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Alana Maria Jewellery Review 2024 → No.1 Australia's Hand-Made Jewellery!

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About Alana Maria Jewellery

Who doesn’t love sparkling jewellery at an affordable price? Unfortunately, it’s hard nowadays to find visually appealing and great prices in one piece of jewellery. However, lucky you that Alana Maria Jewellery exists!

Alana Maria Jewellery Review: About Alana Maria Jewellery

Alana Maria Jewellery is an Australian brand that sells pretty and affordable jewellery. It includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. What makes them different from other jewellery brands is the fact that all of their products are made to order.

Exactly! This brand crafted its collection by hand. Thus, their quality is 100% at its finest. They ensure to take care of every product sold before it is sent to customers. This is why they are considered sustainable. It’s all thanks to their low impact on the planet.

Being a one-of-a-kind jewellery brand, they are already featured in some media. It includes Vogue, ELLE, Marie Claire, etc. Plus, they also boast a massive number of their social media followers. It is currently 82.6K followers on Instagram and 2.8K followers on Facebook.

As this gets more interesting, we suggest you stay on this Alana Maria Jewellery review. We will help you find this brand’s pros and cons, customer reviews, and anything you need in detail. Thus, if you want to read more exciting information, stay and start to scroll!

Overview Of Alana Maria Jewellery

Before we deep dive into what collection this brand has. It is better to know the brand first. Meet Alana, a mastermind behind Alana Maria Jewellery. If you wonder why this brand has such names, now you know the answer, right?

So, what made Alana start this business? Let’s give applause to the experience she had when she was at a young age. At that time, Alana took the initiative to design beaded bracelets and sold them to her primary school friends.

Finding those experiences interesting, Alana continued her journey of designing in high school. She then tried numerous experiments with the design and materials. As a result, she finally pursued careers as a business owner and jewellery designer.

Moreover, was launched in 2018. 3 months later, Alana has her first store in Freshwater. Her success led her to build a second store in Byron Bay and a third in Westfield Bondi Junction.

Now, thousands of customers are satisfied with Alana’s dedication to jewellery. By this chance, Alana ensures that their brand always grows and doesn’t stop from innovating. She and her team walk every step to make the brand more and more recognised worldwide.

Alana Maria Jewellery Reviews

Who says being a handmade jewellery brand means having limited design choices? Fortunately, this brand has massive choices in its collection.

Alana Maria Jewellery Reviews: Alana Maria Jewellery Reviews

Their collection comprises 9K and 14K Solid Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K and 18K Gold-Filled, Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil metals, Freshwater Pearls, and Diamonds. As you can see, it’s all luxurious material.

However, superb material doesn’t always reflect high prices. Luckily, this brand has a very affordable price for all their collections. If you are ready to meet their collection, please welcome them below.

Alana Maria Jewellery Collections

After knowing the collection, it is the right time for you to know the detailed review of the products. We carefully picked 3 best seller items among all the jewellery. If you are curious about what products are included, scroll to the next section!

Alana Maria Jewellery Hatti Freshwater Pearl Bracelet Reviews

Don’t you get bored of your basic bracelet? Come on! You can always enhance your look with an attractive Hatti Freshwater Pearl Bracelet from Alana Marie Jewellery!

Alana Maria Jewellery Review: Alana Maria Jewellery Hatti Freshwater Pearl Bracelet Reviews

As you may guess, it’s a yes. This bracelet has genuine freshwater pearls on the 14K gold-filled rolo chain. If you love details, there is a flat gold oval attached you will love wholeheartedly. Hence, it is understandable why this bracelet appears with a visually appealing look that attracts every eye to look at it.

What’s best is that this bracelet has a shiny look. It will be an excellent pair for every outfit you have. Thus, you don’t have to change your bracelet for every event cause we know it is exhausting and takes time.

Bracelet Details

  • Freshwater pearl detail
  • 14K gold-filled
  • Rolo chain
  • Has broader size choices
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Flat oval details

Further, if you think this bracelet can be your ideal pick to match your outfit, you better get this real quick. This beautiful bracelet only costs $80.00. Besides gold, you can also choose the 925 Sterling Silver and Beaded version.

Alana Maria Jewellery Abbie Earrings Reviews

Did you know that earrings play a crucial part as your accessories? If you already know, why do you still settle for boring earrings? Go outside and wear Abbie Earrings from Alana Maria Jewellery now!

Alana Maria Jewellery Review: Alana Maria Jewellery Abbie Earrings Reviews

What makes these earrings different from other basic earrings? The absolute answer is the design. You can quickly notice that the design of Abbie Earrings differs from others, right? It has stunning hoops to make your overall appearance more stylish yet elegant.

The 14K gold vermeil is sparkling at its finest. We strongly agree that you must pair these earrings with a pretty dress and wear them in the evening or at night. If you look it carefully, this earring has a twist detail that makes it more chic. It is definitely a party buddy!

Earrings Details

  • A medium-sized earrings
  • Shape thin hoops
  • 14K gold vermeil
  • Twisted detail
  • Elegant visual
  • Lightweight material

Therefore, upgrade your overall look with Abbie Earrings. With $109.00 only, you are ready to rock every event and appear as a rich, elegant woman every eye will marvel at.

Alana Maria Jewellery Riley Ring Reviews

It’s pretty hard to catch everyone’s attention with a basic ring. However, the script won’t work that way if you wear a Riley Ring from Alana Maria Jewellery.

Alana Maria Jewellery Review: Alana Maria Jewellery Riley Ring Reviews

How does this happen? It’s all thanks to their stunning design. When you look at the ring at a glance, the ring will give you a warm welcome on their sparkling 14K gold-filled. However, their design will stand out the most if you look at it carefully.

Riley Ring has a unique design in a singular band of joint circles. Thus, this ring will still shine if you wear it alone but will spark more if you stack it with another ring. Don’t worry cause this ring will never be overshadowed by any rings.

Ring Details

  • Unique design ring
  • 14K gold-filled
  • Singular band
  • Perfect for stacking ring
  • Aesthetic design
  • Versatile size choices

Don’t make your pretty finger wait. Get this Riley Ring now and wear it in your daily activities. For your information, this ring is available in 2 colours. It is solid gold and gold. The gold version comes at an affordable price of $89.00. But if you want the solid gold one, it is $429.00.

Alana Maria Jewellery Pros and Cons

We can’t deny that thousands or even millions of jewellery brands exist. Thus, to help you put your heart into one, we gathered the pros and cons of this brand. Check them below!


  • Carefully handcrafted jewellery
  • Massive unique collection
  • Sustainability conscious
  • Lightweight, durable materials
  • Stackable rings
  • Affordable price
  • International shipping available
  • Offline shipping available
  • 6-month warranty policy
  • 30-day return policy


  • The return policy doesn’t apply to all earrings due to hygienic regulations
  • There aren’t many customer reviews on the website

Who Is Alana Maria Jewellery For?

This brand specially handcrafted jewellery for every woman. Their unique collection is perfect for every occasion and outfit you have. Whether you go for a summer look or love to combine your casual style with jewellery, you can easily find any fit in this brand.

Likewise, this brand also has durable materials on each piece of their jewellery. Hence, if you need to find jewellery as your investment, you know where to go, right? Besides being visually appealing and great at materials, their price is also accessible to afford.

Alana Maria Jewellery Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

It’s pretty hard to find customer reviews on their website. However, since this brand has 3 stores, the customers may purchase this brand’s collection directly in the store, and that’s why we barely see any reviews appear.

Alana Maria Jewellery Review: Alana Maria Jewellery Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Moreover, you don’t have to worry because we carefully picked 3 best-selling items with a customer review, so you can read them here and decide thoughtfully.

Let’s begin with the Hatti Freshwater Pearl Bracelet review. This customer said:

This bracelet is so cute. I never take this out cause I love it so much. It is so elegant and pretty. I am happy that this bracelet has an XS size. It fits my hand perfectly so that it won’t move around.

This customer is pleased by how the bracelet looks. It has elegant vibes and a pretty design. She also mentions that she is happy because this bracelet has XS size. Exactly! Aside from being pretty at visual and material, you don’t have to worry about the size cause they have a massive choice.

Another review comes from Abbie Earrings. This customer gave a 5/5 rating and said:

Such pretty earrings. These earrings have a unique shape that I love. It’s thick enough to cover up the stretched holed in my ear, but they are super light. I can easily wear them all day. Not to mention that this has a beautiful gold that stays.

From the review above, we can see that this customer is happy with her purchase. She said that she fell in love with the shape. On top of that, she also mentions that the earrings have a thick size but super lightweight material. Thus, it isn’t a burden for her to wear the earrings daily. Plus she also said that the gold stains perfectly.

After reading reviews from earrings, it’s time to read reviews from rings. This customer said that:

Super love this ring. I have another silver version, and I stack them together. Love it and recommend it. Thank you!

The review above implies that this customer loves the products from Alana Maria Jewellery. It proves how she purchased the same ring design in different colours.

Moreover, she even stacks them together on her finger. It implies that she loves all of them and is confused about what version to go with and thinks of using both of them all the way.

Further, from the little review from the 3 customers above, we can see that this takes serious note of their products.

The fact that all of the products are handmade means they are ensured one by one for every detail. Thus, it isn’t surprising that the overall result speaks of quality in visual, durability, and material.

Is Alana Maria Jewellery Worth It?

Looking at their dedication in crafting each piece can be a sign of their worthiness. However, this brand still has more. One that appears the most is their creativity in providing the unique design in their collection. Their jewellery also comes in a high-durability material that stays for years.

Alana Maria Jewellery Review: Is Alana Maria Jewellery Worth It?

With all these, it is hard to say they aren’t worth it. They are 100% worth it. We much more agree after knowing that all of their jewellery has an affordable price. Thus, why don’t you move? Get yours now and present gorgeous every day.

Alana Maria Jewellery Shipping Policy

This brand ships its product to the whole of Australia and internationally. For the Australia address, all products will ship via Australia Express Post. On the other hand, international shipping will use DHL Express as a carrier.

However, since all jewellery from this brand is handmade, please allow a maximum of 5 business days for your order to be made. During special periods like Black Friday or Christmas, the process may take longer, up to 10+ days.

Alana Maria Jewellery Return Policy

Find your jewellery broken? Calm down! Let’s use this brand’s 30-day return policy. You can get store credits or exchanges, but unfortunately, they can’t provide refunds.

Before starting your return, please ensure that your item is unused, in the same condition as you received, and in the original box. Due to hygienic regulations, all earrings can’t be returned or exchanged.

Now, to get your return activities begin, please email [email protected]. You will then be requested to send the jewellery back to the brand.

How To Contact Alana Maria Jewellery

It’s sometimes hard to find the answer to specific problems. If you have one regarding this brand or their collection, you can ask directly to their customer service. Check below for the detailed contact!

Where to buy Alana Maria Jewellery?

Ready to send their collection home? You can purchase their handmade jewellery collection through Alana Maria Jewellery’s official website. However, this brand also has an offline store in several locations. You can also shop their collection there. The store location is at Freshwater, Byron Bay, and Bondi Junction.

Alana Maria Jewellery Coupon Codes & Promos

This brand understands that every woman loves discount codes. Thus, to ensure all customers are happy, this brand offers deals to be applied when checking out their products. Want to see what deals include? Check them below!

  • Unlock 15% OFF your first purchase, exclusive coupon code, and the latest news from the brand by signing up for their newsletter
  • Download the app and get 15% OFF (terms and conditions apply)
  • Enjoy various discounted prices on their Sale
  • Join The Gold Club and get 1 gold coin for every $1 purchase

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Alana Maria Jewellery

Alana Maria Jewellery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Alana Maria Jewellery reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Alana Maria Jewellery?

The owner of Alana Maria Jewellery is Alana Ellis.

Does Alana Maria Jewellery ships internationally?

Yes. They ship their products internationally.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Alana Maria Jewellery Reviews & Ratings

Alana Maria Jewellery is the definition of once in a blue moon. This brand provides glamorous handmade jewellery at a very affordable price. Shockingly, this brand also has every finest in its collection. From a luxurious material, detail handcrafted, unique design, and versatile choice in size.

Thus, think of you as a lucky woman cause you can find this brand and its collection here. Appearing attractive is no longer a dream now. It is something all women can do. Hence, don’t lose your chance too easily! Go to their website now and start to choose yours.


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