers affordable prices for all types of checks that you can get in just one tool. What else should you think about? Start checking out before it’s sold out!


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