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AMZ Deco Review 2024 → Custom And Pop Culture Inspired Wax Seal Stamps

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About AMZ Deco

Do you love collecting unique stationery? Or do you have a hobby of scrapbooking with your brilliant ideas? If so, the AMZ Deco review has a brand recommendation that features a beautiful wax seal that will captivate you!

AMZ Deco Review: About AMZ Deco

The wax seal is one of the stationery collections that has a unique and beautiful shape that will decorate your collection or beautify your scrapbook. One of the brands on the market that sells the best quality sealing wax with a wide and unique design choice is AMZ Deco.

They sell a variety of wax seals with styles that keep up with the times. They even offer custom wax seals that can be customized according to the wants and needs of their customers.

The brand, which was established from the hobby of its founder, was able to attract a lot of attention from stationery lovers on its social media accounts by reaching 30.3k on Facebook and 23.9k on Instagram. 

But is AMZ Deco really what you’re looking for? Does their wax seal design suit your type? To answer those questions, stay with us because we’ll take you through the brand’s history, best-selling products, testimonials, and many others.

Overview of AMZ Deco

Many businesses are founded on an interest that is later applied to an outstanding concept, like AMZ Deco, which was started by two sisters who were attracted by wax seals while watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

They learned to make candle stamp seals for their Hogwarts acceptance letters and even started designing for other pop cultures.

If you haven’t heard of wax seals, then let us explain a bit for you. Sealing wax is a waxy material of a seal that, once melted, hardens quickly, which is usually applied to paper, parchment, ribbon and wire, and other materials.

In the past, this wax was used to verify things such as unopened documents and the sender’s identity, for example, with stamp rings, and as decoration. However, over time, since the advent of the postal system, the use of wax seals was more for ceremony than security.

This new wax is flexible for shipping and is referred to as glue sealing wax, false sealing wax, and flexible sealing wax.

The two sisters now own a studio specializing in designing and manufacturing wax seals thanks to a brilliant idea from a passion project they both share. All the seals they produce are individually crafted to create unique seals for their customer’s project needs.

They offer sealing wax stamps that they have designed and provided or accept custom wax seal stamps according to their customers’ designs. So, whatever your needs are, the brand will really prepare the best!

Our AMZ Deco review will help you discover the quality of the brand products in more detail. But, before getting there, take some time to understand the AMZ Deco pros and cons.

AMZ Deco Pros

  • Design and sales of custom and ready-made wax seal stamps and other sealing accessories with a wide reach
  • Offering custom products with detailed designs
  • Provides wax seals with many color options
  • Affordable prices
  • Worldwide shipping coverage
  • Free global shipping on orders over $59
  • 30 days return

AMZ Deco Cons

  • The custom products process takes a long time

AMZ Deco Review

AMZ Deco is a brand that offers fun pop culture-inspired wax stamps, sealing wax, melting kits, and other customizable stationery at affordable prices.

AMZ Deco Reviews: AMZ Deco Review

They sell a variety of unique wax seal essentials with designs that are up-to-date and sought-after in the market. They even offer a choice of large wax stamps, mini wax stamps, and other seal kits that can be customized according to their customers’ requests.

The brand presents its products into 4 collection lists: custom wax seals, wedding wax seals, pop culture wax seals, and sealing accessories.

However, in this AMZ Deco review, we’ll only focus on the 3 most commonly searched products from their collection. If you’re curious, please continue reading!

AMZ Deco Fully Customized Wax Seal Stamp with Your Own Artwork Reviews

Are you looking for a wax seal stamp that can be customized with a design that suits your needs? Whether you need it as a stamp for your company, to give a unique touch to your brand, or for a collection with a special design that you want, then AMZ Deco Fully Customized Wax Seal Stamp with Your Own Artwork is the right answer for you.

AMZ Deco Review: AMZ Deco Fully Customized Wax Seal Stamp with Your Own Artwork Reviews

This can customize the personal seal you want from the simplest design to the most intricate crest, be it a signature, company logo, coat of arms, team logo, or family crest. The fully customized wax seal stamp is individually engraved to make a clear and precise impression of the wax.

To get the Customized Wax Seal Stamp that you want, you must go through the following steps:

  1. Upload a custom image or your artwork, company logo, or design that is available on the product description page, or send it via email with the order number.
  2. Make sure you select whether your image needs alteration or not. If it does, it will cost approximately $5.
  3. If you have some wishes, such as removing details that you do not want in your design, please make notes in the column in the product description.
  4. Customize the head sizes you need
  5. Choose your preferred handle finish from fancy, walnut, black, silver tone, gold tone, rose gold tone, and more.

In this option, you can also upgrade your wax seal stamp to a premium kit that includes +1 melting spoon & 1 small bottle of mixed-color wax beads, which is enough for about 30 wax seals.

You will be charged around $29.99 depending on the size options or other add-ons. So, create your own custom wax seal stamp with the design you want!

AMZ Deco Wedding Custom Wax Seal Stamp with Double Initials / Couple's Names Reviews

Do you have a unique wedding invitation concept? Nowadays, you can often find wedding invitations with beautiful accessories from unique monogram wax seals that decorate wedding invitations perfectly.

AMZ Deco Review: AMZ Deco Wedding Custom Wax Seal Stamp with Double Initials / Couple's Names Reviews

You can create monogram wax seals with your name or initials for your wedding invitations. This will create a more special vibe for you and your loved ones.

Besides accessorizing your wedding invitations, Wedding Custom Wax Seal Stamp with Double Initials / Couple’s Names will also be a beautiful touch for your bridal shower invitations or accessorizing details for your gift packages. It will make your special day even more perfect.

In the product description photo, there are many design options that you can choose from, of course, with beautiful and unique touches typical of AMZ Deco. After determining which design you will use because this is a custom wax seal stamp, you must include your initials/text.

As with the previous product, you must choose your head size first, which comes in several options, including 25mm/1″, 30mm/1.18″, and larger size options that will incur additional costs. The color of the handle styles, such as walnut, black fancy, bronze, and others, is also up to you.

This wedding custom wax seal stamp costs $22.99 for the stamp only. But if you want to upgrade your kit, you can choose the premium kit by adding a fee of approximately $19.98.

AMZ Deco Matte Pastel Wickless Sealing Wax Stick (20 Colors) Reviews

As we know that pastel colors are currently a very popular color choice. Because AMZ Deco always innovates and provides needs according to market demand, they present Matte Pastel Wickless Sealing Wax Stick.

AMZ Deco Review: AMZ Deco Matte Pastel Wickless Sealing Wax Stick (20 Colors) Reviews

Although this product is the latest product, it is one of the brand’s trending and sought-after product choices. Unless you’re bored of the usual burgundy or bronze-colored sealing wax, this pastel wickless sealing wax will be the ideal option.

With its soft pastel colors, this product will give a beautiful and graceful touch to your invitations, agendas, or projects.

Consisting of 20 gorgeous pastel colors such as sage, dusty pink, lilac, and several other pastel colors, these are definitely the pretty colors you’re looking for. You can choose any color you need and want, which is very beneficial for you.

Not only are its 20 pretty pastel colors excellent, but the ease of use that it can work with a melting pot or melting spoon also makes it an excellent product, even though it is new. This product is also capable and flexible enough to survive mailings.

Matte pastel wickless sealing wax stick that is 1 x 1 x 10 cm and can be used for about 4 to 6 wax seals per piece is priced at $9.

Who Is AMZ Deco For?

Usually, products like sealing wax are most popular among scrapbookers who have amazingly creative ideas. They typically have many wax seals with various shapes to create unique designs on their scrapbooks.

AMZ Deco Review: Who Is AMZ Deco For?

Having such a fun hobby makes them look for brands that sell wax seal products with unique designs or even accept custom products like AMZ Deco. Thus, this brand is perfect for scrapbook creators or those who love collecting stationery supplies.

Not only that but the brand’s wax seal products can also be used according to their original function, which is to verify things like unopened documents to verify the sender’s identity. So, those of you who use wax seals as their original function will be happy with the products sold by this brand because they are reasonably affordable.

Even the popularity of wax seals makes people who will hold various parties such as weddings or baby showers make this product as a decoration for a touch of beauty on their invitations.

AMZ Deco Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To know the quality of the brand, you need to know the opinions of customers who have tried the brand’s products. Therefore, we have prepared some reviews from customers who have tried and bought wax seal products from AMZ Deco.

AMZ Deco Review: AMZ Deco Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

But before we hear the reviewers’ opinions, let’s look at the ratings of the 3 products we’ve covered.

  1. Fully Customized Wax Seal Stamp rated 5/5 based on 439 reviews
  2. Wedding Custom Wax Seal Stamp rated 5/5 based on 331 reviews
  3. Matte Pastel Wickless Sealing Wax Stick rated 5/5 based on 8 reviews

The ratings and reviews in this section are from the brand’s official website. Now, let’s hear how its customers leave reviews.

Exactly as ordered. They were very helpful and fast. I am currently using it for my project and to be honest, it is very beautiful. So 100 would suggest if you are looking for a custom stamp.

The above review clearly shows the customer’s happiness with the custom stamp product she bought, so she highly recommends it. Helpful and fast service also gave her satisfaction.

Here’s a review from another customer:

I love my personalized stamp! Made my wedding stationery look amazing! Thank you so much.

As we said before, the brand’s product can be used to decorate invitations or stationery for various events, such as this customer who gave her wedding stationery an extraordinary touch with personalized stamps.

Lastly, this review came from a customer who bought the pastel sealing wax product. She said:

Solid color only but easy to melt and flexible for delivery

The ease with which the product melts makes the customer happy with the sealing wax she bought. Its flexible delivery also gives her satisfaction.

Based on the three genuine customer reviews above, it is easy to conclude that the quality of this brand is all excellent. Furthermore, its products and superior service have satisfied its customers to the point of recommending this brand.

Is AMZ Deco Worth It?

What makes a brand that sells wax seals said to be reputable? Brands that sell wax seal products can be considered decent brands if they provide the best quality for their products. How detailed the motif of the stamp design is given, and whether or not the sealing wax melts quickly.

AMZ Deco Review: Is AMZ Deco Worth It?

Then what about AMZ Deco? Can this brand be said to be a worthy brand? Judging from the brand’s performance of being able to create the most straightforward designs to the most intricate emblems, be it company logos, crests, or signatures, their totally customizable wax seal stamps are individually etched with state-of-the-art laser engraving to leave a clean and accurate impression on the wax.

They sell wax seals, and the brand also offers fun pop culture-inspired wax seals, sealing wax, melting kits, and other stationery.

Moreover, the products they sell are reasonably priced. Some customers also say that their wax seal stick product melts easily, making it easy to use. So, AMZ Deco is worth choosing with all its excellence!

AMZ Deco Shipping Policy

The brand is looking to reach out to its customers around the world by offering worldwide shipping. The brand also offers free international standard shipping for orders over $59, priority shipping if you purchase over $79, and free VIP express shipping on orders over $149.

There are several shipping options to choose from, as well as different shipping costs for some regions. Here is the list:

Shipping options

  • International standard shipping & handling takes 12 – 15 business days plus production time.
  • Including production time, priority delivery & insurance takes 7 to 12 working days.
  • 4–7 business days + Production time for VIP Express delivery and insurance.

The delivery may take longer than the estimated delivery time, depending on the destination country.

Shipping costs

  • US: $4
  • Europe: $4
  • Asia: $3
  • Oceania: $4

Please note that the brand shipping rate is weight-based, so that the shipping cost may differ depending on the weight of your order.

The brand will send you the tracking number and URL of the courier’s website via email or SMS to help you track your order.

AMZ Deco Return Policy

The brand realizes that things don’t always go how you want them to. Therefore, the brand offers a return policy that lasts 30 days. If it’s longer, then this policy no longer applies.

The item must be returned in its original packing, unopened, and in the same condition as when you received it to comply with the conditions of this policy. Unfortunately, products such as personalized or customized wax seal stamps and gift cards can’t be returned.

Please contact customer service for return instructions and the return shipping address. If your refund request is accepted, the brand will process it right away, and a few days later, a credit will be automatically credited to your credit card or original mode of payment.

How to Contact AMZ Deco

Do you have any suggestions, queries, or feedback on this brand? Or do you have some products that you would like to customize? Please feel free to contact the team at:

  • Phone number: +852 54877771
  • Email: [email protected]
  • The contact form available on Contact Us page
  • Live chat is available at the bottom right corner of the website
  • Address: Origin Game Limited, Room 06, 13A/F, South Towe, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong kong

We also recommend that you follow the brand’s social media accounts for the latest updates from the brand.

Where to buy AMZ Deco?

If you’re interested in this brand’s custom and ready-made wax seal stamps and other sealing accessories, you can purchase its products on its official website. You can also buy its products through the AMZ Deco App, which can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play.

AMZ Deco Coupon Codes & Promos

Prepare yourself to know the good news! You can claim special offers when buying their products to save your expenses. Here are the following offers that the brand provides:

  1. Get 5% off with discount code ‘SAVE5
  2. Free global shipping on orders $59+

Additionally, you might find products with attractive discounts when browsing the website.

Reveal all coupons
AMZ Deco

AMZ Deco Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for AMZ Deco reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns AMZ Deco?

Sadly, the brand does not inform the name of the owner. However, the brand was founded by two brothers and started as a hobby that became a great business.

When was AMZ Deco founded?

The brand was established on Aug 11, 2017, and is still active today.

where is AMZ Deco located?

AMZ Deco is a company with the legal name Origin Game Limited located at Room 06, 13A/F, South Towe, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong kong.

Does AMZ Deco ship internationally?

Happy to inform you that the brand ships all over the world.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of AMZ Deco Reviews & Ratings

After we dig a lot of information about the brand, our AMZ Deco review does not hesitate to recommend this product to you. So, if you need custom or ready-made wax seal stamps, sealing wax, and other accessories, you can get them from this brand.

AMZ Deco is a company that stands itself for offering the greatest goods and services at competitive pricing. So complete your collection, and decorate your stationery needs to get nostalgic impressions with this beautiful wax seal!


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