Pros and Cons of Tanning Beds Review

Pros and Cons of Tanning Beds

People with light screen complexion sometimes prefer to have a dark skin tone. There are various ways of changing your skin tone. A tanning bed is one of the excellent methods you can use to have a radiant, smooth, and dark skin tone.

A tanning bed emits ultraviolet (UV) radiation that helps in toning your skin complexion. Before using a tanning bed, have a look at these pros and cons to know whether it’s good for you or not.


1. Done on demand: You can use tanning beds at any time of the day. You don’t have to wait to do a skin tan during sunny or warm weather. The procedure can be carried out any time you need to look great or when you want to have radiant skin for a party.

2. Even tan: The tanning procedure is done in such a way that you don’t have any blotchy spots on your skin because of the ultraviolet radiation. A tanning professional will control the tanning bed to ensure the UV is equally distributed and you don’t have any patches or uneven tan.

3. Increase absorption of Vitamin D: Just like the UV from sunlight, UV radiation from tanning beds enables the body to absorb vitamin D which is essential for boosting blood concentration. The absorbed vitamin D also helps in regulating levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.

4. Cure for Psoriasis and dermatitis: People with skin conditions like dermatitis can use a medically supervised treatment using tanning beds. Though doctors don’t recommend self-treatment for dermatitis at the commercial centers.

5. Look more beautiful: Using a tan makes you feel good and more beautiful. Further, it can boost your self-confidence.

6. It is relaxing: Lying in a tanning bed is relaxing and super comfortable as you would feel ok while the bed does its work in your skin. The ultraviolet light and cosmetic tan perform better in a relaxed body and that is what the bed offers.

7. Triggers the formation of Vitamin D in the body: A tanning bed triggers the formation of Vitamin D in the body as it is vital for healthy living. Vitamin is kind of deficient in light persons who stay in cold regions and don’t get heat from the sun. So, with a tanning bed, there would be increased production of this Vitamin.

8. It influences the psychological part of you positively: Studies have shown that lack of sunlight isn’t good for the psychological health of one. A tanning bed acts in almost the same way as sunlight and improves the psychological health of a person when he/she lays on it.

9. Makes your skin nice and shiny: A tanning bed makes your skin look shiny and nice which is the main goal and benefit. A tanned skin shows its effect in immediate effect as your complexion begins to glitter which makes it beautiful to look at.

10. The best remedy to sunburns: There are times people go to the beach to soak up the sun in their skin in other to change their complexion. This method commonly leads to sunburnt on the skin, but with a tanning bed, you wouldn’t experience these sunburns.


1. Side effects: Using tanning beds can cause skin rashes, itching, dizziness, and nausea. If you have sensitive skin, you may feel some skin irritation when you use tanning beds.

2. Skin cancer: The UV radiation emitted by the tanning beds increases the risk of melanoma (a skin cancer condition). Based on research by a British journal, continuous use of tanning beds will expose you to a lot of radiation that has a negative effect on your health in the long run.

3. Skin burns: Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation can result in skin burns. Unprofessional tanning operators may not know how to control the tanning beds and may not be in a position to offer first aid in case of skin burns. Therefore, ensure your tanning bed operator is a trained professional.

4. Premature aging: Continuous exposure to UV radiation will make your skin lose its elasticity and this may lead to premature wrinkling or sagging skin.

5. Addiction: People who use tanning beds may develop an addiction that requires them to use tanning beds more often. Tanning beds are also associated with body dysmorphic disorder which is considered a psychological disorder.

6. Premature aging: This is one of the major disadvantages of tanning beds because of the effect of ultraviolet light on the skin. This light damages the skin DNA which automatically leads to premature aging which isn’t nice.

7. Weakens the immune system: Of course, tanning bed when used for a while weakens the immune system of the body as a result of the ultraviolet light. This is bad as when the immune system becomes weak, the body becomes exposed to dangerous diseases.

8. Blisters and itching: Most body skins do not react well with ultraviolet light as it instantly causes blisters and continuous itching. These are bad stuff that can happen with using the tanning bed as they would make you uncomfortable.

9. Results in eye damage: A tanning bed can result in eye damage which is just too fatal. This is also a result of the ultraviolet light that is infused into your skin. In a short time, you may start experiencing eye diseases like; keratitis and conjunctivitis.

10. Skin inflammation and irritation: A continuous lay on the tanning bed causes skin inflammation, which then leads to irritation and that makes, the whole complexion change process fruitless. So this isn’t that friendly with your skin.