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About Abracadabra NYC

Trick or treat?! Who’s been sick of that iconic line? You must be tired of seeing those kids standing in front of your house, right? Since Halloween is about to hit in a few weeks, have you prepared something? A killer clown costume from Abracadabra NYC, maybe?

Abracadabra NYC Review: About Abracadabra NYC
Image: facebook.com/AbracadabraNYC

If Halloween is such a must-celebration in your lifestyle dictionary, you should dress well. You won’t appear with that cheesy plain T-shirt and shorts, will you? Thus, let’s enjoy hours and hours to see this store’s most complete Halloween costumes & properties.

Furthermore, hundreds of choices are here. Besides costumes and properties, this store also sells makeup tools, playing kits, accessories, and all the stuff about Halloween. Plus, they provide a rental service as well, anyway. But isn’t it better to buy than rent?

But do people trust their Halloween needs to Abracadabra NYC, too? It’s such a good question! Be ready to be surprised because we have discovered over 76.5k followers and 1.7m likes on its social media platforms. Great numbers mean great fame, right?

Dear all little monsters, the Halloween bell is about to ring, so you better wrap up some costumes and properties to scare everyone. So, keep your eyes on our Abracadabra NYC reviews and find more recommendations to be the scariest one-night ghost!

Overview Of Abracadabra NYC

A newbie may think that Abracadabra NYC has just started in the industry. However, that’s not the fact, dude. How long do you think this store has existed for its loyal customers?

The fact that this store has opened since 1981 may be new information to you. Exactly over 42 years of operation, they have sold millions of products, and even celebrities shop here, too.

Then, what makes Abracadabra NYC so loved by many people? Of course, because they’re the most reliable and most complete. Whether you want to buy or rent, they will only say ‘yes.

Next, from magic properties to costumes, the people behind this company won’t run out of ideas to stock innovative items. It’s even making your wildest imagination possible to happen.

Besides that, this store is kind of everyone’s spotlight since it is in the heart of New York City. Thus, seeing many people come and go from Abracadabra NYC daily is a very common view.

So, do you want to be scary but cute like Casper or scary and killing like Chucky this Halloween? Whoever it is, you already know the only place to get a suitable costume, right?

Abracadabra NYC Reviews

So, what does Abracadabra NYC have in its store? We said they have a lot, but we know you won’t satisfied without knowing the details. But what do you think about the picture below? Does it suit you?

Abracadabra NYC Reviews: Abracadabra NYC Reviews

Yes, that’s one of the products that you can get in this store. If you want to play with masks, makeup, magic cards, or fake blood, they’re all here to choose from. So, can we start from the product category?

Abracadabra NYC Product Categories

Costumes Magic
Apparel Masks
Accessories Props
Gifts Makeup

Can you imagine getting all of them? You might be the scariest one in Halloween history, we guess. However, if you love to rent some (costumes, props, and accessories), you’d better visit this page.

Do you have something to recommend?

Yes, we have some things, not only something. What are they?

Abracadabra NYC – Best Selling Items

  • Terrifier Art The Clown Mask from Terrifier 2 Movie
  • Devil’s Champion Leather Armor Set
  • Deluxe Harry Potter Hermione Granger Child Costume

So, are you ready to see each of them? You must be more than ready, we guess. Before starting, can you promise to shop right after this review ends? That’s such a kind of you.

Abracadabra NYC Terrifier Art The Clown Mask Reviews

A cool way to shock everyone before your door? That’s such a classic way, but it never gets old. Have you ever thought of wearing the scary Terrifier Art The Clown Mask from Terrifier 2 Movie? That’s even cooler, though.

Abracadabra NYC Review: Abracadabra NYC Terrifier Art The Clown Mask Reviews

A shocking fact to start? If you’ve watched the Terrifier 2 Movie, let us tell you that this movie was also filmed in this store. And you’re now here to get its exclusive Art The Clown mask, the movie’s main antagonist character. Wow.

Since it’s so exclusive, there shouldn’t be any worries, right? Furthermore, all the details are here if you’re wondering. You may find his iconic crazy and killing-sight eyes, pointy nose, maniacal and scary smile with that cute tiny hat.

In addition, this product exists in one fit size for adults and is made of 100% natural latex. Thus, you will get the fun experience of playing with that and also convenience. That’s the main point to highlight. Do all adults agree? They should.

So, isn’t it even cooler to wear Terrifier Art The Clown Mask from Terrifier 2 Movie during Halloween? Spend no more than $74.95 and make everyone’s heart stop!

Abracadabra NYC Devil's Champion Leather Armor Set Reviews

Who wants to dress like a Devil’s Champion? If this look suits you the most for this Halloween, then let’s learn more about Devil’s Champion Leather Armor Set! Anyway, do you know that Elon Musk once wore this costume?

Abracadabra NYC Review: Abracadabra NYC Devil's Champion Leather Armor Set Reviews

Yes, he did. But why do you think this costume is popular? Sure, it’s because of the quality. A little introduction: this high-quality hardened leather set is better than any armor. You may find something similar out there, but the quality?

Next, this costume also features sharp & lame plating with a brilliant blood-red finish. Thus, once you arrive at the Halloween party, you’ll look like a superhero who has just returned from the intense war with the underground kingdom.

Then, what else is good? On the brand’s website, you may discover that this item is also available to rent. Also, if you’re wondering about the size, this is comparable to the size of a typical US man. So, do you really want to get this?

Finally, spending no more than $9,995.00 for this Devil’s Champion Leather Armor Set is truly worth it. Let’s be the most stand-out one among your friends and capture more photos to upload!

Abracadabra NYC Harry Potter Hermione Granger Childs Costume Reviews

Leviosa! Can we see the enthusiasm of some Harry Potter fans here? We are all fans, actually. And if you want to dress like one of its characters, why don’t you try the Deluxe Harry Potter Hermione Granger Childs Costume?

Abracadabra NYC Review: Abracadabra NYC Harry Potter Hermione Granger Childs Costume Reviews

We agree that Hermione Granger is one of the most popular characters in the movie. So, it’s logical why most girls want to dress like her for Halloween, right? This high-quality item is comfortable to wear and easy to clean or maintain.

Furthermore, another good thing is that this garment features a professional-grade 100% polyester gabardine. Then, its soft satin lapels and hood lining also give an extra comfortable feeling while wearing it all night. An earlier 5-star rating?

Then, what else is good? For more, this costume set also includes a single-piece dress styled to look like a folded skirt, blouse, and sweater vest. Are you now imagining yourself wearing this? That must be the coolest look of you, we guess.

Lastly, is this Deluxe Harry Potter Hermione Granger Child costume on your current wishlist for the upcoming Halloween night? You won’t be sad about spending much because it’s only $64.95!

Abracadabra NYC Pros and Cons

Is Abracadabra NYC always good? Prove it through this pros and cons section:


  • Providing all items related to Halloween (costumes, properties, masks, magic tools, and more) with various choices for each
  • Very well-known (media and celebrities)
  • Available offline and online
  • Same-Day pick up service
  • The strategic location
  • Free shipping (US customers) for orders over $85
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Several products are currently out of stock or only a few left

Who Is Abracadabra NYC For?

Can everyone shop from this New York costume store?

Of course. Abracadabra NYC is all people‘s go-to place when they want to buy or rent all Halloween-related stuff.

Then, the various product lines and huge recognition from all Americans and worldwide customers should make it your top choice. Also, they welcome all little monsters (kids) to shop as long as the items are still available.

Abracadabra NYC Review: What Do Customers Think?

Who has been waiting for this section? Witness so many good things about Abracadabra NYC and decide to buy or rent later! Do you think this store performs well based on the customers?

Abracadabra NYC Review: Abracadabra NYC Review: What Do Customers Think?

On the Yelp platform, the store scores 3.7 out of 5 stars, with a total of 106 ratings and reviews. Meanwhile, on the USA Review, it scores 8.0 out of 10, which is a very good sign. Do you think so?

Then, are you curious about the detailed ratings for each product we’ve discussed?

Next, what about the customer’s real reviews? You must be more curious about this!

First, see what this first customer has said:

I can say it’s the easiest and best online shopping experience of my whole life. The Halloween costumes arrived quickly. It’s also true to size, and my daughter cannot be happier. I think buying from this store again is a must and I’d like to recommend it to others.

Do you know where is the easier online shopping experience than this? We guess there’s no one.

Then, don’t skip this, too:

I felt the spirit Halloween already once visited the website. Greatest collection ever, I could say. Then, the prices are also comparable to other stores outside the NYC. When I was in the store, I got so may staff around to help. And, the easy street parking is another plus point.

We’re truly happy to discover many good things in the store, from price to service. Then, will you prove it yourself?

Lastly, this honest review is also for you:

I really love how they store these decorations. I love turning my home into the scariest house every year, and this place makes me cannot stop thinking about more creative ideas. The workers are also good in service and the most important thing is these items stay longer for years.

Another plus point is that you can have special items for special items which stay longer. Don’t you think it’s good?

Finally, how sure are you now to join the Abracadabra NYC club? Don’t forget that Halloween is just in a few weeks. So, why not decide now?

Is Abracadabra NYC Worth It?

Storing items & accessories for Halloween is no longer complicated or confusing when you have Abracadabra NYC around. But how good do you think it is? We’ll convince you more.

Abracadabra NYC Review: Is Abracadabra NYC Worth It?

Dear all scary souls, since the beginning, we’ve known that this store has operated for over 42 years. Then, their special appearances on TV, Radio, and local news are insane in a level of costume or accessories store. Thus, we cannot deny that Abracadabra NYC should be a 100% worth-buying Halloween needs provider.

Is Abracadabra NYC Legit?

You keep asking, and we keep answering. So, what makes you still doubt that Abracadabra NYC is not legit? That’s an ungrounded thesis, anyway. Thus, you may need this section.

For us, this store is more than legit and trusted. Why? Besides its almost half-century of operation, it also consistently offers good items with good quality at good prices.

After that, the huge recognition from thousands of customers worldwide (and even top celebrities) by shopping in this store is enough to prove its legitimacy. Get Halloween costumes now?

Abracadabra NYC Shipping Policy

Who loves online shopping? It’s obviously everyone worldwide. But do you know how the store shipping policy works? 

Great news! Abracadabra NYC offers domestic (US) and worldwide shipping to any country. Meanwhile, US customers are eligible for free shipping if their order has exceeded $85.

Also, if you want to do the Same-Day pick up your order directly, it’s 100% possible. Order online, and take it yourself to the following locations:

New York City New Jersey
19 W 21st Street NYC 1800 Route 34, Building 300, Suite 3, Wall, NJ 07719

So, who is ready to celebrate Halloween in their country?

Abracadabra NYC Return Policy

Dear Halloween enthusiasts, we’re sorry to inform you that Abracadabra NYC doesn’t provide returns, refunds, or exchanges since all orders are final.

However, in particular conditions, when your package is wrong or damaged during shipping, kindly contact them. Within 48 hours, you should contact them at [email protected] to get a refund or replacement (if possible).

How To Contact Abracadabra NYC?

Let’s get closer to this New York costume store and benefit more from it. But do you know where to go?

  • Phone number (store): 212-627-5194
  • Phone number (warehouse – for pickup only): 732-820-6698
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live chat: visit this (see the bubble at the bottom right)
  • Contact form: complete it here!
  • Social media: AbracadabraNYC
  • Operation times: 11:00 am-7:00 pm (Mon-Sat) and 1:00 pm-07:00 pm (Sunday)
Flagship Store Locations Warehouse Locations
19 W 21st Street NYC 1800 Route 34, Building 300, Suite 3, Wall, NJ 07719

Where to buy Abracadabra NYC?

Where are the Halloween stores near me?

Of course, it’s here! Abracadabra NYC is always near to you, so getting one or two or three or more from it is highly possible. And how can you buy those items?

Yes, you have 2 shopping choices here (offline and online). You may visit the flagship store address to see those items in person. Meanwhile, if you love online shopping, the only place to buy is on the official website. Not anywhere!

Abracadabra NYC Coupon Codes & Promos

Will you leave this page without seeing this section? Of course, you won’t. But can you expect a coupon code here? Let’s see:

  • Earn up to 47% off many products on the Sale page
  • Free shipping for US customers for orders over $85
  • Join the Affiliate program and get 10% of commission rate and more
  • If you’re an influencer, join this program to earn money
  • Use a coupon code: ALOHOMORA to get 15% OFF on all Harry Potter products
  • Enjoy 10% OFF free tickets with discount codes: INSTORE
  • Save up to 15% OFF your order for Botanical Arts with a coupon code: BOTANICAL1
  • Be eligible for a 15% discount for all Unique Gifts with promo code Q2NCQE9QTZ7D

Do those offers make you happy? But do you want to be happier? Tap the following button, then!

Reveal all coupons
Abracadabra NYC

Abracadabra NYC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Abracadabra NYC reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Abracadabra NYC?

The current store’s owner is Paul Blum (previously Rob Pinzon)

Where is Abracadabra NYC located?

The flagship store is at 19 W 21st Street, New York City.

Does Abracadabra NYC ship internationally?

Yes, the store actively ships in the US and worldwide (any country)

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Abracadabra NYC Reviews & Ratings

So, will you make the upcoming Halloween the most memorable moment of the year? Of course, it’s possible. In the end, you only need to prepare the best costumes, properties, accessories, and magic tools for a brilliant combination.

But you already know where to get them, right? Yes, it’s only in Abracadabra NYC. With over a decade of moving to the heart of NYC, the store has successfully gained millions of people’s attention. So, will you become one of those lucky customers, too?


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