Pros and Cons of  RV living Review

Pros and Cons of  RV living

Recreational vehicles live in a new way of living, which entails living primarily in your vehicle. It is a mobile form of living where people derive comfort from a new lifestyle. The people sojourn in places wherever they go. RV living is a new style of living that has been adopted by many people around the world, especially people with a passion for roaming the world.


1. A living experience: RV living makes our life more comfortable in all places. You can lead a peaceful life on the beach, mountain, desert, or elsewhere. Through RV, you can live wherever you want with your home.

2. Suitable for adventurous lovers: RV homes are most desirable for adventures lover. People who are in found of the fantastic bike ride, mountain hikes will have a better experience here undoubtedly.

3. Go with the weather: RV living makes your life to live in the weather condition according to your wish. If you like to feel the cold climate forever, you can travel along with the regions that are getting out in a certain period. If you want to feel the warm climate, then you can make your recreational living accordingly.

4. Keep your treasures with you: The people living in ordinary houses will be afraid of leading a long journey by leaving the treasures and households. RV living breaks such barriers and makes the people have an adventurous trip along with their homes.

5. Meet new people: Recreational living makes you meet a new type of people and allows experience a new kind of culture daily.RV makes to read the heart of the different types of people that you are facing daily.

6. Scope of travel: People who are living in an RV can travel around the world wherever they like. They no need to fix their boundaries in a specific limit; they can work beyond.


1. Lack of sufficient space: In RV living, you can construct your home in a vast area; you have to limit your breath and width according to the vehicle and travel comfort.

2. Mold and mildew: Though you have a very little tiny space, there are no possibilities to get the proper ventilation. So it will lead to the growth of mold and mildew more than in usual areas of living.

3. Possibility of earthquake attacks.: In RV living, people are getting the earthquake attacks infrequently. They won’t have a stable life in all the places they go to. In some areas, there will be frequent earthquakes and landslides, which are not comfortable for living.

4. Lack of control in climate:  In RV living, there will be no possibilities to experience the same climate type in all the areas. Some areas may feel cloudy, and some may feel hot.RV living is not possible in all environments, and people must have strong adaptability to any climate to have a good RV living.

5. Difficulty in navigation:  In RV living, you can predict the nature of the roadway for your travel; there may be certain unpredictable situations that lead to district your journey and makes you choose the undesirable paths for your trip. This will become more stressful for travelers to travel without knowing the environment of the hazard of how they are going to travel.