Pros and Cons of White Sapphires Review

Pros and Cons of White Sapphires

White sapphire is a cloudy-looking compound made of aluminum oxide. Sapphires belong to the family of corundum making the gemstone colorless. Sapphire is mostly used in the creation of jewelry. Sapphire is not only available in white color (colorless) but it’s also found in purple, yellow, pink, orange, black, green, and blue hues color.

Based on your skin tone, you can choose a stone that uniquely complements your skin stone. Let’s have a look at why you can make this gemstone your preference when buying jewelry.


1. Durability: The stone’s hardness with a scale of 9 on the Mohs scale makes it more durable and the best alternative to Diamond which has a hardness of 10. Their hardness makes it strong, durable, and scratch-resistant.

2. Colorless appearance: Sapphire stone makes the most unique engagement rings with intense colors making them more intimate than other gemstones. If you love the white color scheme, you will find jewelry made of white Sapphire more beautiful.

3. Affordable: Sapphires are relatively cheap compared to other materials, thus jewelry stores usually market them as identical to diamonds and benefit from their low price.

4. Low refraction index: Sapphire compound has a low refraction index this boosts the optimal performance of the compound thus, resulting in less dispersion and fire.

5. Medicinal value: During ancient times, sapphire was believed to have medicinal properties and protective powers. Many people still believe that white sapphire restores tranquility, and peace of mind, and it’s associated with happiness.

6. High preference: Due to their durable nature and budget-friendly, White Sapphires are highly preferred for making an engagement ring.

7. Ideal for business: business people use it to increase production.

8. Boost immunity: human beings have three types of immunity namely innate, adaptive, and passive immunity. Innate immunity is inborn. Adaptive immunity develops in the body as we grow and protects the body from diseases. White sapphire can be viewed as passive immunity because the body borrows. The gemstone helps to boost immunity and general health.

9. Prevent nightmares: dreams are something that everybody experiences. Some are scary hence resulting to fear and anxiety. A severe nightmare can cause a disorder known as nightmare disorder. Even though it is rare, nightmare disorder is accompanied by distress, and fear disrupts sleep and affects daytime functioning. There are many ways to stop negative dreams. One of the methods is to wear sapphire.

10. Boost confidence: confidence is brought by acceptance of self-esteem, body, mind, and belief in own skills, experiences, and ability. Most people wish to possess this attribute. However, it is not as possible as you may think. People use sapphire to get a peaceful sleep. It prevents and stops bad dreams.

11. Makes the body attractive: the gemstone is made to look like Venus, a beautiful planet. White sapphire makes the body look beautiful and attractive. It is ideal for professionals who work in the entertainment and creative industry. This includes singers, artists, and people in public relations or event management. Beauty speaks for itself without using words. Besides that, it is believed that the person who wears this piece has the power of attraction. This helps to promote the creative field.

12. Restores broken hearts: The stress of breakups has made millions of people to be physically ill. Moreover, you can experience trauma after you lose a close relative or friend. Also, you may end up becoming homeless after you lose a job. Intense stress causes people to become depressed. White sapphire heals broken hearts by bringing joy. Henceforth, you should try this artistic piece if you have a broken heart. You may never know how it will work.

13. Heal abusive relationships: long term emotional abuse can cause physical illness. It contributes to anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression. This aluminum-based compound can be used to heal an abusive relationship. A person who is abused in a relationship finds it difficult to trust someone in the future. Moreover, it puts children at reduced intellectual functioning.


1. Mistaken for diamond: The colorless sapphire is mostly mistaken for diamonds. A lot of customers buy white sapphire thinking they’re purchasing a diamond.

2. Low value: Compared to the properties and characteristics of a diamond, sapphire is of low value. The diamond sparkle is much better than that of sapphire.

3. Reduces diamond value: Since most jewelry stores usually market the white sapphire as diamond, this reduces diamond value. The sapphire price is lower than that of a diamond and this may make more customers go for Sapphire instead of a diamond.

4. Frequent maintenance: You have to take extra care of the gemstone or any jewelry made of sapphire. You have to re-polish and re-cut the gemstone to maintain its original color.

5. Low standards: Due to the lower cost of white Sapphire, it’s usually cut from sloppy standards. Getting a clear-cut and skilled cutter might cost more.

6. Cloudy white color: White Sapphire is not as clear as diamond due to its mineral composition. As a result, it’s not as sparkly as a diamond.

7. It is not long-lasting: diamonds are among the most durable minerals. This makes it to be expensive. Sapphire scratch easily hence it wears fast. You can increase durability by not wearing it daily.

8. It is less attractive: white sapphire does not have sparkling crystals like diamonds. This makes it to be less attractive compared to diamonds. As a result of this, it is not ideal for wedding and engagement rings.

9. It needs frequent cleaning: frequent cleaning is a major disadvantage of sapphire. The stone gets dirty from lotion, water spots, and scum. Clean using homemade detergents or you can visit a jewelry store and buy an ultrasonic cleaner.

10. Transparent: the gemstone has a transparent appearance.

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