Pros and Cons of Platform Beds Review

Pros and Cons of Platform Beds

A Platform bed is a type of wooden bed that has a raised horizontal frame. The wooden surface supports the mattress and adds comfort and flexibility while sleeping. Modern platform beds have drawers to allow you to store more items under them especially if you have a small apartment. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this type of bed to help you make the right buying decisions.


1. Comfortable: Having a good sleep is of utmost importance. Therefore, when choosing a platform bed, you have to look for one that offers a stable surface and guarantees your comfort in your sleep.

2. Wide range of designs: Platform beds come in a variety of designs you can choose from. These range from sleek designs to bold and creative designs. Modern designs have drawers in them.

3. Versatile: Platform beds allow you to use any type of mattress with them. You can choose from a latex bed to a luxurious memory foam or have a classic spring design that adds more comfort to your sleep.

4. Affordable: Platform beds eliminates the need for having a box spring, thus reducing the price of the bed. These types of beds are more budget-friendly compared to box springs beds.

5. Additional features: These beds have extra features like drawers for extra storage and others give you options to install a headboard and footboard in them.

6. Easy to assemble: Platform beds are easy to assemble. The beds come with the installation manual making it easy to install the bed in a few minutes.

7. Less costly: Platform beds are less costly and that Is one big advantage it dominates the market. Unlike expensive box springs, a platform bed can be made manually or bought already made from carpenters and then attach to your mattress.

8. Nice storage spaces: Storage spaces, are one major trademark of the platform beds drawers are attached to them to keep different things. Platform bed offers you space to manage your small or even large home. These attached drawers would be the storage part for vital things.

9. Good stability: When it comes to stability, platform beds are highly stable and don’t shake even when jumped on. This excellent stability is a result of the balance of the wood frame holding the mattress firmly to the ground.

10. Stylish: Platform beds are made in a different stylish design which is a good thing. These different stylish designs are there to help persons pick their choice of a platform bed, and it includes; sleek, modern, traditional, and others.

11. Excellent for small homes: As I emphasized earlier, platform beds are excellent for small rooms which are good for business. Unlike other beds, platform beds can fit perfectly well with your tiny space, and that makes it one of the best kinds of beds.


1. Low height: Platform beds are designed close to the ground. This can be a problem for people who have knee problems, especially old people who will have a hard time bending.

2. Little space underneath: Due to the low design nature of the platform bed, you will have little room underneath to store more items. Though some come with drawers, underneath space may not be enough for you.

3. Restricts movement: Shifting or moving houses may not be easy with platform beds. Their sturdy and large-sized finishing may make it difficult to move around, especially if you have to walk through stairs.

4. Require extra effort to get up: Platform beds are low-profile and close to the ground. This makes it difficult to wake up easily from the bed compared to other types of beds.

5. Harmful to side sleepers: If you often sleep on your sides, this bed is not for you. Due to the firmness of the bed, you may wake up with pain in your body.

6. Wheels of under-bed drawers might get stuck: If you put more items on the drawers under the bed may make the wheels jam after heavy use.

7. Difficult to make the bed: It is difficult to dress a platform bed when it is rough, maybe in the morning or at night. The positioning or fixing of the bed sheets properly does take some time and could stress you.

8. It got sharp edges: All kind of platform bed has sharp edges which you may hit your leg on most times. This edges or footer is one big disadvantage the beg isn’t used for kids as the parents know they could get hurt when climbing it if they are not careful.

9. Too firm and hard: Some people would not be able to sleep In a platform bed because It is too firm and hard. The firmness makes it hard, thereby making it uncomfortable for persons that sleep with their side on the bed.

10. Low height: Of course, platform beds have a low height which would certainly make you uncomfortable when sitting on them. Unlike most traditional beds that you can stretch your legs very well, it isn’t so for platform beds.

11. Needs quality mattress: This could be kind of weird, but it is true, as platform beds need a quality mattress to be properly set up.  A bad mattress would be difficult to stay properly on a platform bed. These quality mattresses are expensive and that would lead you to spend a lot of money.