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Aged and Ore Review 2023 → A Way To Sipping Your Wine!

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About Aged and Ore

If you ask, what is the most enjoyable drink on the planet? Most people will answer it with a glass of wine. Without a doubt, drinking wine with your friends or even your beloved ones is a pleasant thing.

Aged and Ore Review: About
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Moreover, with a dauntless type of wine on the market, you can indeed find one that tastes good for you. Not to mention cocktails, spirits, and other liquid drinks that also give an excellent sensation to your body.

Have known your favorite wine, but one thing you can’t miss–pouring them into a superb glass! Well, a glass is great in appearance and gives you a new experience in drinking wine. If you are a true wine lover, you should agree with it. The good news is that the Aged and Ore brand offers various glass and bottle options to help you enjoy your fave wine.

And, if you want to know more about the brand, this Aged and Ore review is all you need as we provide you with best-seller products review, expert reviews, promo and discounts, and other in-depth discussions that surely will help you find the best product to use.

Overview of Aged and Ore

As one of the excellent brands in the spirits industry, Aged and Ore claims to provide top-tier products to all of its customers. The name behind this brand is Kegan and Roberto, which started this business in 2013.

Both love wine, cocktails, and bourbon, which makes them get a nice chance in building this excellent brand. Kegan has a strong background in design, while Roberto is good in the manufacturing world, that’s why they have a great bond in creating this business.

Aged and Ore is a well-named brand that has come along in years and in the market, thus, you shouldn’t doubt their quality. Many wine lovers have proven it, now it’s your time!

Aged and Ore Reviews

Jumping into the Aged and Ore review means you are ready to know about all the products. Well, they have 16 products, including bottles, glass, ice mold, and other accessories, which you can find once you visit their official website.

Aged and Ore Reviews
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We know that picking one is a little bit challenging, that’s why we have reviewed some of the best-selling products to make your search easier.

Aged and Ore best-selling products:

  1. Travel Decanter
  2. Bottle Flight
  3. Neat Glass
  4. Neat Traveler
  5. Duo Glass

All of them are well-constructed along with excellent quality and features. What’s more, better go on to the next section. Read carefully to get a product that totally fits you!

Aged and Ore Travel Decanter Review

Summer traveling is something that many people like; enjoy the bright sunlight with your beloved, just chill out on the road seeing how the world turns. It will be more complete if your favorite cocktails, spirits, or wine is always on your side wherever you are. That’s why, this Travel Decanter is here for you.

It’s a great spill-proof decanter set constructed with a 500ml hand-blown glass that will hold whatever liquid you like. Not only that, but it is also a double wall covered along with insulated stainless steel tumblers which is excellent for avoiding leaking while you carry it.

Listen, you don’t need to worry about the durability, this decanter set is made with high-quality material double wall insulation and protection to serve your liquid wherever and whenever you are. Thanks to the metal stopper with extreme durability to ensure your things’ safeness; no leaking, spilling, and even scratching!

As per we write this review, it has 283 customer reviews written on the official website of this product. Thus, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick this decanter set. Oh, with two color options, stainless steel and matte black, you can pick the one that matches your liking. Just give it a try by purchasing it right now.

Aged and Ore Bottle Flight Review

The next excellent product by Aged and Ore is Bottle Flight, a set of four glass bottles that you can use to keep your fave liquid–just like the previous products, but it is smaller. It comes as a complete set that includes four glass bottles along with a custom EVA travel case, sure, you can carry it wherever you go.

Now, you might be wondering what makes this set outstanding. With the 3oz capacity per bottle and a protective travel case plus carry loop, you can imagine how great it is as you can bring it easily or keep it in your travel bag without needing ample space. Moreover, each bottle has measurement indicators, silicone sleeves, and labeling windows, so there’s no reason not to add this set to your travel gear.

Well, as it is such a tiny bottle, it has a wide mouth design, so filling your liquid is easy. Oh, the glass marker is included, then you can write a mark on each bottle to differentiate your carried liquid. What’s more, this set is made of safe material which is BPA-free, making it a premium glass bottle set you will ever own!

Aged and Ore Neat Glass Review

Calling out all of the whiskey enthusiasts! It’s a Neat Glass specially designed to give you a new great experience while sipping your whiskey. Yups, as you can see, it comes with a simple design but, still, an elegant look with a wide bottom and narrowed lip on the top. The size is perfect; not too small, not too big, that makes you hold it comfortably.

Aged and Ore Review: Aged and Ore Neat Glass Review
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It’s a handmade glass made from Lead-free Crystal that you shouldn’t hesitate about the durability. About the design? Aged and Ore sculptured with minimalist AO logo on the bottom of the glass. Thus, we can say that this is worth buying a whiskey glass if you want to enjoy your whiskey in such an aesthetic way.

Oh, you have two set size options, one glass and four glasses, that you can choose based on your need and want. Of course, they come at different prices. But believe us, it is something that is worth buying for the sake of a new experience of sipping your whiskey.

Aged and Ore Neat Traveler Review

Travelers need a compact and simple kit that can hold whatever things they need. Also, travelers need something that makes them feel warm too, in case they go on a night. Some of them may find that spirits are the answer. But how do we carry them simply and safely? Take it easy; this Neat Traveler is all you need.

Neat Traveler is a great travel kit to help carry your spirits or liquid on the go. This kit combines one of the Aged and Ore Flight Bottles and Neat Glass that we have reviewed each of them above. Like other travel kit products, it also comes with an EVA travel case to ensure you can hold it easily. Oh, the case is customizable; zipper-pull and carry loop, then you can use it the way you want.

Most of the Aged and Ore customers reviewed this set as a convenient and simple kit to help drink their favorite spirits wherever they are. Not to mention the quality, this kit is awesome! Totally perfect for traveling and vacationing.

Aged and Ore Duo Glass Review

The Duo Glass is another Aged and Ore excellent product that comes with a set of two 10oz double wall borosilicate glass. That’s right, as it’s insulated, it can keep the temperature of your liquid, which means you can sip or drink it perfectly.

Thanks to the eight integrated measuring lines designed on the glass, you can measure any of your liquids easily, and mix them with other favorite liquids nicely. Oh, the ice-ball mod is another thing that you should concern! This glass set comes with a silicone ice-ball mold in each glass, ensuring you get a new drinking experience you’ve dreamed of.

No matter what your favorite liquid is, this Duo Glass is the perfect way to make your night get more alive. Well, just give it a shot, then craft your cocktails as you wish!

Aged and Ore Contact

Aged and Ore allow you to ask whatever you want about their products. Here are some of the ways:

Aged and Ore Review: Aged and Ore Contact
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  1. By form. Write down all your questions in the message column section. Fill in the name and email box, then hit the send button. Your message is already popped up on their screen.
  2. By email. Send a message to their email address: Oh, they claimed that keeping in touch with them by email is the best way.
  3. By call. Hit their phone at 872-529-2433.

Well, are you curious about their social media? You can simply find @Aged and Ore on Facebook as you can find all of their products there; you can contact them as well!

Aged and Ore Return Policy

Nothing to be worried about while buying all of the Aged and Ore products as they provide a satisfaction guarantee and return policy. You can request a return if you get your products within 30 days and find that they are not in good condition. Remember; within 30 days, which means if the 30 days have gone, you can’t return or even get a refund.

Email them at, then wait for their response. Take it easy, they will do their best to give feedback. If they accept your request, they will send you a return shipping label to ship back the products to them and let them work to finish your request. Oh, before sending them a request, you must ensure that the products are unused and on the original packaging as you received them.

Having a little bit confused? Go to the Aged and Ore return policy page to get the answer.

Aged and Ore Shipping Policy

After deciding which products you want to buy, you have to fill in the shipping address, including your name, address, country, city, state, and even zip code. In this case, you must ensure you write the correct information to avoid unwanted things.

To take note, the shipping price depends on the region of your address, and it doesn’t include Duty, Customs, Taxes, and extra fees if you are an international customer. The good news is that they offer free shipping if your purchase is over $99. Well, the Aged and Ore products are worth buying, and the service is worth trying!

Where to buy Aged and Ore?

It’s time to go shopping! Sure, the easiest way to get all of the Aged and Ore products is exactly from its official website, as you don’t need to worry about the authenticity of the products you wanna buy. Plus, you can get a special price and even free shipping if your order is adequate with their offer.

Simply sign up and subscribe by entering your email address to get the special offers and updates on the brand’s new products. If you prefer shopping on the marketplace, you can find the Aged and Ore products on Amazon and Huckberry.

Aged and Ore Coupon Codes & Promos

We all love discounts; whether men or women, adults or teenagers, saving money is the first thing that we must concern about. Sorry to say, this theory is not for you, in case you are a crazy-rich people who don’t care about your money consumption, huh?

Well, it’s better to thank us first as we provide you with promo codes to save your bank while shopping for all of the Aged and Ore products. You can find all of them right here; click the button below to give all the codes a shot.

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Aged and Ore Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Aged and Ore reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How to take care of the Duo Glasses?

To make sure that your Duo Glasses have longevity, the Aged and Ore are not recommended for you to wash in the dishwasher frequently. It’s better that you hand wash it after you use it.

Do Aged and Ore offer an international shipment?

Lucky you, Aged and Ore offer international shipment with their two policies which means you have to take a note about them before making a purchase, in case you are an international customer.

  • Custom, Duty, Taxes, and extra fees is not include with the shipping cost
  • You can’t mark shipment as a gift
Ask a question?

Aged and Ore Expert Reviews

Uncrate reviewed one of the Aged and Ore excellent products–Duo Glass. It states that this product is worth buying for all costs as it is suitable for both hot and cold, making it a versatile glass. The other features, such as pour line indicators, double-walled, and eliminated condensation design, make you can’t deny adding this product to your kitchen counter.

Full Review
Aged and Ore Review: Expert Reviews
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It’s not secret that Travel Decanter by Aged and Ore is a favorite by anyone, especially travelers who want to enjoy sipping a wine anytime and wherever the journey takes them. As The Bourbon Finder states, this product comes in excellent packaging, which means the brand provides an obvious design ensuring this product arrives to the customer safely.

About the product itself, The Bourbon Finder claimed that this product has a good seal along with the rubberized section that suits perfectly to the bottle. Oh, take it easy, you can release it easily once you pull it. What’s more, the sleek design is another plus thing, you can carry it everywhere without worrying about your bag space.

The Bourbon Finder
Full Review

Conclusion of Aged and Ore Reviews & Ratings

Sipping your favorite cocktails, wine, spirits, and liquids with your beloved friends is fun! And the fact that you use high-quality and apparent glass is another point to stand out. How about when you are on the go? Well, the Aged and Ore products are the way to go.

Aged and Ore Review: Conclusion
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As we’ve reviewed five of the brand’s excellent products, we are sure you can choose one to buy without hesitation. Now, what are you waiting for? Just make a purchase, get them on your hand, then let’s have fun with your fave liquid along with your beloved everywhere and anytime. Enjoy your life, folks!


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