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About American Modified

Ay yo! Who’s coming with that super cool car? Yeah, we know it’s not you. We’re joking. But hey, do you want to upgrade your car looks? Come on, aren’t you bored with that innocent & flat style? Just count on us because we’ll bring you to American Modified!

American Modified Review: About American Modified

If you’re into a car a lot, then you may have heard of this company earlier. But do you want us to tell you about it more specifically? Well, American Modified. It’s such a car enthusiast’s go-to place for manufacturing and selling the most complete exterior auto parts.

What?! They manufacture and sell it, too?‘ Yes, as they should. Therefore, American Modified is an aftermarket that sells new parts that are compatible with most car brands. And, of course, it offers more affordable prices than the original products (OEM).

Skipping this store means you just walk into your deepest hole of regret. Since the beginning, AM has performed well, and with over 12.3k social media followers, you can check how credible it is. But what will our American Modified review say? Just have a sit!

Overview Of American Modified

Passion is something that makes everything happen. Do you agree with that? If you don’t, you may think otherwise after reading the background story of American Modified in this section.

When did this company begin? Here’s a little clue: This year will be the company’s 16th year in the industry. Yup, this means that American Modified has been in the auto market since 2008.

So, what is the company’s passion actually? Since the beginning, people in the company, especially Colin SHAO (the current CEO), have had an interest in auto performance & modification.

Specifically, the company is an expert in providing parts for Jeep, Mustang, and other offroad or muscle cars. Then, the continuously running business brought them into a larger market scale.

Today, American Modified has evolved into the #1 online store in providing such items. It not only sells but also helps you to modify your car’s looks, no matter the type. Isn’t it such a good site?

American Modified Reviews

Are you ready to go ‘vroom‘ like a storm? Yes, we guess we all have learned about it a lot from Jackstorm in the last season of Cars, right? So, what will you get in American Modified?

American Modified Reviews: American Modified Reviews

Before that, which one do you agree with? An attractive driver comes from a super catchy car, or a super catchy car comes from an attractive driver? Yes, we all go with the second line.

You must keep in mind that your car can do everything alone. Thus, if you want your car to be the coolest one on the road, it’s your duty. So, can we start with the store’s collection now?

American Modified Product Collection

Shop by Vehicles What’s your type of car? The store’s parts are compatible with these car brands: Honda, Ford, Tesla, Chevrolet, Dodge, and Jeep.
Shop by Parts Whether you are looking for body kits, grill inserts, exterior covers, headlights, or more, they are all available to check out here!

You might open this page without any expectation or interest in buying something. But once you have read this section, there are many modification ideas that come to your mind, right?

We know it’s hard to control that feeling. The only way to control it is by doing what your mind and heart say. So, do they just say that you should buy some exterior parts from here?

Thus, keep scrolling down and say ‘hi‘ to the store’s best-selling items in the following section!

American Modified Armor Grille For Ford F150 Reviews

Do we have some Ford owners here? Tell your friends yours is much better than theirs by installing an Armor Grille with Offroad Lights for the 2009-2014 Ford F150. Does your car suit the type?

American Modified Review: American Modified Armor Grille For Ford F150 Reviews

Just have a sit, and we’ll tell you good about having this! Installing armor grille means that your Ford is the one with the most aggressive looks. Yup, you can see it already from the photo, right?

Furthermore, any off-roading trail is no longer an obstacle now. With the eye-catching LED Off-Road lights, your Ford will have better visibility at night and even in poor weather conditions.

How long will this item last?‘ Well, you must be happy to know that this item is strong and durable. Specifically, the qualified ABS construction is able to withstand off-road driving conditions.

Armor Grille For Ford F150 Details:

  • Compatible with: 2009-2014 Ford F150 (including XL, XLT, Lariat and FX4)
  • In the package: a matte black grill, bolts, wiring harness, and screws
  • Color choices: matte black and glossy black

Finally, we guess you’re so ready to hear those multiple praises, right? So, how much should you spend on the Armor Grille For Ford F150? With only $179.99, you can install it on your Ford.

American Modified Front Lip Spoiler For Tesla Model 3 Reviews

Trust us, Elon Musk must be happy when you have this Front Lip Spoiler For the 2017-2022 Tesla Model 3. So, have you been a Tesla driver for long? Then, let’s see why you should buy this!

American Modified Review: American Modified Front Lip Spoiler For Tesla Model 3 Reviews

Tesla is already good and catchy. But then, when you decide to add this front lip spoiler, it will accentuate the overall look of your car. Further, it’s like a little accent that brings a big difference.

In addition, as previously mentioned, this fits all Tesla Model 3 (2017 – 2022). Also, this package has no manual included. Thus, for better results, professional installation is highly suggested.

Next, the item comes in 2 color choices, adjusting your taste. They are platinum white pearls and crystal black pearls. Both have sporty accents that boost your car’s and driver’s confidence.

Finally, does the Front Lip Spoiler For the Tesla Model 3 suit your own Tesla? If so, we hope you won’t spend much time since fewer than 10 items are in stock. Today, the price is only $99.00!

American Modified Sports Grille For Honda Civic Sedan Reviews

Are you a Honda Civic driver? Then, do you plan to install this Sports Grille with Steel Mesh – Glossy Black for a 16-21 Honda Civic Sedan? Anyway, skipping this means your car is just a nut like others!

American Modified Review: American Modified Sports Grille For Honda Civic Sedan Reviews

Then, let’s see why it’s good on yours. Overall, it’s nothing but all about your car looks. The grille features a unique design & clean look, adding innocent but fancy value to your car’s appearance.

In addition, we shouldn’t miss the fact that it also has a mesh design. Do you know what this is for? Yup, this mesh design is so useful in increasing air intake, which is good for your engine’s performance.

Additionally, if you are not too good at installing these parts, better call a professional. As it’s written on the site, using professional service is more suggested since any damage cannot be refunded.

Then, what? Of course, the following step is ordering this Sports Grille For Honda Civic Sedan to ship home! Make your every ride a spotlight for everyone only by spending no more than $60.00 for it!

American Modified Pros and Cons

Can we trust the store’s performance only from the review section? Of course, you can’t. Let’s learn more through this pros and cons section:


  • Aftermarket for exterior auto parts at affordable prices
  • Complete product collections
  • Compatible with numerous car series or brands (mostly offroad and muscle cars)
  • Installation video is available on the site
  • Safe and fast delivery
  • 30 days for return
  • a 1 year of limited warranty
  • Free shipping (from $75)
  • International shipping is available


  • Some items have no manual (preferably to call a professional to install)

Who Is American Modified For?

Gaining a lot of praise from friends about your car’s looks is another level of satisfaction. Also, we know it enhances your confidence level at the same time. Fortunately, American Modified exists to be your ultimate shop to make this dream come true.

However, can everyone shop and benefit from this store? Yup, we guarantee there’s nothing that can stop everyone from shopping here.

Specifically, this site is dedicated to all drivers who miss the sensation of having a new-look car with cool exterior parts. And, of course, without spending much. Not to mention, it’s a car enthusiast’s paradise.

American Modified Review: What Do Customers Think?

We know you’ve never been enough of asking about this store’s credibility until you read this section. So, is it the time? Yes, let’s always be with us to reveal American Modified’s performance based on customers’ reviews.

American Modified Review: American Modified Review: What Do Customers Think?

On the Yelp platform, we discovered the store has gained an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. This is such a great start. Therefore, let’s continue to the next fact, which is about the product’s detailed rating, as follows:

Well, the ratings show that there’s nothing to worry about American Modified. Therefore, let’s not only stop here and read the customer’s actual reviews instead. Will they say something nice, do you think? See them below:

The first review must be a great start for you:

Bought a new grill for my daughter’s 2014 Ford F150 as a Christmas present. I opened the box and the grill looks awesome. I will install it after the holidays. Thank you American Modified!

This customer shared how he was satisfied with the grill he got for his daughter. That looked awesome, he said.

Then, let’s not miss to read this customer’s happiness:

Shipping arrived a day early, boxed well, with no damage. Installation was seamless and highly recommended for Tesla Model 3 owners. Overall, it looks great! Also, I plan to look for the duckbill trunk spoiler for my Civic, if it has any.

Another happy customer is here, and he praised the store for both fast delivery and easy installation.

Next, there are only positive words in this review:

I really like the halo rings on my Jeep Wrangler. They are bright and make for a great daylight-running light. The yellow flash as a turn signal is eye-catching, too. Also, LEDs throw a nice spread of light, allowing me to see hazards off to the side of the road.

The owner of this Jeep Wrangler felt so happy about his halo rings. It worked well and elevated his car’s looks.

Are you now sure to shop from American Modified? Those reviews are more than enough to prove that the store is pretty reliable and, of course, credible. Lastly, we don’t stop here. So, let’s pedal to the metal and go two-zero-five!

Is American Modified legit?

Yes, the store is 100% legit. Since its first public appearance in 2008, it has held a strong passion for modifying offroad and muscle cars.

Also, with numerous customer reviews and the team’s 24/7 assistance, American Modified is credible. Of course, with no scam signs detected.

Is American Modified Worth It?

Spending money on exterior auto parts is truly satisfying. But once your order goes wrong, it’s like the most disappointing moment. So, how do we know that American Modified is worth it?

American Modified Review: Is American Modified Worth It?

Within 14 years of operation, the store has consistently provided new exterior parts for many car series. In addition, these products are not different from the original (OEM) in terms of quality.

Most importantly, when American Modified can sell them at lower prices, you know it’s way too good. Thus, we only have reasons to claim this store as a worth buying one.

American Modified Shipping Policy

Once it’s about shipping, will you level up the speed? Yes, for those of you who are sure already to shop from American Modified, this is the right section to learn about shipping.

Basically, this store ships both in the US (48 states) and most countries worldwide. Meanwhile, US customers must be happy because there is free shipping for orders of $75 or more.

On the other hand, International shoppers may check on the checkout page for the detailed shipping charge.

American Modified Return Policy

Does American Modified offer return?’ Of course. The store won’t let you get that wrong item, so let’s see how the return policy works in this section. After the receipt date, all customers have 30 days to apply for a return.

Then, to be eligible for it, ensure yours is still new and unused. However, don’t ship those items back without prior confirmation to the store. Thus, send an email to [email protected] for further instructions.

How To Contact American Modified?

Contacting American Modified’s support team is a breeze! Then, try the following platforms:

  • Phone number: (909) 536-0258‬
  • Phone hours: Mon – Fri: 9:30-17:30 EST
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social media: American Modified/@americanmodified
  • Contact form: Type your message on this page!

Company Address

136-20 38TH AVENUE, SUITE 3C, FLUSHING, NY 11354

Where to buy American Modified?

At this point, we guess there is no safe and trusted site to shop for American Modified items other than its official website. On the platform, you can check the products in their real-time stocks and, of course, more offers.

Besides that, you may also shop on Amazon for the second option. So, pull your money bag out now!

American Modified Coupon Codes & Promos

Who says that you have no special offers to shop here? Those people lie, but our list below won’t:

  • Claim your first 10% discount by joining the store’s newsletter
  • Get several products at discounted prices (no discount code required)
  • Earn your own benefit by registering for the wholesale program
  • Become an affiliate and unlock a commission of up to 5%
  • Enjoy domestic free shipping on orders of $75 or more

We didn’t lie, did we? Even more, we will give you an extra promo code below:

Reveal all coupons
American Modified

American Modified Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for American Modified reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns American Modified?

The company’s current CEO and founder is Colin SHAO.

Where is American Modified located?

136-20 38TH AVENUE, SUITE 3C, FLUSHING, NY 11354

Does American Modified ship internationally?

Yes, American Modified ships domestically (48 states of the US) and internationally.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of American Modified Reviews & Ratings

Riding your super cool and fast car as if you’re riding for a prestigious car competition is an organic pride. Thanks to American Modified, your confidence is at its top level now. So, outdressing other cars might be your passion now!

In this store, we don’t talk about the car’s performance, actually. It just focuses on how your car can be the most shining and stylish of all. Therefore, no one can stop praising yours as if it’s a Champion with multiple races winning. So, is it the time to say ‘kachow?’


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