Pros and Cons of Urbanization Review

Pros and Cons of Urbanization

When living in rural areas you may experience unpredictable weather conditions. You may decide to move to urban areas to seek better standards of living. The process of urbanization is moving from rural areas to urban areas.

Urbanization has an impact on social, economic, and environmental factors as more people move to urban areas. People can seek better employment opportunities and access to a wide number of resources in urban areas.


1. Better access to services: Urban areas have convenient access to better health care services, social services, and a good education. Living in the city is much more comfortable than in rural areas.

2. Social integration: People from diverse cultures and religions work and live together in urban areas. When people from different religions interact with each other, it creates peace and harmony among the various groups. It also helps in the breakdown of cultural and social barriers.

3. Efficiency: Less effort is needed to supply various basic amenities which are not easy to access in rural areas. There is easy access to houses that accommodate many people, access to electricity and fresh water.

4. The concentration of resources: There are a lot of resources around the cities. More facilities to exploit these resources are found in the cities. Therefore, multiple human settlements are established in the cities and more people move to the cities seeking employment in those areas.

5. Leads to economic improvement: In urban areas, there are high-tech industries that generate a lot of money as well as contribute to the economic development of the country.

6. A better economy: Moving to urban areas or the city is the big deal as the economy is far better than in rural areas. There are a lot of opportunities to grab, great exposure, and betterment of oneself. You’re certainly promised or sure of an upgrade when you move to an urban area.

7. Better housing: Of course, the houses in the urban area are far better than the ones in rural areas. This is a big benefit to be enjoyed if you take the urbanization step. The houses in the city are sweet, neat, classy, and well protected, unlike in rural areas.

8. Better education: Better education is also another big advantage to be enjoyed when you move to the city. The kind and quality of education in both areas are different as there is a good learning condition/environment in the city.

9. Better healthcare: As they say, health is life and you are sure to have a preserved health condition in urban areas than in rural areas. There are better facilities and all-around health care in the city, but that is limited in rural areas.

10. A lot of entertainment options: When it comes to entertainment, the rural area is no match for the urban area and that makes urbanization necessary for the modern age man. There are a lot of entertainment options available and to be explored in the city.


1. Pollution: Due to the high number of factories and automobiles established in the cities, there is a lot of air pollution. These factories emit gases and other pollutants harmful to humans. The gases may cause respiratory problems and other diseases to people living around the factories.

2. Contributes to the destruction of natural habitats: Urbanization leads to the destruction of large
forested areas so as to expand the cities and accommodate more people. As a result, the natural habitat of flora and fauna is affected.

3. Poor living conditions: Overcrowding and lack of proper sanitation in urban areas worsen the living conditions. Poor sanitation may result in the outbreak of diseases. It also increases pressure on resources like water and sewage disposal.

4. Causes unemployment: Though many people move to urban areas to seek employment, the number of those looking for jobs is more than the jobs available. As a result, there is high unemployment in urban areas.

5. Increased crime: The high unemployment level and poverty force some people to engage in criminal activities. Overpopulation also makes maintenance of law and order difficult in urban areas, especially in slums.

6. The high cost of houses: There is a high cost of houses in the urban area and that would be a big challenge to persons who just moved in from the rural area. Aside from that, getting a good house in the city is expensive, unlike the rural area in which it is very cheap.

7. Unemployment: There is a high rate of unemployment in urban areas due to the high competition for Jobs. First of all, there is a large population of people in the city and everyone is looking for a job, so you could end up unemployed for a long time when you move in.

8. Overcrowding: Overcrowding is a major issue of urbanization as it isn’t the case in rural areas. A lot of people are in the city, they go to work daily, go shopping, school, and others, so as a person from the rural area who doesn’t experience that, would find it hard to cope.

9. The high cost of living: The cost of living in urban areas is 100 times higher than that in rural areas. This is a big disadvantage and reason many people are scared of taking the urbanization decision. The cost of living is high that it could make you go broke in a short time staying there.

10. Pollution: Pollution is a bad disadvantage that could discourage persons from taking the urbanization step. This pollution is caused as a result of gases from vehicles, manufacturing companies, and industries.