Pros and Cons of Welfare Review

Pros and Cons of Welfare

Welfare is a program designed to provide financial aid to individuals unable to support themselves. These programs receive funding from tax payer’s money thus making it easy to help individuals cope with financial stress during the rough times in their life.


1. Provides financial aid to disadvantaged individuals: It provides support to individuals who run into financial challenges and can’t afford basic needs like food. People with disabilities can receive financial support to help them cope with their situation.

2. Support for children: Welfare programs are mostly used in helping children. In households with food insecurity, they receive food once per day or none at all. Therefore, some schools launch the program to ensure the children are able to get lunch while in school.

3. Help reduce poverty: Before it was established, more senior citizens were living below the poverty line. Over the years, it has reduced the poverty level to below 10%. It also reduces income gaps and provides resources to those who need them most.

4. Not available to everyone: The support is only provided to specific people in need. Undocumented workers or immigrants do not qualify for this program in the US unless they obtain a work visa.

5. Helps reduce crime: Providing basic needs to those unable to afford them will help to reduce crime. If no food or any other supplemental resources, it will force individuals to engage in criminal activities or fraud so as to get something to eat.

6. Welfare programs provide help to those that need it the most: There are quite a number of these welfare programs/initiatives, and over the years, they’ve tended to provide for those that are really in need of help. Most programs outside the United States sometimes render help to those that don’t need it, but it isn’t so in the US.

7. Reduction in poverty: Since the welfare program or initiative was established, there has been a great reduction in poverty which is the main priority. With that drop-in rate of poverty, it is safe to say that the welfare program is doing its work.

8. Welfare supplements the income of working parents: Of course, welfare supplements the income of working parents, most especially single parents. This is needed as it would reduce the large percentage that they would have spent on their home and family.

9. It receives criminal activities: In 2011, research was carried out and it was observed that the rate of crime In poor areas of America has reduced since the welfare initiative was formed. This is highly beneficial to the nation as there would be less fear of robbery and kidnapping.

10. Welfare doesn’t benefit immigrants or undocumented workers: This is another big advantage of welfare as it is not so in other countries. In other countries, the welfare initiative benefits both immigrants and undocumented workers and that could have a big hi to the government.


1. Creates a system of abuse and corruption: A welfare program was established so as to provide resources to those in need but some people always take advantage of that. Some people above the poverty line may receive the aid and those in need don’t get anything.

2. Creates a system of dependency: If all the basic needs like food and housing are met, then it creates a system of dependency on some individuals. Individuals will not have an incentive to work and benefit themselves since almost all their needs are being met through the taxpayers’ money.

3. Money offered not enough to make a significant difference: The financial help provided is not enough to cater to all family needs. Some families are forced to look for more help from other community resources such as a food bank.

4. Doesn’t address poverty issue: Providing support to those facing financial challenges doesn’t address the root cause of their status or poverty level. The program should come up with ways to address future economic issues and reduce unemployment.

5. Those who receive welfare benefits face negative societal reactions: Individuals or families that receive welfare benefits are always treated indifferently in society. They’re viewed as pathetic, lazy, and untrustworthy due to their unwillingness to find employment.

6. It is not as effective as it should be for some families: The welfare initiative Is not as effective as it should be for some families in the United States. A particular fee of $12,000 is given to families that need it to care for themselves, but this initiative does not consider large families. This is bad, as all families shouldn’t be grouped equally.

7. The welfare support is not consistent: The services of the welfare program, are not all that consistent as most times, families are not informed on time. Also, at certain times, the welfare group does not administer help to some persons at the needed time.

8. Some families become dependent on the welfare group: Of course, this is one big disadvantage and fear that was expected to come. Since the launch of the welfare program, some families have become too dependent on it and wouldn’t want to go to work to feed themselves.

9. The cost of welfare service could reach its peak: Since the population is growing and more families are depending on the welfare group for help, more money would be collected from a tax, and then it could reach its peak or extreme which isn’t cool.

10. It leads to a negative reaction towards you from the public: Beneficiaries of the welfare program often get a negative reaction from the public because the former feels the latter is taking advantage of free stuff. This is bad and one reason some persons stay far from the benefits of welfare, even if they are in need.