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AMANU Sandals Review 2024 → Extra Comfy Sandals With Iconic Looks

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About AMANU Sandals

Girls, do you want to attend casual meetings, but you’re not into shoes so much? At this point, you may consider wearing sandals. In addition to being comfortable, these sandals also look as pretty as you. The rest, AMANU Sandals, will explain everything to you.

AMANU Sandals Review: About AMANU Sandals

Has someone told you about this store before? You must have missed a lot, though. But it’s okay. We will tell you about AMANU from A to Z. Since you start thinking about wearing sandals, this store provides various options of multi-style sandals for daily wear.

Fortunately, the good thing won’t stop here. If you use social media like Instagram a lot, you may find this store has gained over 38k total followers. Also, since we will talk about it a lot, why don’t you start following their accounts? Besides that, what makes this store reliable?

Meanwhile, it’s even cooler to know that numerous huge media like Vogue, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, and others have mentioned this brand. Therefore, if this excites you to buy, let’s stay on this entire AMANU Sandals review page and get some pretty pairs!

Overview Of AMANU Sandals

Looks and comfort are two primary points that make all women confident in themselves. Thus, when you can get both in one product, why do you always postpone buying it?

Starting today, you know that AMANU Sandals is the one that offers it to you. Thanks to Anita Patrickson, the brand is currently becoming a favorite footwear brand for women.

As the owner, Anita fully puts effort into crafting and distributing those sandals to fit all women’s feet. Since its establishment in 2018, many items have been sold in the US.

What the store provides in its collection is truly an addiction. So, if buying sandals is your current need, be ready to spend more! But what are the recommended items to buy?

AMANU Sandals Review

Are you ready to have a new look with those pretty and elegant sandals? From office meetings to casual shopping, these sandals suit every occasion you have. 

AMANU Sandals Reviews: AMANU Sandals Review

As in the picture above, wearing sandals also enables free movement. Thus, it’s safe and recommended to wear it on a daily basis. Next, let’s check this out:

AMANU Sandals Most-searched Collection

  • The Constantia Sandals
  • The Kibera Sandals
  • The Sahara Plated Gold Sandals

In addition, the brand currently offers some sandals for SS/23, which are available on this link. Next, you may also visit this page for some customized-style orders.

Finally, how excited are you to discuss each of the most-searched products above? They are available in the following section, so don’t be shy about scrolling down till the end!

AMANU Sandals The Constantia Sandals Reviews

Girls, have you ever seen such a nude sandal that looks stylish? We believe you won’t find one until you see The Constantia Sandals! From the picture below, where will you go with this pair?

AMANU Sandals Review: AMANU Sandals The Constantia Sandals Reviews

As you can see in the picture, these sandals feature two natural colors that suit most outfit themes. Further, the white leather blends well with the nude sole, creating elegance and simplicity.

Besides that, let’s also talk about the size. The sandals appear in various choice sizes, from 4 – 14. Next, you can also freely choose the foot width, from narrow, medium, and wide. Pretty good?


  • Sustainable materials
  • Los Angeles handmade
  • Chrome-free and vegetable-dyed vachetta from Italy
  • Italy-made leather soles
  • Available in other colors (rainbow and black)
  • Detailed fit guide on the site

So, do The Constantia Sandals match your footwear taste? Since it’s available in many color choices, we know you can’t stop to shop at least one. Thus, let’s bring your $325.00 to the table now!

AMANU Sandals The Kibera Sandals Reviews

Now, do you want to have a fancy look with a mystic touch simultaneously? After a long search, you finally find The Kibera Sandals that may best match your feet. Will you step on it?

AMANU Sandals Review: AMANU Sandals The Kibera Sandals Reviews

If your taste is having black footwear with a little gold touch, this might be your top choice. Specifically, the sandal’s dark sole looks synchronized with the stand-out and shining gold in the toe clasp.

However, if you are picky with color, you’re so lucky to see this Style 21 collection in various colors. Specifically, you can have 5 other color options to suit your taste. For example, cream and nude are also on sale.


  • Sustainable materials
  • Los Angeles handmade
  • Chrome-free and vegetable-dyed vachetta from Italy
  • Italy-made leather soles
  • Available in other colors (cream, khaki, natural, cognac)
  • Detailed fit guide on the site

Can you say that The Kibera Sandals are your current favorite footwear? We believe you already imagine how they look good on your feet, right? So, we guarantee your $325.00 will be 100% worth it!

AMANU Sandals The Sahara Plated Gold Sandals Reviews

Who says you couldn’t get a fancier touch than the previous product? If you say so, it means that you haven’t seen the authentic look of The Sahara Plated Gold Sandals. This is true perfection!

AMANU Sandals Review: AMANU Sandals The Sahara Plated Gold Sandals Reviews

In detail, you may find it similar to the previous one since it features black & gold colors. However, these sandals have different styles, which is suitable for those who love the T-strap model.

Different from the second product, you may only find this T-strap sandal in one color choice. And what about the size? Overall, these 3 products come in the same size choice, as we have mentioned. 


  • Sustainable materials
  • Los Angeles handmade
  • Chrome-free and vegetable-dyed vachetta from Italy
  • Italy-made leather soles
  • Available in one color
  • Detailed fit guide on the site

Finally, what is your opinion about this last product? You may not find similar items to these in the market. Therefore, let’s pull $325.00 out of your bank account and get satisfied afterward!

AMANU Sandals Pros and Cons

People say that AMANU Sandals is good. But have they checked this pros and cons section?


  • Sustainable, comfortable, and fit-to-feet products
  • Pre-designed and customized products
  • Various styles, sizes, and colors
  • Mentioned by numerous credible media/magazines
  • Easy to wear and enable more free movements
  • Free shipping on all US orders with no requirement
  • 28-day return policy


  • Too expensive
  • No international shipping

Who Is AMANU Sandals For?

Women are passionate a lot about fashion from head to toe. However, sometimes choosing good-looking and comfortable footwear is not that easy. Thankfully, we have AMANU Sandals now!

So, who can shop from this store? As you have read through the product review above, this store is dedicated to all women. Specifically, it suits those who want a casual footwear look, but it is also comfortable for daily wear.

AMANU Sandals Review: What Do Customers Think?

Girls, to prove whether AMANU Sandals is good or not, let’s read this testimonial section. What will you get here? Of course, everything you need to know before deciding to buy.

AMANU Sandals Review: AMANU Sandals Review: What Do Customers Think?

First, we found this store performs pretty well on the Yelp platform, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Meanwhile, they are also on Amazon with an average rating of over 3 stars.

Then, what did the customer say after shopping here? You must be curious, right?

Let us help you with this first review:

Overall, I’m reasonably happy with the comfort level of AMANU Studio Sandals products. Honestly, it’s a little big for me, but it’s okay. Nevertheless, the quality appears to be excellent. Maybe I will try buying the Kigali next time.

Seeing that this customer’s sandals offer perfect comfort for her is such a good energy. Do you want to experience the same as her? We know you will be the next.

Then, it’s also good to read:

It has a perfect-fit, and the quality is beyond impressive. Although I could have customized my own pair on their website, I’m glad I went with this pre-made option as they feel like they were made just for me!

There’s nothing happier than seeing a customer who successfully got her perfect-fit sandals. And when it happened to this customer, we extremely cheered!

Next, who tells you to skip this:

I am extremely happy with my recent purchases. I had four pairs of sandals made, which is a big win for me as I have very narrow feet, and finding sandals that fit is usually a challenge. The staff was exceptionally patient and worked with me to ensure that I got what I needed.

You know a good shopping experience also comes from good customer support. Fortunately, this customer had no problem with it, so there’s nothing to worry about.

After that, you also need this for further consideration:

I thought it was a men store, but it’s actually for me. By the way, I returned the item because one of the straps was faulty and needed fixing. They gave me no issues and even replaced all the straps so they looked good as new.

Can you see it? Once again, we tell you that AMANU doesn’t only offer good products but also a reliable team. Thus, when will you experience it by yourself? Act now!

Finally, what do you feel after reading those customer reviews? Hopefully, you will find your best-matched sandals very soon, and we are looking forward to your good reviews!

Is AMANU Sandals Worth It?

Telling you that AMANU Sandals is 100% worth it is the moment that we have been waiting for. This store incredibly stands out for its sustainable, simple, and comfortable products for all women.

AMANU Sandals Review: Is AMANU Sandals Worth It?

Besides that, the material selection is also strictly decided, so it sets high-quality standards. Also, the fact that they have their own production studio shows the authenticity of the collections. Hence, why don’t you shop when other women do?

AMANU Sandals Shipping Policy

Shipping enthusiast, are you all here? Then, don’t miss each piece of information in this section. We bring such a happy thing for you since AMANU Sandals offers free shipping for all US orders without any requirement. Otherwise, worldwide shipping is currently not available.

The brand also offers expedited shipping options for an additional fee. How long will it take to receive my order? All orders are processed between 3 and 7 days after you place your order. So order now!

AMANU Sandals Return Policy

Dear shoppers, there are actually two types of products here: Customized and Pre-designed. You can’t apply for a return if you shop for customized sandals since they are final sales.

Meanwhile, you will have a 28-day return policy if you order pre-designed sandals. However, ensure the items are unworn and kindly contact customer support at [email protected] to start.

How To Contact AMANU Sandals?

Do you have a special message to AMANU Sandals? Let them read or hear your message through the following platforms:

  • Phone: (424) 279-9466
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social media: AMANU/amanustudio
  • Contact form: Leave your words here!

Company Address

605 North West Knoll Drive, West Hollywood, CA, United States, California

Where to buy AMANU Sandals?

Where can you find AMANU Sandals? First, we highly suggest you shop immediately on the brand’s official website. Second, if you prefer to do it on Amazon, you may find the brand’s official store there. However, the stock is not as complete as on the website.

AMANU Sandals Coupon Codes & Promos

Everyone knows that shopping is better when you have more offers. So, will you find it in this store?

  • Receive a 15% discount for your first order by subscribing to the email
  • Enjoy free shipping for all US orders

Unfortunately, those are the only current offers of the store. On the other hand, we know you want more, so we already have the surprise button below:

Reveal all coupons
AMANU Sandals

AMANU Sandals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for AMANU Sandals reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns AMANU Sandals?

Anita Patrickson is the owner of the brand.

Where is AMANU Sandals located?

AMANU is located at 605 North West Knoll, West Hollywood, CA, United States, California.

Does AMANU Sandals ship internationally?

Unfortunately, the brand only ships within the US currently.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of AMANU Sandals Reviews & Ratings

Walking confidently with nice and comfortable footwear is all women’s dream. Sometimes, when you get the pretty one, it’s not comfortable enough, or vice versa. Thankfully, AMANU Sandals offers both, with no exception.

Therefore, all collections in this store are way too good. We are extremely happy when you find your perfect sandals because it means more women benefit from us, and also AMANU. So, will you buy the pre-designed or customized sandals?


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