Pros and Cons of Spotify Review

Pros and Cons of Spotify

If you are a fan of music and always stream music, I am sure that you are familiar with the term Spotify. It is one of the popular streaming media for music and for a very long time, it has established its reputation whereby a million people use it worldwide. Though it has been facing stiff competition from other streaming media, it has been able to stand the challenge. We tend to analyze its pros and cons to enlighten the users and those who intend to use it in the future.


1. It offers free and paid membership; for the free option, one can enjoy some of its packages without paying a cent, and this appeals to those who cannot afford the premium fee. On the other hand, the premium packages have an option where one can create his playlist and enjoy every music without paying a given amount.

2. The Spotify premium one can create a playlist offline; here, one can listen to any song when offline and access 30 million songs with ease. In this case, you do not have to worry about the kind of song or internet connectivity since you can listen to the song anywhere you go.

3. Listen to a song without pop-in ads; sometimes, the adverts seem to be annoying, and one may not want to view them. As for Spotify, you can play your song on television or in any medium without encountering adverts.

4. Different membership plan; in this case, one can subscribe to that plan which fit their budget and save himself or herself economic strain. One can choose to go for $9.99 per month, which is economical, or for $4.99 per month if you are a student.

5. They offer a free trial; for anyone who is using the streaming platform for the first, you are given a one-month free trial which is very considerate before being subjected to a monthly premium.

6. Free live streaming of music: One of the major factors that make Spotify every music lover’s favorite music streaming platform is its freemium availability. Spotify offers free and live music streaming without purchasing or downloading any music. You can immerse yourself in hours of musical experience which makes it a perfect choice for parties, family functions, dance sessions, yoga practices, and many more.

Spotify is extremely easy to use and user-friendly. You just have to log in to your Spotify account on any device, search for the song you want to listen to, and Spotify lets you play the song. All you need is a device that can play music and an internet connection and you are all set to enjoy your favorite music.

7. Connectivity to any device: Spotify gives its users the freedom to connect music with any device like TV, phone, speakers, tablet, earphones, headphones, car audio, etc. Therefore, it reaches out to the maximum number of audiences. Spotify also allows it’s the user to easily switch between the devices without skipping any music beat.

Spotify keeps a track of your preferred songs, listening history, songs you’ve skipped, artists, and music viewed on other social media platforms. Based on the music taste of the user and the popularity of the artists, Spotify suggests similar artists and songs which might interest the user.

8. Allows you to create your own playlist: Spotify allows its users to create a playlist of their preferred songs and share the playlist with friends and family. If next time you listen to some good songs or an artist on Spotify, you can create your own playlist and share it with your friends so that you can listen to great music together.

9. Wide range of music: Spotify offers a wide range of songs and music. There are more than 60 million music tracks available on Spotify from artists all over the world in different languages. Spotify provides a platform for music artists to share their work to be appreciated by music lovers across the world.

10 Marketing platforms for many organizations: If you are logged in with a free version of Spotify you might see some advertising in between your music streaming. Spotify is also becoming a popular promotional platform just like Facebook, Instagram, etc. With 299 million active monthly users, many organizations have realized the importance of Spotify as a potential promotional platform to catch the attention of millions of audiences.

Spotify podcasts have emerged as a new infotainment option for all its users. There are a number of podcasts available that educate the listeners on various aspects like health, business, economics, spirituality, culture and society, lifestyle, and many more. The listeners can enjoy and immerse themselves in the experience of audio stories and learn from the wisdom of experts from various industries.


1. Lack of lyrics features; most people prefer songs with lyrics and Spotify no longer has the lyrics features since they had to remove them for their reasons.

2. Available in limited countries; this makes it be used by the countries in which the owners allow it to use the software. It is not available worldwide, thus making it be used locally.

3. It has a limitation of use; one can only listen to a limited number of songs in the playlist when using the free package, thus making it uneconomical to others. If one wants to listen to all the songs or the preference in the song list, he or she has to subscribe.

4. Price too high; after subscribing to Spotify, you have to pay for it every month whether you have used it or not.

5. Some devices cannot access the site; in this case, you have to upgrade your gadget to access the service, or else you stand a chance to miss out on many songs while still using some phones or desktops.

6. You might not find some of your favorite artists: We often look for our favorite artists like Pink Floyd, AC/DC, etc but could not find it on Spotify. This is because due to some license conflict Spotify could not get a few of our favorite artist’s songs and albums to play on the digital music platform, However, It often introduces us to new artists and keeps us engaged with a wide range of music catalogs.

7. A number of playlists: Since there are a number of playlists available on Spotify, the song that you are looking for might be included in many playlists, so it becomes easy to be lost in the deep ocean of music.

8. Exact word search: The search engine of Spotify sometimes makes it a bit challenging to search for a song. You need to write the exact word to find the songs you want to listen to.

9. No ratings or comments: Spotify doesn’t allow its a user to rate or comment on any song or album. The listeners cannot appreciate or express their experience listening to the song on Spotify.

10 The free plan has few limitations: The free plan of Spotify has a number of limitations as compared to the premium plan, as there is a huge difference in terms of sound quality. The sound quality of the free plan is lower which is 160 kbps as compared to 320 kbps in the premium plan. Moreover, the premium plan of Spotify allows the user to download the desired song and listen to it even during offline mode without an internet connection.

After assessing the pros and cons of Spotify, it is certain that Spotify is a blessing in today’s time to music lovers as well as artists. It provides a platform for artists and connects them with audiences that are capable of appreciating the talents of the music industry. There is no doubt in the fact that with the distinct and easy-to-use features, Spotify will continue to rule the business of online digital music streaming service providers.