Pros and Cons of Snapchat Review

Pros and Cons of Snapchat

Snapchat is an effective social media tool for marketing, sharing photos and videos. It allows you to post stories that can last up to 24 hours. Businesses are using Snapchat to promote their brand and let consumers have a slice-of-life look at your product. Wondering whether Snapchat is right for you or not? Consider the following pros and cons below.


1. Share stories: It allows users to share stories and interact with each other. Users can use private messaging to chat, take a snapshot of content posted by a brand, and send it to friends via the direct message feature.

2. Safe and secure: the Snapchat platform has secure servers making it impossible to breach privacy policies or bypass privacy settings. It alerts you when someone views your snaps or takes a snapshot of your posted content.

3. User-friendly interface: Snapchat has easy to use interface. Users can easily access any of the media features and customize their snaps. The app runs faster compared to other apps like Instagram.

4. Facial filters: Snapchat has photo filters that add excitement to the users. It allows you to filter your face by adding dog or cat ears, add hats, glasses, and more other filters that make your image look amazing.

5. Share engaging content: It allows you to create content, share your own ideas, and interact with others in your social circle using mind-blowing features available on Snapchat. Businesses use Snapchat to share amazing content about their brand and build a strong relationship between their brand and consumers.

6. It has a discover feature: Discover feature enables Snapchat users to look at shows and premium content for publishers. Also, you will be able to see our story, snap map, snaps from creators, and stories from individuals you follow. After 24 hours, these stories disappear and new content appears.  Swipe left of the main camera to get the feature. Besides that, ensure you have installed the latest Snapchat.

7. It covers many fields: Snapchat has a partnership with Yahoo News, CNN, National Geographic, Vice, Comedy Central, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Food Network, and ESPN. This enables you to see documentaries, tutorials, games, and daily shows. Snapchat has helped to increase awareness and information reaches a wide range of people on time.

8. Provides experience: Social media has several positive impacts on people. It is a great intermediary that builds trust, relationships, and creates awareness. Brand leaders argue that social media helps to improve the client’s experience.  Snapchat gives a casual atmosphere compared to other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. For this reason, it is ranked as the simplest way to make good relationships between people and brands.

9. The direct link with brands: Snapchat has helped businesses and companies to be effective. They are able to target millions of individuals. This is done through snaps and stories that are offered by Snapchat. In addition to that, brands communicate directly with customers by snapping pictures. Clients can also become brand ambassadors of firms.

10. Privacy: Snapchat information is temporary. Snaps that are not associated with the story last for 10 seconds before they disappear. This prevents users to check pictures that they do not want to expose to others. The content will still disappear after 30 days if they are saved on servers.


1. Limited audience: Snapchat is more popular with the young generation but in recent years, older adults are appreciating its amazing features. On average most users are between 12 to 34 years. It should attract more people and engage a larger audience.

2. Limited life span: All snaps and stories posted are available for only 24 hours. After 24 hours, the content will disappear and those who haven’t seen it will not be able to access it. If you’re using Snapchat for marketing, you have to create engaging content every day so as to stay in touch with your audience.

3.No analytics: There is no share or like button that allows you to know the success of your content. You only interact with your audience through views and snapshots. This is the only way to know who viewed your snap or story.

4. Video time constraint: You’re only required to record a video for 10 seconds. If you have a long video, you have to segment it into various potions which can be distracting to access too many videos.

5. Hides real identity: The use of filters will conceal one identity. Users with being accustomed to using Snapchat to take beautifully filtered pictures instead of using the natural camera to take their pictures.

6. Addictive: Just like any other social media, snap chat is addictive.  Most people find it fun to share content. You can consume more time using various geo-filters to create an ideal look.

7. Increases immorality: Bad behavior is common in social media platforms. For instance, it has encouraged bad driving habits. Individual’s record snaps while driving. This has led to an increase in road accidents. Your car insurance will increase if you are caught napping.

8. It only supports vertical viewing: It is annoying to watch videos vertically when you are used to horizontal. However, it may not affect everyone. Vertical viewing is a permanent thing hence you can only turn your phone to a horizontal position.

9. Lack buttons: Snapchat does not have buttons to click. Henceforth, you are forced to swipe most of the time.

10. The limited source of feedback: The only way of interaction is viewing screenshots, accounts of pictures, and users who see your story