Pros and Cons of spinal decompression Review

Pros and Cons of spinal decompression

Back and neck pain tends to be some of the health conditions we encounter as we grow old. All these depend on the kind of activities we engage in and the lifestyle we lead. Most people usually spend a lot of time in offices, classrooms, and meetings sited; these strain the back muscles leading to a negative impact on the back or the back pain we experience when we sit for a very long time. The remedy of these is to incorporate spinal decompression, which involves relieving one from pressure in the spinal discs.


1. Spinal decompression only requires a short recovery period; the session is short and practical with a short period where the patient spinal pressure will be eliminated. It does not need weeks or months to be performed like in surgery cases; hence it is suitable for anyone who does not need to miss out on their daily routine.

2. The exercise is less costly; one does not need to incur costly surgery to get rid of the back pain. The pain medication bill for relieving one from back pain through spinal decompression is friendly and affordable as compared to conventional surgery.

3. Decompression is safe as compared to surgery; it does not matter how old a person is, decompression does not involve any complication, and one should not worry about it when it is done by the professionals.

4. It does not involve any medication; this a good news to those who do not like taking medications, the treatment relieves the back pain without following any prescription.

5. Few side effects; during the initial session, one is prone to feel some pain as the procedures are being performed, but the pain immediately goes off after some time. When compared to surgery, it has a less life-threatening effect.

6. It is highly effective: This is one main reason people don’t get scared of trying out the spinal decompression procedure. It is so effective as the neck disc is easily shifted to its rightful position. When done by a specialist, there would be a release of pressure which is good for firmness in the spinal cord.

7. The treatment process is quick: Spinal decompression is one of the fastest procedures for spinal cord treatment as it takes not more than 45 minutes. Unlike most surgical processes that could take up to 3 hours, spinal decompression is there to save time.

8. It’s a relaxing/painless therapy: Spinal decompression is a painless and relaxing surgical process and that makes it advisable to be done. There are a lot of persons that pass through stress as a result of pain, these persons certainly need relaxing surgery, which makes spinal decompression necessary and good.

9. It is non-invasive: When it comes to being non-invasive, spinal decompression is the best and what makes it appreciated by many. Unlike other surgical processes in which you would spend a lot of money and visit the doctor several times before carrying out the major surgery, spinal decompression requires just one outing and 45 minutes of operation.

10. It is 100% safe: Spinal decompression is safe no matter the age or gender of the person. When carried out by a professional, you wouldn’t need to be scared of anything as there would be no issues during the surgery.


1. Medical insurance does not cover the treatment; the treatment does not occur overnight; one needs to go through numerous sessions to get a positive result. The expense incurred for a full treatment can cause a massive dent in the pocket of the patient.

2. May have some side effects; there are few chances of side effects on patients where some may report muscle spasms that result from decompression therapy. This always happens when there is a slight discomfort on the muscle after the treatment which is average among many people.

3. The machines are expensive; the initial deposit cost for purchasing a spinal decompression machine and many people cannot afford it. Moreover, it has other maintenance and insurance costs involved. For this reason, spinal decompression treatment tends to be a little bit expensive.

4. It does not suit the need of everyone; the therapy is only recommended to people with retinal detachment, osteoporosis, pregnant women, and people with cardiovascular diseases. Not everyone can go for spinal decompression therapy wherever they feel the pain.

5. The result is different depending on the person; some people usually take a long time to heal from the back pain while others get immediate relief after a few sessions in the facility.

6. Results may not be immediate: The result of the spinal decompression process is not immediate for most persons which are discouraging. Most of these persons would have to stay a little longer before experiencing relief.

7. The decompression table frightens persons: Lying on the spinal decompression table does frighten some persons which makes them prefer other surgical procedures. It may sound weird on how frightening it looks, but it is for many.

8. Not suitable for all: Spinal decompression is not suitable for all to undergo as persons suffering from some kind of sickness, pregnant women, and others may only worsen the spinal cord problem. This is a big disadvantage because other spinal surgical procedures would work perfectly for persons with sickness.

9. It requires many sessions: For some persons, in which the severity of the spinal issue is high, they would need to go to a lot of sessions for proper treatment. This is bad news for persons with a busy schedule as they could get tired and discouraged in the end.

10. The decompression machine is quite expensive: The spinal decompression machine is quite expensive which makes the whole treatment process expensive. At this stage, it would be unaffordable for the poor masses or average individuals.