Pros and Cons of pop-up campers Review

Pros and Cons of pop-up campers

Pop-up campers are preferred by many people due to their portability as compared to travel trailers and small RVs. Even if one can get a cheaper camper, there is still a need for insurance and other maintenance cost involved. Besides, many factors may be considered the type of travel camping facility to use. In this case, some of the pros and cons are taken into consideration.


1. The price of pop-ups is relatively low; when considering the price of buying a traveling trailer and that of pop-up campers, the price of the pop-up camper is much cheaper. For instance, a pop-up camper goes for $8,000 or $9,000 and that of a travel trailer is $11,000 and above.

2. The campers boast size and weight; the average pop-up is smaller and lightweight than travel trailers and in most cases, you may get up to 700 pounds. On the other hand, travel trailers have the least weight of 1,000 pounds which is much as compared to pop-up campers.

3. You can use any vehicle to tow pop up; the greatest advantage of pop-up campers is that they can be towed by using any vehicle since it is light. It does not matter the kind of vehicle one has, it can still be towed to any site.

4. Safe driving with a lighter trailer; the driver does not have to worry about anything while traveling since the package is light and less risky on the road. Also, one can use fishtailing where the trailer can be set to move independently.

5. Running water; they are fitted with running water which is safe and convenient for travelers who use it. In most cases, people may think that they are denied the luxury when they use pop-ups, this is not true, and though the tanks are small they have enough for use.

6. It is lightweight and can be towed with ease: Most pop-up campers are very light and can be carried with ease. The unloading is simple and the whole system is towable by mid-size trucks. An average trailer of 2200 lbs can unload the pop-up campers and even move it as though there is nothing behind it.

7. Easy maintenance: Pop-up campers are simple and easy to maintain. The entire cost of maintenance is relatively low. When using pop-up campers, you wouldn’t be bothered about the use of electronics or other peripherals like in other trailers. This reduces the cost of maintaining the system. More so, the registration, as well as the insurances, are cheap.

8. Its interior is very roomy: Most pop-up campers are very spacious and roomy. They are ideal for smaller families, as they have up to two or three slide-outs. Meanwhile, some of the popups have slide-outs in the dining room as well as two beds. However, some popup campers can have up to 5 rooms, including a living room, dining room, bedrooms, and kitchen.

9. Feelings of Naturality and great views: Pop-up campers give you the feel of nature. Users will always love the uncommon experience of sleeping and living outdoors. The campers can be parked at various positions or angles. The campers will always give great views despite the parking position.

10 It can be fixed in tight spots: Pop-up campers are very versatile, as you can comfortably fix them in tight places without a break a sweat. There are no amenities in pop-up campers, so it is always simple to fold it up and refix it to fit into any space. At home, users can stow its ease and it easily fits into the side of our yards.


1. Bigger pop up are costly; though many people may prefer using a bigger pop-up, it is more costly to employ in some areas and some are ineffective. Also, the bigger pop-up requires a big vehicle to tow them around and this may become expensive to people with small cars for traveling.

2. Some are heavy; in this case, common sense applies to the driver and the owner. When you buy a heavy trailer, it becomes heavy to tow and this makes it unnavigable. For instance, some may weigh as much as 3,000 pounds which is heavy to drive around.

3. The Rarity of full bathrooms; pop up campers do not have full bathrooms which can be used by people who travel. The floorplans of these pop-up campers have poor planning which is not fit for everyone to use.

4. Reduce passenger count; anyone who has a large family is limited to using pop-up campers due to their limited capacity. Few passengers are likely to get a bed and you cannot leave others in case of a large family.

5. Lighter pop up tend to tip over; strong winds can literally tear the top of the pop-up camper which may cause further damages to the travelers too.

6. The setup process is time-demanding: Setting up a pop-up camper is very tedious. The process involves tightening up, rolling up, and fixing the canopies. It’s indeed a rigorous process that can take much time. It gets worse if the people working are novices, as they are likely to waste more time during their first few attempts.

7. Parking and unparking is energy-sapping: Staying in the campers is fun, but it is no more fun when it’s time to take down the pop-ups. Dismantling, reassembling, and drying out at home is time-consuming. You can easily drain out your energy while packing and unpacking the amenities of the campers.

8. The security is poor: It’s not ideal for a place where there is no security. Your important items might be at risk of theft if you move away. It has a soft canvas wall that may not offer adequate security for your personal and official items. The pop-up camper does not have enough security and many people may not feel comfortable sleeping inside it.

9. Offers low protection against harsh weather: Camping takes place in forested places, yet the pop-up campers do not offer massive protection against harsh weather conditions. High winds or falling tree limbs can cause devastating effects.

10 There is no privacy: The camp tent is full of windows, so people around are more likely to listen to your discussions. More so, you may experience incessant noise when the winds are blowing. This can disturb and distract you from sleeping.