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About Adorime

Are you and your partner getting a little less passionate about sex? Have you had a one-on-one talk and decided to use sex toys every time you make love? If so, Adorime can fulfill all your sex needs with your beloved partner!

Adorime Review: About Adorime

As seen on their official website, they’re not limited to only making high-quality sex toys for couples, but this brand also creates many toys for everyone, from women and men to those who are still beginners in using sex toys.

Currently, this sex toy brand has 25.3k followers on Twitter, which is several times more than the 1.5k followers on Facebook and Instagram. So, if you want to get the latest updates about Adorime every day, you can visit its social media account.

Well, suppose you’re interested in diving into the brand to know its history, best-selling products, testimonials, promos, and many more. You can just take a seat and read this Adorime review. Without further ado, let’s move on to the next part!

Overview of Adorime

Adorime is a company founded in the USA that has been in business for over 6 years. After those years, this sex toy brand has become one of the well-known brands in the USA in providing premium sex toys for everyone.

Whether you’re a couple, single woman, or man, they provide products that can bring your sex life to the next level. There are many products designed by this brand, such as vibrators, dildos, and male masturbators.

The mission of Adorime is to increase the pleasure of sexual activities with your partner and also make your orgasm experience as pleasurable as possible.

By adhering to that mission, this sex toy brand makes all its products through a strict process, from silicone materials, wires, motors, buttons, and many more. Before marketing their products in the market, they also conduct several checking processes, such as battery checks, button tests, noise control, etc.

And before you jump to the Adorime review below, I’ll introduce the highlights of this sex toy brand.


  • Provides many products for all groups ranging from couples, women, men, and beginners
  • Made from high-quality silicone materials
  • Uses a strict material selection process for premium quality products
  • They do some checking processes before selling their products in the market
  • Their best-selling products rated all 5/5 stars from over 100 customers
  • Free shipping when you order over $99
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • 14 days return policy

Adorime Review

What are you looking for? Vibrators, dildos, or male mastubators? Well, Adorime has everything you need. Check out the official website, and shop for products that let you enjoy heavenly pleasures.

Adorime Reviews: Adorime Review

Suppose you’re too lazy to search and want to know the best-selling products of this sex toy brand instantly. Lucky for you, I have rounded up three products that are everyone’s favorites from Adorime.

  1. Rose Lover Sucking Vibrator for women
  2. Deep Throat Sucking Dual Male Masturbation Cup for men
  3. Couple’s Penis Ring Clit Vibrator for couple

Feeling curious already? Let’s move on to the next section of this Adorime review.

Adorime Rose Lover Sucking Vibrator Reviews

Let’s meet the Rose Lover Sucking Vibrator, one of the best-selling sex toys for women. It is a sex toy with a rose-like design but can increase the stimulation for the G-spot and clitoris of women. This design can bring you to the most lovely orgasm. 

Adorime Review: Adorime Rose Lover Sucking Vibrator Reviews

This sex toy is a professional licker and sucker. Why so? That’s because it features 7 Intense Suction that comes from an internal vibrator that can produce rotating airflow to suck your clitoris pleasurably until you orgasm.

Moreover, if you’re unsure about the material, just relax because this sex toy is made of medical-grade silicone, which is hygienic and odorless. And for the price, you can get this rose clitoris sucker for $65.99.

Adorime Deep Throat Sucking Dual Male Masturbation Cup Reviews

Comes in 5 oral suction and 10 vibrating stimulation modes, this Deep Throat Sucking Dual Male Masturbation Cup is the best for men who love female deep throats. You can choose and customize the mode according to the pleasure you like the most during a blowjob.

Adorime Review: Adorime Deep Throat Sucking Dual Male Masturbation Cup Reviews

This male sex toy has a Jelly-Textured 3D tight vaginal that is soft and elastic. And not to forget, it has a depth of up to 4.5 inches. As a result, it can bring all men to the peak of orgasm more than the real blowjob does.

Moreover, this sex toy has a message bean on the top and a silicone tongue on the bottom; these two combinations will lead you to an exceptional, realistic sex experience.

As a man, you’ll love this toy even more because it also comes with sexy moaning interaction. A feature that you can use with earphones and a sexy Katrina will sigh and moan about, triggering you to the climax.

With all these features and its ability to bring you to the peak of orgasm, this sex toy is priced at $76.99.

Adorime Couple's Penis Ring Clit Vibrator Reviews

Next, the Couple’s Penis Ring Clit Vibrator is the best-selling product for couples. It’s not for nothing that this toy gets a perfect rating, seeing how perfect it is in enhancing the sexual life of couples. 

Adorime Review: Adorime Couple's Penis Ring Clit Vibrator Reviews

In addition, this vibrator comes with a U-shaped opening design that is easy to attach to your penis and testicles. It is also made of medical-grade silicone materials, making it safe for sex activities with your partner. 

It also provides two-way heavenly pleasure. Why? Because while the cock ring of this toy surrounds your penis, the 2 stimulation spots of this toy can pamper your partner’s clitoris. 

Furthermore, you can also use this toy remotely because it features a wireless remote control with a distance of up to 10 meters. So, you and your partner can explore various kinds of sexual life experiences in various outdoor places.

Are you and your partner in agreement to test out this sex toy? Well, prepare your budget and get this toy for $36.99. It’s pretty cheap for a toy to enhance your sexual life with your partner!

Who is Adorime For?

Adorime is a sex toy brand for all adults, whether couples, single men, or women who aren’t that satisfied with their sexual life.

Adorime Review: Who is Adorime For?

Better sexual life, better life, isn’t it? So, if you’re a couple who wants to improve your sexual life with your partner, or you’re a single man or woman who is unsatisfied with your current sexual life, all the products from Adorime are the perfect answer.

Adorime Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As I mentioned earlier, Adorime is a well-known sex toy brand in the United States. You don’t need to doubt how satisfied consumers are in using products from this brand. Here are the ratings for those three best-selling products:

Adorime Review: Adorime Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
  1. Rose Lover Sucking Vibrator: 5/5 stars rating from 135 reviews
  2. Deep Throat Sucking Dual Male Masturbation Cup: 5/5 stars rating based on 121 reviews
  3. Couple’s Penis Ring Clit Vibrator: 5/5 stars rating from 145 reviews

For the Rose Lover Sucking Vibrator, a satisfied customer says:

Love it. Perfectly palm-sized and easy to hold. The suction is extremely strong and has various settings that are also lots of fun. Love the beautiful pink silicone, and it’s super easy to clean! Would definitely recommend it!

Another happy buyer who was satisfied with the performance of the Deep Throat Sucking Dual Male Masturbation Cup says:

Amazing toy!!! The suction is amazing, and the combo of the vibrating function brings a quality experience and really provides value for the money.

With a perfect 5/5 stars rating on most of their products, what makes you doubt the pleasure this toy provides for your sex needs? So far, this Adorime review can say that this sex toy brand gets full stars in high-quality silicone, performance, and reasonable price.

Is Adorime Worth It?

Is Adorime worth it? We can say out loud, of course, it is. What else can you doubt from a brand that gets a perfect rating of 5/5 stars on all its best-selling products?

Adorime Review: Is Adorime Worth It?

And the fact that the brand pays attention to the details of silicone material selection, wires, and motors and even goes through several checking processes before selling its products is a plus point that makes this sex toy brand worth it.

Adorime Shipping Policy

Before explaining the shipping policy of Adorime, I’ll say one thing if this brand only accepts shipping in the USA and Canada. So, for those who live outside the USA and Canada, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little longer to enjoy this sex toy.

For shipping within the USA and Canada, the brand provides three options, Special Delay, Economy and Standard. I’ll break it down for your convenience below:

  • Special Delay: You need to spend $7.99, and the delivery is around 15 – 20 working days. You can enjoy free shipping if you spend more than $99.
  • Economy: It costs $9.99 and will be delivered in 5 – 8 working days. If you want to get free shipping, you need to spend more than $99.
  • Standard: For this option, your purchase will be shipped in 4 – 5 working days, which is faster but more expensive at $13.99. And to enjoy free shipping, you need to spend more than $129.

The brand will ship your orders within 1 – 2 business days after the payment is confirmed. And the shipping confirmation will be emailed to you alongside the tracking number.

Adorime Return Policy

Just like how Adorime pays attention to the products it sells, the brand also pays attention to customer satisfaction.

If the product you receive is damaged, the wrong model, or the wrong size. This sex toy brand provides a return opportunity for you within 14 days after you receive the product. You can contact [email protected] to request a return and give a receipt or proof of purchase.

And to be eligible for a return, you have to make sure that your product is still in the same unused condition as when you first opened the package.

Adorime Warranty

Not only does it provide a return policy, but Adorime also provides a warranty for its customers. They believe in the quality of the products they sell. Hence, they provide a 1-year warranty.

If the product you receive malfunctions, you can take a warranty replacement. Simply by contacting them at [email protected]. And don’t forget to include your full name, order number, shipping address, and a short video about the malfunction of your product.

How To Contact Adorime

As a sex toy brand, you may have a lot of questions for them. So if you’re willing to track your order and fill a return, or you want to ask questions about the products, you can contact them through:

Adorime customer care team will always help you when you need help!

Where to buy Adorime?

Since this sex toy brand doesn’t have an offline store, you can only buy its products online. Find out and get products by directly visiting its official website. Or you can also buy them through retail stores such as Amazon and eBay.

Adorime Coupon Codes & Promos

Besides giving you pleasure through its products, Adorime also offers you the pleasure of discounts on your wallets. You can see and check some coupon codes on its official website. To shorten your time in finding coupon codes, I’ve summarized them below:

  • Subscribe and get 10% off on your first purchase
  • Enjoy $5 off when you spend more than $49 by using discount code: NEWONE5
  • You can also save 15% off when you order $120 with promo code: Bundle15

If you are interested in finding more codes, you can click the button below.

Reveal all coupons

Adorime Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Adorime reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Adorime?

There is no information on who owns Adorime, but one thing that can be confirmed is that the brand is based in the USA.

Does Adorime ship internationally?

Currently, Adorime doesn’t ship internationally. The brand only accepts shipping within the USA and Canada. But in the future, they’re looking up ways to be available for international customers to buy the product.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Adorime Reviews & Ratings

As the old saying goes, there are three important things that can strengthen a couple’s relationship: communication, trust, and sex. Surely, trying different things in your sexual activities with your partner is one way to improve the quality of your relationship, and one of them is with sex toys.

So, if you’re looking for sex toys to fulfill your sexual needs with your partner, Adorime is the brand to choose. They also provide various types of premium sex toys for all ranges of people, from single women, or men, to couples. What are you waiting for? Visit their official website and find the one that suits your sexual needs.


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