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AIRTRICK E-Skates Review 2023 → Portable Electric Roller Skates!

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About AIRTRICK E-Skates

In this modern era, everything seems to be electric. The fast-paced technology brings us an upgraded version of our commuting device. It covers electric bikes, scooters, hoverboards, and many more. But, have you known AIRTRICK E-Skates?

AIRTRICK E-Skates Review: About AIRTRICK E-Skates

This brand brings us to a new fun commuting device. Instead of the old roller skate, it upgraded it with electric skates. Furthermore, it is more effortless, convenient, and compact that meets modern lifestyle needs.

The new invention in portable mobility devices started grabbing many people’s interest. They question what makes it unique and how it works. As a result, it drives over 1.2K followers on Instagram. It has even been featured on, AuthenTech, The Float Life, and more.

Now, do you feel the unbearable curiosity grows in you? Thus, our AIRTRICK E-Skates review will introduce you to this brand and its breakthrough. Let’s see all the information about its device!

Overview Of AIRTRICK E-Skates

There’s not a lot of information we found about this new brand. It’s because AIRTRICK E-Skates focused on the global market in mid-2022 in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Also, it’s under the legal company of Hong Kong Topspeed Intelligent Technology Co., LTD.

One thing is for sure. Many people are interested in this company because of the world’s first electric roller skates. Not long after the launch, it easily broke into the global market.

Moreover, its electric roller skates are also widespread in more than 50 countries around the globe. Even better, it won the World’s First Original Design in 2019. What an outstanding triumph.

AIRTRICK E-Skates Review

As you know, AIRTRICK focuses on producing electric roller skates. It’s the next level of roller skating, allowing you to wear your shoes. So, you can use the straps to attach it to your foot and shoes.

AIRTRICK E-Skates Reviews: AIRTRICK E-Skates Review

This electric skate is also powered by a motor and battery as the main engine. Meanwhile, the compact design offers high portability to bring it anywhere. Moreover, this brand also has various accessories to upgrade the skates. Here’s the product collection:

AIRTRICK E-Skates Collection

  • A1 Standard
  • A1 Pro
  • A1 Ultra
  • Others: Supercharger, Super Upgrade Packs, T-Shirts, Consumables Package, etc

In addition, the A1 Standard is the first version of its eSkates. So, it is currently unavailable since the upgraded versions have been launched.

With some of those options, which one is best for you? Our AIRTRICK E-Skates below will give you more details in each version!

AIRTRICK E-Skates A1 Ultra Reviews

The AIRTRICK E-Skates A1 Ultra is the latest launch or the special version of its Airtrick collection. It comes with a better frame and hardware than the Pro eSkates version.

AIRTRICK E-Skates Review: AIRTRICK E-Skates A1 Ultra Reviews

Using the patented 180wx2 hub motor offers a small size with huge power. It also features double brakes of remote braking and rubber stops for dual protection and safety. This combination of robust motor and brakes delivers a super performance and safety at once.

What makes it different than your roller skates is the strap design. So the rider can put them on without removing their shoes. These quick straps only take 5 seconds to take them on or off.

The aluminum frame is also highly sturdy and lightweight to support the impact of jumping. Surprisingly,  this lightweight frame has a superb static pressure bearing of 100 kg. It has a decent capacity for most people.

A1 Ultra Specs

  • Weight: 1.75kg
  • Dimensions: 309×66.5×126mm
  • Max Payload: 120kg
  • Max Speed: 32kph
  • Peak Power: 360W×2
  • Mileage: 24km
  • Battery: 29.6V 3.5Ah
  • Charger: 101W 3A (1 hour for fully charged)
  • Torque: 3.4N.M
  • Slope: 20%

FYI, this eSkates will wake up your DIYers’ spirit thanks to the replaceable frame, stopers, and straps. Simply mix and match it to make it more stunning. Hence, enjoy fun commuting effortlessly with this A1 Ultra Electronic Skate at $898/$699!

AIRTRICK E-Skates A1 PRO Reviews

Do you have a limited budget? The AIRTRICK E Skates A1 PRO can be your option. This e-skate is the previous version of A1 Ultra. So, it has lower specs and prices. But it’s still worth considering.

AIRTRICK E-Skates Review: AIRTRICK E-Skates A1 PRO Reviews

Similar to the higher version, it also features double brakes using a remote and physical stopper. Furthermore, these skates also use a similar strap design, powerful motor, and frame.

The main difference is peak power, slope, charging time, and battery. For instance, the peak power is 320×2, and the battery’s full capacity is 94whx2. But it’s enough to commute 18km long with a slope power of 18%.

A1 PRO Specs

  • Weight: 1.65kg
  • Dimensions: 309×66.5×126mm
  • Max Payload: 120kg
  • Max Speed: 28kph
  • Peak Power: 320W×2
  • Mileage: 18km
  • Battery: 94Wh×2
  • Charger: 45W 1.5A (2 hours for fully charged)
  • Torque: 3N.M
  • Slope: 18%

It’s indeed the previous version. Regardless, it still has great features and the power to enjoy a good commute. Thus, if you are interested in this cheaper option, you can grab it at $699. Psst, the price is getting lower at the sale for only $599!

AIRTRICK E-Skates Super Upgrade Packs Reviews

The AIRTRICK Super Upgrade Pack is designed to elevate your skating experience. It has various items to customize your eSkate. Simply replace the parts to create your very own skate.

AIRTRICK E-Skates Review: AIRTRICK E-Skates Super Upgrade Packs Reviews

The packages come with various items to boost your safe ride. For instance, it comes with a helmet, protective gear set, and ankle support. Don’t worry about falling while having fun.

Additionally, to customize your e-skates, it comes with frame decals, illuminated front wheels, straps, and stops. These items also have multiple colors: red, orange, yellow neon, and grey. Feel free to use your creativity.

What’s Included

  • (1) upgrade charger
  • (1) helmet
  • (1) protective gear
  • (2) ankle support
  • (1) portable backpack
  • (2) frame decals set
  • (4) illuminated front wheels
  • (2) straps with 4 pieces in each set
  • (2) stops with 4 pieces in each set

We also like the portable backpack. It allows you to store these compact e-skates while commuting. So, you can rely on it for errant, going to the office, and more. Thus, upgrade your stunning and reliable e-skates with this package at $169!

Airtrick E Skates Price

We can say that AIRTRICK pricing is pretty reasonable, ranging from $20 to $898. The brand also often offers a discount that makes the price lower. Even the highest price is actually lower than that. Below are the further details of pricing:

Price List 

A1 Standard $499
A1 Pro $699 $599
A1 Ultra $898 $699
Accessories $20 to $199

Who Is AIRTRICK E-Skates For?

Are you a modern person who loves exploring using electric skateboards, bikes, hoverboards, and others? Then, you must be an enthusiast to try its compact electric roller skates.

The strap design is also highly flexible for males and females, from kids to adults. However, your shoe size should be 5 to 14 for males and 6 to 14 for females. It is also suitable for everyone, whether for a weekend activity or daily commuting.

AIRTRICK eSkates Review: What Do Customers Think?

This brand still has a small number of customer reviews on the site. However, it gained many expert reviews on several personal sites and YouTube channels. To know the customer’s sentiment, below is the rating and review data:

AIRTRICK E-Skates Review: AIRTRICK eSkates Review: What Do Customers Think?

From the rating above, we can see that most riders have a good experience. Now, let’s consider one of AIRTRICK reviews:

This has become a companion of my urban lifestyle. Leisurely rides through parks or quick dashes to the store adapt to my mood. The pace and the ease with which I can operate through crowds make it my favorite companions. You’ll get curious glances anywhere you go!

We hardly find any negative reviews about its electric roller skates. So here’s another favorable testimonial:

… It’s fast, sleek and reliable. They make commuting a breeze. Also, the crowd can’t help but see as I glide by. It makes my everyday routine effortlessly cool!

Similar to both the feedback above, most users state the super quality, frame, and speed. It is also highly reliable for daily commuting. Conversely, the nitpicks are only about the high cost of shipping.

Is AIRTRICK E-Skates Worth It?

Do you still question its worthiness? Well, make it clear. AIRTRICK E-Skates is worth having based on all the info we’ve gathered. The electric rolling skates are finely made using a durable frame and superpower.

AIRTRICK E-Skates Review: Is AIRTRICK E-Skates Worth It?

It’s highly reliable, with decent speed, battery power, and easy maneuverability. The stunning and customizable build also will steal everyone’s eyes when you ride above it. Thus, you can rely on it for a fun and reliable daily commuting companion.

AIRTRICK E-Skates Pros And Cons

What do you think? Some of you may be ready to purchase its computing device. However, you should reconsider your decision by checking the pros and cons below!


  • Compact and lightweight build
  • Easy to carry and wear
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful motor and battery
  • Decent speed and mileage
  • Dual braking system
  • Up to 12 month warranty
  • Favorable customers and expert testimonials.


  • Need strap replacement due to the wear and tear
  • No return policy and free shipping.

AIRTRICK E-Skates Shipping Policy

No matter where you are, AIRTRICK E-Skates are ready to ship to most countries internationally. Furthermore, the shipping cost varies depending on your location. So, it’ll be shown during the checkout after you input your address.

In addition, this brand also has two shipping method, which is sea and air freight. The sea freight usually takes  30 to 40 days and 3 to 8 days for air freight. However, the arrival may vary based on your location.

AIRTRICK E-Skates Return Policy

AIRTRICK E-Skates doesn’t provide returns due to the more costly shipping and import to China. But you can still cancel the order for a refund before the product is shipped.

Fortunately, this brand also offers a 12-month warranty for the skates and a 3-month warranty for the parts. So, this warranty will cover any damages within the periods to maintain performance and reliability.

How To Contact AIRTRICK E-Skates

Need AIRTRICK E-Skates customer service information? Reach the support team using email, live chat, or social media. Here are the contact details:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Live Chat: Yellow button at lower right
  • Social Media: @AirtrickOfficial

Headquarters Location

Unit 811 Beverley Comm CTR 87-105
Chatham RD South TST, KLN
Hong Kong

Where to buy AIRTRICK E-Skates?

Ready to take your daily commuting to the next level? Show your coolest side with its eSkates, that purchasable at Unfortunately, its product is not on Amazon yet. But you can rely on the official site to ensure the authentic item!

AIRTRICK E-Skates Coupon Codes & Promos

Even though you have enough budget for shopping, you may still like a sale. So, we’ll help you make the most worthy purchase with this list of perks!

  • Check all product collections since most of the items are on sale
  • Use the BFS promo code for $100 OFF on the Black Friday special
  • Join the email list for unique discount codes and perk notifications
  • Uncovers special coupon codes on the button below!

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AIRTRICK E-Skates Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for AIRTRICK E-Skates reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Does AIRTRICK E-Skates ship internationally?

Yes, it does. This electric roller skate company delivers to more than 50 countries.

Who owns AIRTRICK E-Skates?

This brand is owned by Hong Kong Topspeed Intelligent Technology Co., Limited.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of AIRTRICK E-Skates Reviews & Ratings

When trying a new invention, you may want to research as much as possible thoroughly. So, based on all the information in our AIRTRICK E-Skates review, we highly recommend this brand.

Its electric roller skates are a good alternative for daily commuting. It can provide a durable build, stunning design, long battery capacity, and decent speeds. Therefore, let’s ride your daily commuting companion with AIRTRICK E-Skates!


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