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7or9 Review 2024 → Comfortable Footwear for All Women

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About 7or9 Shoes

Girls, what makes you insecure the most? Having no proper shoes to wear daily? If your concern is not being confident about wearing the same shoes again and again, then you need to start collecting more now. But ensure to shop the ones with lower rates at 7or9!

7or9 Review: About 7or9 Shoes
Image: facebook.com/7or9.official

What kind of store is this? Since your current concern is getting various shoes for daily wear, then this is the only most suggested store to shop. What can you find here? Surely, it’s a place where all women can get beautiful and convenient shoes that fit their feet.

Do your friends shop at this store, too? We guess, yes. Among 18.6k social media followers, why don’t you think that one of them is your friend? So, purchasing one or two pairs of these shoes shows that you are not lagging behind others. Then, what’s more?

On the other hand, the more surprising thing is here. Specifically, the brand products have appeared in Forbes, LAFM, Le’Face, and more. Also, numerous top models & celebrities have worn some pairs on the photoshoots for Bazaar, Glamour, and other magazines.

So, are you now interested in getting some beautiful pairs for you? Of course, we won’t let you wear the same boring shoes to the office or meetings daily. But do you know how to get them? Let’s not be too hurry, and stay in our 7or9 reviews to be a smart and lucky buyer!

Overview Of 7or9 Shoes

What’s special about 7or9 shoes? The brand really knows how to spoil all women well. Have you ever experienced a situation where your shoes look great but feel extremely uncomfortable?

Fortunately, the brand prevents this from happening. Besides maintaining a pretty and luxurious look, 7or9 also ensures its product lines are perfectly fit and comfortable on every woman’s feet.

And you should know this little fact. The brand actually appeared in 2018 from the idea of two passionate women who understood all women’s inconveniences while wearing high heels.

So, can we hear all women’s scream who experience the same problem? Let’s be grateful because you won’t suffer anymore starting today. But have you prepared some dollars to buy?

7or9 Shoes Review

Once you get shoes from 7or9, you can throw away your old shoes. After all, we’re pretty sure there’s no one can deny when those cute shoe packages arrive before the door.

7or9 Reviews: 7or9 Shoes Review

Don’t you think the picture above is so cool? Sure, we all agree. But we know you can be even cooler than the woman in the picture, right? Thus, before dressing, let’s explore first!

7or9 Product Categories

Shoes Discover shoes, sandals, wedding heels, and more in this store!
Accessories for Shoes Put pretty buckles, belts, back clips, and more on your shoes!

Why do you limit yourself to only shopping for shoes when you can also buy accessories? Ultimately, we won’t let you clueless, so let’s check our product recommendations below:

7or9 Shoes: 3 Best Selling Items

  • Snow Mountain 2.0 Sandals
  • Golden Sparkling 4.0 Heels
  • Apricot 4.0 Shoes

Finally, are you ready to see the review of each product? We promise each shoe will fit your feet and suit any occasion you have daily. So, can you keep scrolling down through our review?

7or9 Snow Mountain 2.0 Sandals Reviews

Does wearing sandals make you feel super casual and comfortable? We all agree with that. However, with many updates to the design, these Snow Mountain 2.0 Sandals from 7or9 are suitable for any casual and formal events!

7or9 Review: 7or9 Snow Mountain 2.0 Sandals Reviews

Girls, wearing these sandals means worry-free. It’s because each pair has 8 different sizes with a detailed guide to fit all women’s feet. Also, there are 2 color choices (white & brown). So, ensure to choose one that suits your personality best.

In addition, these sandals are equipped with a high-rebound 8mm cushion core and an additional 2mm of latex padding. Hence, the product only provides softness, breathability, and long-lasting cushioning for good support.

Snow Mountain 2.0 Sandals Details

  • Cow leather upper
  • Soft sheepskin lining
  • 3D feather-light midsole
  • Flexible & anti-slip rubber outsole
  • Anti-kick protection design

Finally, is wearing these Snow Mountain 2.0 Sandals a good idea? They still manage for any formal occasion, we guess. Then, spending no more than $189.00 will be worth it since there are only good experiences left while wearing!

7or9 Golden Sparkling 4.0 Heels Reviews

Do you want some ‘bling-bling‘ thing around your feet? Then, you should look no other than Golden Sparkling 4.0 Heels! It’s the perfect footwear for your office party, wedding ceremony, or dating dinner with your loved one!

7or9 Review: 7or9 Golden Sparkling 4.0 Heels Reviews

Like the previous product, this shoe is also US-sized, and the size choices are from 5.0 to 8.5. Shopping for shoes online doesn’t always mean you’ll get the wrong size since the detailed measurement is accessible on the website.

Furthermore, the 90mm heel height creates an illusion of longer legs. So, isn’t it the right time to show everyone about your beautiful long legs? Then, it also can be a suitable product for women who are not confident with their height.

Golden Sparkling 4.0 Heels Details

  • Pointed-toe
  • Glitter upper
  • Breathable sheepskin sole and lining
  • Gentle foam front inside
  • Flexible and anti-slip rubber outsole

So, where do you want to go with Golden Sparkling 4.0 Heels? Wherever it is, you’ll be the only spotlight with your beautiful long legs, so let’s spend around $219.00 to make it happen! Who’s the main event? The one who reads our review.

7or9 Apricot 4.0 Shoes Reviews

Is your boss calling to attend some meetings? Or do you have a plan to go to lunch with your business partner? Then, let’s dress beautifully and make your every step elegant with Apricot 4.0 Shoes! Is the picture below cool?

7or9 Review: 7or9 Apricot 4.0 Shoes Reviews

How many colors does this shoe have? Yes, it has 3 color choices, and let’s match them to your personality. You may choose between black, beige, and nude. And they all match for any occasion, right? Simply, they’re versatile.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t ask about the comfort. Further, to enhance comfort, the shoe tip is made with an antibacterial air-touch foam that is so common in sports shoes. The only way to feel the sensation is by buying one!

Apricot 4.0 Shoes Details

  • Lambskin upper
  • Soft sheepskin lining and sole
  • Blue dot shock-absorbing cushion core
  • Flexible & anti-slip rubber outsole

Can we see you bring these Apricot 4.0 Shoes home? You should, at this point. You won’t wear those common sneakers or flat shoes to meet someone important, right? So, isn’t $189.00 too cheap for your bank account?

7or9 Pros and Cons

Does wearing shoes from 7or9 always give a good experience? Let’s not guess this or that before seeing this pros and cons section:


  • Pretty and luxurious look
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Padded and not painful
  • Made of the finest material
  • Various choices of products for women
  • Suit any occasion (formal and casual)
  • Well-recognized by huge sites and magazines
  • Free shipping for orders over $199
  • 30-day return policy


  • No phone number
  • No specific address (country, region, and more)
  • No specific information about the shipping destination

Who Is 7or9 For?

For every girl, look is 100% a matter. From head to toe, everything they wear has been through a lot of consideration. However, who can wear beautiful footwear from 7or9?

The only answer is all girls and women who want to look twice prettier. In addition, all footwear in this store is versatile, so you can go with them on casual hangouts or formal ceremonies. You just need to adjust your size, color, and be the spotlight afterward!

7or9 Review: What Do Customers Think?

We understand all girls are so careful before buying something online. Fortunately, this section appears to save you from the wrong buying experience. So, is 7or9 always good?

7or9 Review: 7or9 Review: What Do Customers Think?

Once we visit the website and open the review page, there are over 550 reviews with an average rating of 5/5 stars. It may seem unbelievable, but let us convince you more with this:

If those are the detailed ratings for each product we have reviewed, now what about the customer’s real reviews? Did they also say something nice after shopping? The truth is here:

Let’s see this for a starter:

I have always had trouble finding comfortable shoes. Hence, I was a bit hesitant to order these shoes initially. And, I’m glad I found this store! These shoes are not only pretty but also super comfortable. The black suede material is of high quality and looks amazing.

So, what does ‘look’ mean when it’s not comfortable? Fortunately, 7or9 products are both, pretty and comfortable.

Next, you need this before shopping:

These shoes are incredibly comfortable for high heels with a rich suede exterior and well-padded interior. Trying to search men prodcuts for my husband but it’s not there. Overall, I had great shopping experience here.

Another customer is also happy due to the shoe’s good quality. The material works well to deliver the best function ever.

Besides that, who agrees with this customer? 

These boots are made of top-quality lambskin leather that is very soft and comfortable. I really like the Milk Coffee color, which is not too light nor too dark. I would definitely recommend them!

The best part is when you’re satisfied with the product and happily recommending it to others. So, will you prove what this customer said?

Finally, how long have you been craving good and comfortable shoes for your little feet? Once again, it’s no longer your dream since the 7or9 store is around now.

Is 7or9 Worth It?

Sure. 7or9 shoe store is 100% worth it for some reasons. Do you want to know why? First, this store breaks the long-sounding tagline ‘beauty is pain.’ After reading our review, do you find any pain?

7or9 Review: Is 7or9 Worth It?

Otherwise, you’ll only find good comfort without compromising your look. Thus, in this store, achieving beauty doesn’t mean you have to be painful. Within these past 5 years, the brand has been consistent in creating and distributing good-looking shoes with super comfy wearing experiences for all women.

7or9 Shipping Policy

Who’s excited to see those beautiful pairs of shoes land before the door? We all do, obviously. But have you checked how the brand’s shipping rules work?

About the destination, unfortunately, the brand doesn’t specifically mention where they ship. So, we cannot ensure the availability of international shipping.

On the other hand, domestic buyers can easily shop for these shoes with 2 shipping choices. You may choose Standard and get free shipping for orders over $199. Then, you may also choose Express, but you must be responsible for the shipping fee ($20). 

7or9 Return Policy

Can women not panic when they order the wrong items? Fortunately, 7or9 has applied a return policy to save you from a terrible shopping experience. 

Generally, the store has a 30-day return policy after you receive your items. Then, you need to fill out this RMA form and message [email protected]. Sooner, the brand will contact you to discuss the further return process. However, ensure your returned items are in the original packaging and unworn condition. 

How To Contact 7or9?

Calling 7or9 for further information? Of course, you can. We won’t let you contact the wrong platform, so here they are:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact form: write your message here!
  • Social media: 7or9 / 7or9official
  • Bubble chat: click the bubble at the right bottom of the website!
  • Availability: Monday to Friday

Company Address

Not mentioned.

Where to buy 7or9?

Do you want to place orders now? Please wait until we tell you this! We recommend shopping directly on the brand’s official website for real-stock products and more offers. Meanwhile, if you love to do it on the e-commerce platform, kindly visit the official store on Amazon. So, where do you want to shop?

7or9 Coupon Codes & Promos

Girls and discounts are friends. So, will you have some discounts here? The following list will explain:

  • Enjoy a 10% discount on your first order by subscribing to the brand’s email
  • Celebrate the Halloween Sale and earn 10% off all products here
  • Join the rewards program and earn more benefits
  • Become an affiliate and enjoy a commission rate starting from 10%
  • Get 15% off sitewide with a coupon code: GLORIA15
  • Redeem a coupon code: PARADISE for a 10% discount

Are those offers not enough? So, we guess you need the button below!

Reveal all coupons

7or9 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for 7or9 reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns 7or9?

There are no specific names of the brand’s owners. However, the website only mentions about two passionate women who initiated the 7or9 store.

Where is 7or9 located?

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t mention the country and its specific address.

Does 7or9 ship internationally?

It’s hard to confirm the worldwide shipping from 7or9 store since it’s not clearly mentioned in the shipping policy.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of 7or9 Reviews & Ratings

So, are you happy now to find more pretty and comfortable shoes for daily wear? Finally, people cannot complain about your again-and-again shoes. Otherwise, your look will be their new distraction.

However, make sure to get them at the 7or9. Besides its pretty look, you can also find the best footwear comfort that you can’t find anywhere. Hard to believe? Go shopping now and prove it yourself! 


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