Pros and Cons of Pregnancy Review

Pros and Cons of Pregnancy

Many women yearn for their turn to hold their enlarged tummies and embrace the feeling of being expectant. For some, regardless of the cons, they cannot wait and motherhood becomes somewhat a walk in the park. They relish in the feeling of having new life developing in them. Before you consider becoming a mother, let us take a look at the pros and cons related to gestation.

Pros of Pregnancy

1. Overall improved health. While pregnant, women adopt healthier lifestyles by exercising, visiting the doctors regularly, and eating right to ensure the perfect health of their unborn. This tends to become habitual and health is made a priority. One will continue to take care of her health and other lifestyle choices

2. Longer life. Due to microchimerism, which is, a phenomenon whereby a small number of cells are exchanged between mother and child and some of the fetal cells remain in the mother’s body, the body’s ability to detect and destroy pathogens and cancerous cells increases thus longer life.

3. Reduced breast cancer risks. This disease is related to high exposure to endogenous progesterone and estrogen hormones produced by ovaries. Pregnancy and breastfeeding, therefore, reduce the number of menstrual cycles in a woman’s life hence decreasing exposure to endogenous hormones.

4. Reduced risk of gynecological cancers. Monthly, the ovaries undergo cell division making the cells susceptible to cancer. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the ovaries get a break lessening the risk of ovarian and uterine cancers.

5. Less painful periods. Some women who experience heavy or painful periods before pregnancy experience some sort of relief. This is because ligaments, tissues, and adhesions relax and the uterus stretches during delivery. This, however, is particular to women who undergo vaginal births.

6. One relationship may become a lifelong commitment. If the baby’s parents are in a relationship at the time of the pregnancy, they may be inspired to evaluate the current relationship. The couple will want to provide a safe and stable environment for the growth of their unborn. This will cement the relationship not only between the two but also between members of their extended families.

7. One will know what he/she wants in life. Pregnancy brings clarity to life. As a mother, one will prioritize what is best for her and the unborn.

8. Sense of pride. In as much as there is no particular reward, one becomes proud knowing that he/she is part of the human species preservation. With pregnancy, there is no fear of extinction. Human beings will continue to thrive on earth as the dead will always be replaced.

9. Boosted moods and emotions. Even though sometimes pregnancy may be an enormous rollercoaster of emotions, the happy positive emotions overweigh the negative. Due to all the care, pregnant women receive from their partners and family, they will feel more loved. Love makes everything better and happier and the pregnancy feels lighter especially as the woman transitions to motherhood. The expectant woman begins to feel a sense of attachment to her unborn.

10. Better sex. Sex does not have to take the back seat during pregnancy. In fact, during pregnancy, the body produces progesterone which together with testosterone and estrogen from the fetus, elevates sex drive. With increased blood supply to the pelvic region, orgasm is achieved faster and even multiple times.

Cons of Pregnancy

1. Physical side effects. Pregnancy can be hard on the body bringing about changing nutritional needs and weight gain. In addition, there is heartburn, fatigue, swollen feet, muscle aches, loss of bladder control, and cramping. The body will have to adjust to support the weight of two individuals co-existing.

2. Emotional side effects. Emotional side effects can be complicated and severe ranging from stress, anxiety, and depression to fear, confusion, and anger. As a mother, you may start to think of your unborn’s future and what it holds. Likely, one may become paranoid. When unmanaged, they can take a toll on the unborn and close relations.

3. Disrupted life. School or work experiences will probably change with a baby on the way as you will need to frequent the hospital and relax your body. You will require a way to juggle normal life and new life demands, and maybe have a few days off. For those who get pregnant while still in school, there is no other option than to take a break.

4. Increased expenses. The cost of diapers, baby clothes, and other baby essentials cannot be ignored. One will need to be financially prepared to provide for the baby for quite a long time. As they say, Rome was not built in a day, and neither are humans. From the time the baby is welcomed to the world until forever…you need to be ready. Did I mention the cost of having a nanny later on?

5. Strained resources. With a population that keeps growing now and again, pregnancy can be something to rethink. Earth resources will be pulled leading to drought, land degradation, and massive pollution. Simply imagining the struggles one unborn might undergo in acquiring the scarce resources is in itself traumatizing.

6. Loss of camaraderie. Being pregnant before one’s friends tends to change the way conversations go. Whilst one will talk about expectancy and the experiences related to it, others will talk about pre-pregnancy activities. Friends may find it difficult to relate to pregnancy stories.

7. Health risks. Some women may develop complications related to pregnancy which in turn may endanger their lives. In such scenarios, the only option, especially during the first trimester, is abortion which may cause psychological and emotional damage to the woman in addition to hemorrhage, cervical injury, and or infection and perforation of the uterus.

8. Transmission of hereditary conditions. During pregnancy, there is a high chance of transmitting hereditary conditions such as sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, and Marfan syndrome. Having to worry about medical expenses and seeing one’s child suffer will make you reevaluate your desire for pregnancy. It is not for the faint at heart.